EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Cast Member Tests Positive for COVID-19; Production Shut Down

“But we’ll still get paid, right?”   (This is just a photo…don’t try to read anything into it..)

A case of COVID-19 has just popped the Teen Mom quarantine bubble!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that a Teen Mom OG cast member tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend, forcing the entire production of one of the ‘OG’ stories to be shut down immediately.

“No one associated with [that cast member] can film for two weeks, including their family,” a behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley. 

“Luckily, the cast member is showing no symptoms and is feeling fine,” the source added.

The Ashley is not stating which of the girls— Catelynn LowellMaci BookoutMackenzie McKeeAmber Portwood or Cheyenne Floyd— the positive cast member is associated with, in order to protect that person’s privacy.

As The Ashley previously reported, a bubble was created in order to film all of the ‘Teen Mom’ shows– ‘Teen Mom OG,’ as well as Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant— with producers and crew quarantining before arriving and then living close to the girl they’re shooting and not being allowed to go home, leave or have visitors while they’re in the filming bubble. 

“Each cast member, family member, crew member and producer is required to test for COVID three times a week,” the source told The Ashley. “[The cast member] got a positive test result from one of those tests. It’s not know if [that cast member’s] family will also test positive eventually.”

“Is there any possible way we can somehow blame Farrah for this?”

The source tells The Ashley that the cast members and those who film with them are encouraged to quarantine while not filming, to limit any exposure. In addition, the cast member’s homes are frequently sanitized by a sanitation company, and all places visited by the cast members while filming are required to be closed to the public and sanitized before and after the cast uses the area. 

The source tells The Ashley that production was surprised by the test results, and that the shutdown will cost them a pretty penny.

“There is a full crew there quarantining and living in this bubble so that they can safely film the girls and their families, and now they just have to sit there for two weeks and be away from their families longer. The crew goes into lockdown because they were exposed too, so they literally can’t leave their housing except for the purpose of getting absolutely essential items. They do have the opportunity to opt out of staying past the day they were originally supposed to leave, though.”

The source tells The Ashley that, after two weeks and once everyone tests negative, and the homes have been disinfected, shooting can resume. 

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(Photos: MTV) 


  1. Bri is such a hypocrite! She is clowning Kails for getting arrested yet this bitch got an STD on national T.V. GLASS HOUSE BRI! She is walking cliche. How old is she? Goes to bar, gets drunk, has a 1 night stand with her bum baby daddy and ends up with the clap.As for Kails is dealing with mental health issues most likely stemming from physical and mental abuse.As far as her comments about Kails behavior at reunions, how many time did she and her crazy, violent sister try to physically fight her while calling her disgusting names. What did she expect? They are on a show together, have worked together for years and have all become some what of a family. She got with Kails husband. Father of her child. WTF did she expect? It says a lot about her character to kick another woman while she is down rather then support and help build her up. Why cant she just keep Kails out of her mouth? Its pathetic. She makes females look bad. Move on. Leave the girl alone.BULLY.

    1. My guess was Catelynn or Tyler since they had some Halloween get together and in the pics they shared they werent wearing masks with many others around, but I would think they both would have it not just one, but who knows.

      1. I stopped following them because of all the horrible clickbait they post so I didnt know. Very likely them too if that’s the case!

  2. This is why the contact tracing program in the U.S. has been a complete failure. People refuse to co-operate or even lie because there is almost a stigma to having Covid. Now some will wonder or accuse of these moms of partying or some thing. It’s a virus and it’s going to continue to infect others until we get vaccines.

  3. I don’t think it’s Amber since she doesn’t really have a family around or filming much and it specifically mentioned that the cast member “can’t film for 2 weeks, including her family”

    Loved the caption about Farrah

  4. …what? Shouldn’t their identity be known so anyone in contact with them can find out if they have COVID or not?

    1. How is this getting so many downvotes? So when you contract a virus, you get to keep it a secret? People literally need to know if they’ve been exposed to someone with COVID….

      1. The people and places she was in contact with would be notified, so if you didn’t get a call, then you’re good, and that’s all we need to know.

      2. It’s the cast member’s medical privacy though. Maybe they want to tell those they have been in contact with before they announce it on social media.

      3. In the US it is a secret who is sick because of HIPPA provaxy laws. HIPPA was created for this very reason to stop all you COVID witch hunters from attacking and bullying someone.

  5. It really could be anyone since I’m not sure of their states rules. Not to mention a lot of the girls share custody so it’s harder to quarantine since both parents have their own families and situations. I will say I doubt amber got it from her couch.

  6. It’s a virus. People are gonna get it. Why do we treat people getting COVID like lepers? Hope this mom feels better soon.

    1. In my country you can’t get tested if you don’t have any symptoms. You have to at least have very mild cold symptoms. Is the US using different tests or something?

      1. In the beginning, that’s how it was…no symptoms, no test. Now, it’s different though. The US have really stepped up in their ability to test more people. The test supply has grown a lot since then so more people are able to be tested. I’m not sure if they’ll test you for no reason now though but they do have the ability to, for instance, test someone who’s been in contact with someone who is positive instead of just telling them to go quarantine and look out for symptoms!! Also, it’s definitely a game changer when your talking about someone with billions of dollars… like MTV! Money changes everything! Which is why the cast is able to get tested so frequently. Just like NFL players.. if they test positive, they continue to get tested til they’re negative! All about money!!

    2. I’ll be sure to tell my nurse mother-in-law that ended up in ICU and almost died that it’s “just a virus.” 🙄 Moron

      1. I didn’t say it was “just a virus” idiot. I said it WAS A VIRUS. Which it is. Which people will get, which they do. I never downplayed the severity of it. What I pointed out is that society treats the people who get covid like they are growing a second head. Can you read, MORON?

        1. I was actually going to comment on that earlier but it was way too early and my mind couldn’t put the words together to comment back!! Judging by your down votes and comments made by people, I think people took your comment way out of context!!! You were actually saying the opposite of the way they took it! You were in no way down playing the severity of it.. I know what you meant by it!!

          1. I’m not usually so snippy, but had to launch at her since she decided to call me a moron, when shes the one that can’t read correctly. Apparently the ashleys readers can’t read very well either.

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