Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Claims in Court Papers That She’s “Never Been An Unfit Mother” to Son Jace

“I’m sure you all agree…”

As the custody battle wages on between former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara Evans, Jenelle told the court in January that she has “never been an unfit mother” to her son, Jace. 

Jenelle, who signed over custody of Jace to her mother in 2010, filed in January to obtain emergency custody of the 11-year-old, based on claims that he was displaying disturbing and dangerous behavior such as starting fires and physically assaulting Barbara.

Gee, we can’t imagine where he’d pick up such habits…

Now, in court papers obtained by The Sun, Jenelle claimed that before a third party who is not a biological parent is able to obtain custody of a child, there must be a finding that the parent “is unfit and has violated [her] constitutionally protected status as a parent.”

According to Jenelle, the custody orders filed in 2010 and 2017 did not include those findings to grant Barb sole custody of Jace, and furthermore, Jenelle claimed she has “never been an unfit parent” to him. 

“Well Juh-nelle, I see ya finally tryin’ ya hand at stand up cahmedy…”

Jenelle is asking that the two orders be “null and void” and that Barbara be held in contempt for violating their June 2017 custody order – a violation that could result in a fine or jail time for Barb.

Jenelle is also accusing her mom of intentionally preventing her from receiving Jace’s medical and school records and of not providing accounting to her of Jace’s financial accounts. 

“In fact, [Barbara] has currently blocked all contact from [Jenelle,]” the court papers allege. 

When you realize your mom hasn’t seen or heard any of the passive aggressive comments you’ve made about her this year…

Jenelle also askedthat Barb pay for her attorney fees.

As The Ashley told you last week, Jenelle filed for emergency custody of Jace in January, based on claims that Barb is no longer able to control the 11-year-old due to his “out of control” and “physically aggressive” behavior which she feels Babs is no longer able to control. Her emergency custody request was later denied by a judge and, currently, Jace remains in the primary and legal custody of Barb, with Jenelle getting visits with him.

In court documents (obtained by The Sun), Jenelle opened up about some of Jace’s disturbing behavior, which allegedly includes setting fire to things inside Barbara’s house out of anger, physically assaulting Barb and more. Jenelle claimed that, since Jace does not act out at her house on The Land, she felt it would be safer for him and Barbara if he came to live with her. 

“Safer, huh? Well she does whip out her glove box gun on the regular…”

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  1. At this point I think it is about the dollar. He probably have some kind of trustfund she wants to get to ..

    I still think Barbara is unfit as well, but choosing between Barb and Jenelle is easy. Jenelle is proof that any idiot can put a baby in this world, but it dont make you a parent.

  2. Dont you have to be his “mother” be an “Unfit MOTHER”
    If Lurch physically & mentally abusing the kids is ok, i doubt she knows what “Unfit” means

    1. That is exactly what I came here to comment..You have to be a mother to be considered unfit and she’s never been his mother..I guess she’s telling the truth?????

  3. Jenelle is also accusing her mom of intentionally preventing her from receiving Jace’s medical and school records and of NOT PROVIDING ACCOUNTING TO HER OF JACE’S FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS.

    I put the reason in caps for ya. $$$$

  4. Pepperidge Farm remembers, Jenelle….evidence is on 911 calls, mugshots, and filmed on TV.

    In all seriousness though, does anyone else think Jenelle might have a traumatic brain injury? I’m not making fun of her.

  5. I just watched the episode of TM 2 where Barb is begging Jenelle to get out of bed and watch her own kid so she can go & pay the sewer bill. Jenelle’s response, you ask??? To continue to lay in her bed hysterical crying bc of some dumb ass fight with Keiffer & SCREAM @ Barb to LEAVE HER ALONE, forcing Barb to take the baby out into the cold to bring him with her!!! Yes Jenelle, this is the actions of a fit parent, your right!! Please don’t ever say “ I’ve never been an unfit parent” when there’s plenty of video footage proving otherwise! You could have said, I’m not an unfit parent this week, Your Honor… even that would have been a stretch though!!!! In all actuality, I can’t remember you ever being a FIT mother!!! All they need to do is pull Kaiser’s school records and see how many schools he’s been kicked out of at the age of 6 due to your completely unfit parenting or perhaps your CPS case files… the list goes on & on. Sweetheart, stop the embarrassment and give up now!! No judge has seen it your way in 12 years regarding this & I don’t think they will now either!!!!

    1. It’s just more of Jenelle’s revisionist history. We all know the truth, because we remember. From day one she was never a fit parent for this boy. Hope Jace gets the help he needs. Sole custody? Yeah, whatever Juhnelle! Just keep smoking whatever you’re smoking. We know you’re still doing drugs. And you’re still with Sasquatch.

  6. Remember when Jace called Jenelle a piece of shit?
    Jace and Leah are gonna have some good tell all’s one day!

  7. That’s right Jenelle, you tell ’em! Doing heroin, having a 34 page criminal record, calling your son a liar on national television, having a loaded gun lying in your car at all times, having a spouse who shoots the family pet, screaming, swearing, popping pills, stealing your son’s meds, pulling a gun on a random stranger and chasing him onto his property, having a husband that physically abuses you, doing daily Instagram rants about the woman who raised your son while you were out partying, lying to the police, leaving your son in his crib crying for hours, always texting while driving with babies in the car, stealing your mom’s credit card & going on the run, emotionally manipulating your children to hate the people who raised them, signing over custody of your son just to go on and have 3 more children, lying, damaging other people’s property, threatening others, screaming, swearing, & having a meltdown anytime things don’t go your way, accusing your step-child of lying to a judge,……….. those are all qualities of a hard-working, loving Mommy! Anyone who tells you otherwise is just a jealous hater!

  8. Just imagine this making it to court. Exhibit A: Teen mom any season. Court dismissed.

    Girl if you cared about your son at all you wouldn’t have chosen partying over him as an infant, sleeping in your car with your smack head bf over him as a toddler, and lurch over him now. She’s literally NEVER put jace first. F u Jenelle.

  9. Have to be a mother before you can be an unfit mother. Currently I am an unfit astronaut, unfit time traveler, and unfit billionaire.

  10. I know MTV pays the TM kids by trust funds or something like that. The parental guardians can dig in those accounts as long as they are under 18 I believe. I’m thinking Jenelle is running out of money and options. She probably needs Jace’s money in his trust funds from the show. Jenelle goes pretty low (choosing men over her kids) but that would top the cake. That would be the lowest of the lows. Hopefully that is not the case because those kids deserve any money they got from these pathetic shows their parents exploit them on.

    1. They’re protected funds. It wasn’t always that way, child actors were often robbed by their parents but that was remedied decades ago. Of course, children can be manipulated financially support their parents once they can access the trust at age 18.

      1. The Coogan law you’re referring to does not apply to reality tv child participants. Unless North Carolina has a specific law that pertains to this particular group of working children, unfortunately, there is no federal law protecting their income. None at all.

        Unless Barb, on her own, set up a special trust or account for Jace, or simply opened a college fund, etc he probably has no savings. Or, unless Barb and Janelle drew up some agreement for Jace’s money, she’s under no obligation to save it or account for it to anyone.

  11. Remember that scene where Barbara told Jenelle she had to watch Jace bc babs didn’t choose to have a baby and Mother Of The Year got pissed bc she wanted to smoke? Or the time her and keifer were doing heroin with Jace in the other room. How about the time Jace was riding shotty and jenelle pulled a gun out on someone and followed them to their house? Or when jenelle could go to jail and end up with a clean record, making it easier to get Jace back but instead went to a Kesha concert. Or the time she GAVE UP CUSTODY OF JACE bc she would rather do drugs. And I ain’t even done.

    1. By the way, I thought the custody case was fully closed. Meaning that Barbara’s custody of Jace is permanent, and that Jenelle can’t fight for him anymore. Am I wrong? I thought the custody case was permanently closed.

  12. Unfit mother? Hasn’t everyone’s mom pulled a gun out during a road rage incident?

    This woman is beyond vile. Definitely the gravy train has dried up for her and Lurch.

    Forget free Britney..FREE JACE!

  13. Barbara didn’t obtain custody back in 2010, Jenelle voluntarily gave Barb temporary custody. I think there is a big different. Jenelle is a vile moron.

  14. Ashley… Can we get an update somehow on how much Jenelle actually has left in funds. All this needing access to jaces account info and the fact that she wants Barb to pay her legal fees makes me think she’s reaching and poor. Thus screams a major plot as she all of a sudden wants custody again after it was shut down and made permanent years ago. All to get her hands on cash. She uses just like she always does. And now her kids are cash cows to her, setting up instagram for the, wait til they have endorsements. That I’m sure the hatter’s will stop because the money wont be there for them later on. Evil thing one and two would have drained the accounts.

    1. I agree with you. The last time Barb and Jenelle agreed on custody was back in 2017, when Jenelle was still making the “Teen Mom” money. None of Jenelle’s business ventures have taken off and her and Lurch are still too entitled to get real jobs.

    1. Exactly!

      As soon as I saw financial records mentioned it made me think Jenelle only wants custody back so she has access to Jace’s MTV money.

      1. Yup!! I was thinking the same thing. They’ve run out of money and are hoping to get Jace’s money. That does make me wonder about Kaiser and Ensley’s money.

          1. Probably not a good idea to let Nathan check into it. Otherwise he’ll piss it away on alcohol, steroids, lawyers for his many arrests, and trying to woo women dumb enough to pay attention to him.

  15. Is it any wonder Jace is violent and acting out? He has not enjoyed one drama-free moment since his birth. For 11 years his security in Bab’s home has been tenuous at best. Jenelle’s constant fights for custody don’t do him any favors. It sets him up to be insecure and uncertain about where he’s going to live and who he will live with. He can’t even bond with Babs as a surrogate parent because Jenelle shames him from bonding to Babs in that way. He is a little boy set adrift in a world that has been cruel and unkind to him for his whole life. Kids crave stability, and he has had none. That is why he acts out. It will not get better until both Jenelle and Babs put aside their stupidity and agree that the child will remain in one place until he’s 18.

    Jace is looking desperately for a home and family he can call his own. He has never had a home, though he has lived in a house. He has never been allowed to sit back, secure in his own home without threat of being uprooted, without threat of being disloyal. These people have abused this child emotionally every day of his life. He will never heal until they change their ways. It may be too late for him.

    1. Linda (wow), you are spot on. Everything you wrote made sense. Those poor kiddos, they will have trouble as adults having relationships.

  16. ok GENIUS JENELLE who was supposed to take care of jace while u were shooting heroin then 🤔
    jenelles wants barbara to pay for the legal fees because she’s broke 🤷🏻‍♀️

  17. Soooo is she not counting when she was homeless because she wouldn’t get her shit together? or when she was choosing weed over her kid? or when she was strung out on heroin? or all the times Lurch abused her in front of the kids? or when Ensley popped positive for drugs at birth? or the fact that she basically abandoned Jace to Barb as soon as he was born?

    I’m just trying to figure out which day in the last 12 years he was a fit mother.

    1. I was going to mention this! Did she conveniently forget when she was 17 and tried hire a lawyer to fight for custody and told the lawyer that she had no job, no place to live, and smoked weed. Yeah…the look on the lawyer’s face said it all. Or let’s not forget the infamous “feathers in my hair”. She was willing to risk going to jail for a Kesha concert. Even Jenelle has admitted she wasn’t in a good position to care for Jace.

      1. And it’s not like she’s changed in the last 10 years. “I’m more mature now”. No, now you’re older and make worse decisions.

  18. I wonder if any of them realize that by playing with Jace’s life (want him then don’t. Let him live with his mom then when it comes out take him back to spite her, etc) that the more likely outcome soon is that Jace ends up in foster care or a group home.
    I wonder if they even consider him at all when they play out their drama. This child could be ripped away from ALL of them (maybe for the better who knows) from them being petty and playing with his life.


    And yes for once (and only once) I agree with Jenelle that Barbara took jace back to save face and keep $. Not that I think janelle should have him at all But Barbara was willing to place Jace in her care permanently until the public was made aware of it and she would lose benefits, pay, and look like she wasn’t capable. Just as bad as Janelles BS she pulls with him. Just as bad.

  19. Unfit- ‘not of the necessary quality or standard to meet a particular purpose.’

    Jenelle is absolutely, 100% unfit. And delusional. Delu-Jenelle.

    1. Jenelle must have forgotten the road rage incident when she pulled out a gun, followed another driver home,Jace in the car with her, then made Jace lie on camera about what actually happened

  20. I find it so laughable that Jenelle thinks the judge is going to believe her claims with her reckless and criminal history, AND the fact that she willingly gave up custody of Jace, AND the fact that she has lost every custody battle she has had with Barbara over Jace, AND that she thinks she’s gonna make Barbara pay for her attorney fees. Again, just laughable 😂

  21. I wonder if Jace gets a say in any of this fight? I hope the judge will talk w/ him.
    And, maybe Jace can tell the judge his mom & lurch are POS.

  22. We have all seen the trouble coming from a mile away with this poor kid and here we are. My heart breaks for him. It’s not his fault.

  23. an accounting to her of Jace’s financial accounts? I wonder what 2 jobless good for nothings would need that for…

    1. You know what it’s for. So they can see how much they can claim from his accounts to finance his “upkeep,” however that’s defined. If the bank balance isn’t robust enough, watch Jenelle/David back right TF down. How anyone should entertain a new custody request from two unemployed losers is a mystery to me.

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