Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Angry After Her Estranged Mother Barbara Gets Jenelle’s Son Jace Vaccinated for COVID-19

Barbara’s petty game is strong.

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans appears to be seething after finding out that her mother, Barbara— whom she is currently estranged from— got Jenelle’s son Jace the COVID-19 vaccine behind her back. On Tuesday, Barbara posted a photo of Jace to her Instagram account, proudly announcing that he got his first vaccine shot… and Jenelle— an outspoken anti-vaxxer— was not happy about it!

“Just turned 12 and got my first Covid vaccination!” Barbara captioned the photo of a smiling Jace.

Jenelle, along with her husband David Eason, has made it clear that she does not approve of the COVID-19 vaccine.


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(She recently made a series of TikTok videos about the new Delta variant; however, she appeared to be confused as to why medical professionals are recommending vaccinated people also wear masks. In the video, she implied that she believed that there was going to “be a whole new outbreak because of the vaccinated people.”) 

@jenellelevansFood for thought. 🙃 ##JustSaying ##AmericanNews ##News ##ListenUp

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Jenelle was angry that Barbara–who has had full custody of Jace since shortly after his birth—helped Jace get vaccinated. Not surprisingly, the former ‘Teen Mom 2′ star couldn’t resist letting the Interwebs know that she was unhappy. She first left comments on Barbara’s post, but later took to her own Instagram Stories to answer questions about Jace getting the vaccine.

“Ask me how I feel,” Jenelle wrote in the comment section of Babs’ post, later adding, “time to block this account again lol.”

While some expressed their disappointment in Babs for allowing the 12-year-old to get the vaccine, most of the comments were focused on Jenelle’s reaction.

“I’m sorry if ya feelings have dropped for tha vaccine! But I did what I had ta do!”

“Stop blaming your mother for your failures as a mother,” one person wrote. “You showed time and time again that you chose men over your children and still do to this day and that is the truth. Unfortunately you want to stay in denial over the last decade. You gave up your rights to have a choice or feeling about what is in Jace’s best interest.”

“Why should anyone ask you?” another person wrote. “You signed him over to her so you could choose a life of drugs and men over him.”

“Don’t ya remember Juh-nelle, ya were smokin’ kilos of weed with Kieffa while I kept Jace from drownin’ in the toilet!”

On Instagram Stories, Jenelle told her followers that she “had no idea” Barb was taking Jace to get the vaccine and that she didn’t find out until after he got it. 

She then posted a few messages that seemed to be addressed to her mom.

“Try to push me out of his life all you want, but I will still fight,” Jenelle wrote. “I’m not giving up.”

“It’s crazy to think you care more about a shot than a child’s birthday,” Jenelle wrote. “Posting all for attention and clout.” 

Jenelle is currently in the middle of a nasty custody battle with Barbara over Jace. Their court case has been sealed by the judge, but before it was sealed, documents filed by Jenelle went public. Jenelle had been trying to gain emergency custody of Jace in January and filed the documents stating that she fears Jace is unsafe at his Barb’s house due to his “out of control” and “physically aggressive” behavior, which she believes Babs is no longer able to control.

According to Jenelle, Jace sets fire to things inside Barbara’s house out of anger and has also physically assaulted Babs. The judge later denied Jenelle’s request for emergency custody. 

Jenelle and Barbara had been enjoying a long period of relative peace until earlier this year, when they were trying to work out a plan that would allow Jace to live with Jenelle on The Land. Once Jenelle began bragging about regaining custody and insinuating publicly that Babs couldn’t handle Jace, Babs became upset and ultimately backed out of the agreement – before she and Jenelle were due to sign legal papers to make the arrangement permanent.

Since the plan fell through, Jenelle and Barbara’s relationship has been strained.


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A post shared by Barbara Evans (@barbara0230)

“We will probably not ever repair our relationship, but if I do get custody I will continue to let Jace have a relationship with her,” Jenelle said in May. “They’ve been together for such a long time and I don’t want to be petty and be petty against Jace just because I have something against my mom.”

On Tuesday, Jenelle confirmed on Instagram that she and Barbara are still battling for custody. However, she told her followers that, “for legal reasons I cannot speak on that topic.”

She told another follower that “outside people” try to ruin her happiness.

“In case ya couldn’t have guessed, she’s talkin’ about me!”

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  1. “Try to push me out of his life all you want, but I will still fight,” Jenelle wrote. “I’m not giving up.”

    Jace will be 30 years old, married, with a kid and she’ll still be fighting for custody of him. Like all the 348 times before, she’ll be denied.😂

  2. “Kaiser had a really hard time at school in North Carolina. He was in his first school and got kicked out.

    “In the second school, he basically got kicked out, wouldn’t behave. And when we got to Tennessee, he started school again.

    “Luckily, he got to picked up by the bus and brought to school, I just had to bring him to the apartment complex but he was bad in the bus and when he got to school, he was bad in school and things weren’t going that great and they would call me every other day to come pick him up.”
    Kaiser had to repeat Kindergarten too.

    So says this demon of a mother about her son who lives with HER and DAVID. Almost the same type of anger and issues that Jace is having (according to Jenelle). It must be Barbara’s fault. Oh, wait, he doesn’t live with Barbara. So who’s to blame now? NATHAN……literally said that in so many words.

    This biotch is drinking and partying all day long which is why she makes no sense whatsoever with anything.

  3. “Posting for clout” literally Jenelle, why would Barbara need clout? I am actually asking. She doesn’t do any promos, or sponsorships, she barely uses social media, she has very little to gain from “clout”. You, on the other hand…..

  4. Haha! My comment about not even the WHO recomends vaxx for kids was removed. The high ups are so so afraid.

      1. Plague rats will continue to blame everyone else when a known deadly virus comes for them and theirs.

        They believe their Google research is more valuable than directives given from the CDC… a federal organization that utilizes experts from around the world with an annual budget in the billions. But, sure, let’s trust some random on the internet instead of a world renowned agency probably doing this since before they were born.

  5. A claim that 45,000 people died from COVID-19 vaccines came from a woman who did not reveal her method for calculating the figure and who has not been publicly identified.

    The figure she calculated drew on data from the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which contains reports that can be submitted by anyone and are not verified.

    The claim was part of a lawsuit on behalf of America’s Frontline Doctors, whose members have a history of making unproven and conspiratorial medical claims.

    Please educate yourself before you spout this nonsense–some foolish people believe everything they read, regardless of the source.. This is a real public health emergency and real people are dying because they are listening to idiots instead of their doctors and health officials.

  6. Wonder where he learned violent behavior..maybe at his egg donors house from her and her husband? If she wanted to make medical decisions for him she should have acted like a parent.

  7. How is a vaccine needed for something with a 99.5% recovery rate? Median age of those that died was 80. Average life expectancy is 78.

    Try reading Wall Street on Parade. Follow the money! #scamdemic

    1. It’s obvious you’re a troll, but I’ll bite.

      Why are any vaccines needed at all, if we don’t have outbreaks of, say, polio? Clearly you aren’t educated in vaccines/diseases, so I encourage you to go read some scientific articles. You might learn something.

      1. I didn’t say no vaccines are needed. I said a Covid vaccine isn’t needed. As the stats I posted clearly demonstrate. And yes, everyone that doesn’t share your opinion is a troll.

  8. So the gal whose babies all tested positive for THC when they were born is suddenly the medical expert and vaccines are bad? Yeah, go take several seats at the swamp.

  9. Jenelle has a “medical degree” and doesn’t understand vaccines? I’m shocked. /s Thank goodness Barb has good enough sense to get him vaccinated.

  10. Jun-nail , sit down & hush.
    Let the grownups take care of the important matters.
    You are an egg donor to Jace.
    Barb is his Mom.

  11. She should have never put her business out there on TM2. Jace is now old enough to find these episodes, watch them, and see just how delusional his “mother” is. Never mind the fact how cold and distant and non-maternal she’s always been towards him. Once he sees that, there’s not a chance in hell he’s going to have any good vibes towards her. She can keep trying to spin the “I won’t give up, but he’s my son!” card – but years of television coverage show her for what she really is.

    Wanna be a shitty mother? Stay off the air.

    1. I mean, it’s the truth.

      Thw WHO is probably the biggest organization in the world that doesn’t have our best interests at heart.

      Only second to the UN.

      I guess I don’t get the joke here. 45K ppl have died withing 3 days of getting the vaccine. VAERS.

      In 1976 when they tried the Swine Flu vaccine, 25 ppl died and they scrapped the whole thing.

      What variant did he get vaccinated for? Delta, Gamma, Lambda? A simple Google for the auto downvoters. They exist.

      So will Barb be able to sue if something goes wrong? Weird how that works..

        1. Sorry.. how is there not a test for covid?
          And yes, there is a test for variants – it’s called genome sequencing. If your test goes off to a lab, that’s what they do.


    2. So you think the WHO is in bed with the CCP but we should still listen to their recommendation (no vax for kids) because it aligns with yours? Lol you can’t have it both ways. If WHO = CCP then why would we follow their vax recommendations.

      CDC is US and says the vax is safe and recommended for kids 12+. Bye bozo.

    3. The WHO certainly do over the age of 12. Most other health agencies in Europe do too. Let me guess you’re in America, how is your health system again ? Ohh yeah it’s a absolute disaster.

  12. Finally Jenelle is right about something. Let’s just hope that the poor little guinea pig is going to be ok and be able to reproduce in the future. And that his grandmother come to her senses and does’nt det him have the second shoot.

    1. Lmfao!!! People will literally believe anything. So kids won’t be able to reproduce? How could absolutely anyone know that.

  13. So Jenelle was happy to continuously take illegal drugs – where you have NO idea what you’ve actually just bought, it could be anything, including injecting heroin..
    but her son getting a tested, used millions of times world wide vaccine is too far.


  14. Barbara is his MOTHER!
    And she did the right thing by keeping him safe. School starts soon and I’m sure his mother (Babs) will breath with a sigh of relief that he’s protected.

  15. People with large platforms getting vaccinated AND upsetting Jenelle? Two of my favorite things!!

  16. During the plaque some towns boarded up the homes of the infected while they were inside to stop the spread of the disease, so let’s just pray that someone will get the hint when all the kids are out of the house and do humanity a favor.

  17. Jenelle did drugs while pregnant with all her kids, and she GAVE UP custody of Jace after she REFUSED to care for him. That’s on your ass, Jenelle, and will be until the end of time. I’m glad Barb helped Jace get vaccinated— if it gives him peace of mind and one less thing to worry about, I’m all for it!

  18. Gawd knows we all love Barb but she is a mighty instigator. If it’s no secret that Jenelle is anti-vaxx, Barb’s post was intended to fan the flames. We can’t forget that it is she who raised her daughter. Poor Jace.

  19. The former IV drug user is upset that her son’s real mother got him the COVID vaccine. Got it.

  20. Ugh ugh ugh. This poor angry lost child 🙁 just the reminder of him setting fires in Barb’s house is so sad.
    The damage they’ve both done to Jace is unspeakable.
    Jenelle you have literally no say in what Barbara allows and I hope Jace was happy to get the vaccine.

  21. Jenelle has put how many types of drugs, legal and illegal, into her body and likely her unborn baby’s bodies, but NOW- now, she’s gonna worry about Jace getting this vaccine? She needs to stfu already.

      1. kaiser and ensley both tested positive for thc when they were born and she admitted to smoking weed when she was pregnant

  22. If I was anti covid vax, knowing Jenelle and David were as well would seriously make me reconsider.

    As the parent of a 13 year old, these kids have their own opinions on the vaccine. Mine begged to get it the day it became available.

  23. Isn’t Barbara the actual *legal* guardian? You have NO SAY Jenelle, especially if this was something Jace wanted and Babs agreed too.

    I would say both of their age groups fall into possible scary outcomes if infected but at least with the vaccinated, if you do get a breakout infection, you will more than likely LIVE. Not vaccinated? Those individuals seem to be having other outcomes. Here’s to hoping 12 year-old Jace is smarter than Jenelle.

  24. Proving yet again that’s she’s a complete idiot. How about you thank your mom for raising him and keeping him safe? Trashelle and lurch are both uneducated morons. Neither one of those idiots should be allowed to have an opinion on vaccinations, let alone for someone else’s kid.

  25. Barbara has been the person who has done most of the raising of Jace.

    Barbara has been the person who has gone to the parent/teacher conferences for Jace, bought his school clothes, cooked his meals, and dealt with his behavior problems for 12 years.

    Barbara has probably spent more than a handful of nights wide awake taking care of Jace when he is sick with a belly ache, colds, the flu, fevers, and all kinds of other childhood illnesses that keep parents up with worry.

    So yeah, I think Barbara had EVERY DAMN RIGHT to take Jace to get that vaccine so he doesn’t get sick, and also doesn’t bring home Covid to her, his main parent and caregiver.

    Jenelle, you keep forgetting to say THANK YOU.

  26. jenelles gonna be in for a rude awakening if jace was the one who wanted to get vaccinated, he’s almost a teenager and she needs to get over that he’s not a little kid that she can keep manipulating

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