Maci Bookout & Cheyenne Floyd Feud with Mackenzie McKee After Mackenzie Is Left Out of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Promos & Claims Cheyenne “Hates” Her: Full Recap of Events


Battle of the OGs!

The girls of Teen Mom OG are finally doing something interesting! After seasons of being mind-numbingly boring (unless, of course, you enjoy watching Maci Bookout clean her garage), the ‘OG’ gals have finally done something worth watching. Unfortunately for MTV, though, the drama took place off-camera on Friday and Saturday.

Since then, though, much of the evidence has been deleted, leaving fans who are eager to sip the tea confused, so The Ashley is here to break down what happened in the most easy to understand way possible!

Let’s begin, shall we?


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While together in Los Angeles for the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion, Maci, Amber PortwoodCatelynn Lowell and Cheyenne Floyd all laughed, posed, fed each other grapes (um?) and smiled for group photos on Friday, taking to social media to exclaim how much they loved each other…

Well, most of them anyway…

Mackenzie McKee was nowhere to be seen in the group photos posted to social media on Friday, causing fans to wonder why she wasn’t part of the group. Mackenzie answered the question in a series of tweets, as well as in a (now-deleted) comment on Maci’s Instagram account, claiming she was left out of the grape-feeding shenanigans because Cheyenne hates her. She later took to Instagram Live to deliver a long explanation for Chey’s hate of her.

That did not go over well with Cheyenne or Maci (who decided to throw her two Bud-Light-soaked cents into the conversation for some reason).

Here’s a breakdown of the events so far:

Mackenzie explained why she thinks Cheyenne hates her: 

“or something…”

Mackenzie revealed that, due to the conflict she previously had with Cheyenne, she messaged her before the Reunion and apologized again. She stated Chey did not respond. (In case you’re wondering, Mack and Cheyenne’s issues began earlier this year when Mackenzie referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as a “colored woman” on Facebook. She later apologized, stating that she meant to write “woman of color” and was not aware the phrases meant different things. Cheyenne was upset, and Mackenzie called her to apologize. It was later addressed on another Reunion. You should probably read this if you need catch up on what happened.) 

After the ‘OG’ girls posted their love for each other all over social media on Friday, fans began to call them “mean girls” for purposely leaving Mack out. One fans asked Maci on her post where Mackenzie was and Mack wrote, “Chey hates me so I did it solo. They are editing me in.”

She then hit Twitter, writing, “Being left out because one girl hates me. Cool.” 

“I hate how easily my feelings get hurt,” she added.

Mack then went on Instagram Live, where she explained her side of events, claiming Cheyenne laughed at her when she tried to apologize and tell her she loves her. 

“I’m just going to tell my side of the story as graceful as possible. Here it goes, the Reunion just happened in LA…many of you know that I made a mistake [mixing up ‘colored woman’ and ‘woman of color’] that I said sorry about and was unaware about. Many of you know about the humiliating mistake I made that I was extremely sorry about.

“I wish more than anything I wouldn’t have brought one of the girls, Cheyenne, into it because it wasn’t her mistake and she shouldn’t have had to carry that burden on your shoulders of being brought into it.

“I just wanted to have a good conversation with her, and we did have a really good conversation and for some reason, it turned south. I’m just not used to this. I don’t have a problem with any of them…I don’t know how it turned into this.”

Mack said that when she was talking to Chey on the phone about her word mix-up mistake, Mack ended the convo, telling Chey she loved her. She did not get a good response.

“I was like, ‘I’ve told you I love you like six times, you haven’t said anything back. And she laughed. That hurt. I let things hurt me. It’s hurt me a lot that she laughed. I said ‘I love you and let me be here for you’ and she laughed.” 

This happened months ago, but Mack said she knew she’d be seeing Cheyenne at the Reunion, so she messaged her again to apologize.

“I said, ‘I’ve been really selfish thinking about how bad you laughing when I said I loved you hurt me,'” Mack said. “I don’t want to think about my feelings, I want to think about your feelings. I’m sorry and I hope you can forgive me.'”

“She read it and she unfollowed me on Twitter,” Mackenzie added. “I guess I have never experienced something like this, so I don’t understand it.”

Mackenzie claimed MTV lied to her to keep her away from Cheyenne and the other girls.

“I should have known when they told me to be ‘fun and eat popcorn on the couch’ that something was up…”

Mackenzie told her followers that she did not realize she was the only one of the ‘OG’ girls who was filming solo.

“MTV texted me and was like, ‘Hey, we are doing things a little different. You’re actually not going to come on set. So basically they were telling me ‘We’re just going to do you solo’ and when I showed up, everyone was gone. They were like, ‘Yeah, all the girls filmed all day, we’re doing it different.’ 

“I kind of thought, maybe it’s because of COVID, but I just went with it,” Mack told her followers on Instagram Live.  

Mackenzie claimed MTV made her do a solo photoshoot on the couch (the same couch the other four girls would later be taking pictures sitting on while feeding each other). They told Mack that everyone would be edited to look like they were sitting together.

“It was just really weird. I asked them if me saying sorry [to Chey] bothered her so much, she demanded I was not in these photos?’ And they just wouldn’t answer,” she said. “I was told by MTV, ‘this has nothing to do with that and that they did not do anything with the girls together. I’m not being singled out, it’s just being done different.'”

Mack said that when she got off the plane, returning from the Reunion, she saw the photos of the girls giggling together on the couch.

“It was like, you might as well have slapped me in the face, when I got 100 messages from people screenshotting of Cheyenne not only posting a photo of all four girls and her saying ‘My favorites.’..

“I hate that I’m a wreck over this and I’m sad and it really hurts me. I was not only lied to but because I said sorry this had to happen?

“All the girls are posting the photos and the videos that I was lied to about,” she added.

Next, Maci gets involved and blasts Mackenzie on Instagram.

“Feeling tough. Might delete my post about how dumb it is to delete stuff…”

Maci took a break from cleaning her garage and complaining about Ryan to jump into the Chey/Mack mess. She posted a screenshot of Mack’s comment about Cheyenne hating her (which Mackenzie had already deleted by then) and wrote a paragraph on Instagram about it.

Maci scolded Mackenzie for deleting her comment…then proceeded to delete her entire post about how dumb it is to delete stuff.

“Make it make sense!”

“With all due respect [Mackenzie], there is no editing on my Instagram page and if we’re going to call things out then we can start now,” Maci wrote. “As far as I am concerned, you’re far too worried about how you’re portrayed to people than you are on how you treat people. If you prefer, we can continue this conversation elsewhere. If not, I won’t take offense to you unfollowing me. Next time you want to say something that starts a conversation, please don’t delete it.” 

Next, Cheyenne jumps in to tell her side of things…

“Oh hell no!”

Naturally, Cheyenne then had to respond to what was being said about her. In a series of Instagram Stories, she revealed what really happened behind the scenes of her phone call with Mack, and what happened afterward.

(Since Cheyenne’s response is very long, The Ashley is going to post the whole thing here so you can read it.)

In it, Chey claims that Mack told her that her husband Josh McKee said he was surprised Cheyenne wasn’t acting like “one of the angry Black woman” about the whole mix-up. She also claimed that it made her uncomfortable that Mackenzie kept telling her she loved her.

Cheyenne told Mackenzie that she has an “odd fixation” on her and that she needs to stop bullying her. She also responded to Mack’s claims that Cheyenne told the show’s producers to leave Mackenzie out of the filming, something she denied she had the power to even do.


Mackenzie then responded to Cheyenne’s response, claiming Josh never said she was an “angry Black woman” and that she still feels apologizing was the right thing to do.

Mackenzie deleted her Instagram account, but not before she wrote a final message to Cheyenne.

“I wish Chey and I could privately have a conversation but she refuses to do so,” Mack wrote. “If what she just posted is how she has seen things, I can see why she is so upset. I truly can. 

“First my exact words about my husband was ‘My spouse says I have a lot of people upset and to not make phone calls, but I feel the need to say sorry.’ Josh NEVER called her an angry Black woman and no such words would ever come out of his mouth.

“And last, no one ever had to coach me. I begged them to stop time and time again. I begged them to let me simply apologize authentically from my heart. None of that was my doing. And when I brought her name into it, it was ONLY TO THANK HER! I honestly hate all of this. I wish we could have used this to come together in the end.

“MTV is who decided to have me apart [from] the girls, not the girls themselfs.  Secondly, I was not putting my foot in my mouth. I felt it was a good conversation. I was very thankful for and I did say ‘I hate how badly I have hurt people. I need to do better, and I now see how ignorant I am.'”

“I would like to go on record to make note that I did not contribute at ALL to this Instagram feud! Progress, guys!”

The Ashley will continue to update as things happen…


  1. Let me get this straight. So Chey is mad because of something mack said that was racially insensitive? We all know Mack isn’t very smart. I know it sounds mean, but it’s truth. Also wasn’t Chey the one posting about kicking white babies? Mtv just swept all of Cheys racist comments under the rug. I can’t stand her voice. I stopped watching long ago and I’m glad. Every single one of them is a bitch. Yeah i said it.

  2. So let me get this straight, Cheyenne gets dragged into Mackenzie’s drama and people expect her to just go along with it. What world do people live in. Cheyenne owes Mackenzie nothing regarding this situation. It is not Cheyenne’s responsibility to absolve Mackenzie of her “guilt and stupidity”. She is not obligated to “teach” Mackenzie anything. If Mackenzie was serious about educating herself, she would have done the work and not need to rely on a co-worker. What young person in this day and age says colored. I love how Mackenzie is the one that caused all the drama but as usual people are falling for the dumb and blond act.

    1. Your ignorance is literally PAINFUL 😂😂😂. Get this straight, chey is 10x the racist Mack could ever be. Mack admitted when she was wrong and apologized publicly for her misinterpreted comment. Chey literally posted about her desire to kill little white kids before she was put on a show about the struggles of being a young mom. She was 24, wealthy family and never had to struggle for anything other than her desire for Corey to want to be with her. Mtv poorly responded to this situation because it’s a sensitive topic in the world. Anyone else would’ve never been considered to be on the show if they did what Chey did. Girls night in, you get a good look at how she and her family think of themselves as higher and better than everyone expect for “Ashley because she’s pretty”. And she didn’t need to listen to Cheyenne’s “teaching” but she did and apologized when she had no reason to because colored was not a derogatory comment on her end. Go back and fourth calling each other the N word every other sentence but she said colored and was literally mean girl’s for it because the world is so worried that they’d stick up for a “racist” meanwhile the other cast members past and present have done so much worse. She’s a kind and loving person and her only wrong here was thinking that she needed to give a second or her time for someone interpreting her comment in the wrong way. Her life was much more difficult and she has come out way above it all as a wholesome and successful woman and mother. Her only wrong is taking this personally and letting it hurt her feelings because mtv has done her dirty several times and people that see something t that’s not there shouldn’t never be able to affect her feelings w self esteem. The show is literally toast now anyway and it probably a good growing pain for her to focus on the future and continuing to make life better and more successful.

  3. I mean McKee is dumb as shit. And annoying. But this is some petty mean girl shit.
    There’s plenty of people I don’t like at work. Doesn’t mean we have meetings without them. Wow.

  4. OH PLEASE FFS…. Isn’t Cheyenne the one who wished DEATH on white babies. Give it a rest. I cannot stand Cheyenne and sick of how what she said was swept under the rug while Mack is ridiculed for a mistake and made an ignorant comment but SHE DID apologize.

  5. This is just plain stupid .. These grown ass women behave like they’re still High school …

    I do think that the “I love you”-thing is strange .. You end every argument/spat with telling you love them? Thats your co-worker, telling them you love them is strange, and you expecting them to say they love you is even stranger 😂

    Mack def not very bright .. and clearly Maci did’nt understand the issue ..

  6. They’re all a bunch of morons with an undeserving platform. I’m sure mtv had everything to do with creating this stupid drama to try and save this crappy show but MacKenzies too desperate and dumb to realize it. I would’ve put cheyennes racist ass on blast and would never apologize to her.

  7. I’ll keep this McKee because I really don’t know Chey.

    When I watched Mack on TM3 I felt bad for her. Her mother came across as super religious and controlling, and Mack isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. There’s this kind of unspoken belief in certain religions that even if you got pregnant out of wedlock, but if you marry and stay together – it was really love and *God* has blessed the union. Like teen pregnancy/out of wedlock can be “forgiven” if it was love. This is why I feel she hangs onto Josh and kept having kids with him.

    That’s just my initial observation of McKee. However since TM3 Mack has gone out of her way to cause drama and bring attention to herself. This is how it has always been with her, she practically BEGGED MTV for a spot on anything. The ratings are dropping and the network is desperate… and, well, McKee is an easy target

  8. Team McKenzie on this one. Cheyenne is a white baby hating hypocrite. She’s lost all credibility in race discussions. She has her own demons to deal with.

    1. I’m glad someone on here see this too because wtf. A 24 year old first time mom who has wealthy family and has never had to struggle or want a day in her life other than Corey not wanting her and she’s the epitome of snotty and racist when she has no business on the show to begin with.

  9. Maci talking out of her ass? Check! CheynotShy making up lies? CHECK!

    These ladies are awful and delusional themselves. #showmethereceipts

  10. It actually is super awkward that Mack told Cheyenne that she loves her SIX times and demanded reciprocation. These women don’t actually even know each other. They live in completely different places and only see eve other at work events every few months. How cringeworthy to expect Cheyenne to tell Mack that she loves her too. Mack should probably just stop.

    1. You’re right. That is very weird and pretty creepy to tell a co-worker you see maybe twice a year for 72 hours max, that you love them over and over, and then get upset and claim to be a victim because the co-worker doesn’t say “I love you” back. In all seriousness, with how sensitive everyone is in this day and age, that could turn into an HR issue if McKee doesn’t chill out. That sounds like a form of harassment in the workplace.

  11. I am glad that the has ran it’s course. Now it is adults behaving like teens. It seems as though the only think that raises interest is some sort of fighting, drama. Totally over Amber. The ongoing victim saga. She really need more help. I kind of wonder if she is slipping again. McKenzie needs to focus on her kids and family! Those kids are in need of structure, discipline. It was good that Chelsea left…smart girl! Just the same crap another day!

  12. Please please please cancel this show. These girls aren’t in high school anymore but behave like they are. Cancel culture needs to be cancelled along with this show.

  13. Cheyenne’s a drama queen Maci is a bit of a jerk telling her husband to get snipped if she doesn’t want any more kids let her get her tubes tied … Back to the situation Mack stop apologizing do you know how many racist crap came out of Cheyenne’s mouth and she never apologized for it it’s not a one-way Street so you said colored woman well that’s an old way to say it and it’s hard to keep up with what makes this group of people happy so ignore it and move on between Maci being boring Amber nuts again every year she’s nuts she should be grateful that Gary stood up with kristina took care of there daughter but all she does is complain and now wants to come out as a bisexual to give her a storyline they’re all crazy don’t let them cut You down step apologizing it’s stupid already all you said was colored woman Cheyenne said worse about white people Cheyenne is the one who’s a bully she has a big mouth

    1. Oh Gosh… there is so much stupid in this one little paragraph… Wow, this is MMckee level ignorant!

    2. I totally agree Cheyenne is the worst hateful bitter drama queen macy is a bitter drunk talking down about her son’s dad every episode .Mack let it go you apologized people hear what they want and you was raised a Christian so you love people thats what Christians do love lot of people dont know that so you look odd about saying you love people let it go and pray

  14. Aside from being black, what credentials does Cheyenne have to be the one to educate McKee about race issues? From my understanding her degree is in public relations, not race relations or education, so how’s this falling back on her, when McKee dragged her into this. McKee antagonized this ENTIRE THING, has dragged it out for months (this all happened what? About 6 months ago?) and is somehow the victim. Give me a break. She cries and whines and says she wants to be their friend, and be invited…but this ain’t the way to do it.

  15. Ummm Maci no one accused you of editing anything on your Instagram and it’s pretty hypocritical telling Mackenzie not to delete shit and then Maci does it herself. None of this involved Maci.

    Mackenzie is so effing annoying that begged for years to get on the show. She’s a terrible mom with feral kids and she has no clue how to parent them. She constantly says stupid stuff, I still remember her rant about Native Americans, and then she’s shocked when people are pissed. I’m so sick and tired of of her playing the victim all the time. No one wanted her on the show in the first place. She’s a total and complete idiot.

  16. They both fucking suck, but I can agree that it was weird for MacKenzie to keep saying that she loved Cheyenne 🤨.

    Don’t worry, ladies, you will both be standing in line for food stamps soon when the show is canceled. Maybe you will get along then 😂

  17. Mac should know better, but I seriously doubt that she does. Most people realize that “colored people” isn’t the same thing as saying “people of color”. However, she’s kind of dumb. I really think that this is a matter of ignorance, not hate. With that being said, no one is required to like her. I think that what really happened is that everyone is tired of her chaos and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  18. I used to have a lot of respect for Maci but I’ve lost pretty much all of it… from supporting an domestic abuser to exploiting her kid’s therapy and it kind of pissed me off to see her getting mad at Taylor for wanting to actually do something for himself for once (golfing) after everything he does for their family. I guess her excluding Mackenzie and then bullying her for being upset about it doesn’t surprise me.

  19. I actually believe that MTV played some shady shit with these chicks because we all know how conniving and reckless they will be with their cast members if it means higher ratings aka more 🤑~mOnEy~🤑 Let’s not forget that simple fact. They now count on social media to amplify everything they can to the fullest, because they know these attention starved women can’t stay away.

    But also, this group isn’t the brightest, so they all fall for it hook, line, and sinker. This show has become such a hilarious farce, half the time I have a hard time believing that these are actual people who spend their time and energy on shit like this and not their kids, who clearly didn’t sign up for this nonsense. Thankfully, because of The Ashley, I no longer watch, just read the hilarious recaps here, which is more than enough for me.

    1. I agree with you. Seems like MTV is behind all of this, and McKee, being as dumb as she is, fell for it, started the fight on Macis IG page, and the rest followed suit.

  20. Cheyenne is nothing but a race baiter and hater. Why doesn’t she go after the NAACP if she’s so offended by the term “colored” she should be all over them since they are the National Association of COLORED People. These chicks are such snowflakes and I am tired of their nonsense.

  21. So…basically Cheyanne needs her ass kissed now. By everyone. With kid gloves on. Ok. Walking on eggshells. Got it.

  22. The long and short is that there was NO reason to bring Cheyanne into this at all. MacKenzie drug her into it because she’s the only black cast member and when she didn’t play the role MacKenzie wanted her to (aka see I do have a black friend and she isn’t mad) Chey was then the villain in a situation that had nothing to do with her in the first place. Apologizing to one black person doesn’t abstain you from the previous ignorance you have spewed. She even contradicts herself by saying “I wasn’t coached” then it’s “well I asked them to quit the coaching” which is it? This girl is trying to cover her ass and in the age of the internet she has a wealth of resources at her fingertips that don’t involve making black women her teachers.

    She needs to leave this woman alone and focus on the overall well-being and education of her children.

    People do not have to accept your apology, especially if you haven’t shown any true change.

  23. Ummmm cheyanne posted stuff about hating white people and white babies and wanting to hurt white babies and mtv doesn’t care, this is all about being woke and it’s really messed up tbh

    1. @Someone
      I can’t agree with you more. Cheyenne makes the most disturbing contents about white people why isn’t she fired but let a white person say some shit about a black person they get canned asap

  24. Mack needs to stop apologizing and tell Cheyenne to sit on it and spin.

    Cheyenne’s only purpose is to stir up some racial shit, she’s an absolutely miserable person and fits right in with Amber and Catelynn and Maci.

    Mack needs to stop worrying about the other girls and really get control of her life.

  25. The level of hypocrisy… Cheyenne tweeted she wants to kill white babies which is horrible. Not only is it racist, but how can you even think about harming an innocent baby? Maci’s husband tweeted homophobic stuff but that’s cool with MTV. If i were Mack I would be happy that I don’t have to be part of a group that supports a crazy psycho who tried to kill her bf with a machete while he’s holding their baby. But on the other side, Mack’s pretty stupid too.

  26. Didn’t Cheyenne call her self a “Nazi lover” on twitter and say she wanted to kick and kill white babies? And then never apologized and simply lied that her account was used by a friend? Chey should be begging Mackenzie for forgiveness, because I sure wouldn’t want my kids around someone who joked about killing them.

  27. At TRD, people use the N word towards people like Cheyenne because she is a nasty racists, a worthless POS, and never gets called out for her lies. @ Cheyenne, just because you have a baby with someone doesn’t give you the right to try to run there life. She is so jealous of Taylor and her and Cory’s baby because she honestly thought Cory was going to get back with her even though he gave her so many hints he wanted nothing to do with her, yep, she is really that dumb. This shit show is beyond life support.

  28. Yet these girls support Amber, who went after her boyfriend and BABY with a fucking machete. They support her with all her manipulation and emotional abuse towards her daughter. You think any of those girls would be friends with someone like Amber if they weren’t co workers? Cate is the biggest hypocrite considering she hung out with Mackenzie in Florida.

  29. How about instead of worrying about Cheyenne, McKee worries about getting a handle on those kids she has. Those kids have got a lot of issues, and she needs to concentrate on those and not what the OG girls are doing.

    Didn’t that whole “colored” issue happen MONTHS ago?? And didn’t Cheyenne say she was over it, and hadn’t spoken on it since?? But once again, here comes McKee, beating a dead horse with a stick for drama and a storyline. McKee is CONSISTENTLY trying to play the victim and it is old. She needs to realize that not everybody is going to like you, and just because you apologize doesn’t mean that the person has to accept your apology. Can MTV get rid of her already? She’s useless and whines too much.

  30. Let’s not forget Chey hates white people. She also wants to kill white babies. That’s ok with MTV.

    1. Thank you! That actually DID happen!!! But we can’t cancel her, right?? Because that would be….pick your choice of words…SMH

    2. Cheyanne should have been fired
      She sucks, and has the personality of a piece of furniture
      🤢🤢🤮🤮. 🤠

  31. Looks like no matter what was said…

    Mack was willing to talk about it, AND apologize for anything that she was wrong about and misinformed about. Every time she came to the conversation, she came willing to talk and accept blame.

    Chey comes with attitude and a real mean girl attitude, instead of maybe realizing this might be a great teaching moment with someone who is OPEN to the lesson.

    Maci, might want to either mind her beezwax, or use her position as a peacemaker when she knows someone in her group is feeling very unwelcome and is going thru a really hard time.

    Seriously, what a bunch a fucking mean moms.

  32. Yeah I’m sorry but Mack not being able to learn quick enough is not a good reason to keep her apart from the other girls and create all this drama.

    MTV knew damn well there would be drama, this is just brushing up their image. They hired people to check cast members social media posts from the past and clean everything up to stop the complaints and possibly losing advertisers. Now they are supposedly protecting Chey from a cast member that has made racial slurs. MTV doesn’t give AF, never did, all they care about is profits.

    There’s a difference between being a racist and support institutional racism and being a bloody fool that mixes up words.

    Yes, I know Mack has said things about native Americans in the past. Chey has said she would like to kill white babies, talked about harming a white boy and that her mom knows she “has issues with white people”.
    So when we’re going to look back in Mack’s past and Taylors, who got fired, it’s only fair to look at Chey’s too.

  33. Perhaps McKenzie can focus more on raising those kids and being a decent parent rather than this crap.

    Those children are out of control and need help. This is hardly what she needs to worry about.

  34. Cheyenne should have been fired a long time ago for saying she wanted to kill all WHITE babies. It is because fof people like Cheyenne that people use the N word.

  35. Didnt Chey have several posts about hating white babies/white people in general, but backtracked saying ‘that doesn’t represent me’.

    Just sayin.

  36. yea i’m on cheyenne’s side with this 🤷🏻‍♀️ mackenzie did start this even if it was intentional and has always been really uneducated on a lot of stuff and even though i genuinely think she’s trying, she’s also just trying way too hard. and it doesn’t matter if cheyenne had racist tweets herself, doesn’t justify the fanbase or anyone telling her racist things

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