Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Announces Her New Oddly Named Podcast “Girl S**t” & Her Plans to Make It “A Really Big Brand”: A Recap of Events So Far

“Maybe I should have thought that name through a bit more…”

Just like many of the Teen Mom girls before her, Jenelle Evans is launching a podcast.

The former Teen Mom 2 star spoke to Us Weekly on Monday about her newest project— a podcast/lifestyle brand called…wait for it… Girl S**t.

No. Seriously.

During a video chat with the magazine, Jenelle talked about the new project, which launches next month.

The reporter congratulated Jenelle on the podcast and even commented that she felt the name “Girl S**t” was “a perfect fit for you.”

“Tha jokes just kinda write themselves, don’t they?”

“Basically, it’s going to be a girls group podcast. It’s going to be very diverse. We got influencers from all different platforms— TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, you name it,” Jenelle said. “I think it’s gonna be really fun because we’re gonna bring any topic to the table, unfiltered opinions, and we’re just gonna have conversations.” 

“Nothing’s off limits,” Jenelle added. “Also, we want to build women up, and empower women. That’s like one of the main focuses we have.”

If you’re confused as to what exactly “Girl S**t” is (the podcast, not the defecation), Jenelle stated that there’s a whole cast of hosts, who will interview “popular TikTokers and stuff.”

The Ashley searched The Interwebs a bit and found that the official Girl S**t Instagram account is being promoted by several women, including Kat Stuckey (a blogger), Chae Desara (an influencer) and Gabrielle Egan (a video creator).

It appears that 90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg is also attached to this project, as she appeared in some promotional stuff with Jenelle that was posted to Instagram on Monday. 

“We’re really excited to just bring anybody on that’s willing to come share their story.

I can feel the drama radiating from this photo…

Jenelle stated that she will be the host and producer of the “Girl S**t” podcast. 

“I am a co-producer of this whole— it’s gonna be a brand. We don’t just want to do podcasts. We’re gonna film the podcasts, we’re gonna put it on YouTube. We’re gonna have TikTok. We’re gonna have a whole merch line.”

“Christ on a cracka, Juh-nelle! Why would anyone wanna wear a shirt that mentions female poop?!”

Jenelle said she’s “lookin’ in long term at this bein’ a really big brand.”

In addition to hosting, producing and being in charge of general girl-s**tting, Jenelle says she helped choose the cast.

“I went out and I picked girls that I connect with personally and I think deserve this opportunity. It’s a lot of down-to-earth girls and I’m really excited for them as well.”

Jenelle— who as ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know— got fired from her longtime MTV gig back in 2019— also stated that she’s really excited to “move on” and “do something new.” She first mentioned that she wanted to start her own podcast back in December, and a month later talked about it more, even suggesting that she could broadcast from her She-Shed on The Land. (She suggested some stellar names for her podcast such as The She-Shed or The Tea in the Shed.)

“As bad as those names ahhre, they’re betta than ‘Girl S**t!'”

She then seemingly took a swipe at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ producers, whom she has accused in the past of not listening to her ideas when she was filming for the show.

“My opinions matter now, so it’s great,” she said. 

Jenelle is certainly not the first girl from the ‘Teen Mom’ Franchise to launch a podcast. Her nemesis Kail Lowry currently hosts Coffee Convos podcast, and a slew of other girls from the show have tried (and failed) to launch and keep their podcasts going. To date, Farrah AbrahamJade ClineLeah Messer and Mackenzie McKee have all started and stopped doing podcasts.

“Girl S**t” launches (well….there’s a phrase The Ashley never thought she’d write…) April 1.

“The planning’s almost completely done,” Jenelle said, adding that her podcast/video/brand/thing will be on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and “probably” Apple iTunes podcasts. She added that she has high (HIGH! HIGH!) hopes that her brand will be huge and attract more girls to be part of it.

“Can I be on it?”I ain’t no girl but I take plenty of s**ts!”

“This is gonna be a really big brand and I feel like there’s gonna be a lot of other girls that might see it and want to be a part of it because it’s gonna be super fun and we want to make everyone as comfortable as possible.”

Jenelle, Deavan and some of the other girls filmed a TikTok of them shaking their rumps. You can watch that horrorshow below.


Just girl shizz @jenellelevans @monicamarierivera @deavanmercyclegg @thecandiceireland #fyp #YasClean

♬ Up – Cardi B

You can watch Jenelle’s full interview below.

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube; Instagram)


  1. She probably really thought she was doing something creative when she decided to call her podcast “Girl Shit”….she shouldve named it “Bull Shit” because that’s all that ever comes out of her mouth anyway.

  2. “The planning’s almost completely done,” Jenelle said…..

    I’m assuming “the planning”, as described, took about 8 minutes.

    All about “empowering” women, but guaranteed the first thing she does it cut her former co-stars and mother to shreds. Her standard MO.

    I give it a week.

  3. I am just amazed this podcast being SO sick. According to her she can’t even take of her kiddos, oh wait……….
    hahaha she never did that anyway.
    I give it a month

    1. correction
      I am amazed she can do this podcast being so sick.

      SORRY, I was laughing and could not type


      1. Oh yeah! I forgot she diagnosed herself with a debilitating disease that is going to paralyze her or something.

        She must have cured herself. Or that genius David did.

  4. My predictions for the podcast:
    1. She will end up fighting with her co-stars and they will quit. She hasn’t been able to keep any friends let alone co-workers.
    2. Those girls will get so much heat for associating with her that they will quit. It happened with almost any deal Jenelle has done. She is toxic. Plain and simple.
    3. She gets bored and/or she doesn’t get the viewership. She won’t be able to get any well-known guests because they would hopefully have the sense to stay away. Or she can’t afford the appearance.

    Either way, I don’t see it succeeding.

    1. Or 4.

      David becomes so threatened of Jenelle trying to provide a paycheck and interacting with other ppl outside of his reach, he ruins this for everyone, and ends up with a restraining order from someone.

  5. Wasn’t Jenelle dying a few days ago? It’s amazing she got herself up off the couch to make a video. Miracles happen every day.

  6. Can’t wait until the first public meltdown over this when she realizes that people will expect her to put in the work, and that it’s not just fun.

  7. Not at all surprising that Jenelle’s idea of “diversity” is people from different social media platforms, lol.

  8. no way this is gonna be “unfiltered”, jenelle couldn’t even handle when nessa rightfully called her out at the reunion. she’s gonna end up shutting off the podcast when someone calls her out and claim they attacked her 😂. and obviously it’s not gonna be a “big brand” people hate her more than farrah and farrah failed at 2 podcasts, at least kail has TWO successful podcasts

  9. Jenelle, you’re a 30-year-old drug-addled bio-mother of three, you couldn’t even hold your MTV job, and you’re married to a violent gun-brandishing dog-murderer. Who exactly is the target audience for your podcast?

    I think Jenelle’s legions of haters will probably scare away all her new “coworkers.”

  10. It should have been called, “Jenelle is full of shit”. Still wouldn’t listen to it but it would be accurate at least.

    1. remember back in 2015 when jenelle was yelling at barb saying she was in “medical school” to save lives. meanwhile 6 years later she’s promoting armpit wax and doesn’t have a stable salary lmaoooo

  11. Soooo, she’ll record a few episodes, get bored and then fight with her co creators? Then blame it all on them when it doesn’t do well?

    1. man I don’t know why it put my response under yours True dat. I was trying to respond the the original post meh

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