Jenelle Evans Tells Court That Her Son Jace Has Set Fires in Her Mom Barbara’s Home; Claims Barbara Can’t Handle His “Out of Control & Unsafe” Behavior

Barbara vs. Jenelle, Part 5,000…

Jenelle Evans says she fears her son Jace is unsafe at his grandma Barbara‘s house, due to his “out of control” and “physically aggressive” behavior which she feels Babs is no longer able to control.

In a court paperwork (obtained by The Sun)— filed in January to obtain emergency custody of Jace— the former Teen Mom 2 star opened up about some of Jace’s disturbing behavior– which allegedly includes setting fires to things inside Barbara’s house out of anger, physically assaulting Babs and more. Jenelle claimed that, since Jace does not act out at her house on The Land, she felt it would be safer for him and Babs if he came to live with her.

(The Ashley can confirm that Jenelle’s bid for emergency custody was denied by a judge.)

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Jace has lived with Barbara since birth, and she currently has primary physical and legal custody of the 11-year-old. Earlier this year, Jenelle claimed that she was getting full custody of Jace back, and The Ashley confirmed that this was, indeed, the plan. However, Barb became upset that Jenelle was insinuating publicly that she could not handle Jace so she backed out of the agreement to allow Jace to live with Jenelle. (That happened right before she and Jenelle were due to sign legal papers to make the arrangement permanent.)

Since then, Jenelle and Barbara’s relationship has been strained.

Anyway, in January, Jenelle filed for emergency sole custody and told the court the custody agreement needed to be amended due to a “substantial change in circumstances affecting the welfare of the minor child.” Jenelle stated that the change puts Jace at risk of “bodily injury.”

“[Jace’s] increasingly worse behavior problems…cause him to be physically aggressive, out of control and unsafe,” Jenelle wrote, adding that Barbara “cannot control the minor child’s behaviors.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Barb has reached out to Jenelle many times to get help with Jace, and even left him on The Land for a period when she felt she could no longer handle him. After that happened, Jenelle opened her big mouth a bit early, bragging about having full custody. This caused Barbara to pull the plug on the whole plan!

In the court paperwork, Jenelle alleged that one of those times was December 19, 2020. (This is actually Jenelle’s birthday, and the day Barbara posted the Instagram video below.)

Jenelle stated that Barb and Jace were arguing all day and things finally came to a head and ended with Barbara injured and her carpet on fire.

 “The minor child physically assaulted [Barbara] twice causing injury to [Barbara],” the court paper states, according to The Sun. “The Minor child also burned the carpet because he was angry with [Barbara]…The minor child has a history of starting fires in the home of [Barbara].”

Jenelle stated that she was concerned because, after this incident, Barb failed to call a crisis line (as Jace’s doctor had allegedly instructed her to do multiple times if Jace’s aggression escalated). She also failed to “seek any treatment or professional help for the minor child during this incident.”

Instead, Jenelle says, Barb reached out to her for help.

“[Barbara] cannot manage the minor child’s behavior without assistance from [Jenelle] and the conflict in [Barbara’s home] has resulted in domestic violence between [Barbara] and [Jace],” the paperwork states. “It is not safe or healthy for the minor child to remain in the custody of [Barbara] as [Barbara] is not properly treating the minor child’s mental health or managing his behaviors.”

Jenelle also asked the court to restrict contact between Barb and Jace, except for visits that are “therapeutic in natural until they are able to appropriately manage the conflict in their relationship.”

“[Barbara is] not fit and proper to have the care, custody and control of [Jace] due to her lack of ability to properly care for the child and ensure he has a safe home environment,” Jenelle added.

Barbara and Jenelle have both mentioned in the past that Jace struggles with mental health issues, but neither has gone into detail publicly about those issues. 

Jenelle has not yet commented on the release of the court documents, which are public record.

The Ashley will update this story when more information is available.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. I don’t care if he had a messed up childhood there is literally no excuse for him beating on Barb or setting stuff on fire in the damn house. That brat needs to go to military school.

  2. I’m watching season one of TM2 on Netflix and Jace looks like my son. He was such a beautiful, sweet baby in the middle of such violence between Jenelle and Barbara, it breaks my heart. They screwed him up so bad. He deserved so much better. You can say whatever you want about Caitlin and Tyler but they did the right thing for their daughter. I wish Jenelle did the same for Jace

  3. I just read somewhere else too that Jenelle said on her YouTube series that Kaiser has gotten kicked out of 2 different schools lately due to his bad behavior! Does this girl ever stop to think… HMM 2 of my children are having behavior issues, what could be causing this?! Surely, it can’t be the toxic unstable environment that they’re being raised in!! Or the fact that David has been accused on numerous occasions, by Jenelle herself, of abusing the poor child?! NO, it can never be that!! Has to be someone else’s or the kids fault… never hers or David’s!!! I swear, it’s not the kids who need the help, it’s this girl!!! Maybe if she left David’s scruffy ass behind and moved somewhere and actually provided a calm, stable environment for them to live peacefully in, she’d notice their behavior turn around a little! Just a thought….

  4. I don’t know what the hell CPS is doing in this town but they sure can’t be that busy if kids that are acting out the beginnings of the McDonald Triad don’t raise an eyebrow.

    Barbara raised Janelle so she’s clearly unfit. Janelle and Lerch shouldn’t have a single kid between them. This is going to be a freaking Netflix documentary soon…

  5. I’ve read most of the comments & it bothers me reading the replies that say, “Jace is doomed”, & “he never had a chance” . He is only 11/12 years old, and very much still has a chance & is not doomed. His family situation isn’t great but why pour out such negativity on him? Perhaps send positive vibes his way, say a prayer for him, (if that is your belief), speak something positive over him, for example; hopefully Jace will have someone positive in his life one day. It takes the same amount of time & energy to be both positive & negative, so why not choose to speak positivity over him instead?

    1. Not sure why you received so many downvotes. My first thought when I read the article was “Jace is doomed”, but he’s been dealt a really bad hand in life. He probably hasn’t had any positive role models, particularly male role models.

      At least Babs has been diligent about him going to therapy. It’s a sad situation, but it would be better for everyone (including taxpayers) if he can become a functioning adult who contributes to society. Jace was in the Boy Scouts – not sure if he still is. Some of his positive outlets were probably cancelled this past year so that doesn’t help matters. Perhaps he should also be enrolled in the Big Brothers program. His POS stepfather and non-existent father don’t provide him with any guidance. Maybe the military will be a good option for him if his mental health issues aren’t a blocker.

  6. You’re telling me that a child living in an abusive environment didn’t thrive and grow into a stable young adult? Color me surprised.

  7. Jenelle doesn’t give a shit about Jace’s wellbeing. She’s giddy at the idea of finally sticking it to Babs. Sad situation all around. Poor Jace never stood a chance.

  8. Let’s be honest. Jace has seen his birth giver be physically violent with Barb and has likely seen Lurch be physically violent with his birth giver. And has seen them both be violent towards other people. Violence is all this poor boy knows. When you’re angry, hit. He’s not better off with Jenelle, if anything it would make the situation worse. He’d likely be violent with Jenelle or his siblings and Lurch would take him out back and “deal with him”.

  9. I cant stand either of these women. That child needs serious help NOW.

    I often wonder what kind of life he would have had if she had done the right thing and put him up for adoption …

    Poor kid, never had a real chance

        1. Yes, you can’t “escape it” but, you can live normally with hardcore therapy. I grew up in a violent and abusive environment. I got away from my family and live a normal happy life. Jace can do the same. Sure, I have bad days and don’t wanna get out of bed but mostly I have good days and I’m happy I broke the cycle. Jace has the power to do the same and I hope he will.

    1. Remember watching little Jace and little Aubree at reunions, they were so adorable together.
      I always wished Chelsea had adopted him.

    2. I’ve written here before about a guy I know who was adopted at birth by the most stand-up parents. I’m 99% sure he has fetal alcohol syndrome along with mental health issues. He is a train wreck, but because he has wonderful parents (granted they probably spoil him too much) he is at least a semi-productive member of society. He hasn’t committed any major crimes or served hard time. Raised by the likes of Barb, Jenelle and David I’m sure this guy would be dead or in prison.

      If Jace were raised by solid, responsible parents he too might still have his troubles, but like the train wreck guy I know he’d have a better chance at a stable life. I hope Jace defies the odds and does well in life.

  10. So if he acts up in her mother’s house why does she think her house is a better fit? She already lost custody of the other kids & the other kids already said her household is toxic & abusive. The judge denied her for emergency custody, as they should.

  11. I always remember people who attended the reunions being surprised as how short Jenelle’s stature, Babs is even shorter than her!

  12. That poor kid was born into dysfunction. It’s really sad. God I hope he sees that he can be different and there is good out there if he works really hard ☹️

  13. Environmental factors that may lead to pyromania include an event that the patient has experienced in the environment they live in. Environmental factors include neglect from parents and physical or emotional abuse in earlier life.

    They have broken this poor soul

    1. The poor child has never grown up with a stable father figure either😞
      In reality, none of Jenelles kids have💁🏼‍♀️
      You learn from what is taught to you, and his stepdeddy David is not a good role model at all! The whole Evans/Eason clan screams dysfunction in every way possible. None of the children will grow up without having some type of mental illness or serious emotional problems. They will all need intensive therapy, it’s really heartbreaking.

  14. Note. Not to say this didn’t happen, we have seen jaces many cries from help in behaviour issues. It’s just amazing she thinks going to the court system wit her penchant and consistency of lying would get her anywhere

  15. This wench does realize she’s the same idiot that made up shii to the Nashville police to get her RO. Since that was a crock of shii n allegedly never actually happened. Right nellz? Her credibility is trash. She embellishes everything to get her way. Gtfoh wench. What makes this believable when everything she’s claimed to protect herself were supposedly lies. By her own hand she does this to herself. Best free entertainment anywhere. Just sounds extra made up to get her way. Ppl are onto her lol

  16. Jenelle and Babs have literally yelled at the top of their lungs, screamed and cursed in front of that poor kid since he was a baby. The early seasons of TM are on Hulu and there is a scene where Jenelle is holding him and yelling at the top of her lungs. It is so sad and I don’t see why what was shown wasn’t enough for cps to get involved. He started stuttering a few seasons back, probably wets the bed and with a lunatic like Lurch as his only male figure, he doesn’t stand a chance. They need to send him to military school when he’s old enough, I think that’s the only thing that will help at this point.

  17. Let’s not forget that Babs is abusive too. Just watch the earliest episodes of teen mom. This poor child NEVER had a chance. So sad! Neither one of them are fit to take care of him.

    1. I don’t understand why this gets so many downvotes. Don’t get my wrong, Jenelle is trash. But I’m rewatching the first season right now and Babs is downright abusive to Jenelle. Calling her names, actually preventing her from being involved with Jace and then being mad when she goes away from home. Jenelle says that her mother never showed her love and I have absolutely no problems believing that. No wonder she would pick the first guy that would show interest and try to run away from home, in her head anything would’ve been better than living with her mom at that point. So sad.

  18. If Jace is purposely starting fires in Barb’s house, this is obviously a HUGE problem and any child who would do that just because they are angry needs help IMMEDIATELY!!! While, yes, I think it’s time Jenelle finally takes responsibility for Jace, I just don’t think this is the proper solution right now. Jace, very clearly, has mental health issues and so does Jenelle and David. Those 3 living together would just be a recipe for disaster and would not end well!!! Jace needs to go somewhere and get his mental health evaluated and properly dealt with or else, one of these days, someone is going to get really hurt!! This isn’t just a kid acting out and cursing or screaming. He is getting physical with Barb and trying to burn her god damn house down!!! I just can’t imagine that the courts know this information and continue to keep Jace in Barb’s home. This is so dangerous for them both!!! We all saw this coming a mile away though!! What that kid went through as a baby , toddler and young child is so sad! His mother was a complete trash bag of a person and mother!! It’s honestly just really u fortunate that he’s taking his aggression and anger out on the one person who has been there for him since day 1! Who he really should be angry with us Jenelle. My guess is that will come sooner, rather than later, as well! Until then, she will just continue to act like none of this is her fault & wait for her moment to try and save the day again!!

  19. These are very serious allegations. If they are true Jace needs some serious help. Unfortunately it is very difficult to believe Jenelle due to her long history of lying, and it is strange a judge would deny an emergency petition as well if there was substantial evidence. That seems fishy. Jenelle has filed a restraining order on David in the past though claiming he abused her and the kids, then denied abuse ever took place a few months later. Maybe the court doesn’t see her as a credible person.

  20. I can’t believe the details of this case are public.

    This is outrageous and should never happen to any child.

    1. No shit!!!! Why wouldn’t Jenelle’s attorney file this under seal? It is abhorrent that this info about Jace, a minor, is a fucking public record. It’s really upsetting.

      I think Jace is doomed, sadly. He shouldn’t be with either of those toxic bitches. Geez this is depressing.

  21. This shouldn’t be public knowledge. It will affect Jace as an adult. In 2021 companies Google prospective candidates for employment at a bare minimum. When Jace is an adult, there will probably be even more technological advances that assist employers in getting information on applicants. Why did the court not seal these documents?

    He is a child. Now he will be known as a mentally ill abuser when he hasn’t even grown up yet. This child can be saved by the time he becomes an adult, but with this information a matter of public record, his childhood will haunt him forever, and his childhood is not his fault. He is hurting because of Jenelle and Barbara.

  22. Poor Barb and poor Jace. Barb is a physically small woman, and she is approaching 70. She can’t handle Jace if he is aggressive. I can’t even imagine the issues that Jace has to deal with, but it seems that he needs more support, with medication and therapy. What makes Jenelle think she could do better than Barb?? I would think that a big chunk of Jace’s anger is aimed right at Jenelle for her abandonment and neglect. That’s not going to magically disappear if he comes to live with her. Also, the combination of David and Angry, Aggressive Jace could be lethal. I would fear that most of all.

      1. Good point. I worry about little Kaiser and how HE’S doing, going back and forth between The Land and nutty, neglectful Nathan. Yikes! All of the poor kids in David’s and Jenelle’s “care” have to have significant issues. If Jace were to return to The Land, how would the other kids’ issues affect him?? How would he affect them??? And then there’s the whole armed-and-dangerous David factor….I can only see disaster looming, here.

  23. It’s really sad that Jenelle exploits Jace’s mental health. They have previously discussed Jace’s behavior on Teen Mom. Barb tried to tell Jenelle she needed her help with Jace years ago. Jenelle made excuses all of the time. Other times, she would refuse to talk about it with Barb because she was pissed about something unrelated. I know that Barb has had Jace in therapy for years, Jenelle did not think that therapy was necessary. Jenelle and David aren’t fit to raise animals, as evidenced by the ones they’ve murdered or “lost” much less children. It’s hard to know what’s true when Jenelle says anything because she is a pathological liar. If Barbara is getting assaulted and fires are being set in her home, it’s time to find a new therapist or new treatment, Somebody better do something quick! He is going to get bigger and stronger and you don’t want him to have the anger issues that Jenelle has.

  24. Babs should definitely wash her hands of this situation….it’s petty as hell of her not to. But does anyone honestly believe he’ll be any better off with Jenelle?? I can’t imagine that Jace + David & Jenelle’s violent arguments will be anything other than a horribly volatile mix.

    1. Sadly I can’t see them calling for help if something happens.
      David will take care of it on his own.

  25. but why isn’t the court making them get jace the help he needs? clearly they’re both not fit to raise him and i feel he would become a school shooter if he stays with jenelle, but this has gotten way too far. like why hasn’t anybody looked at jenelle and barbs files??? barbara sent jenelles brother collin to a group home when he set their house on fire and clearly hasn’t helped him if you look at his facebook

  26. It is in very poor taste that the Ashley and any other news outlet is reporting on this information. Jace deserves confidentiality regarding his mental health and behavior problems. Now you have opened him up to judgments from peers and other random people. It’s bad enough his mom is a wack job, but now people are going to think he is too. Shame on you. Smh

      1. That doesn’t make it right for a news outlet to share this to the masses. I can’t believe anyone would think otherwise. Mental health is physical health. Privacy should be respected in the same manner. The poor child doesn’t need people drawing conclusions about him. The fact is mental health issues come with a lot of stigma attached to it, and many people are going to see this and peg him as a sociopath which is not fair. I feel bad for him, and frankly anyone who is “outted” publicly about their mental health struggles.

        1. I agree that the info shouldn’t be out there, BUT Jenelle unloaded to her 3 million social media followers. even if no outlet picked that up, its still a massive amount of people. so maybe we should take this up with her gigantic mouth?

    1. This isn’t a news outlet, it’s a reality tv gossip site. Don’t get it twisted.

      However, the court absolutely should have sealed this up. It’s crazy that this is public. The poor kid has been turned into a monster in front of millions of people. His chances at being a functioning and healthy member of society are pretty slim. He is a time bomb that everyone gets to watch. Jesus.

      Maybe this public knowledge will finally get Jace the help he needs since none of his guardians are capable of doing so. We can only hope.

  27. Barb is 68 years old. She’s out powered by an 11 year old who could possibly seriously harm her.

    As much as we all “hate Jenelle”, it may be time for her to take care of her responsibility, which is the child she bore. Its time.

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