‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Cory Wharton & Cheyenne Floyd to Appear on ‘How Far is Tattoo Far’: Cory Wants to Give Cheyenne A Tattoo That “Makes Her Cry”

“Um, honey, the only person on MTV you haven’t slept with is pretty much Dr. Drew!”

They may be happy co-parents these days, but Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton clearly still harbor some resentment about their bumpy journey to parenthood!

The Teen Mom OG stars are set to appear on Thursday’s episode of How Far is Tattoo Far?— an MTV reality show in which the participants each choose a tattoo for the other that they don’t get to see until it’s permanently etched on their bodies. In a preview clip of the episode, Cory states that he is bitter that he didn’t get to meet his daughter, Ryder, until she was six months old, due to Cheyenne being unsure who the father was. (Where’s Maury Povich when you need him!?)

“We didn’t know Ryder was mine,” Cory explains, before talking about the tattoo he has planned for his baby mama. “So, I’ve got something up my sleeve for Cheyenne.”

“I just want to make you cry!” Cory tells Cheyenne later.

As for what tattoo Cheyenne has come up with for Cory, the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star hinted that it has something to do with Cory’s inability to keep it in his pants.

“He’s probably done like 15 shows and he’s definitely slept with someone from each show,” Cheyenne explains.

“You have a little bit of a reputation, Cory,” Justina Valentine says.

When you think back to all that sweet, sweet lovin’ you’ve had in the past thanks to MTV….

“A little bit?!” Cheyenne interjects, later adding, “I can name drop! You wanna go down the list?!”

Cory then looks terrified, asking, “Is that what my tattoo is?!” 

“Little icon faces of all the bitches you f**ked!” Cheyenne says jokingly. (Well, we think it’s a joke, anyway…)

“I think we should put Cory on blast,” Cheyenne says, later adding that she “definitely loves Cory for being Ryder’s dad but he sleeps with every girl he does a show with, he’s known for being a player. So now we’ll see it branded on him.”

Justina then points out that Cheyenne doesn’t have too much room to talk when it comes to hooking up with a lot of people.

“We know you aren’t an angel girl, because when you got pregnant you didn’t know [the baby] was Cory’s for a while!” she says.

“Maybe the tattoo involves that!” Cory says.

“I would…kill you!” Cheyenne tells him.

When Cory and Cheyenne meet with the tattoo artists, Cory reveals that he is not actually planning a “revenge” tattoo for Cheyenne.

“I want to give her like a thank you [tattoo], for being such a great single mother,” Cory said. “I just know that time for her was so difficult and it means so much to her, I want her to feel it.”

Cheyenne’s tattoo idea for Cory doesn’t sound as nice.

“You’re basically saying that he’s an MTV slut!” Justina says after looking at the design Cheyenne has chosen. “He’s branded forever.”

‘How Far is Tattoo Far?’ airs tonight on MTV. 

Watch the sneak preview of the episode below! 

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(Photos: MTV)

14 Responses

  1. Say what you will about these two, but the tattoo that Cory picked out for Cheyenne was BEAUTIFUL. It was a ? and the 11-4 (which is the symbol for the VLCAD nonprofit website rageregardlessry.com that they started in honor of their daughter Ryder and the date that it was established). He did it as a “Thank You” for all the hardships that Cheyenne went through virtually alone since he wasn’t around due to the fact that the paternity of this precious little girl was unknown. So, as you can see it was NOT a “revenge tattoo” that so many of these participants are known for.

  2. I love these two but i think as long as they are not admitting their true feelings they will continue to go thru meaningless relationships which is not good for the baby. Get off the ego trips you two that baby needs not only her parents together but a little brother or sister to complete that beautiful package

  3. I would love for follow ups on some of these “participants”. To see if they still have their tattoos or what they have done to change them.

  4. How Far Is Tattoo Far? I think this basically shows us exactly how far MTV has finally gone with its “Ridiculousness.” (Oh, um…my bad. That’s an MTV show too, isn’t it?)


  5. I remember this dude back in his Real World days. And yes, he did immediately hook up with Jenny, his cast mate (I think they even did it in the confessional which is…gross). They only ended things when her ex (now partner and father of her daughter) showed up.

  6. The storyline for these two is so disingenuous I just fast forward through their segments. I still have no idea whey they are even on the show, I don’t think she was a teen when she got pregnant by that random.

  7. This is the worst show, honestly I can’t watch it – it’s so mean spirited and awful. As someone with many tattoos that mean quite a bit to me, it seems this show turns getting ink permanently etched under your skin into an absolutely meaningless experience and trivial and frivolous. Ugh. And the people just want to hurt each other I don’t get it!!! I know you can get laser removal but come on.

  8. Who the hell would watch this show with all of the Hood Rats and dirty ass tattoos. Good luck getting a professional job with all that ink.

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