Jenelle Evans Says She Can’t Trust Her Mom Barbara Because Barb Talked to the Media Behind Her Back; Confirms Son Jace Is Moving to The Land Due to Bad Behavior

“Well Juh-nelle, I see ya mad at me!”

The never-ending mother/daughter battle between Jenelle and Barbara Evans rages on! 

After The Ashley broke the news that Jenelle’s 11-year-old son Jace was moving in with Jenelle on The Land full-time— due to Barb being unable to handle his behavior—Babs did some damage control, talking to TMZ on Sunday and denying that Jace is living with Jenelle full-time. Barbara claimed that Jace is only visiting Jenelle for days at a time to give him a change of scenery to do his online schooling.

This is not true, and The Ashley continues to stand by her story. (In fact, from what The Ashley hears, Jace will soon being attending the same in-person school that Jenelle’s stepdaughter, Maryssa, does.) Jace is living on The Land now, and Barb and Jenelle will soon sign papers to make it legal. 

On Sunday, Jenelle actually confirmed that The Ashley’s story is the truth, despite what Barbara told TMZ earlier. (Jenelle agreeing with The Ashley happens about as often as Amber Portwood getting off the couch— almost never!)

Anyway, in a vlog posted to her YouTube channel, Jenelle gave her own explanation of what was going on with the custody of Jace, confirming what The Ashley reported about the move being due to Jace’s behavior issues. 

“His behavior wasn’t the best at my mom’s house,” Jenelle said. “So we gave him many many many chances and told him he better behave. My mom just got fed up, she called me and said ‘yup that’s it, he’s misbehaving again, I don’t know how he’s gonna do his school work and pass if he keeps it up.’ Jace does half online school, half not.”

She went into more detail later on in the video. 

“Now my mom calls me to tell me she told TMZ, ‘No, no, no, Jenelle doesn’t have full custody,'” Jenelle said. “First of all, we have custody. We have split custody…me and my mom have split custody until we go to court and change the paperwork. But right now, Jace is living full-time with me. 

“And this is because of his behavior; my mom can’t handle it anymore,” Jenelle continued. “She didn’t want to tell TMZ the truth, and I understand that. I’m just saying very bluntly, we’re not going to go into details, but, yes, Jace knows that I’m posting this and we discussed it. And he said, ‘That’s fine if you tell people that just, please, don’t go into detail.’ And I respect that.”

Jenelle seems to be upset that Babs went behind her back (with the help of Jenelle’s old manager) and submitted the story to TMZ. (As The Ashley stated in her last update, the Evans women are not currently getting along, due to this.) 

“So I called them up and said, I says, ‘Ya know we have a problem tellin’ tha truth!”

“Also, just wanted to point out, did my mom ask me if it’s OK if she spoke to TMZ? No,” Jenelle said. “Did she give me a heads up that TMZ was calling her and she was going to possibly speak to them? No. I’m very upset about this. I feel like it puts a big dent in our relationship. My trust just went down significantly for my mom.”

“Well Juh-nelle I see our relationship ‘dented!'”

Jenelle says that she may tell Babs, “Leave me aloooooone!”

“I may give her the cold shoulder for a little bit,” she said. “That’s not my fault. Just putting my wall back up.”

You can watch Jenelle’s vlog below.  (Skip to the 15-minute mark or so to hear her talk about Jace.)

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  1. When Jace was smaller, Barb was clearly frightened to leave him alone with his mom, but she should be even more worried about Lurch. She also should be worried about her other grandchildren–because in addition to Lurch, if Jenelle’s oldest is growing up to become her mini-me, they’ve acquired a new threat profile. Wow, is Barb a world-class terrible parent, or is there some sort of “sociopathy gene?” Or maybe it’s just a really unfortunate combination of Nature and Nurture. 🙁

  2. Quite entertaining how JE seems to think that everything regarding the internet has to be proved by her…
    Like those horrible people that took down their podcast with her “without asking permission”😹🤣
    She said Barb gave her a heads up re TMZ but then didnt…
    JE is used to MTV tiptoeing around her and that is no longer her life…only because of her own choices!
    Barb can talk to whoever she wants to!

    But how about JE spilling everything but the minor details about Jace then the last sentence being that Jace doesn’t want her to “tell everything”, which she just did!
    JE has ZERO common sense and even less social awareness…
    She needs to recognize that she is not in charge of everyone else!

    I also hesitate to trust her as a “source”. We know she says what she wants people to hear not even close to facts or anything that makes a hint of sense…
    Its a precarious situation…

  3. Sounds about even, this family is so toxic. Jenelle and David are likely manipulating Jace and also speaking very ill of Barbara. He’s just a kid so he doesn’t realize he is being groomed. Also there are plenty of other kids for Jace to be around on The Land and likely left to their own devices.

    Whereas Barbara is probably overbearing and controlling, having to know what he is doing all the time. Since Jenelle and David don’t show Barbara any respect, I am sure Jace emulates that behavior, that Barbara is old and lame, doesn’t know what she is talkng about nor deserves respect. It’s ‘Jenelle #2:This time it’s a Boy’ all over again because Barbara’s parenting style hasn’t changed.

    1. Jenelle Evans is one ungrateful human being with no respect for her self or her Mom or child. No wonder why Jase is having behavioral problems with a mom like Jenelle who wouldn’t have issues?

  4. Based on the Ashley’s updates, it seems like Babs is trying to save face about the ordeal. I wonder if it’s for court related issues that might come up (guardianship hasn’t been signed over…etc). Why go to the press at all though? Why not just say it’s a private family matter if asked by the press. I honestly can’t blame Jenelle for being upset.

    1. Of course Babs is gonna try and save face. You think she wants people to think she can’t handle an 11 year old, and has no other option but to give him back to Jenelle? If she can’t handle him now before he’s hit puberty, just wait til he hits his growth spurt. Too bad she isn’t with Mike anymore, he seemed the type that would’ve had no qualms about disciplining Jace. At the time, it seemed he and Babs had been together a long time, Jenelle really opened up to him on one of the earlier episodes about her missing Keiffer (and she wasn’t screaming at him.) Jace and Jenelle both probably saw him as a father figure, Jace especially, he was the only man in the house when Jace was a baby/younger. Wonder what happened to Mike.

      1. has exclusively learned when Barbara ended things with her longtime fine Mike, she decided to play a little game of revenge.

        “The reason I broke up with him is because he cheated on me three times,” Barbara told Radar. “I thought he was one in a million. He was good to my kids. They considered him their stepfather.”

        But after Barbara found out about the cheating the first time, she kept Mike around to only help pay the bills.

        “I couldn’t get rid of him because I couldn’t pay my $800 mortgage on Walmart pay,” she said.

        Then Barbara caught him cheating again.

        “The day we came home with Jace from the hospital, Jenelle went on the phone and found all the numbers he had been calling,” she said. “We called, a girl answered. She said she didn’t know a Mike. Jenelle said, ‘You are liar — he is my stepfather.’”

  5. Poor Jace. He has huge attachment issues, amplified if he watches the show from the start and sees how he was rejected in favour of partying. I don’t thinks Babs was the best fit as she clearly struggled, although I do think she tried so hard.
    He now has been rejected again by the person who has raised him, to go and live with the person who didn’t want him? He has soon his “mum” have two more kids, keep them, AND raise someone else’s children. That’s not even going into the whole background of mental health concerns with Janelle, Jaces additional needs, or the fact she’s married to a man who’s not the best role model. I can see things ending badly, but I truly hope I’m wrong. I think they all need support in dealing with their issues, so they can support each other, rather than being at each other’s throats constantly.

  6. Poor Jace must really be going through some issues that’s leaving Barb no choice but to let Jenelle try and parent him. If he’s violent, and I don’t doubt that he is, seeing his mother and grandmother fight like they did, (and that’s just what they’ve shown on TV, I don’t doubt he’s witnessed physical violence between jenelle & Babs, jenelle & David, and jenelle & Nathan) a child repeats what they know, and react in situations how they’ve seen others react in situations. There’s mental illness abound in that family, jenelle was diagnosed bipolar when mtv sent her to ‘treatment’ for marijuana addiction in season 2, (just watched on Netflix) her sister Ashley has some condition that causes her to pull her hair out, and who knows what else, her brother Colin lit something on fire in his bedroom and burned out part of the house when they lived in Scranton. Abd has lived/lives in group homes. So Babs is 3/3 on raising kids with mental illnesses. I know poor parenting doesn’t cause mental illness, but it seems Babs never got them the support and medication/therapy they needed to deal with their diagnoses. And the cycle continues. You think Jenelle will take Jace to therapy? Not when she thinks he’ll expose what’s going on in that house of horrors. And the cycle continues….

    1. I think Jace went to counselling back when she was still part of the show. I’m site there was an episode where Janelle went with him as the counsellors request?

    1. Amber’s obstacles are that she somehow managed to procreate with stable men who have proven multiple times to be more fit parents than Amber. Jenelle’s poor kids have fathers/grandmothers that could give 2 shits, or only do when there’s a paid article involved (Nathan)

  7. Where is CPS in all this?!

    What the hell is Jace doing with Jenelle and David of all people just because Babs has issues homeschooling Jace in this pandemic?
    Why does nobody help Babs instead of sending Jace over to Jenelle as a punishment?
    He will be emotionally and physically abused when he doesn’t do as told right away.

    Is Babs not interested in Jace anymore, did Jenelle convince Babs she isn’t a fit parent for Jace anymore?
    Can Babs just sign Jace over to Jenelle?

  8. Jace needs an advocate to step in and protect his right to privacy. A judge needs to slap an order on whoever barring them from posting details about Jace and/or his issues.

  9. Does anyone know if Barbara still had her other grandson living with her?
    I can’t remember his name

    1. Gabriel is Jenelle’s sister son.
      I was wondering the same, what about the cousin? Barb is almost 70 years old, and she shouldn’t raise any kid. Is she really a better mom than her daughters? I’m not sure.

  10. That poor child (and all the others) stand little chance of having the normal/healthy childhood every child deserves. Jace has especially had it hard with his mother’s abandonment, his grandmother consistently berating Jenelle in front of him and telling him how awful his mother is, allllll the “soul mates” that Jenelle has chosen over him. And for the last few years has been old enough to see and understand that his mother has even chosen his other siblings over him. The last thing this child needs is to move to the land. If Babs didn’t intend to raise this child to 18 when she took custody, they should have adopted him to a family that would have. So heartbreaking.

  11. Am I the only one thinking that the missing teen mom checks might have something to do with this? Fuck babs … and fuck Jenelle

    Wonder what nice family Jace would have had if she did the right thing back then and put him up for adoption ..

    That child is already broken, my heart aches at what he is going to see on the land ..

  12. Jenelle’s podcast is just a continuation of Teen Mom 2.

    Same old story line……Jace, custody, fighting, court hearings, etc. Nothing else.

  13. It’s so funny how going to live with his actual mother is considered PUNISHMENT. Ha…like does she not get that? Shes so happy to brag about custody that shes making herself look like an idiot again. I do have to say I fear for Jace. The two swamp lords have NEVER cared about him and I can only imagine how david will treat him.

  14. Ok so if Barbara can’t raise him isn’t there a crazy cousin somewhere or a nice neighbor that could because the land is a horrible horrible place. Just check with the 911 calls

  15. Yeah i can hear Jace saying “just PLEASE dont go into detail”

    Sorry Ashley i know you only post facts but using Jenelle as a source doesnt make it factual, it just makes it her version of the events

  16. Can Barb just give custody to Jenelle or does it have to be ordered by a judge? Based on what we know from the custody case, I doubt a judge would just allow them to switch up the custody arrangement without the court taking a look at what’s going on, why Babs wants to reliquish custody, etc. Custody decisions are all made in what the court determines what is in the best interest of the child, I can’t imagine Babs and Jenelle can just change it willy nilly.

    1. I am not sure if there is variance between states, but in Illinois, once guardianship paperwork has been signed by a judge, it would have to go before a judge again in order for the guardianship arrangement to be changed. While the judge could take the relevant parties’ opinions into account, it is really about what is in the best interest of the child. In Jace’s case, it seems likely that a guardian ad litem would be appointed

    2. Yes, it has to legally be changed by the courts. Until then, Barbara has legal custody of Jace.

      In other words, Barbara makes all the decisions and Janelle can’t stop her….legally.

  17. Jenelle has such limited intelligence and insight that she 100% believes that Jace’s behavioral issues are all Barbara’s fault b/c he lives with Babs, she’s said as much before when she’s told Babs that Jace behaves well when he’s at her house. Jenelle is so dumb that she can’t make the connection that Jace’s issues are a product of her abandoning him as an infant and showing no interest in him until she 1) got with Nathan and Nathan pushed her to go for custody, once that relationship blew up she forgot about Jace until 2) she got with Lurch and decided she wanted to play family picnic.

    Of course Jace behaved better at Jenelle’s, there are no rules there, it was weekends so no getting up early, homework, structure, etc., and kids always behave better when they are being babysat. I hope for Jace that he gets his shit together but in all likelihood it’s only a matter of time until he starts acting out at Jenelle’s just like he was doing at Babs.

    What they should do is send him to a therapeutic boarding school. He needs to be away from those toxic bitches and racist ass UBT. Send him somewhere where he’ll have structure and professionals who can actually help him with his behavioral issues and trauma. They supposedly have educational trusts for these MTV babies so put that money to good use.

  18. Also to add I’m aware in normal circumstances no one’s sitting with their child 6 plus hours. Straight or otherwise. I’m meaning more of the fact that she’s fully available to help the children but would rather be 15 and film tiktoks which are cringey as F. I’m sure whether he’s being taught a lesson Jace isn’t actually mentally present. She just feels better someone else is taking charge. I just hate this girl so much over the 10 odd years she’s a mental case and married the head superintendent of mental cases. We give our parents benefit of the doubt when our kids can’t sign on. She’s just a a hopeless human specimen and I pray for Jace

  19. So the step monster male will be able to “discipline” Jace 7days a week instead of just every other weekend. Its a tragedy those kids have no one to save them.

  20. As an EA working online and assigning asynchronous learning is something that’s necessary due to varying factors. Also children sitting at a screen for hours on end isn’t good for them, let alone many cannot. I can’t imagine Jace is able to with ADHD or the diagnosis he does have(sorry I forget). So her complaint is basically she has to do work with her own kids .. Kaiser has someone teaching all day and she loves it to do her makeup and tic toks but Jace having to do asynchronous learning with HER help is annoying. Bish you have nothinggg to do all day literally. Your house is a mess so what do you do you can’t help those children for 6 hours. Proves she dumped them at school to be able to have a free life. It’s hard for anyone with children to work from home and manage their learning. This wench is home and free of responsibility. I could smack her

  21. So Jenelle can lie to the media about having custody when she doesn’t. But when Babs is technically correct that Jenelle doesn’t have legal custody Jenelle thinks she has the moral high ground.

  22. I feel bad that Jace’s behavior issues (albeit not the details of exactly what he’s doing) is being shared all over the internet. He’s old enough that classmates are going to be seeing this and knowing what his mom and Grandma are saying about him. That’s got to be very embarrassing for him. And it’s also a public way for him to hear and remember that he keeps getting shipped back and forth because he’s unwanted. He will need extensive therapy if he’s not already in it.

  23. Did Jenelle have any respect for Jace when she announced to the whole world he was coming to the land? No.

    While watching tm2 reruns, I’d totally forgotten about Andrew. This kid has really been dealt a difficult hand. Barb has to be in her 70’s and as out of control as she can get- she was always there for Jenelle. She’s totally nuts, but Jenelle is and has been an adult for a while now. She is still a pathological liar, so I’m not sure how the Ashley knows it’s gospel 🤔. What good could any time around that “man” be for Jace?!

    1. I don’t think it’s so much that The Ashley believes Juhnelle, it’s that Juhnelle is confirming the information The Ashley got from her source.

      Which this information doesn’t look too hot for Barb OR Juhnelle, but Juhnelle is so dumb she doesn’t realize that all this is saying is she is the person you dump a wild child on instead of “giving a kid back to his mother”.

  24. Jenelle and Barbara are only speaking out to save their public image. Neither one has Jace best interest at heart. Who in their right mind would allow Jace back at the land? Was this Jace’s punishment to return to the land? Jenelle only cares Jace is back to help her image. My heart breaks for Jace and all the children on the land

  25. “My feelings for you have actually dropped ” thats all i could think when reading this 😂🤣😂

    1. Didn’t Jace’s therapist say that it would be detrimental to his well-being for him to live with Jenelle? Hmmm 🤔

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