‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Bar Smith Announces He’s Having His Facial Tattoos Removed: “No More 4 Brows!”

“Otherwise I’m gonna have to match my wedding tux to my eyebrow tat ink color!”

Farewell Four Brows…we hardly knew ye!

Bar Smith is tired of being called “Four Brows,” due to the tattoos he has above his eyebrows— and he’s vowing to do something about it!

The Teen Mom 2 dad and fiancé of Ashley Jones announced on Friday that he plans to get his once-beloved facial tats removed.

“I’m lasering away these face tattoos y’all,” Bar posted on Instagram Stories, later writing in the comment section of one of his posts, “Y’all better get y’all jokes out now. No more 4 brows. NONE OF THAT soon.”


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The tattoos— which Bar got in the Spring of 2019 to honor his late friends— are directly above his eyebrows. He has “NORM” written over his left eyebrow, and “YR474” tatted over his right eyebrow. In addition, Bar has several teardrop tattoos near his eyes. 

Apparently he wants to look a bit more NORMal?
I’ll show myself out…

During an episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant that showed Bar preparing to get the tattoos, he explained the meanings behind them.

“I’m getting YR474 and then on this side, I’m getting Norm. YR stands for Young Rell, that’s my brother that passed away, 474 is the jurisdiction I’m from, it’s my district. And then Norm is for my brother that passed away.” (“Young Rell” was a rapper who was killed in San Francisco in March 2019.) 

He received plenty of hate for bringing his daughter Holly— then 20 months old— to the tattoo parlor with him when he got the tattoos done. 

Shen sh**ting bricks is still a mental picture I can’t get out of my head, even years later…

Anyway, on Friday, Bar opened up on Instagram about why he is getting the tattoos removed.

“I’m sad to say but I think it’s time,” he wrote on Instagram Stories. “It was a good time not a long time.”

“My brothers [who I got the tattoos for] would’ve been mad at me for this s**t anyway,” he wrote on his post. “#RipYr #CipNorm Ima put y’all somewhere else. I gotta make a few adjustments for the better though.” 

(In case you’re not hip to the street lingo, ‘CIP’ means ‘Crip in Peace,’ so we can assume Norm was a member of the Crip gang.) 

One person who is all for Bar removing the tattoos from his face is his mother, Shen Williams. She added her two cents to Bar’s Instagram comments, revealing how angry she was when Bar got the tattoos, and suggesting he move them to a more suitable place…like his neck.


“Honor them on yo neck or something but honestly son [if] that’s what helped u I support it,” she wrote, adding also that she “wanted to take his head off when I saw” the tattoos. 

“Now let’s be clear,” she wrote. “I love u with or without them but I would prefer not.” 

Flashback to what Bar looked like before he had “four eyebrows.”

Despite all the heckling he’s received for the tattoos, Bar wrote that he doesn’t regret getting them. 

“Nah, they served their purpose that I felt I needed at the time, and that was to honor them,” he wrote. “I can continue that just differently.”

When some nay-sayers chided Bar for getting facial tattoos in the first place, Mama Shen was back to defend her son.

“He is a role model showing his daughter it’s okay to fall, it’s about getting back up, trying again and getting better each time!” Shen wrote. “He is not a screw-up, clearly you have no clue. I do. I know the good, bad and ugly and my baby is doing amazing and no one will tell us different.”

(Shen didn’t mention this little recent, um, “screw-up” of Bar’s though…) 

As for Ashley, she has stated numerous times in the past that she’s fine with Bar’s “4 Brow” tattoos, although she wishes he didn’t have them.

“I’ll admit this wasn’t his smartest ideas…”

“It’s his body. He had his reasons,” Ashley said in October 2020. “I have to respect that.” 

You can re-live the moment Bar became “4 Brows” in the vintage ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ clip below!

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. Kids, facial and neck tats are NEVER a good idea. It’s a long life, and you will change your mind A LOT about everything as you age. I hope he understands how painful the lengthy lasering-off procedure really is, and on your FACE, yikes!

  2. Wait till he sees how long and how painful the process is to remove them. Multiple sessions with a laser and even then the results might not be all that great.

  3. Amazing what a little perspective can do for a person. 🤨
    Too bad he couldn’t have thought that through BEFORE the “4brows” (and his 20 month daughter in a tattoo shop??!!?!?!? 😳)
    But really now, we all know he’s doing it for Ashley. Anything to get her back! 😇
    And she’s just as messed up to keep going back to a thug like Bar!
    She has to have a thing for bad boys, which really sucks for her daughter to have that as a role model 😢

  4. Ashley captions are gold as always!

    TBH the second dumbest thing about the tats (first being placement) was the artists did crap lettering so it healed into a blurry mess.

  5. Ugh. Good decision.
    This looks amazingly ridiculous.

    The only person a face tat looked good on was Danger and that was like 13 years ago.

  6. Very short time frame of getting them and getting them removed. He obviously got them without thinking about it long enough

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