Anna Duggar Insists Her Husband Josh Can Support All Their Kids Following Their Announcement That She’s Pregnant with Seventh Child

“Fire up the ol’ crotch cannon! Here comes another blessing!”

Anna Duggar just keeps popping out babies!

The Counting On star announced on Friday that she and disgraced husband Josh are expecting their seventh child. While Anna received plenty of congratulatory messages after her pregnancy announcement, she also got some criticism, as well as questions from followers who are wondering how she and Josh can afford to support all these kids.

Anna took time to address one critic who asked her in the comment section if Josh even works. (As fans of the Duggar Family know, Josh once held a high-ranking job at the Family Research Council but he resigned from it once his Sex Abuse Scandal was exposed in 2015.)

Anna insisted that Josh brings in plenty of dough.

“Yes, my husband is a diligent worker and provides well for our family,” Anna told the follower. 

Anyway, fans have speculated for months that Anna was pregnant expecting, but she had refused to confirm or deny the rumor until Friday. In their pregnancy announcement they also revealed that the baby they are expecting is another girl. (She will join brothers Michael, Marcus and Mason, and sisters Maryella, Mackynzie and Meredith.)

In their announcement Josh and Anna are seen holding an umbrella with pink confetti floating out of it as their kids run behind them in a field.

“It’s a GIRL!” Anna captioned the announcement on Instagram. “We are overjoyed to announce baby seven is on the way and we can’t wait to hold her in our arms this fall!”

In a post on Saturday, Anna brought up the fact that the last nine babies born to the Duggar kids have all been girls.

“Nine girl cousins in a row, and we are adding one more this fall,” she captioned a photo of all the Duggar girl babies. “I’m more curious than ever if [Jessa] is having a boy or a girl.”

(Josh’s sister Jessa Seewald is currently pregnant with her fourth baby.)

As for where they and their soon-to-be-seven children will live, Anna and Josh appear to be currently living in a warehouse on the property of Josh’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. The warehouse was featured on a Season 9 episode of ‘Counting On,’ in which the Duggars set up a pop-up bridal shop for John-David Duggar‘s then-fiance AbbieThe Sun matched up features of the warehouse (such as the flooring, kitchen counters, etc.) to those features of the home shown in Anna’s Instagram photos to prove that they were, indeed, living in the warehouse.

On their family Instagram, Jim Bob and Michelle expressed their excitement about having adding another grandchild to their warehouse and family.

This will be Jim Bob and Michelle’s 22nd grandchild.

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(Photos: Instagram)


  1. The real question is why does she keep having children with a child molester? The most vital question is how can she, as a mother expose her children to a child molester? I don’t care if he is the father or not, he is a repeat offender. Because she has full knowledge of this fact and not only chose to stay with him but continued to expose her children and have more children with this POS, she is just as culpable in my eyes.

  2. I feel disgusted by this. I know Anna is in a brainwashing cult but supposedly her brother offered to take her and the kids back when Josh’s scandal blew up and she stayed with him. Maybe she thinks that her daughters are safe as long as none of them is alone with Josh? If something happens to them I hope Anna shares a cell with Josh

  3. The fact that they’re living in a warehouse on Jim Bob’s property tells me that they have absolutely no money and are probably being supported by the family business (reality TV), since Jim Bob is the one who holds all the purse strings with that money. Everything about this family is disgusting. I want to feel bad for Anna because she must be brainwashed and feels like she’ll probably go to hell if she gets a divorce, but it’s so hard to feel any sympathy for her anymore.

  4. Save the planet. Stop having 7 kids.

    Also your clearly delusional to think your gene pool warrants this many children and grandchildren.


  5. Honestly I find her just as gross and vile as Josh. Who stays and keeps breeding with a known pedophile and predator? I hope she keeps her girls close. Nasty c**t

  6. So if you keep breeding “possible” victims for your husband, doesn’t that make you a complicit sex trafficker or a just a pimp? Trash just trash.

  7. There are several things I’m curious about.

    1. How many bedrooms does the warehouse have? Granted they are on jim bobs property, so the kids have plenty of room to play outside and they could always have bunk beds.

    2. Jim Bob got a lot of backlash when Josh’s sexual abuse of his sisters became public. How are Josh’s daughters being protected from the same fate and what would they do if it was found out Josh’s was molesting his daughters?

    3. I wonder how rough Josh is with Anna. On Ashley Madison, several of the girls josh slept with stated he was very rough. She should have left him long ago, but she is brainwashed.

    4. It is much easier to support a family of 7 since rent isn’t a factor and the kids can get hand me downs from their cousins/aunts & uncles. I’m sure someone in the iblp community gave him a job, he is a male after all (females are nothing in their church).

  8. The photo at the top of this story gives me the creeps. Anna looks like she’s cringing under his touch. And Josh just looks seedy.

  9. Great another daughter for him to abuse. Sexual predators don’t just grow out of it and stop hurting children when they become adults. This is sick and disgusting. I will never understand how this woman can continue to have children with this person. Where is cps?!?! I really hope they’re keeping tabs on where the family is

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