Large Portion of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Cast Infected with COVID-19: Kail Lowry Reveals She & Her Kids, As Well As Vee Torres & Javi Marroquin Have It, As Does Ashley Jones

Baby Mamas, No Drama… and No Sense of Taste or Smell.

Shortly after returning from her vacation in the Dominican Republic, Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry was surprised to learn that she brought home an unwanted souvenir– COVID-19. 

On the recent episode of Kail’s Baby Mamas No Drama podcast, which Kail co-hosts with Vee Torres–– both Kail and Vee told listeners they were currently recovering from COVID-19, though they are “coming through on the other side of” it. The baby mamii (which is the new plural form of ‘baby mama,’ The Ashley has decided) even joked about contracting the virus.

“We’re COVID queens,” Vee said on the episode. 

It appears that Kail or one of her kids was Patient 0 when it comes to the ‘Teen Mom 2’ COVID Super Spreading. She apologized to Vee, admitting she had likely “brought it home from Dominican Republic,” where she recently vacationed with her kids. Although Kail said she and her fellow travelers tested negative twice– once on Thursday in the Dominican Republic and again when she got home on Monday, which she was required to do in order to film– she tested positive that Thursday. 

“ … and I knew because I felt like s**t all week and once I lost my taste and smell, I knew what it was. I knew,” Kail said, adding later in the episode that she “wouldn’t have been around people” had she known she was positive. 

You know a pandemic is bad when even the Hulk comes down with the virus…

“ … but I had tested negative twice,” she reiterated. (Kail’s friend Toni, who came to visit Kail right after Kail returned from the trip, also recently announced that she, too, have COVID.”

Kail admitted on the podcast that this is her and her son Lincoln’s second bout with the virus.

“ … This is the second time– I don’t know if I ever said it on the podcast– I had COVID back when in was in Iceland, actually,” Kail said. “That was in 2020, and then this is my second time. And then Lincoln just had COVID in March and he has it again, so all the kids have it. They’re all asymptomatic, really.” 

In addition to Kail and her kids currently dealing with COVID-19, Kail said her ex-husband/baby daddy number 2 Javi Marroquin has tested positive as well.

Control yourself, Big Papi… You still have to stay six feet away, even if you’re in the WaWa parking lot…

“I sent Lincoln over to Javi’s, because they had it in March– like I said, everyone in Javi’s family had it in March except for Javi. I sent Lincoln over there because Lincoln already had it and he tested negative right away and then sure as s**t, [Lincoln] tested positive, Javi tested positive,” Kail said. “Like, I am so … I don’t even know how this happened.” 

I mean… maybe?

Vee revealed she had recorded a podcast episode with Kail before Kail learned she was positive and when Vee began to feel sick later that week, she initially thought she had picked up a summer cold or was simply worn out from visiting a waterpark that day. 

Though Kail, Vee and anyone that works in front of or behind the cameras on ‘Teen Mom 2’ are tested regularly by MTV, Jo picked up some take-home tests from the drugstore, which is how Vee learned she had contracted the virus. Jo tested negative at the time, as did he and Vee’s daughter, ViVi. 

“My test may be negative, but I’m positive this is a sign from the universe that my baby mamas shouldn’t be working together. Send help.”

Kail said because of the virus, she had to postpone Lux and Creed’s birthday party by a month, while Vee skipped a family wedding (before confirming she had contracted COVID-19) and was planning to miss another upcoming family event to avoid getting anyone sick. 

“Like, I just don’t wanna pass it to anybody,” she said. “I don’t wanna be that person.” 

“Next time, just call me out by name.”

Still, Vee spoke about a trip to Jamaica she and Jo are planning to take in the next couple of months to celebrate her 30th birthday. After offering some traveling tips, Kail criticized the COVID testing procedures at some of the resorts she’s visited since the pandemic began, noting that she didn’t want to get “any s**t” for saying it, but they “barely swab your nose.” 

“ … they do that with the intentions for you to have a negative test, in my opinion,” she said. “At least for that experience, because when I get tested through MTV, they’re swabbing my nose, ya know? … the [resort] I went to in Punta Cana, they barely even touched the skin in my nose, so I feel like that’s intentional.” 

The chance of any resort offering Kail a discount after that statement.

Along with Kail, her kids, Vee, and Javi (allegedly, as he hasn’t confirmed this himself), Kail’s ’Teen Mom 2’ co-star Ashley Jones is also recovering from the virus at the moment.

“In my defense, I had nothing to do with that one!”

Ashley’s mom, Tea, took to Instagram earlier this week asking fans to “please pray for a speedy recovery as Ashley recovers from COVID-19.”

“We are sending all our prayers to Ashley’s household as she battles COVID-19,” Tea added. “She is doing ok in light of…. But we expect a full recovery in no time. Thanks for your much needed prayers and support. We appreciate it sincerely and truly.” 

Despite Kail’s co-star Leah Messer joining her on the alleged COVID-19-culprit trip to Punta Cana, Leah seems to have returned home without Lungs ‘o’ COVID.

She did, however, confirm this week during a Q&A on her Instagram Story, that she has been vaccinated.    

Another ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast member (well, former cast member) who was vaccinated recently is Jace Evans, the 12-year-old son of Jenelle Evans. Although, if it had been up to Jenelle, Jace wouldn’t have gotten jab. In fact, upon finding out her son had received his first dose of the vaccine, all TikTok dancing (probably) came to a screeching halt on The Land, as Jenelle’s estranged mom, Barbara Evans, was the one to make the announcement on social media.

Jenelle– an outspoken anti-COVID-vaxxer– complained on social media she wasn’t consulted before Barbara took Jace to get vaccinated. (Barbara, of course, has had full custody of Jace since he was an infant, and therefore did not need Jenelle’s permission before taking Jace to get the vaccine.)

As for the cast members currently recovering from COVID-19, they aren’t the first in the Teen Mom franchise to be hit with the virus. In January, Dr. Drew Pinsky– longtime host of ‘Teen Mom’ reunion specials and proud owner of one too many basic blazers– opened up about his nasty battle with COVID-19 on social media, months after making light of the virus. 

“This is my regret blazer.”

In July 2020, Teen Mom OG dad Gary Shirley revealed his parents had been hit hard with COVID-19 and as The Ashley told you in November, a ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast member tested positive for the virus, forcing production to shut down until the COVID-positive cast member (and any crew members who may have been exposed) quarantined for two weeks, everyone tested negative, and the homes had been disinfected.

A similar, albeit, more severe situation occurred the following month when Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant was hit with COVID-19, forcing production to shut down on four girls’ stories.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Kail, wtf would u be travelling to another country with a pandemic going???? Let’s just hope that the next time she gets a good dose & she might start taking it seriously!

  2. “I don’t know how this happened”
    Kails tag line for pregnancy and Covid.

    Firstly, is the US open for free for all travel? I’m in Aus and our borders are shut. We can’t leave the country for a relaxing vacation

    Secondly, Kail bitched about having her kids the whole trip. Karma fucked her by giving them covid and making them isolate together.

    Thirdly, Vees shade “I didn’t want to be that person” 😂

    Lastly, Kail sent Lincoln knowing 100% Javi would get Covid. She warned to quarantine with him. And play happy family’s.

    Nice job spreading more than your legs this time Karl 🙄

  3. How about you stay put and not travel all over the world during a pandemic…there’s an idea. These people blow my mind. It’s not like she hasn’t taken and vacation in a while.

  4. And this is why, even though I’m vaccinated and have been since January, I still mask. Idiots.

  5. “I don’t know how this happened.” It’s an airborne virus, dummy. And you continue to live your life like nothing is going on. You can’t cure stupidity unfortunately..

  6. I want nothing more than I want the cast and Dr Drew not to have covid, but a vicious buttworm infestation brought over by Lurch and Jenelle’s leaky septic tank and ignorance of hand washing at the last reunion they hit up

    I’d watch that, especially if they use frontier medicine

  7. A bunch of people got a cold. In 2021(1984) that is a news item….

    And yes, I to have hade this cold. I am a person with disease of the lungs who usually gets really sick from flus and colds. Covid was nothing and has an IFR of 0,15%(flu is 0,16%)… Get over it.

  8. Don’t believe in getting vaccines. Then don’t travel. Why put everyone at risk. Kail travels outside of the US pregnant during a pandemic. CRAZY!!

  9. IMO, these girls are utter and complete idiots for traveling around like they do! Irresponsible at best. Who knows what else they bring home with them. Who the hell goes to the Dominican Republic anyway……. What a sh*t Hole that place is. One step above Haiti (poorest country in the Western Hemisphere) that shares the other half of that crap hole island with the Dominican Republic.

  10. I can’t believe she sent Lincoln to javi’s house when she knew that Lincoln was living in a covid positive house. When you or someone you live with is positive, you have to quarantine. So she and all of her kids should have been quarantining even if Kail was the first or only one to be positive. And what was the idea that since Javi and his whole family had it before they couldn’t get it from Lincoln if Kail and her kids have had it before and they all got it again? So you can obviously get it twice. She had it twice. Her kids had it twice. But she thinks Javi and his family can’t get it twice?

    I also can’t believe that she’s traveling, unvaccinated, and then not quarantining for at least a few days afterwards. That seems so stupid and so selfish. Especially since she got covid traveling last time too! Her job is filming for mtv. It’s not like she can’t put that off or tell them she wants to be safe and wait a few days. Even if for some weird reason, they fined her or paid her less, she’d be fine financially. It’s not like she’s a paycheck to paycheck hotel maid or something and if she doesn’t work it means she loses her house and can’t buy food or medicine that week. And she didn’t just work, she had friends come and visit. And sent her covid exposed kids to visit family. And if she’s complaining about how poorly they swab your nose at these resorts, and she thinks it’s so you’ll test negative even if you’re positive, then why was she trusting those negative results even when she felt poorly and knew she was sick?

    I worry about everyone on the plane with her. And all the MTV crew. And all the various baby daddies and their friends and families. And her friend that came to visit and their family. This is how outbreaks start, when you’re just not careful at all.

  11. Everyone I know who’s anti vaxx are also the only people I know who are traveling/travelled during the pandemic.

  12. Sooo in short, an anti-vaxxer got the virus, and the one who got vaccinated did not. Who would have thought? Kail is always right, my ass.

    1. Vee is vaccinated and still got covid. You realize the vaccine does not stop you from catching covid right? It helps you have less severe symptoms.

      1. Not quite. The vaccine also lessens your chance to catch covid. It does cause less severe symptoms, but also you are less likely to get it. It doesnt prevent it 100%, but still much better than nothing.

  13. She just thought she was tired from visiting a water park?!?!! I don’t even want to know how many people bee infected at the water park. Why are these people still traveling and going on vacations? Dumb, selfish, inconsiderate of others, and just plain mean.

  14. This heffer said she knew what it was and still was around ppl.. but had she known she wouldn’t have been? Hello you idiot, if you had an inkling you should have stayed away from ppl period until certain. You feel like shit with basic symptoms and came out negative.. wouldn’t you err on the side of caution and NOT take the risk until 💯 sure. These entitled know it alls.. also she’s screwing Javi. Got it from Lincoln my backside

  15. When you feel like you deserve that vacation out of the country after dealing with all the stress of watching the build of your new mcmansion….Think twice, and maybe do some staycations and vacations here where more people are vaccinated.

    Or just chill in your gorgeous pool and count your blessings while saving that cash for all those college tuitions and for when the teen mom train reaches the end of the track, cuz WaWa only pays so much…


    1. It’s pretty rare that Leah Messer Sims Calvert Messer and smart are in the same sentence (unless it’s Leah is NOT smart). But here we are in these bizarre.

  16. You don’t know how this happened Kail? Wtf? Traveling the world without being vaccinated is how.
    I can’t understand the risk these people are taking with their family’s lives.

    Also, someone I know who covertly travelled to Jamaica this past winter said the same thing of the resorts. They barely swab you to make sure the test is negative so that they can keep their tourism dollars.

    1. that’s so weird they do it for you..
      if you get tested here (England) you do it yourself – you don’t have some random person shoving it up your nose lol

    1. She’s not. You can still get covid with the vaccine. She’s just lucky she never caught it from Kail and brought it home to her immunocompromised child.. she’s a dumb as the rest of them

      1. You would think she would take extra extra precautions, but, no.

        Lucky this time. She can still catch it around town or at the bars or cult seminars or wherever she spends her free time.

      2. You can definitely still get covid after being vaccinated, but the chances are lower than if you’re not vaccinated.

      3. While you can still catch COVID while vaccinated, it is rare – the breakthrough cases are obviously concerning, but we have to be careful not to equate the rate of infection of vaccinated people with the unvaxxed because it gives them an invalid excuse not to vaccinate.
        I also think we need to give Leah credit where credit is due. I am saying this as someone who is extra cautious myself, masking up indoors and not traveling even fully vaxxed. Leah has her moments, but I give her credit 1) for not getting sucked into the anti-science crowd considering her environment & education, and 2) using her platform to promote vaccination. As a teacher, I appreciate anyone who has a public following for promoting vaccines – and she lives in an area where she can face some hatred for it.

  17. ‘I don’t even know how this happened’ says Kail. Well, you obviously need a course in microbiology/virology.

    Then she tries to tell us Javi got it from Lincoln. Please, we all know he’s been diddling her.

  18. “We’re covid queens” Talk about being disgustingly tone deaf. Wow.

    Also in the article for People Kail told them her kids were asymptomatic, yet she posted a video of Creed clearly sick and short of breath. Asymptomatic indeed.

    1. Well, since she said she has no idea how it happened, it’s highly probable she doesn’t know what asymptomatic means.

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