‘Teen Mom’ Mackenzie McKee Tells All! Says MTV Wouldn’t Let Her Apologize for Racist Word Mix-Up & Made Her “Train” For A Month To Do Apology to Fit Their Storyline

“It’s tea time, y’all!”

Mackenzie McKee didn’t just spill the Teen Mom tea on Saturday— she dumped out the whole damn tea kettle!

The Teen Mom OG star went live on Instagram to expose what she says the show’s producers and network have been doing to her for the last few months. In a now-deleted Instagram video, Mackenzie told the real story about her racism scandal a few months back— and the hell she’s been dealing with since. She also revealed that her Black co-star Cheyenne Floyd suddenly turned on her and has refused to speak to her.

Mackenzie accused the producers of using her as a pawn to talk about racism, as well as putting her through weeks of “training” for her apology, much of which she said turned into bullying. In the end, she says that all of the positive work she did was twisted to make her look like a racist on the next episode.

“MTV took everything good I said and took it out. I have a lot of anxiety about what it’s going to do to my name and business,” Mackenzie said, adding that she felt the producers wanted to have a conversation about racism and use her as the villain.

“[Their plan was] taking this white blond girl down…my name isn’t going to be used for that,” she said.

The Live video was deleted. The Ashley hears that someone made Mackenzie delete it, and that she did not want to.

The Ashley has recapped Mackenzie’s tea-spillin’ video and all of the jaw-dropping accusations she included in it. (Please note that The Ashley is not confirming or denying Mack’s claims; she’s simply reporting on what she said.) 

The Controversy:

In case you were unaware of the statement at the center of this controversy, back in January, Mack shared on her private Facebook page that she disapproved on newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris. Her choice of words, however, was offensive, but Mack has insisted that she was unaware that the term ‘colored’ was racist.

“It blows my mind that out of all the amazing colored women in this world, that is the one who is making history,” she wrote.

“I meant to say ‘amazing woman of color and I said ‘amazing colored woman,'” Mackenzie said in her Live before taking full accountability for her words.

“Two weeks later it blew up all over the Internet… What I did and what I said was wrong, I was wrong for sharing the article, mixing the words up and being so ignorant that I didn’t know the mixture of the words [was racist].”

Mackenzie said she wanted to just publicly apologize for the words she used but that MTV and the show’s producers forbid her from doing so. Instead, she says they told her that she should allow them to “handle” the apology so that she didn’t lose her spot on the show.

“They didn’t want to [let me] squash it right then and there because they wanted it to be part of the show, and this is what you will see next Tuesday,” Mack said, referring to a segment that will air during the next episode of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ 

(The Ashley hears that the producers actually sent Mack a copy of the episode early at her request. Normally, the cast only receives the episodes on the day the show airs, but this was an exception.)

On Cheyenne Floyd’s reaction:

“Apology NOT accepted.”

Mackenzie said that, once she was informed that her choice of words was offensive, she wanted to publicly apologize to fans as well as her Black castmate (and then-friend) Cheyenne, but MTV wouldn’t let her.

(The Ashley hears that, before speaking to Mackenzie, Cheyenne called one of the show’s executive producers and stated that she did not believe that Mack didn’t know ‘colored’ was an offensive term.)

“[The producers] said ‘there is no way you didn’t know the difference [between the statements ‘woman of color’ and ‘colored woman’],” Mackenzie said. “‘We don’t believe you, that’s bullcrap.’

“That’s what I was told for three weeks [by producers]… I have been holding this all in for three weeks. I love you guys so much more than what I’m being portrayed as. I’m so sorry for those that I’ve hurt and disappointed.”

Mackenzie claims she finally just called Cheyenne herself, and apologized from her heart about the words she used in the post.

“I felt it was right to say I’m sorry I was stopped from that,” she said, adding that Cheyenne and the other ‘OG’ girls had welcomed her when she joined the show.

“I called her and it was a beautiful conversation…she didn’t have to answer the phone…it is not her responsibility to educate me. It’s our responsibility to know our privilege. It’s my fault and I am taking full responsibility for my word mix-up.”

While things initially went well, it quickly turned bad, Mack said.

“I thought it was going to be amazing, and then things were a downward spiral from there,” she said. “On the phone, we decided to go Live together. She was like, ‘This is a beautiful conversation and more people need to hear it.’ When I got off the phone, I texted [MTV and let them know we were planning to do a Live together].”

Mackenzie said, out of nowhere, Chey then turned on her publicly.

“After that, Cheyenne tweeted that I’m ignorant,” she said. 

“I messaged her and said I was no longer comfortable with the conversation because I could see where it was going…I told her ‘I want to hold your hand Chey and walk with you and I need you to know I love you.'”

This time, though, Mackenzie said Cheyenne was ice cold toward her.

“Consider this your warning.”

“She said ‘I have no sympathy for you. Welcome to Day 1 of being uncomfortable because of the color of your skin,'” Mackenzie said, adding that Cheyenne also told her she was cutting Mackenzie off.

“MTV is working with her [to use this as a storyline], what she is doing is amazing, and now I’m part of that storyline that racism exists,” Mackenzie said. ” And it’s taking my name down. Do I love Cheyenne? 100 percent…it’s very obvious that she’s cutting me off. It’s very obvious she’ll tweet the other girls back. My name is being used in ways it shouldn’t be.”

On MTV forcing her to “train” to apologize:

“Please no more Zoom calls!”

Mackenzie said that MTV refused to allow her to apologize on social media for the mistake she made right when it happened. Instead, she says they told her that the only way she could avoid getting fired from the show is if she allowed an organization to “teach” her about racism.

“Basically to stay on the show, they wanted me to do a thing where an organization educates me,” Mackenzie said. “That was the agreement to stay on the show.”

.”For a month I was trained on how to say sorry,” she said. “I kept hanging up the phone on the lawyer, on my manager, on everybody… I’m like ‘why cant I get on social media and say sorry?’ I thought these people are out to protect me. But they’re not. They’re not out to protect me, they’re out to protect their narrative.”

She claimed that they made her film several segments “apologizing” for what she did, but they were all deemed insufficient.

“I was on these phone calls [with BLM organizations], hours and hours. I’d film one thing, it wasn’t good enough,” she said. “I took three weeks off work to be trained on the right thing to say to fit MTV’s agenda.

“My lawyer is still calling me every single day explaining how I need to say sorry….”

During the segment, Mack says the producers promised they wouldn’t show screenshots of what she wrote about Kamala Harris. However, when she watched a preview of Tuesday’s episode, the screenshot is included.

“They did everything they said they wouldn’t,” she said. “They took the screenshot they said they wouldn’t and you’re going to see that on Tuesday’s episode and I’m sorry.”

Getting Fired:

“Should we tar and feather her now or save it for the After Show?”

The Ashley hears that the producers are aware of what Mackenzie said on Live. However, as of press time, no action has been taken against Mack, nor has she been removed from the show. 

In her Live, Mackenzie addressed that she was aware that talking about this may cost her her job.

“If the show chooses to drop me, that’s that. They wanted to control the whole narrative. ..they wanted it to be on the After Show and that was months ago that they stopped me from saying sorry,” she said.

In tweets posted after her Live, Mack apologized to those who missed her Live.

“I’m sorry for how I am about to be portrayed on this Tuesday’s episode. It does fit the agenda but it does not fit my heart and who I am,” she wrote. “For 3 weeks I was bullied into not being able to say a true apology from my heart on my platform (which was the right thing to do).

“Every single day. I do not stand for racism and Never have. I’ve learned so much and every one of us need to open our eyes. I’m truly sorry for what I once said. I love you all and if my mom was here, she would have 100% wanted me to take accountability and do what’s right

“And white people. Please stop saying ‘we are not privileged’ because maybe some of us grew up with a hard life we ARE privileged Because we don’t struggle because the color of our skin. We all have to come together to agree on that. It’s facts.”

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available.

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  1. McKenzie was wrong. Period.
    There’s a difference in being literal low-IQ-undereducated and being a racist though.
    She’s just not smart…that’s very obvious. Cheyenne, however, is 110% a real racist. So I’m not sure why anyone gives a flying fuckle what she has to say about anything.

  2. To me, it’s pretty obvious that she thought it was an elegant way to say “woman of color”. Doesn’t mean it’s right to say it, but I don’t think that she intended to say something offensive. She’s just uneducated.

  3. 1) I have a VERY hard time believing she even knew who Kamala Harris was to be able to be disappointed that this was the woman that is the first female VP. She heard that from her family, friends, and neighbors (most likely using incredibly different words) and she probably thought she was sounding so smart posting that instead of the alternative.
    2) I do believe she had no idea that was racist. She’s probably heard it all her life as that is the terminology that was used for decades (right or wrong isn’t relevant to my statement), so when she was growing up, that’s what she heard, so that’s what she thinks people are called.

    She’s obviously undereducated (I’m not even factoring in she didn’t go to college – it really seems like the schools she went to are as not well as the schools in West Virginia). She’s certainly not worldly. She probably has never been exposed to anyone outside her middle of nowhere redneck town long enough to learn about what society is really like.

    She doesn’t know right from wrong because she was never taught it was wrong. She said something bad. She didn’t know – she’s been informed. She released a statement that someone else clearly wrote for her (because I’m sure she didn’t intend to say one thing but then said the other).

    I don’t think she should be deemed as racist for that 1 statement. Definitely naïve and most definitely ignorant, but not racist. It’s the statements that come AFTER that should determine if she’s racist.

    (Personally, I think she would be considered racist, but it was just how she was raised and she was never in a place where she would learn any different. I’m not putting much stock into the fact that she had a conversation with Cheyenne and then Cheyenne just ghosted her because Cheyenne’s one of those people that will do whatever for attention.)

    1. Kinda feel like the schools in Oklahoma are down right ill, because coming from an “unwell” area Corey, Leah, and Jeremy have never, EVER publicly said anything this ignorant before.

      1. “..coming from an unwell area…” When you make ignorant generalizations about a group of people, isn’t that BIGOTED? You’re just repeating a stereotype you’ve heard without thinking. It’s funny the word racist is thrown around so carelessly, but we never hear the word BIGOT.

  4. Mackenzie is from a podunk Oklahoma town with below average public schools and a completely ignorant, redneck population. I believe that she had no idea the way she phrased her words was offensive. The girl really is not very bright or very well-spoken no matter the conversation.

  5. I think this would have been a prime opportunity for them to do a segment where Cheyenne and Mackenzie skype or facetime and discuss the situation. I don’t agree that everyone should be canceled, some people definitely do because they really won’t change, but ultimately what I think needs to happen is instead of canceling people and brushing it to the side there need to be discussions so that people can become educated and see where they are wrong and properly learn from it. Cancellation honestly can breed even more hate and that’s not what should happen.

    If you are not black then you wouldn’t understand why the term she is using is so offensive. If you don’t understand why the term is offensive then you shouldn’t be giving your opinion on the term at all. You should be asking questions about it. Maybe if schools actually taught about black history it would help the problem. I see some very ignorant comments in this thread so those of you here I ask how would you like it if someone came up to you and said “Hey you’re an amazing white woman.” or just randomly call out to you “hey white woman”, “Get over here white man”.

    1. “Hey you’re an amazing white woman.” or just randomly call out to you “hey white woman”, “Get over here white man”.

      The first part, I agree, The second.. ? is that even a thing? Never-mind mind that I’m a WoC. If any stranger said to me “hey woman” or “get over here, unless they’re joking about Mortal Kombat, I’m gonna look at ’em like their cheese slid of their fucking cracker and then dismiss them as not worthy of a response or my time.

    2. Best response as a way to address this situation. This could have been a valuable segment and educated many. Such a missed opportunity. Not every comment needs to turn to a hate festival. Every one can learn from one another and should always choose kindness over hate. We all need to do better especially and including MTV.

    3. So well said. This was a prime opportunity to educate people on racism. To teach how “wording” can change the entire meaning of a statement. Mack should’ve been allowed to make an immediate apology so things didn’t get so blown out of proportion. MTV missed a GREAT opportunity to help educate the world about racism.

  6. You had me until you brought up the girl with the KNIFE in her hand. Cheyanne is no better I skip through her story lines bc they are fake and not it seems obvious to me. I’m WOKE to MTVs bullshit trying to change world order and I think MTV is pro criminals, just look at how they kept knife wielding Amber on the show. I’m done with the way MTV portrays a white woman. My own Mother was killed bc of the color of her skin, she was a initiation gang killing and she was friends with all.

  7. My God, you americans are so sensitive about racism. Why should you be allowed to call someone white but not black or dark? “What nonsense. Fortunately we are not so hysterical in Europe.
    Everyone is equal, but sometimes you want to indicate something and then you use the term white or black. Do not create issues that are not there.

    1. No one said ‘black’ was racist? You just made that up.
      You use the terms black or person of colour, just not ‘coloured’

      1. Everyone is equal? Then why did she have to use a divisive word by calling Kamala colored in the 1st place? All she had to say was there are so many other amazing women, why throw in the word “colored” when according to you were all supposedly “equal”. We’re so sensitive about racism? Do you tell jews they’re so sensitive about the Holocaust?? Do you tell Armenians they’re so sensitive about genocide? But you have no problem telling blacks they’re too sensitive about slavery. All issues where a race has been oppressed and treated as less than human is horrible, and the way you crazies are trying minimize what McKee said about people of color is very dismissive and insulting.

        Do I think what she said was super ignorant? Yes. The girl is an airhead and whatever you tell her is literally going to go in one ear and out the other because there’s no brain in there to soak up any knowledge…but do I think she should be fired because of that comment? No, I do think she should be let go because she brings absolutely nothing to the show and seems to be more of a nuisance than an asset to TMOG, but I don’t feel she should be fired solely based on that comment.

        1. It became a divisive issue when the candidate announced he would be picking a “woman of color” to be his running mate.

          He picked one who got less than 1% of the vote in primaries when other ppl would be way more qualified.

          Second, its amazing that someone who ran 3 times can only get the job when they run with someone of color.

          Thats why its divisive. Not bc Mackenzie calls it out. Smh.

          1. Since were talking about TM I will keep it on topic…First of all it became divisive when 45 decided to come after minorities, most notably Nessas man, and Jenelle and McKee thought it was necessary to put their 2 cents in about POC and politics. Those are things those 2 uneducated morons had no merit to speak about (I bring up Jenelle because the same thing basically happened with her and David and everyone was mad Nessa called her out). It’s obvious that you’re set in your ways, and I don’t feel like typing a dissertation explaining why what McKee said was problematic, when there is a copious amount of information out there for you to read and educate yourself on. No one of color brought up the difficult convo McKee decided to insert herself in. SHE brought color up first and has to deal with the ramifications of “misspeaking”.

        2. Probably the same reason all you idiots were saying “kAmaLa DiD iT!! FiRsT wOmAn Of CoLoR tO bE vP ” instead of just saying first woman VP. Which she is. NOPE!! They had to specify her color. So now it’s a issue when others do it? But only if you deem their skin color too pale? Give me a break with your fake woke bullshit

    2. Also, yes I also live in Europe (England) and it’s the same thing – you don’t say coloured.
      What a strange comment.

    3. Using the word “Black” is not offensive because it describes Black individuals. Using the word “colored “ is offensive because it is used to describe anyone who is not white. Which implies white is normal and everyone one can be grouped together. If every human has a skin color than we are all colored but that is that what she was implying. The phrase “colored” is so deeply associated with the Jim Crow area of segregation. It’s rightly triggering.

    4. It’s not every day Americans. We’re rather integrated. We work together and live aside each other just fine.

      Its the media and SM and big corporations and our new government who keep pushing this crap.

      If you look at a graph, “racism” became a hot topic around 2012 and kept growing. Before that folks were worried about jobs and education. Now its feelings.

      1. racism has been an issue/topic in the world since before our great great grandparents were born…You think the media made up everything that happened during the Jim Crowe era? You think the media made up everything about any other race that’s been oppressed or degraded? TF are you talking about?? Go read some books, or better yet, since you obviously misinterpret the writing that has been made available to you, i’m sure you can find a few movies to watch. Educate yourself before you try and down play something that you obviously have no idea about.

        1. Sir. Something tell me you see racism everywhere.

          God, you’re an angry person.

          I see integration. I see all walks of life living and working together.

          1. That’s actually false, because plenty of people learn things they want to learn…plenty of musicians teach themselves music, artists teach themselves how to draw, ect…but here’s a fact, people have learned things by being proactive and picking up a few books and reading them….which equates to “educating yourself”. Why do you think schools make you take tests? They’re making sure you’re reading and being educated.

    5. Your comment got the most likes, 57, but suddenly it shows zero. The hysterics is on the part of our politically correct media and platforms like this and MTV trying to control what we think and say. I remember in the ’60s, “colored woman” was considered more polite than “Negro woman.” How is “woman of color” morally or literally different than “colored woman?” The only difference is that the phrase “of color” proves conformity, and sifts out sacrificial lambs for the god of correctness.

  8. Didn’t Cheyenne say she wanted to kill white babies? What would’ve happened if Mack said she wanted to kill black babies?
    F*ck Cheyenne, she’s a hypocrite

    1. Thank you!! I 10000000% agree with you and have said that before and got so many down votes it wasn’t even funny!! Somehow it’s okay for her to say that and her job was never on the line bc of it but Mack can’t misuse her words a little bit without being threatened to get fired!! It’s such hypocrisy!!! I used to actually like Cheyenne but, ever since I heard about that, I can’t stand the girl!! How many segments has the girl had about wanting to educate people on racism but it was her who said one or the absolute most racist things I’ve ever heard and that’s okay?!? I hope she doesn’t instill those beliefs in her children!

    2. I’m not a Cheyenne fan.
      She was born without a personality, she’s blah
      And yes let’s talk about her comments

  9. This is a girl who got pregnant at 16 because she was scared using birth control would make her fat. She barely finished high school and has zero college education, along with two more kids from this loser baby daddy. She definitely doesn’t strike me as someone who reads, so I think it’s safe to say she’s fairly ignorant when it comes to the terminology she uses. She’s just uneducated & it appears she’s always been okay with that. At this point, she needs to remove head from sphincter because after that Teen Mom money dries up, she’ll need a good income to raise 3 kids and she definitely can’t rely on the baby daddy.

    1. I agree that she’s willfully ignorant. She said MTV was trying to get her into some sensitivity training classes or something? And she got so fed up and hung up the phone? That right there proves that she has no desire to learn or listen. I also recall her saying that she was too afraid to use the word “black” when she made the comment, but it’s like if it feels wrong to say then it probably is, so just save yourself a headache and keep your comment to yourself.

  10. Using a term so offensive, so casually and publicly, makes me think that it’s really just part of being uneducated. It’s easier for her to say that it was a “word mix-up” than just admit she earnestly did not know if was wrong. It’s not out of the question of think that a white woman who grew up in Bumblebee USA didn’t know that her words were racist. Had she admitted that, shown disgust with her own ignorance, and seeked anti-racism counselors, books, and documentaries to widen her world to the Black experience, I would have thought her to be someone who truly shows remorse. Chalking it up to “I got my words wrong!”, isn’t helpful- for anyone.

  11. A white person is not allowed to say whether “coloured woman” is or is not racist. If you are not a person of colour, you don’t get an opinion on that matter.

    But the thing is, people aren’t mind readers. If you are not surrounded by people who are educated on these matters, how are you supposed to know?
    Where she lives maybe saying “coloured” is what people try to say to not be racist.

    Cheyenne has been talking about doing a podcast in this season and wants to discuss her race and how it has impacted her life etc. Well it you want to try stamp out racism, you need to politely tell people that they used a word you find offensive and tell them the alterative.
    Cheyenne could have used her platform to have mackenzie publicly apologise, and her publicly reply correcting her and educating their followers.

    1. That 1st part you said! Just like the people in these comments who obviously do not accept Cheyenne’s apology for her tweets, how are they gonna sit there and expect the people McKee offended to accept hers?? People always want to accept an apology that’s not intended for them.

      1. It’s naive to think these 2 issues are the same thing.

        Cheyenne was hateful and racist.

        Mack was uneducated and offensive.

        Huge difference.

        1. First, I hope you realize it’s naïve to think that no matter how many times you change your name, as long as you use the same email, your avatar will remain the same, and we all know you’re the same person making these ignorant comments. 2, stop trying to compare tweets/mean words to actual killings and legit oppression of people of color. You seem to want to be oppressed so bad…it’s weird.

  12. “Colored Woman” is a phrase very common in south, years ago. Some families it is still carried on, they don’t see anything wrong with it, after generations of use. That being said, her claim of “mixing words up” rings totally false. (It is likely her southern “roots”?)

    In regards to Cheyenne, she has stated she hates all white people, and wishes all white babies would die. Perhaps Ms. Floyd should start addressing her own racism, while she is busy learning about apologies and forgiveness, and then she could join us in the adult world.

    Mackinzee isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, I am sure she is still surprised at all the controversy in regards to her ignorant statement. She probably still doesn’t really “get” it.

  13. If MacKenzie kept hanging up the phone on everybody, thats an issue. Maybe that’s why she felt harassed? People were trying to get in contact with her and she wasn’t answered the phone or hanging up on everyone.

    I feel like there’s other points of view missing from the story, primarily Cheyenne’s. We don’t know what happened in the conversation that MacKenzie seemed to think was going well. We also don’t know what MacKenzie “apology from the heart” consisted of. Maybe thats why MTV wouldn’t let her post it.

  14. Every time someone misspeaks its offensive, try to learn from it or educate yourself, it’s still offensive. No wonder why our nation is screwed up. Nobody is allowed to grow and learn because everyone gets amped up over everything.

  15. Wait what does this part mean? (Mackenzie saying this about Cheyenne): “It’s very obvious she’ll tweet the other girls part.”

  16. Does Cheyenne know saying she hates white ppl and wants to kick white babies was wrong and racist or no?

  17. This is so hypocritical. You stand up against this BLM agenda and I applaud you for that!! Then you spew this ‘privileged’ fake propaganda about white people- which is racist!! Wake up people- United we are strong- divided we will fall

    1. Ew, stfu. She didn’t stand against blm that I’m aware of. She spoke out on mtv’s handling of this. She spoke the truth on privilege. “Which is racist” ? Mackenzie should feel better knowing she’s at least brighter than fools like you. Clearly have no idea what racism is.

      1. The ‘training’ is BLM propaganda which MTV promotes because they are a media giant pushing this agenda to tear down and divide this country. Just because someone is white- that does not give them ‘privilege’.. now that is racist!! You are part of the problem in this country.. not me

  18. I want to know if the training was actually to apologize or if it was to educate her. They also probably did want to teach her the right way to apologize bc so many go the “sorry IF I offended you, or sorry IF you were offended” that’s not sorry for your words or actions. That’s sorry that other people took it wrong. Those that apologize that way it blows up in their face (as it should) The truth is the intent behind your words doesn’t matter the impact they have on people does. Don’t be sorry you mixed words up, be sorry your actions hurt people. Learn from it and do better. If she’s genuinely learning and growing that will shine through and it won’t matter what mtv tries to push. I agree though that after mtv’s stance on this and firing taylor they had to follow through with a strong reaction to show they aren’t going to tolerate it. It seems they do believe it was a mix up bc I don’t think she’d still be on the show if they believed otherwise. They want to protect themselves too and yes I’m sure they were using it for their narrative as well though.

  19. MTV was probably trying to give her a new storyline to go with instead of that boring ass “problems in my marriage” BS shes been pushing since TM3. Plus, as much as she “miss speaks” MTV probably knew they couldn’t trust that she wouldn’t put her foot in her mouth again in her apology, which would in turn force them to let her go. This girl is dumb as a box of rocks. Airhead.

  20. I truly believe that she had no idea that saying “coloured woman” was offensive. It seems like she grew up/lives in a primarily white community. What’s important here is that when it was pointed out to her she acknowledged it and she knows better now, instead of getting defensive. If this is all true it’s very unfortunate. It would be interesting to hear Cheyenne’s side of this, it seems weird that she would randomly turn on her if they had a nice conversation about it. (Obviously I’m just going by what Mackenzie is saying, perhaps there are things we don’t know)

    1. Yea, I agree about Cheyenne. For Cheyenne to flip on her makes me think McKee maybe unknowingly said something that offended her on that call? If that’s the case then MTV was right in their decision to not let her prematurely apologize on her own, because ignorant things always seem to come flying out of McKees mouth. She’s not the brightest and doesn’t seem to think before she speaks.

  21. “A rattlesnake, if cornered will become so angry it will bite itself. That is exactly what the harboring of hate and resentment against others is – a biting of oneself.”

    stay lit , calm down everybody

  22. I think it was an honest mistake.

    Its not racist to mix up a word. This girl literally knows no black folk. Plus, shes not that bright.

    Its racist to purposely belittle, harm or discriminate someone bc of their skin color. Its racist to hate someone bc of their skin color or to dislike a whole race bc of their skin color.

    This wasnt racism. Racism is not everywhere you look and only racists constantly see race.

    You could say Cheyenne is racist bc she has admitted to not liking white folk and she constantly makes everything into a racial issue.

    I hate that MTV is so desperate for a storyline for this girl Mackenzie that they went this way. I can only imagine what a “month of training” was. I bet it was awful.

    1. I did have to laugh at how Mack took umbrage at being called “ignorant”. Girl, not only is it true, but that’s your brand.

    2. Also, as for chey saying she’s ignorant.. in a literal sense she is. That’s actually what she wants us to believe as well. I don’t think Cheyenne owes anyone an explanation for cutting off anyone. Also we don’t know what was said in that phone call, it could have been filled with more “misspeakings” and people are allowed to cut people off for their own mental health and wellbeing. It’s really not up to Cheyenne to make her feel better for her “mistake” and she may have been seeking a pass from her or maybe that’s how chey took it.

    3. Women of color.
      Colored women.

      Seems like much ado about nothing. Everyone just looks for a reason to be offended nowadays. The order of a word in a sentence is now a criminal offense. Never mind the source of the sentence has a kid that drops dookies in strangers garages.
      I’ve learned this about race relations. If you’re cornered, and must interact, compliment them on their hair, cloths, shoes, teeth, wtf ever, and move the fuck on, quickly. No harm, no foul. Next time some stranger compliments you….think of me. Haha

  23. Not sure how much of this is the “training” or really her words but she made two good points. White People ARE privileged. WP isn’t about wealth and elitism, it’s about your skin color not being an obstacle in your life. Another true thing she said, it’s not Black people’s job (Cheyenne) to educate her/White people. One thing I hate is when WP ask “what can I do? Teach me”. We don’t got time to “teach you” when we out here trying not to get shot 4x in the chest by a cop for calling 911, amongst other daily micro aggressions and obstacles. But as far as her time on the show, her days may be numbered.

    1. If you have no solution, then dont tell anyone that they need to find one.

      If you dont have “time” to teach, then dont suggest they need taught.

      I know you cant hear this but in 2021, 213 ppl were killed by police. 30 were black. 30/213. So its not a majority.

      Microaggressions? So when someone offends you, and they ask how to correct it, you fly off the handle. Sounds like a you problem.

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