Mackenzie McKee Reveals Supernanny Jo Frost Offered to Come Help Tame Her Kids; Insists They Aren’t As Bad As They Seem on ‘Teen Mom OG’

“We don’t need Supernanny, right? Just stop gnawing on the mailman’s leg and we’ll be good!”

Mackenzie McKee is insisting that– despite all of the garage-pooping, yelling and wildness her three kids have displayed this season on Teen Mom OG— her children are not as bad as MTV makes them out to be.

The ‘Teen Mom OG’ star— who is the mother of sons Gannon and Broncs and daughter Jaxie— also revealed that fans were so concerned about her kids’ behavior that they recently called in an expert: TV’s Supernanny (aka Jo Frost!) 

“My storyline this season is that my kids are bad, like, really bad,” Mackenzie told fans over the weekend on Instagram Live. “I have no control over them. It’s just talked about a lot on this season, and a lot of people are worried. But, I promise it’s not as bad as it looks. It’s just been a rough year.”

Mackenzie insisted that her youngest son, Broncs is “just like” her, so she gives him “a lot of grace” and tries to help him channel his high energy into things other than hitting classmates or biting teachers.

Broncs in a nutshell…

In her video, Mack also revealed that she received an unexpected message from someone after Tuesday’s episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ aired.

“Someone reached out to me and she’s like, ‘Hey, you have some concerned fans who told me to reach out to you. How can I help you? I want to come to your house and help you,” Mackenzie told her fans.

The ‘Teen Mom OG’ star said, at first, she wasn’t sure who the person making the offer was but she soon realized it was reality TV’s most-famous child-rearing expert: Supernanny!

“She’s like, ‘Oh, I’m Jo Frost, Supernanny!” Mackenzie revealed. 

Mack knew who ‘Supernanny’ was— but only because her own mother would threaten to call Jo when Mackenzie was acting out as a child.

“We’re FINE! Everything’s fine!”

“I was a lot,” Mack said of her childhood behavior. I don’t know how my mom survived but she did, she raised me. She would say, ‘Don’t make me call Jo Frost! Don’t make me call Supernanny! I will call her!’

Mackenzie said she couldn’t believe that ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans actually called Supernanny to try to get Mack’s kids to be better behaved. From the sound of it, though, Mack doesn’t believe that she needs any help from Supernanny to get her kids to be better behaved.

“I thought it was a joke. I thought I was being Punk’d!” she said. “But it was real. I got a call because you guys are concerned about my son.”

Mackenzie continued to laugh, but did not reveal if she took Supernanny up on her offer to come tame her wild pack. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. Of course she’s in over her head, the one who mostly took care of her kids passed away from cancer. Do you REALLY think she’d have taken off to Florida if her mom had still been alive? I think not.

  2. Her kids need discipline desperately! I think Jo would have been able to make some really positive changes in that disaster of a family. MacKenzie is a horrible parent & Josh isn’t much more than a bump on a log; he’s worthless.

    I think Jo’s brand-style of parenting/discipline/structure is what that family needs, so of course Mac turned it down. I can see her bailing those kids out of jail in less than 10 years with her still wringing her hands & crying & saying she doesn’t understand what to do.

  3. Aren’t these the same kids who killed a ferret in a pet store? That was well before their “really rough year.” It sounds like they’re having a really rough childhood. There is no shame in asking for help. It doesn’t have to be Supernanny, but Mackenzie clearly needs a parenting class. Her kids need to actually be parented.

      1. A couple of years ago she posted about how her sons both pulled on the ferret, flighting over it and that it died (and was like “sorry, it’s not worth $200”). When she got blasted (because, obviously!), she backtracked and said that one kid tried to grab it and she “gently” put it back. It’s definitely possible she lied about it, but her kids are out of control, so who knows.

  4. Mackenzie has been one of the most immature mothers MTV produced. She was so young raising these kids and determined to act grown and she has not got a clue.
    Take the help Mack. No one will judge you harshly for it. Who knows-it might even help!

  5. I don’t think it would help, because she wouldn’t follow through and Josh is useless.

    And she was pretend how she act is how she always acts, and scream that josh is better when the cameras are on.

  6. She definitely needs the help!! The MAIN AND HUGE PROBLEM IS that Mackenzie doesn’t know HOW TO DISCIPLINE AND SUGARCOATS ALL OF HER CHILDREN that IS why they are acting out!!! Josh doesn’t DO CRAP!!! All he does is cross his arms and murmurs the whole time!!!

  7. She definitely needs the help!! The MAIN AND HUGE PROBLEM IS that Mackenzie doesn’t know HOW TO DISCIPLINE AND SUGARCOATS ALL OF CHILDREN that IS why they are acting out!!! Josh doesn’t DO CRAP!!! All he does is cross his arms and murmurs the whole time!!!

  8. Girl.

    Take the help.

    She can teach you coping mechanisms and help you learn to speak in a positive language that your children will respond to.

    You need the help. Desperately.

    Your children aren’t getting the “Ryan Edwards bad edit™”, this is how they act.

  9. I’ve heard about those kids shenanigans but inserting yourself in the way some celebrity raises her kids is ridiculous and disrespectful af. Mind your own kids and let her handle hers as she sees fit. If she wants to hire some rearing expert she has the means to do it. Back off

    1. She is the one airing her dirty Laundry for all to see. She is the one talking about her disfunctional family to make a buck. If she doesn’t want criticism, she should get off tv and parent her children. Why put it out there that her kid hits, bites, and slaps his teachers butt, all while calling her a dirty butt crack ho?. She is putting money before her kids wellbeing. They will have to live with what she blasts on the air, including her son crapping in her bosses garage.

    2. She’s only a “celebrity” because she’s a mom, though. I think it’s different when someone is on a train wreck reality show. Look at Mama June, the Gosselins, the Duggars, etc. THey should not be beyond reproach.

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