‘Counting On’ Stars Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar, and Jeremy & Jinger Vuolo Speak Out After Josh Duggar is Charged in Child P0rn Case


“Here we go again, Jimmy…”


Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have broken their silence on their eldest son Josh‘s arrest.

The Counting On stars released a statement one day after Josh was hauled off to jail by U.S. Marshals. On Friday, it was revealed that he has been charged with receiving and possessing child p0rnography, including images of minors under the age of 12.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo— Josh’s sister and brother-in-law, respectively— also released a statement on social media, hours after Josh was charged.

Jim Bob and Michelle— who, as you may remember, vehemently defended Josh back in 2015 when it was exposed that he had molested four of his sisters and another young girl— released their statement on the official Duggar Family website.

“We appreciate your continued prayers for our family at this time,” they said. “The accusations brought against Joshua today are very serious. It is our prayer that the truth, no matter what it is, will come to light, and that this will all be resolved in a timely manner. We love Josh and Anna and continue to pray for their family.”

In a statement posted to their Instagram accounts, Jinger and Jeremy made it clear that they will not stand by Josh and that they are “disturbed” by what he’s been charged with.

“We are disturbed to hear of the charges against Josh,” the Vuolos’ statement reads. “While this case must go through the legal system we absolutely condemn any form of child abuse and fully support the authorities and judicial process in their pursuit of justice.”


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Back in 2015, Jinger confirmed that she was one of the sisters that Josh molested as a teen. 

On Saturday, Josh’s sister Jessa Seewald and her husband Ben followed Jinger and Jeremy’s lead and released their own statement on Josh’s charges. They specifically mentioned his charges in their statement. (Jessa confirmed in 2015 that she was also a victim of Josh’s.)

“We are saddened to hear of the charges against Josh,” their statement reads. “As Christians, we stand against any form of pornography or abuse and we desire for the truth to be exposed, whatever that may be. Our prayers are with their family as they walk through this difficult time.”

Josh’s sister Jill Dillard also commented on the arrest. Jill— who is somewhat estranged from some members of her family and was also a victim of Josh’s arrest on Thursday— told Entertainment Tonight, “We just learned this information. It is very sad.”

Anyway, back in 2015, Jim Bob and Michelle sat down with Megyn Kelly to discuss Josh’s molestation of his sisters when he was a teen. In the interview, the Duggars insisted that, after Josh had gone through counseling and treatment for his wrongdoings, he was no longer a threat to their children.

“Not at all,” Jim Bob said when asked if he worried Josh would commit similar offenses. “No, Josh was a changed person.” 

At press time, Josh’s pregnant wife Anna had yet to release a statement on her husband’s arrest or charges. However, just a few days ago, she defended him against an Instagram troll and praised him for being a “diligent worker” who “provides well” for their family. Her Instagram bio still states that she is “happily married.”

UPDATE! Josh’s cousin Amy Duggar King has also addressed Josh’s arrest and charges. In an interview with The Sun, Amy said she is “devastated.”

“At the moment I have no comment to make. I’m kind of speechless, we just hope it’s not true,” she said…only to continue making comments.

“I spoke with several of my cousins after we heard about the arrest. We’re in shock, but we don’t want to think the worst of someone, you want to think the best. If it is true, it would absolutely devastate a lot of people,” Amy said. “Everybody that knows Josh would be devastated. Just thinking about it makes me want to have a glass of wine right now.”

 “It breaks my heart. Family is family and I wish the best for everyone,” she added.

To get live updates on Josh’s case, click here!

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45 Responses

  1. The Ashley, while you are busy bringing us the tea about this sicko being busted, is there any news on two others you have reported on recently: Lori Wickelhaus and that black woman whose white adopted daughter was found dead? It is frustrating how long it takes for any progress to be made.

    1. I think you’re thinking of Valerie Fairmann and she was black. Her adoptive parents were white

      1. I was thinking of a more recent case that The Ashley reported on in the last month or so. Some woman who had won a cooking show or something.

  2. I no longer have cable television and therefore do not watch any reality shows. I do read the Ashley’s page and cackle gleefully at her clever and amusing content about reality stars that I watched back in the day. But this very sad business should serve as a wake up call. Being a reality “star” seems to foster some sort of entitlement. Josh may have thought he was exempt from the law and could indulge his fantasies. And just look at the Teen Mom franchise that indulges a convicted felon for corporate profit. Having been a newspaper reporter I believe there is little doubt that Josh will go to prison. The children who are milked by MTV, TLC and their parents for whatever entertainment their young lives can produce will probably carry scars into their adult lives. The Klein’s and the DeBoers have my respect for pulling away. The harm done by Josh Duggar to his family members, no matter what we may think about his parent’s beliefs will be devastating.

    1. Josh’s behavior has nothing to do with them being in reality tv. He molested his sisters as a child because he is a predator, and he was protected by his parents and the church. That’s where his entitlement comes from, not tv.

      He was raised with the belief that he is blessed by god. That because he has a penis is is automatically superior to women. That because he is white, he is automatically superior to those who aren’t. That because he is a Christian fundamentalist, he is automatically better than those who aren’t. He was told and shown that the men of the church will rally around him in support, no matter what his wrongdoings. He was taught that as long as his victims are within the church, they will be silenced on his behalf. In fact, that’s probably what they’re most angry about is that Joshy chased child sexual abuse images and videos on the internet instead of just continuing to molest kids within the church where they can cover it up.

      He is a foul human being who has caused lifelong harm to an untold number of people and families. He needs to be prosecuted with the full weight of the law, and put away for a long time. He needs to never have access to children or the internet again in his lifetime. But make no mistake, he’s not like this because of TV, he was always like this.

        1. It may not seem like race is a factor but the majority of sex offenders are white men. I’m not saying he did it because he’s white but he is filling the stereo type.

  3. He is a kid diddler plain and simple! Chomo Josh will not survive in prison. The sad thing is TLC will pay his lawyer and televise the families trials and tribulations. Good Job Jinger and Jeremy for letting this guy have it. He diddled Jinger, Jessa, and Jill all were sleeping while he penetrated them. His own sisters! I’m sorry but that is unforgivable.

  4. How about these “Christians ” offering up some pray5for thr victims …nope let’s just worry about the monster they created

  5. What is wrong with these people?!

    You can’t tell me Anna did’nt know this was coming. And yet you keep making kids with the man. Thats gross.

    Cheating is one thing, but continued sexual abuse of children? What more do you need to leave this man? Like wtf?!!

    Good for Jinger not packing in the bullcrap, she clearly know what he is …

  6. So they are estranged with their one daughter because she takes birth control, wears shorts, and sends her boys to public school yet they continue to support this sexual predator son? Makes no sense!

  7. I’m proud of Jinger for saying eff this fool. She was smart to get as far away from the cult as she could.

  8. A child under 12. Isn’t that about the age of his oldest daughter? Around 10?

    I hope to god he never touched her.

    I’m pretty sure his dad ran for office on a platform of death penalty for this type of crime. I hope they still hold that belief so he’s never around any of his or any of their children ever again.

  9. Reminder that one of Jim Bob’s campaign promises (after the first batch of sister diddling) was the death penalty for this kind of thing.

  10. What happens to people in his case with family life? Is he still allowed to see and be by his kids without supervision? Do they go to jail for awhile for this? I doubt his wife will leave, those poor kids.

    1. I have an extended family member who was convicted of sexual misconduct with his underage sister-in-law many years ago. Compared to the things Josh has done, my cousin’s actions, while completely wrong, are far less sinister. He could not be around any children for 2 years. He was allowed occasional supervised visits with his kids. His parents were the supervisors as he moved into an apartment on their farm. My great-aunt and uncle could not leave the room while my cousin spent time with his children. It took a very long time for anyone to trust my cousin around any child and I know that everyone keeps an extra eye on him anytime kids are around.

      I would image that Josh will not be allowed to be around any children, even his own. He will probably have to give up any internet-connecting device. His chances of employment, outside of working from Jim Bob will be non-existent.

      The safety and well-being of a child is ALWAYS more important than the happiness of an adult. At some point Jim Bob and Michelle need to decide to choose their grandkids and Anna (as well as the rest of their children) over Josh.

      PS—Jen and Larry could also use a reminder that the safety and well-being of a child always trumps the happiness of an adult. Telling Bentley that they love Ryan more than they love Bentley was completely messed up.

      1. Completely agree with all that you said. I just don’t see how Michelle or Jim Bob will ever look out of the well being of their grandkids over Josh. They refused to do it for their own daughters when they were young children. The level of denial they live in is not something they will work their way out of without serious therapy from a real therapist.

        My other concern is that visits with his children will be allowed to be supervised by family. Despite his history were charges ever brought against Josh for sexual abuse? If they weren’t can the judge take what he did to his sisters into consideration?

        This is such a mess and it lays squarely at the feet of his parents and their cult.

    2. I am sad that I was right yesterday when he was arrested I sd oh no it’s gonna be child porn!! He needs to be separated from the family for sure, too many babies running around, child porn under 12?? Realy!!??!! Thats just… I can’t even think of a word that bad!! He needs time in jail for sure!! A Long!! Time in jail!!

    3. Some of it depends on the sex offender registration laws in Arkansas. In my state, a registered sex offender cannot reside with children unless he or she is the biological or step parent of the kids. All kids names and ages have to be recorded on their registration and the Department of Children and Family Services is notified; DCFS can then place restrictions on supervision and if those guidelines are not followed, the kids could be removed from the home. It could also be a violation of their sex offender registration, so the offender risks going to jail and having years added to their registration if they are found to have violated that (assuming that they are not already a lifetime registrant).

      Above all, Josh is going to have to actually be convicted of the charges against him before any of the above comes into play. If he is found guilty, I will bet he serves less than 2 years in prison, with maybe 3-5 years probation; this seems to be the going rate for similar cases I’ve seen like this. But the feds have been known to be way more strict, plus there is no parole in the federal penal system & you have to serve at least 80% of your sentence, so maybe there’s hope yet.

  11. Seeing that his fool of a wife will stand by him no matter what, and trusts a pedophile around her children, let’s just hope that they keep him incarcerated long enough to not be able to hurt his own kids. Anna seems complicit with everything he has done, so to me she is just as bad (if not worse) as his parents. Screw religion or your beliefs or whatever…you stand by someone who touches children, something is seriously wrong and deranged within you as well.

    1. I get what you’re saying about Anna but she’s in the cult. She’s been brainwashed and there is no way they’re just going to let her leave. They need to keep up appearances and that would probably mean devastation for them.

      1. One of the biggest shocks of my life wasn’t when I found out my friend’s stepdad was abusing the youngest sister. It was when the survivor told us she had told her youth group minister, told her mom. They responded by pulling her out of school and gaslighting her into believing it wasn’t happening. If the oldest sister (my friend) hadn’t noticed something very, very weird was going on between her mom and sister – who knows how long they would have let it ride for. Abusers groom their enablers even more carefully than their victims. It’s entirely possible that Josh specifically picked Anna because she doesn’t experience empathy the way normal people do.

  12. It’s blowing my mind that (aside from Jinger) these people still are not condemning this child molesting monster that they played a big hand in creating and enabling. They know he did it, but in so many words they’re still saying “IF” it is true. They need to realize you can’t “pray” away the type of monster that resides in that dude. He should have been excommunicated from the family YEARS ago when it was discovered he molested 4 of their daughters and 1 other. It’s about time he be held accountable, and since they won’t do it, who better than the feds. I hope he gets denied bail, and locked up for a very long time. He’s a menace to society and a threat to children.

  13. Michelle, the woman who was making robo-calls about transgender women being pedophiles, was protecting her disgusting pedophile son all these years. You can pray all you want. If God is real, he will show you no mercy.

  14. Also Amy if your first reaction to this mess is “I need wine” I have news for you: you are an alcoholic and need help pronto

  15. You know what the truth is, Jim Bob and Michelle? The truth is your cult made a ped0 out of your son and you, instead of really helping him, enabled him and made him worse. YOU are to blame for this. All your minor children should be taken by CPS. I hope they interview the children to find out if he molested some of them

  16. Their prayers didn’t help the first 5 victims they knew about, his addiction to pornography or his infidelity to his wife. I doubt prayer will make him any less of a pedophile! And, the way they “resolve” things concerning their perverted son is to make excuses and keep him out of trouble.

  17. Looking back now, it seems like they’ve tried to hide assets. He closed his business (the car dealership) and sold his house the same year as the raid. They moved into a warehouse on the parents land. I wonder if he gave his parents the money so if he is found guilty he wouldn’t have his money/business/house seized.

  18. Jesus Amy, “the people who know Josh would be devastated” What about the child who were SA in the P0rn he possessed?!!?!?!!

  19. IF ONLY he was charged and jailed for the crimes he committed years ago maybe this could have been prevented. Absolutely disgusting parents to protect their son and not their daughters and the other family friend. I hope his wife wakes the hell up and runs as far away as she can.

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