Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Talks About Being “Traumatized” By Her Past, Starting a Podcast From Her She-Shed & More

” …and by ‘all’ I mean ‘to.'”

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans took fans inside her She-Shed recently to discuss podcasts, her upcoming docu-series, Netflix, breaking out of her “bubble” and more.

She also let us peek in while she and husband David Eason laid flooring in her shed. (What’s next? Allowing us to watch as David picks the dirt and meat slivers out from underneath his fingernails?)

The “Shed Vlog,” posted to Jenelle’s YouTube channel, also includes an appearance by David Eason who, along with Jenelle, may be vying for some sort of HGTV special. (DIY She-Shed Solutions: The Land Edition?)

To save you some time (which can be spent working on your own she-shed upgrades) The Ashley has broken down some of the Shed Vlog highlights below.

On being traumatized by her past: 

Jenelle says watching old ‘Teen Mom 2’ episodes on Netflix have upset her.

“I really try not to bring it up but I am still trying to get over being traumatized and not knowing I was traumatized over these years,” she said. “Now, my mind is starting to realize a lot from my past. And it’s been making me really upset lately. I’ve been trying to deal with these inner demons inside of me that keep being brought up.”

On ‘Teen Mom 2’ being on Netflix: 

With the first two season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ now streaming on Netflix, Jenelle said she has received both good and bad feedback about her behavior and parenting (or lack thereof) during the show’s early seasons.

“… [People are] reaching out to me saying, ‘Oh, I’m so glad I can relate to you, you’ve changed so much, I’ve seen how hard in the seasons – Season 1 and 2 – I saw how hard you were trying to be a mom and your mom wouldn’t let you,’” she said. “Or, I get the total opposite: ‘You’re a piece of s**t mom, I saw how you raised your son.’ They’re basically still trying to tell me that’s how I am today, which I’m not at all. I’m a completely changed different person.”

Jenelle implored viewers watching Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix not to reach out to her “and hate.”

“Just know that if I make you upset in those episodes, just know that I am a changed person now. I’m trying to continue sharing it all with you guys.”

On opening up and starting a podcast: 

Despite the negative experience she had being a guest on a podcast recently, Jenelle said she’s starting to share with fans what’s she’s up to again, though she’s “still kind of halfway in [her] bubble.”

“Let me tell you. I get enough publicity, and I don’t need any more if I don’t want it. You think I need your publicity for your podcast? No. With that being said, it made me really upset [that the podcast owners deleted my episode] because I have been in a bubble since I left the show.”

“Ya have? Ya have the most public bubble I’ve eva seen!”

On how “open and honest” she is: 

Jenelle stated that she didn’t hold back while answering questions on The Family Tree podcast recently.

“So if you ask me a question I’m going to be open and totally honest with you. That’s just the type of person I am,” she said. 

“Now I just feel completely shut out again and I don’t know who to trust anymore.”

On starting her own podcast…from her She-Shed…named after her She-Shed:

While thinking of how to “turn this around” and make something positive out of a negative situation, she ultimately decided starting a podcast is the way to go.

“ … I know I’ve been explaining this for a while or trying to touch on it here and there,” she explained, admitting that she has “no plan.” 

What could go wrong?

“ … I am my own person and I gotta schedule this all by myself so this is what we’re gonna do,” she said. “We’re gonna take a YouTube video of me cleaning out my shed and getting it prepared and ready to start my podcast.

“I don’t know what’s more boring: ‘Teen Mom 2′ without me, or a video of Juh-nelle cleanin’ her shed?”

“Maybe we’ll name it In the She-Shed or The Tea in the Shed or I don’t know, you guys leave some comments below of what we can name this podcast, we’ll see where this gets us.”

Jenelle said she’s going to try to do weekly podcasts – sometimes with a guest, sometimes without – and she may or may not have a co-host.

“How about we use this modeling shot of me to promote the podcast, since we all know I’m gonna be your co-host!?”

She also asked fans to submit ideas on what topics they would like her to talk about on her (mostly) “unfiltered” show. 

“Everything’s gonna be unfiltered – as unfiltered as I can make it without being shut down, just put it that way and without pissing everyone off – but we will do touchy subjects or whatever,” she said. 

Jenelle reveals later in the vlog that she has someone currently working on her podcasting logo. 

On her next docu-series:

“ … I have a docu-series that’s going to be coming out,” Jenelle says towards the end of her vlog. “I actually yesterday, I filmed for like five hours so stay tuned for that because that’s going to be coming out very soon and that will be 10 episodes.

“But you know, I’m a one-person army and I do this all myself so bear with me,” she continued. “It’s a lot of work I do and I tend to open up a lot of projects and do a lot of things at once and then I get all stacked up.” 

On her She-Shed renovation: 

Whatever keeps ya off TikTok, Jenelle…

During her video, Jenelle went on to give viewers an update on her shed renovation. After hauling out all of the she-shed s**t contents, she revealed the peel-and-stick flooring she and David – armed with a tape measure and handgun (?) at his waist – will be slapping down on the floor, all while the couple’s assorted children can be heard screaming and (hopefully) playing outside. 

Chip and Joanna would could never.

As the tile-sticking continues, Jenelle and David interact with the kids off-camera for a moment, David complains about being cold/the media not thinking he’s very nice. He eventually cracks open a beer, as well.

It’s really riveting stuff, folks. 

(More) On she-shed renovations:

Yes, this is still happening.

Around the 13:00 minute mark, Jenelle throws viewers a bone and finally figures out how to speed up the footage of her floor renovation; unfortunately, she only does it for a few seconds. During the couple’s random conversing, they say the word “sheetrock” about 104 times and reveal plans to complete Jace’s rooms, which Jenelle says is about “75 percent done.” 

“I can’t wait because he’ll love it,” she says. 

Jenelle also shares her plan to “do some TikTok dancing” on the new floors to help the glue stick on her peel-and-stick tile.

What a perfect complement to this horrorshow…

Around the 16:30 mark, she pops back onto the screen to paint her ceiling; she and David alternate doing this until it’s finished. 

Me, after sitting through this entire video…

Click here to check out Jenelle’s “Shed Vlog.” 

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(Photos: YouTube; Instagram) 


  1. Well, Jenelle, now we all know that the “deal” you had with Netflix was just them airing old episodes where you acted like a completely incompetent non-mom, and nothing has changed at all.

  2. I never really got why she wanted children really .. Jace should have been put up for adoption, Barbara is a better parent than Jenelle, but honestly .. She’s not that great at it either .. That kid is traumatized .. And poor Kaiser ..

    I hope those kids somehow make it out of the land, this shit is just too horrible to watch at this point ..

    1. She wanted kids because, she has to have a “man” (booooyfriend) at all times. Having their kid means they have to stay…right? Right?

  3. Goodness. Jenelle needs new/flattering glasses, equilateral eyebrows, and a pruning of her hair extensions.


  4. Still the same old piece of sh*t Jenelle. Zero thought about Jace being traumatised by his POS ‘mum’ and stepdad.

    Are you playing Yahtzee with ya kids, Jenelle? Or aren’t they loved either?

    I saw Barb yelling out ‘get Jenelle to a million (subscribers)’ recently. So disappointing Babs, are you paying their way too? Bet J & D only tolerate you while you’re paying.

    Get outta here.

  5. Please, please, please Jenelle! Give up trying to recapture fame and notoriety. The best way to stop public comments on your life—STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!

    We are not interested in your constant attempts to convince us that David isn’t the anti-Christ and that you are a caring mother. Words mean nothing. You have proved again and again and again that your words cannot be trusted. Show us (from a distance) that your life has improved and you have grown. But a podcast or documentary or TikTok videos are not the way to change our collective mind. Fade into oblivion. Focus on your children. Get a real job. David needs to get a real job, too. Fix dinner for your kids, read to them before bed. Take your kids to the library and the park and museums. Join the PTA and be a room mom. I think you will find much greater fulfillment in praise from your children for being an attentive mom than you can ever find from the public. You do not need to respond to every “rumor” spread about you. Get off social media. Please. Nothing good comes from spending excessive time on social media. You will never get the adulation you crave from social media.

    And I just have to say this—I’m not a contractor by any means but I would think you would want to paint the ceiling BEFORE you lay down new floor. No one wants paint drips on their new floor.

  6. ugh these two are so cringe. She’s desperately trying to recapture the glory days (maybe, gory days is more accurate) and he looks like a complete doofus carrying that stupid gun. David, it will NOT make your teeny weenie grow any bigger.

  7. Why not get a real job? I’d rather see her workin at the Walmart deli a la barb having a respectable life instead of peddling podcasts and vlogs. She made her bed and she’s doing everything not to sleep in it. As David said “you lay down with dogs….” I don’t know anyone who would be interested in anything involving her. When she was a teen the train wreck was interesting. Now she’s almost thirty the train has jumped the tracks. It’s over jenelle. Focus on your kids.

    1. A real job…hahaha
      She can save lives as a non certified medical assistant & David saves lives cleaning boats (or at least he was for 5 minutes)
      Now they just suck the life out of the world

  8. She is waiting and hoping for a redemption story, but the public won’t be ready for it until he is out of the picture.

    They have always wanted to see this girl succeed, but he has never shown himself to be the man SHE says he is.

    Forget podcasts, tik toks, and sponsorships. Put up a For Sale sign on the whole thing, and cut your losses. Go work somewhere that you will meet friends and a new future.

    Tick tock tick tock. time is passing fast.

    1. I mostly agree with every word except that since MTV stopped doing her editing (which she claims to be the villain edit yet we all have seen how revolting HER OWN edits makes HER look) SHE has shown HER true colors and they are not any more attractive than DEs… Getting him out of the picture is just the first minor step…a step she has denounced time and time again regardless of consequence (including losing her kids and millions of dollars! Shes not going to leave him to fix a reputation that “she didn’t ruin”*her belief not reality*!)

      DE is her shield and all this horrific evil has been (rightfully) stuck to him but SHE has been right there supporting his every move while neglecting and frankly abusing her kids & animals in the process.
      There WAS a time she had a chance at redemption IF she left him because all the evil had been attached to HIM by MTV…it’s now beyond clear that SHE is no better! It would take a heck of a lot more than simply leaving him (which we all know she won’t do anyway…she cant even run her own bath water! No joke!). She would have to not only right the innumerable wrongs she has committed (if even possible) but show immense GENUINE growth and character development which she has not shown since we met her.

      People absolutely love a comeback story but to have a redemption a person has to not only recognize their wrongdoings and shortcomings but also be willing to address and correct them. JE is too busy desperately attempting to shift blame to ANYONE within her now desolate circle (thanks to HER behavior!), heck, she has started even blaming her dependent kids that are currently experiencing their own GENUINE “traumatic childhood”!

      There is as much chance of JE making a deserving comeback as there is MTV employing them again…possible but definitely not probable!😉

      As you say, time for her to get a respectable job and earn her keep! That’s a small start in the right direction…one she has been unwilling to take despite having a lot of kids depending on her (how sad!).
      Her big $ days are long long gone and SHE chose to not prepare herself in any way to provide for herself never mind her hoard of kids, other than living off of child support and kids MTV trusts.
      HER behavior was HER choice after all! (Not getting fired but all actions finally leading up to it)


      1. I know Americans find this completely normal, but why on earth is that scumbag walking around with a ffing gun?! In his own home?! WHY would you need it? There are kids running around for heaven’s sake.

          1. There is something tragically wrong with America if people are expecting someone with a gun to appear at any moment

        1. It’s really not necessary or normal to be strapped when applying peel and stick flooring. He just wants to feel like a big tough man.

  9. Rummer has it the first episode of the POD cast, Jelly will be discussing her recent doctor consultation with Dr Miami about the possible removal of the giant mud flaps from her “thong area”, True story

    stay lit

  10. Good luck on getting anyone to wAtch or care with Janelle’s gun toting, wife beating, dog killing hillbilly in the picture.

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