Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Claims to Have Regained Custody of Her Son Jace: Here’s What’s Really Going On (Exclusive!)

“Next stop: The Land!”

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans says The Land has a new full-time resident!

In a “PSA Announcement” posted to Instagram Stories on Saturday, Jenelle dropped a bombshell about her oldest son, Jace, who has lived with Jenelle’s mom Barbara since his birth.

“I have custody of Jace. He lives with me now full-time,” she said. (You can watch the video below. Be aware, though, that it contains naughty words.)

Jenelle’s followers were understandably confused, as Barb has had legal custody of Jace since Jenelle signed over custody to her when Jace was just an infant. However, The Ashley can confirm that Jenelle is telling the truth…for the most part.


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The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Jenelle and Barbara have agreed to allow Jace to live with Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, on The Land full time.

While Jace has been living there for a bit now, the arrangement is not totally legal— yet.

“Jenelle and Barbara will sign off on it legally next week,” one of The Ashley’s sources tells her. “They aren’t going to court or anything, just signing papers so it’s legal and permanent that Jace lives with Jenelle now.”

In the past, Barbara had been against Jace living with Jenelle (due mostly to the chaos in Jenelle’s life over the years) and had refused to allow him back into Jenelle’s custody full-time.

“This decision has way more to do with Jace than Jenelle,” the source tells The Ashley. “Barbara can’t handle Jace anymore. They had been getting into really bad fights and Barbara is just done with it. That’s why she agreed to allow Jace to live with Jenelle. Things had gotten so bad between Barbara and Jace.”


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“One night a few weeks ago, Barb took Jace to Jenelle’s house and he’s been there ever since,” a second source said, adding that it was the night Jenelle posted a video to Instagram Stories that showed her making fun of the Joe Biden sticker on Barb’s car.

Both Jenelle and Jace were happy about Jace moving to The Land, and since Jace is currently doing online school due to COVID-19, the timing worked out well, the source said.

Before stating on Instagram today that Jace lives with her, Jenelle had kept surprisingly quiet about getting Jace back, due to the circumstances that caused him to move in with her finally.

“Well Juh-nelle, I see ya finally got ya kid back!”

“It took Jenelle 11 ½ years to finally get her son back, and she’s not proud of that,” the first source said. “And she’s disappointed that the reason that he finally came back is because Barbara couldn’t handle him anymore, and not because Barb felt Jenelle had grown enough to get him back.”

UPDATE! Jenelle’s mom Barbara was not happy that Jenelle was bragging on Instagram about having custody of Jace. She (with the help of Jenelle’s former manager) went to TMZ on Sunday to inform them that she will retain custody of Jace and that Jenelle “misspoke” when she was bragging about having custody.

However, The Ashley stands by her story that Barb and Jenelle are signing papers to allow Jace to live on The Land full-time (regardless if Barb told TMZ it’s only a few days a week to give him a “change of scenery” while he does his online school.) 

The Ashley hears that Barbara and Jenelle got into a big argument about this situation. However, Jace will be living on The Land full-time (while Barb retains legal custody). The paperwork they’re signing simply makes it legal for Jace to live with Jenelle and not Barb. 

UPDATE #2! Jenelle says Barbara lied to TMZ and that Jace is moving to The Land due to his bad behavior. Click here for more details! 

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  1. That poor boy has some serious issues… I am sincerely afraid for his life now that he is around David full time. David & Jenelle are not equipped to deal with Jace. I am so afraid someone is going to snap. Place him up for adoption and let someone who will actually care about this child raise him.

  2. She has a lot of growing up to do.she needs to remember they are her kids and they need to be first. NOT a her or her HUSBAND..

  3. “In a child’s eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe.”

    Promises made, promises kept. Go get’em Jelly!

    stay lit, positive vibs only

    1. is this quote something you wrote? its really beautiful- sounds like something from Greek Mythology. impressive!

  4. Jace has pre-teen behavioral problems and David is a controlling, dog murdering, hot-headed gun nut.

    Now all happening under ONE roof.

    This sad story gets sadder and more volatile by the minute.


  5. TMZ is reporting that Barbara said she still has custody of Jace and Jenelle misspoke. If it was Barbara, it sounds like Jenelle has him a good portion of the time during the week.

  6. Here’s my prediction…Jace will shoot and possibly kill David and/or Junelle one day when it just gets to be too much. That poor kid has known since a small child how horrible his mother was. Babs has a good heart, but she raised a lot of dysfunctional people and her anger at his mother and him is very evident. Anger begets anger.

    This isn’t good for him, but my guess his life with Babs now that there is no MTV to calm her down and keep her in check has just gotten horrible. I feel so sorry for him because he seems to have a good heart, just a lot of anger. Understandably.

  7. Throughout Jace’s life he has not only had extreme tumultuous-ness and parental insecurities, but it has all been filmed. He has been getting the message that his Mother doesn’t want him, and now when he is growing into an adolescent, his Grandmother (the only real parent he has known) doesn’t want him. This combined with inherited genes of addiction (from both his biological parents) will cause some major challenges in his life. It’s paramount that Jace have something steady and everlasting- unchangeable in his life and perhaps that is one very, very good therapist.

  8. Not to defend either of them, but I’m pretty sure CPS was involved in Barb getting custody of Jace. If I remember correctly, I think Jenelle was faced with the decision to either sign custody over to Barb or Jace goes into the system. Jenelle keeping custody was never an option.

  9. Poor little guy… I’d like to be sarcastic and make a joke, like everytime about Juhnelle. But I can just pray for him and his siblings, I hope they’ll find help before a big drama on the Land.

  10. At the end of the day Barb is not young and dealing with a teen is exhausting. Jace is not her responsibility, I remember her telling Jenelle that she wouldn’t be raising her child when she was pregnant. Barb is no saint either like Jenelle didn’t lick her behaviour off a stone.

  11. Jenelle has been quiet about this for a reason. “Getting Jace back” was her mantra for basically her whole existence on “Teen Mom 2”. Obviously there are some issues with Jace. He has ADHD (at one point Barbara was accusing Jenelle of not giving him his medication or stealing it, who knows).

    Jace and Ensley were both positive for marijuana in their system at birth (i forget if kaiser was or not). That is obviously Jenelles doing. Barbara has never been mother of the year (she’s not patient and yells a lot), if she was all of her own kids wouldn’t have turned out the way they did. But she appeared to really try with Jace. She also isn’t on drugs, and more financially stable then Jenelle is.

    The biggest concern I have for Jace is his safety being around David. Will the ability to be outdoors to burn off energy and be with his siblings be nice? Yes. Do I think Jenelle and David ever stopped drugs? No. David is also violent with drinking especially. Will Jenelle be able to help him with online learning? No, she doesn’t seem to have the patience nor the aptitude.

    Jenelle and David are not only drug addicts but doomsday conspirists (and probably white supremists). Whatever going on with Jace must be pretty bad to put him in Jenelle and David’s care is my point.

    1. Among many other things, I am worried that Jace will adopt David’s racist, bigoted beliefs and start channeling his frustrations and anger, which he certainly has given his horrible life and God awful parents, towards minorities. David is a grade A racist. It’s scary to think of what Jace will now hear being on The Land 24/7 and how it will affect him.

  12. So sad. Every little born enters the world the same, yet get such different paths. Bently got Ryan but also got Maci, Jen, Larry and her parents. Isaac got kail, but got joe, vee, Joe’s parents and even Javi. Jace got Janelle and Barbara. That’s it. Those are his ONLY 2 voices.

  13. Jenelle dumped Jace onto Barb because she didn’t want to deal with him. Now Barb dumps Jace onto Jenelle because she doesn’t want to deal with him. Can’t wait to see how Jenelle handles those teenage years. Get the popcorn ready.

    1. My SIL left her child with her parents since birth, while she man hopped. When not hoping beds, she lived at home with parents and kid. When she moved in with a man, she did not take kid. She would apply for state benefits as if she had kid though. She did get busted doing so. Though a few miles down the road, she never visited kid, took him anywhere but had kid call new guy, dad. When kid turned 15, she married current guy and decided she wanted to mother now. Kid is 22, no drivers license, lives at home, lazy af, accused, not convicted of statutory rape and reminds mom every single day that she abandoned kid for cock. grandparents tried, but they too raised the woman that abandoned him for cock

    2. I don’t think David likes any kid if they’re not his (and even then it is questionable). It was actually Nathan though who was saying recently he has never liked Jace and that he was a bad kid.

      1. This is messed up but I bet Jace can be a very bad kid. We know he’s had “anger outbursts” per Barbara and we know he threw something at Barbara’s face once not that long ago and injured her. I can see Jace physically bullying his siblings (and other kids). I bet his fights with Babs have been escalating and he’s big enough now that Babs truly can’t handle it and is probably afraid of him hurting her.

        This is of course all a consequence of Jenelle being a low down dirty shit bag and Babs allowing said shit bag to come in and out of Jace’s life and her (Babs) own messed up parenting.

        Nathan is a drunk piece of crap but I don’t think what he said just came out of nowhere. If i had a kid I wouldn’t want him or her around Jace either. From a very young age he was swearing and hitting (hmmm…wonder where he learned that from??!!). Nathan should NOT have said that stuff but I get it.

        Poor Jace should have been put up for adoption as soon as Jenelle made it clear (I’m guessing the day they came home from the hospital) she had zero interest in parenting her sweet innocent baby and growing the eff up. Jace would have been snatched up sooo quick, he was a beautiful baby. He’d undoubtedly have problems because of genetics but being in a stable, loving home with non-toxic people who’d actually put HIS needs and well being first would have done wonders for this poor doomed kid. Ugh.

    3. This was supposed to go here. Not to defend either of them, but I’m pretty sure CPS was involved in Barb getting custody of Jace. If I remember correctly, I think Jenelle was faced with the decision to either sign custody over to Barb or Jace goes into the system. Jenelle keeping custody was never an option.

  14. This is such a shame but no surprise at all. Of course Jace is going to have emotional issues with all of the chaos he’s witnessed in his life and I predict that he’s only going to get way worse as he gets older. If he does actually stay on the land for an extended period of time, the fight to end it all between him and Lurch is going to be catastrophic. It’s all really sad, Jace’s inevitable tell-all is going to be second only to Sophia’s with all of the unbelievable atomic bombs dropped; I kind of can’t wait

  15. The older Jace gets, the more defiant he will become, and the more defiant he comes, the more violent and mean David will be. This isn’t good, and it’s not going to end well, for anyone.

  16. With David around, and Jace already agitated and having issues, I fear for Jace’s physical safety. We know what David will do to a dog who pisses him off! But I can’t really blame Barb— she’s past retirement age, and it’s damn hard to manage a pre-teen boy alone under the best of circumstances. I hand it to her for trying her best for the past 11 years. I’m praying for them all.

  17. I fear that Jace will have a very bleak future: father a kid at a young age and screw it up, drop out of school, jail and likely prison. He’s been effed from the day he was brought into the Evans household and he won’t fare any better at the Eason household (he’ll probably start being a racist, close minded bigot like UBT). Why oh why didn’t those dysfunctional toxic bitches put that sweet baby up for adoption?

    Jenelle was a worthless shit bag from day one. Barb tried but she gave Jenelle far too many chances and only hurt Jace by allowing Jenelle dip in and out of his life and bring her soul mate du jour around. I gave up all hope for Barb when she didn’t go for supervised or no visits after Jenelle took Jace on a high speed chase and brandished a gun in front of Jace, that Barb let that fly with no consequences is proof that his well being is not a priority, or at least not as important as Barb holding onto her toxic relationship with Jenelle.

  18. I fear that Jace will have a very bleak future: father a kid at a young age and screw it up, drop out of school, jail and likely prison. He’s been effed from the day he was brought into the Evans household and he won’t fare any better at the Eason household (he’ll probably start being a racist, close minded bigot like UBT). Why oh why didn’t those dysfunctional toxic bitches put that sweet baby up for adoption?

    Jenelle was a worthless shit bag from day one. Barb tried but she gave Jenelle far too many chances and only hurt Jace by allowing Jenelle to dip in and out of his life and bring her soul mates du jour around. I gave up all hope for Barb when she didn’t go for supervised or no visits after Jenelle took Jace on a high speed chase and brandished a gun in front of Jace, that Barb let that fly with no consequences is proof that his well being is not a priority, or at least not as important as Barb holding onto her toxic relationship with Jenelle.

  19. [* Shield Security plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Her mom helped her a lot let’s Never forget that

  20. No one has this kid’s best interest at heart. It’s absolutely horrible and it makes me sad for society. Jenelle once again gets what she wants and doesn’t seem to really have any consequences. Pure garbage.

  21. Barbara may sign papers allowing Jace to live there but there is no way in hell that she will give her back custody. She’s saving that card for when the shit hits the fan on the Land (again…it’s like a never ending saga) Barbara can yank him out at any time.

    Plus with Covid, I think it’s good to give Barbara a little vacation while Jace gets to be with his siblings.

    I’m not buying the whole reason why he’s with Jenelle now because Jace and Barbara can’t stand each other anymore. I think a little “birdie” in the She-Shed slipped that one in for good measure.

  22. I’ve been rewatching the older episodes and the handwriting is on the wall for this poor child. He really never had a chance. He most likely needs therapy, and he needs an adult in his life that is stable. That’s probably not likely to happen. Hopefully once he is old enough he will be able to find a good path for himself.

    1. I have also been rewatching, and have cried for Jace in some of the scenes in season 3 and 4. There is no chance any child in Barbara’s care could be free of major issues by adolescence. She is toxic, relentlessly abusive, and without a shred of genuine self-awareness. The idea of Jace, already struggling, now having to live under Jenelle and David’s roof is dreadful – dealing with a child who has serious emotional/behavior issues takes an incredible amount of compassion and patience. They have neither, and are unfit to keep pets, much less raise children. I am so deeply sorry for that child and hope that adulthood will bring him peace and freedom from the quagmire he was born into.

      Phew! Being emotionally invested in this dumpster fire is not something I admit to in my real life, so thank you for letting me vent! 🙂

      1. I think that Barbara probably has a good heart. And she stepped up and took care of Jace. But, yeah, she definitely has some issues that would make it hard for her to raise a child successfully. Like others have said it probably would have been a lot better if Jace had been put up for adoption. I do think that Barbara and Jenelle each love Jace, but they just can’t emotionally raise a family.

        1. It’s been clear for some time that Jace has issues, and I absolutely support Barbara taking a break. She should never have been asked to raise him in the first place, but she did the right thing for as long as she could.

          Unfortunately his behavior won’t change simply because he’s living with Jenelle, and I fear we will soon find out how David chooses to react to it because it’ll be splashed across headlines. He is now in the wrong house for troubled children. David Eason doesn’t react kindly to unruly children, even if they are five years old, so I shutter to think what he will do the first time Jace hurts Ensley.

  23. Barb is older & she’s tired. At her age she should be retired. Instead she’s been raising Jace & now it’s the start of the really hard teenage years right as she’s getting up in age. The best thing Jace can do for himself is go away to college with his TM money when he’s 18 or emancipate himself sooner and join the military to get away.

  24. I thought David hated Jace. That kid is a product of his environment, I’m sure he has real troubles. I feel bad for him becuase David isint going to be very tolerable.

  25. This is so sad, I could cry.
    So disappointing, Babs. This is twice now that Jace’s been given up. Once by his bio mum and once by his real mum.
    Jace should’ve been adopted out from day for. Babs effed up her 3 kids royally, now she’s effed up Jace & when the going gets tough you don’t give him back to abusive people – you buckle down and use the TM2 money to throw therapy on Jace in every form.
    I read that Babs has been funding the 2 pieces of sh*t and now she’s given them Jace. He’s got no hope now of stopping the cycle….I’m so sad for his generation repeating the Evans/Eason abuse.

    1. I came here to say just that. Jenelle is a mess because Barb raised her and then gave up on her. Now Barb f*cked up Jace and gave up on him too. We are all products of our environment. Now Jace will have to live with a racist, white supremacist man who will shape him into one too. It’s not hard to see Jace will be an addict drop up in the next few years. Poor kid, never stood a chance

  26. Not a shock. Most people said this would happen. Jenelle tries so hard to prove people wrong…and once again her “haters” are right

  27. This is sad… Jace should never have been in the care of either of them. Babs is slightly better because she doesn’t have a racist, violent, man-child as a husband, but when I rewatched the old episodes of TM2 on Netflix, I can now see that Jenelle was simply a product of the terrible environment she grew up in. Babs was extremely verbally and emotionally abusive, and I know that she mentioned that Jenelle saw her being physically abused by men in her life. It is sad all around. We can feel OK shitting on Jenelle because now she is a 30 year old continuing the same toxic pattern, but at one point, she was just a kid experiencing and watching the kind of abuse no one should ever have to go through. This is really sad, and unfortunately I am sure the cycle will continue with all of Jenelle’s children. I am no fan of Kailyn, but she has come the closest to actually breaking the cycle of abuse and has raised some wonderful, kind, well rounded children

    1. I agree with everything you said except the Kail part. Joe and javi raised wonderful, kind, well rounded children. Both isaac and Lincoln act like their fathers. Javi and Joe are mild mannered, family oriented men. Kail is a bipolar hulk. The youngest two will be the product of kails raising.

    2. I disagree about the Kail. She can purchase things for the kids and take them on trips. Her personality, attitude, and relationships (including friendships) are toxic and not a good example for her kids. She’s manipulative and a hot mess. She’s been on the show for 10 years and still hasn’t changed. Always in some mess or drama. Always playing victim, and no accountability.

    3. Something that has always stuck with me is during the one reunion show, when Dr Drew asked Barbara to say something positive about Jenelle and Babs said she couldn’t come up with a thing.
      Now, I personally don’t have one good thing to say about Jenelle, but for her to hear that from her mother?! Your mom is supposed to be your biggest cheerleader in life. I can’t imagine how devastating it was for Jenelle to constantly be told her terrible she was/is. At some point people get sick of trying to prove someone wrong and they decide to prove them right.

      I think Jenelle recognizes that this is a wrong way to parent, but she also hasn’t done anything to break that cycle. She screams at her kids all day long, just like her mother, and when she isn’t screaming, she’s ignoring them. She condemns Barb for raising her that way, but she fails to see that she’s doing the exact same thing. Do those kids ever get a hug or told that they love them? It seems the closest they get to that is being told to put on their matching outfits for their next photo op. The only thing that’s going to save any of them is intense therapy and then actual hard work put in to implement the strategies learned in therapy. Sadly, I don’t think any of them have the self-awareness or fortitude to actually get it done.

  28. Jenelle and David aren’t fit to raise an ant! They’ve proven that time and time again! And, Jenelle’s cringy PSA proves that she still is an immature brat that can’t take responsibility and has delusions about what kind of person she has “grown” into.?Not a great example for Jace.

    I get that Barb is older and she hasn’t been able to handle Jace for awhile but, geez…imagine how he feels! I’m sure in some ways he feels abandoned by Barb. I honestly don’t think Jenelle and Uncle Bad Touch are in Jace’s best interests. He will learn to be more destructive and Jenelle will homeschool him on pathological lying while David homeschools him on killing helpless animals!

  29. She’s not bragging about it bc she’s not getting him back for anything she did. It’s because he’s turning into Jenelle 2.0 and thats not something to be proud of.

  30. This will end up being the “grass wasnt greener on the other side” situations. Jace will soon realize again that David and Jannelle are “pieces of shit” and want to go back to Babs.

  31. Hmm maybe Jace is crying out for help. To have Barb dump him to Jenelle sure tells him when its hard just give me away

  32. Gosh this is just a rough situation. Jace really has an uphill battle for any kind of normal life. His best bet is to get to 18 and walk away

    1. If he’s not already in trouble with the law with addiction problems and father of two by the time he’s 18 then perhaps the military could be a means to escape.

      Hopefully he’ll at least continue with the psychological counseling he was receiving. Every adult in his life has let him down. Some including his mom, stepdad and dad are total POSs. It almost seems like it’s too late.

  33. Wtf!! Yeah send him to get even more fucked up. How about get the kid the fucking help he desperately needs not send him to his sorry excuse of a mother who has mentally and emotionally abused him all of these years, and to asshole to David who will no doubt physically abuse him like he does the rest of them too.

    WHAT. THE. FUCKKKKK. I feel so so sorry for all of those kids. Barb is disgusting.

  34. Why does this broad always forget that she signed her kid over? She always acts like she was wronged when she was the one that just gave him away.

  35. [* Shield Security plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    Yes, let’s take a traumatized child and pass him to another set of tormentors. Sounds like Jace may need some behavioral interventions and counseling. I highly doubt he will get that if what he needs at The Land of Horrors. Poor kid.

  36. Barb is clearly too old to deal with this situation anymore. That’s all I’ve got. Good luck Jenelle. I don’t see any happy endings here.

    1. I think junkie and UBT only want access to Jace’s MTV money cause they are broke and Barb doesn’t want to fight them over it anymore

  37. Poor Jace. I hope that poor kid grows up and gets the hell out of that area and far, far away from all of them.

  38. Wow..just wow. Smdh. This poor child would have been better off adopted. Given a chance at life. Sadly he will have so many issues and fall into the wrong crowd and follow jelly rolls path of mugshots.

    1. Jace might have still had a lot of issues if he were adopted. However, he would be much more likely to become a productive and contributing member of society if he were raised in a stable and loving home with ample resources.

      1. Unfortunately adoption doesn’t stop genetics from taking over at times especially when it comes to addiction. Sometimes the problems still pop up even if the kid has never met the parents. I’m a foster mom and my three kids are adopted and I have dealt with this kind of thing. BUT, if he had been adopted he would have went to someone like me who actually wanted children but couldn’t and would have been more likely to get help early on.

        1. Yep – I know someone who very likely has fetal alcohol syndrome and he was adopted at birth by the most stand-up parents who are well-off financially. He’s in his 40’s now and is still a complete train wreck. His parents are in their 80’s and he’s still causing them a lot of grief. If he were raised by a POS like Janelle then he would likely be dead or in prison, but in large part because of his parent’s support he’s at least managed to stay out of major trouble.

          Sometimes nature wins out over nurture, but kids are still much better off in a loving and stable home if at all possible.

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