‘Teen Mom 2’ Couple Ashley Jones & Bar Smith Unfollow Each Other on Social Media After Bar is Arrested On Gun Charge; Bar’s Mom Shen Defends Her Son

“This guarantees us a spot on ‘Teen Mom 2’ next season, right?”

Just days after fans saw Ashley Jones accept Bar Smith’s marriage proposal on Teen Mom 2, the on- and off-again couple appear to be on the outs (again) following Bar’s arrest this weekend.

According to the police report shared by the Teen Mom Shade Room Instagram account, Bar was arrested Sunday for “willful discharge of firearm in negligent manner.” The 24-year-old was reportedly held at Merced County Sheriff’s Main Jail, where his bond was set at $25,000. 

The arrest comes just a day after Ashley celebrated her graduation from college with an Associates degree.

Bar provided a Grade A mugshot, thanks to his decision to wear a shirt that says “Shoot Loops” on it…while being charged with a gun-related offense.

The shirt really brings out his face tattoos, don’t ya think? (You really can’t make this stuff up…)

Since the news of Bar’s arrest, he and Ashley, who share daughter Holly, have unfollowed each other on social media. Ashley also seems to have wiped all photos of Bar from her Instagram page. (Ashley’s photos remained on Bar’s Instagram as of press time.) 

Never fear, photos of Bar rocking the “Shoot Loots” tee from his mugshot live on.

The Sun reports Bar had been released from jail by Monday – a claim confirmed by his mom, Shenandoah “Shen” Williams, in the comment section of the Teen Mom Shade Room’s post. 

Shen also defended herself after an individual blamed Bar’s actions on Shen’s enabling.

“I don’t enable it I help guide my son to be good do right provide not if he does got a bump u damn right I’m fine tuning period u can’t convince me there is anything wrong with that,” she wrote. “Just because I rock hard body don’t mean I enable it. I encourage my son to handle his sh*t grow up and make sh*t right own it and cherish his family. So naw wrong answer boo u r teaching bits it’s cute.” 

Got all that? 

Shen went on to call out the Internet “trolls” for making assumptions, suggesting they all “really need to get laid.” 

As you do…

Days before making her ‘Teen Mom 2’ debut, Ashley, who previously appeared on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, said the fans who have been rooting for her and Bar will finally “get what they want” this season on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

“ … they will really see us join forces and really become one as opposed to, you know, two separate parents of one child,” she said.

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(Photos: Instagram) 


  1. That “could” happen IF he didn’t have such a messed up mother telling him no matter what he does she’s proud!! Her other son killed a person but she’s so “proud” of him too.
    I really hope Bar can pull himself (because it HAS to be HIM to want it enough) up and IF Ashley is with him to help him on his journey….🤷🏻‍♀️
    I really just don’t want her own (& her precious daughter’s) journey to be dragged down by someone who is coddled and told he is perfect no matter what he does.

  2. Seems like Ashley is really trying to grow and it’s a shame the person she loves isn’t growing at the same rate. Can’t imagine how torn she must be feeling being able to see the best in him and know what he can be but he keeps on making shit choices holding them back. Grappling whether to draw the line or wait it out. People do grow up in different lifestyles (I don’t think it’s fair to blame him for that) and trying to break against your upbringing is hard. Some do occasionally succeed at doing so but they have to want it for themselves. So the question is does Bar? If he sees nothing wrong with it then probably not, hopefully the cycle breaks with him. However if it can’t it’s necessary that she cut ties and put serious boundaries on his relationship with Holly so it is able to break with her. I had to question the same with my husband who grew up with addicts and practically raised himself. His mom got better his dad worse and we severed ties with him but he was able to break the cycle. I know how hard it can be and I do feel for Ashley’s position. I did see he come far, he wouldn’t even take the GED tests last time we saw that play out so he was bettering himself. I do hope this ends up being a setback and he continues to grow. They’re a lot younger so I do feel they have time to do so.

  3. I love when trash people’s parents defend them online with the old “have you all never made a mistake?” (and of course their attempt at being condescending – the laugh/cry emojis) As if these things are NORMAL!! Like, do you seriously not have people in your life who are just good people who don’t get arrested, don’t break the law, don’t ever hit people, don’t ever steal anything, don’t lose control? There are millions of us. NNot that we’re perfect, but we don’t see these things as “mistakes” because they’re not. Normal, good people don’t do those things so there’s no chance of us making these “mistakes”. His mom needs to stop worrying about people online and focus on her trash family.

    1. An adult mistake is forgetting to pull something out for dinner. Forgetting to make an important phone call. Forgetting to switch laundry. Maybe even a big mistake like choosing the wrong baby daddy (calling myself out right there lmfao).

      An adult mistake is not recklessly firing a weapon with total disregard.

  4. So how many times has mom been arrested?
    How many baby daddies does mom have?
    How many of her kids have been arrested?
    How many of them are still doing time?
    CLASS ACT !!
    She’s definitely NOT a lady!

  5. I know nothing about these two but Ashley needs to get far away from this lump, he’s pure trash. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, his mom is gross.

  6. One son in prison for murder and one son with multiple arrests, most recently for weapons charges. No honey your faintly isn’t “all good”. Take several seats and wake tf up.

    This delusion and excuses are exactly why her kids are in the situations they find themselves in. You failed your sons.

  7. MTV let’s keep the gravy train going with these cast of characters. You won’t be hapoy until someone ends up dead!

  8. Perhaps if she wasn’t a train wreck herself her sons would be a bit better off in life.

    If you’re raised in a household that displays trashy behavior/ trashy actions you’re going to grow up feeling like that’s normal. She thinks she’s a thug tho I’m really not sure why… She’s the reason her kids are fucked up. No question.

    Stay classy Shen.

    1. He really sets the bar high for his child’s future boyfriend. What a man to look up to 😂

  9. Isn’t one of his brothers in jail for murder or something? Shen did one hell of a job raising POSes.

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