Jenelle Evans Claims She’s “Too Grown Up” for ‘Teen Mom 2’ But Reveals It Upsets Her to See the Show Continue Without Her

When Girl S**t fails to fill your Teen Mom 2 emotional void…

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has mixed feelings about no longer being part of the show that made her famous. While she says she’s “more happier” now than she was when she was filming, she’s still bummed that MTV kicked her to the curb.

The mom of three, who was fired from MTV in 2019, has recently been keeping herself busy by dancing on TikTok, filming YouTube videos and, as of April 1, hosting and producing the Girl S**t podcast. (No, The Ashley was not joking about that yesterday.) 

With so many projects filling her eyebrows days, Jenelle has officially moved on from ‘Teen Mom 2’ – a show she says she’s now “too grown up for” anyway. She admits, though, that it hurts to see the other girls continue on with the show without her, and to know how easily she was replaced.

Remind us the name of your podcast again…?

“I think now I have put that chapter behind me and there was a lot I missed at the beginning when I got let go but now I see that I am doing a lot better now and I am a lot more happier … ,” Jenelle told Christina Garibaldi of Us Weekly. “I mean, it was a fun experience and I was glad to share it with everyone and I feel like now I’m just too grown up for the show.”

” …the main thing had to be that whole getting paid thing.”

Jenelle said with “everyone” asking why the cast continues to be on a show called ‘Teen Mom’ despite none of them being teens anymore, she is “happy” to be doing something else. 

“A lot of people still think I’m 16 because they’re just now watching Netflix and they’re like, ‘Oh my god, you’re such a horrible mom,’ and I’m like, you guys this was 10 years ago, believe it or not,” she added. 

“But at least I have great taste in men. Oh… wait…”

When asked if she planned to invite any of her former co-stars to join her on the Girl S**t podcast, Jenelle revealed she had “some ideas.” She also claimed to not have any bad blood with any of the moms and to be “keeping things civil” yet “not really talking to anybody.” (Which certainly hasn’t stopped her from talking about anybody.) 

Jenelle went on to reveal that she unfollowed Briana DeJesus because it was too painful to see her former co-star earning that easy paycheck filming for the show. 

“I used to follow Briana and she used to follow me on Instagram,” she said. “I unfollowed her recently because seeing her film with the crew makes me upset … no hard feelings on her.” 


Jenelle became emotional during the interview, explaining that the crew “were like family” to her and how painful it was to be replaced. (As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Jenelle’s spot on the show was filled by Jade Cline, who previously appeared on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

“It’s just hard to be a part of something when people replace you and you were the original one that helped start the show and it’s hard to let go of something that you put so much work into,” she said. 

“Work? JUH-NELLE?!”

Jenelle said she feels it’s important for her to continuing telling her story on YouTube because she’s no longer able to do so on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

“I feel like I need to catch people up and show them the true me and that I wasn’t completely a horrible person when we stopped filming,” she said. 

You can watch Jenelle’s full interview below: 

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(Photos: Us Weekly/YouTube; MTV)

15 Responses

  1. And all because you didn’t want to leave that abusive redneck.
    You thought you were so important that they would never fire you.
    well .. you where wrong.
    Bye now!

    1. She didn’t even have to leave him. She just needed to have him not present while she was filming. But she was a huge pain in the ass, constantly canceling filming and refusing to respond when production contacted her, and coating the show runners big bucks by having an entire team idle in Carolina for days at a time just waiting doe Jenelle’s whims.

  2. I wonder if she feels any resentment towards David – as essentially he is the reason she was fired. Or is she just that delusional – she must be to still be with him after all the shit he’s put her through.

  3. Too grown up, lol. That’s like when we were playing a game as kids and the one that was throwing a fit about losing yelled, THIS GAME IS FOR BABIES, ANYWAY!!

  4. Ohhh Myyyyyy GOD I can’t believe I watched that clip, that’s just embarrassing ??? You will never catch me crying for a “job” 2 or 3 years later ????‍♀️ This girl really was stunted in development with that MTV money. She has no real goals. That’s just really sad but also she did it to herself. So I don’t feel bad, just second hand embarrassed. She needs to grow up.

  5. OMG Seriously Jenelle.. all she does is say how she wants to “move on” from Teen Mom and yet here she is crying about it and complaining at every opportunity. I think she’s trying to convince herself she’s over it, because she’s not fooling anyone else!

  6. Jenelle, you ARE a completely horrible person. You had it made with the show and you blew it. You will never recapture that moment in time with that little bit of fame that you had. You will never replace that paycheck and no one gives a crap about you. The only reason people pay attention to you is to see what a shit show your life is. No one has any interest in how you’ve “grown” because you haven’t. So please. Stop trying to be relevant, take care of your children, get a job, make Lurch get a job, live your life. Because while you’re sOoOo busy trying to think up ways to get famous, your kids are growing up and you’re setting a horrendous example for them.

  7. Jun-nail, yes you were a horrible person & you still are a horrible person
    AND you are married to a horrible person
    that video clip OMG

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