Aaron Carter‘s new giant face tattoo has his former teeny-bopping fans shaking their hand and saying “Oh, Aaron!”

(By the way, that is the name of his 2001 album and, yes, The Ashley had to look it up because she had no clue.)

Anyway, the former teen heartthrob — who is set to appear on the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition— debuted his two new face tattoos over the weekend on Instagram. The first– a giant Medusa-like woman that is inked down the entire side of his face– connects to the second, which is the word “Love” scrawled in cursive under his eye. The new tats put Aaron in the small group of current and past reality TV stars who dared to ink up their faces.

“IM THE BIGGEST THING IN MUSIC RIGHT NOW. I CANT BE DENIED. FACT CHECK ME. #unstoppable #LMG #SilenceBreaker,” Aaron wrote in the photo’s caption.


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Aaron has been going through hard times over the past few years, but his caption for the photo was extremely positive…although his followers’ comments weren’t.

“Nooooooooo. Why’d you do this? Your poor face in 30 years,” one person wrote.

“This dude needs help,” another wrote. “A grown man that weighs less than 120 lbs getting face tattoos and making up lies about him being the hottest thing in music. What music?”

While Aaron’s face tattoo didn’t go over too well with his fans, here are five other reality TV stars who are still rocking a facial tattoo.

Bariki Smith (‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’) 


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Happy Friday y’all ??

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While the majority of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise cast has multiple tattoos, ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ star Bariki “Bar” Smith is currently the only ‘TM’ star who has brought the ink to his face. Earlier this year, Bar– who is the on-and-off boyfriend of ‘Young & Pregnant’ star Ashley Jones— got “NORM” inked over his left eyebrow and “YR474” over his right eyebrow. 

Bar later told his fans that both tattoos are tributes to his friends who have died. (The “YR” stands for “Young Rell,” a rapper who was killed in San Francisco in March.) The eyebrow tats joined the three teardrop tattoos that were already on Bar’s face.

It’s been reported that a ‘Teen Mom’ crew filmed Bar’s eyebrow tattoo session, so we may see the footage on the next season of ‘Young & Pregnant,’ which premieres next month!

Kat Von D


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Kat is one of the most-famous tattoo artists in the world…so it’s only fitting that she’s covered in tattoos herself! The former ‘LA Ink’ star has star tattoos covering most of one side of her face, and a small lightening bolt near her eye on the other side.

In an interview, she stated that her favorite Mötley Crüe song is “Starry Eye,” which explains why she got the tattoo. (Fun fact: she also gave Mötley Crüe member Nikki Sixx a small star tattooed on his cheek during the short time they were dating.)

Jemma Lucy (‘Ex on the Beach’ & ‘Celebrity Big Brother’) 

UK reality star Jemma— who has appeared on the UK version of ‘Ex on the Beach’ as well as on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’– has multiple tattoos on her face. She has the word “LOVE” scrawled over her eyebrow, next to some diamond tattoos. On the other side of her face, Jemma has a tattoo of a swallow, as well as several stars. By one of her eyes she has a small red heart. Last month, she added the name of her daughter— who was born in May– to her facial tattoo collection.

While Jemma has yet to appear on any U.S. reality shows, there’s a possibility that she could eventually come to The States for a TV show. After all, her ex-boyfriend, Stephen Bear, is currently appearing on MTV’s The Challenge.

Lil Scrappy (‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta) 

Lil Scrappy’s face bares tattoos of two different crosses. The ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ star– who has also appeared on reality shows such as ‘Leave It To Stevie’ and ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’– explained the significance of his face tattoos in a 2017 video interview.

“I’m real religious when it comes to my Christianity, so I said, ‘I’m going to get me a cross that signifies Christianity and Jesus, you know what I’m saying?” he said. “Jesus died on the cross for us; he went through a lot of pain. I’m going through a lot of pain. I feel like he’s better than me so I’m gonna ride with that.”

Later in the interview, he explained why he wanted the crosses on his face, as opposed to somewhere else on his body.

“The reason I said that I’m gonna do the face is because, for one, I felt like I wanted to use everywhere else [on my body] for something else,” he explained. “I wanted [people] to actually see what I believe in. You know what I’m saying? This is what I believe in, and you’re going to see it every day. Every day I wake up and I can have clothes on and you can still see what I believe in.”

Raymond “Benzino” Smith (‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’;  ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’) 


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I don’t ask for much…..just loyalty and love.

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Lil Scrappy’s ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ co-star Benzino is also a fan of the facial tattoo. Benzino– who appeared on a season of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’– has had several tear drop tattoos on his face since the late-1990s. In a 2014 interview with VLADtv, Benzino explained that “everyone has their own meaning” for getting teardrop tattoos on their face, but his “means struggle, this means pain…this means your man is gone.”

He went on to explain that one of his friends died in his arms, which prompted him to get the tattoos.

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28 Responses

  1. Yup Aaron’s lost his marbles. Did anyone else catch him on Instagram live with Amber at 3 a.m. about a month ago? It was bazaar.

  2. He’s going through something right now. Whether an issue stemming from his mental state or from drugs, he needs to get help. I was a huge fan of his growing up, and it’s sad to see the state that he and he family are in. I have nothing against face tattoos, but I think he’s sort of living in a state of disillusion. His family has been through a lot, and mental illness runs in his family. Nothing wrong with that, it’s in my family too, but he definitely needs assistance that I’m sure his inner circle is not recommending.

  3. My tattoo artist once said that she will not tattoo someone’s face. A person covered in tattoos who earns a living by tattooing other people said that if someone wants a face tattoo they usually have some deeper issues going on that she does not want to enable. I think that says something.

  4. Lol, oh brother.
    I got a tattoo Cuz I wanted one… I loved what I got, over 10 years later I still do… There was no “this is what it means” or “this is why…” I got it Cuz I wanted it and that’s that. Idk why people break into song about it?

    1. Good, I’m glad you like your tattoo, you got it so you should like it. I’d hate to think that you (or anybody else for that matter) would get something permanently etched on their skin that they hated.

      What others and myself is not personal attack on you. We have a right to our own opinions, and that is quite obvious that we feel that face tats are a big ?.

      And you have to admit that alot of his actions (not just the face tat) and the things he says are a major and serious cry for help and attention. I just hope that someone (friend or family) will step in and help him see the light at the end of the tunnel before it is too late.

      1. Lmao! I didn’t think anyone was attacking me, Idk where u came to that conclusion. I just stated that everyone pictured above (that the Ashley wrote about) “has a meaning” ??? behind their tattoos and I actually find it amusing when ppl start thinking they need to explain each tattoo. Nobody cares that so and so got their grandma’s Aunt’s husband’s friend’s gerbil’s original owner’s mom liked unicorns therefore, so and so got one… Face tattoos are not my thing but to each their own ??‍♀️

  5. Aaron is proof that early fame makes you lose your mind when you’re older. A lot of Disney child stars also have mental problems, took drugs etc. Just think of Miley (recently divorced too). Not to mention Britney, Demi,…they are all proof being a child star is not a good idea!

  6. Bumped in to Jemma the other day, she looks tacky and gross.
    The facial tats and over inflated lips, she looks a scary mess.

    1. What exactly is wrong with Kentucky?? You know, it comes to my attention that those who call people racists are usually racists themselves.

  7. Aaron is clearly having a Britney Spears / Amanda Bynes / Charlie Sheen breakdown. This is just sad and hard to watch. I hope he gets help stat.

  8. I actually don’t mind Kat’s as they’re closer to the hairline and just work with her overall look with lots of makeup etc.

    Aaron…. just…. 🙁
    The caption is more concerning than the face tattoo and I agree with the other poster considering it almost a form of self mutilation. He doesn’t seem well and it doesn’t take a medical professional to see that.

  9. Poor Aaron. I think he must have been in a manic state to do that. A very creepy tattoo. I saw him recently on The Doctors show and I thought he was going into treatment to help his various mental issues. What happened? He is obviously not in treatment yet. I almost consider his facial tattoo as self mutilation. I feel sad for Aaron.

  10. I love tattoos, always have, but I just hate face tattoos. They don’t age well and they’re just ugly. Not trying to be judgemental, just my opinion.

  11. I’m sorry but a tattoo on the face just creeps me out! Tattoos in general don’t bother me, but there is something about a face tattoo that is VERY cringeworthy to me!!!

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