Mama June Shannon & Geno Doak Show Up for Court Hearing with WEtv Camera Crew in Tow; Geno Screams Slurs While June Snubs Her Sister Doe Doe

“The only thing we’re guilty of is being in love, right Geno?”

June Shannon and her boyfriend/partner in crime Geno Doak showed up to court on Wednesday to answer to charges in their crack cocaine possession case. After the hearing, Geno claimed they plan to enter a not guilty plea.

The two jail love birds quickly exited their SUV Wednesday morning to face the judge for their plea hearing and right off the bat, opted to skip the pleasantries. While stomping through the parking lot, Geno could be heard calling the paparazzi “p*ssies” and “f**king qu**rs.”

Although Geno was doing what he could to draw attention to himself, the WEtv camera crew following him and June were very noticeable.

This is the first indication that the network may be continuing with June’s Mama June: From Not to Hot reality show, although WEtv has yet to confirm that.

For her part, Mama June was focused on keeping her face and head covered as much as possible with sunglasses and a hood pulled tightly around her face. Though June stayed quiet for most of the short walk to the courthouse, she did thank a police officer for holding the door open. Oh, and she let everyone know that she’s “over” this whole court situation.

“I’m so over this f**king sh*t,” she said before entering the building.

Check out the video of June and Geno’s grand entrance below, but be warned, the audio is uncensored and full of naughty words.

When Geno and June exited the courthouse on Wednesday, June’s sister Doe Doe Shannon was eager to talk to June, but June ignored her. Doe Doe begged June to meet with her but June refused to give her answer.

TMZ stuck around to catch up with the happy couple after their plea hearing where we learned from Geno that the two planned to plead “not guilty” to their charges.

“Not guilty! Not guilty! They owe us a million dollars! Should’ve done that s**t a long time ago,” Geno loudly proclaims while exiting the courthouse. Again, June was in tow with her makeshift disguise.

(You can watch the video of their exit below!)

As The Ashley previously told you, the Mama June: From Not to Hot star was arrested in March along with her boyfriend Geno for possession of crack cocaine after the two were involved in a domestic dispute at a gas station. As of a month ago, the two were in the process of selling their belongings and planning to live in an RV

Coming soon to an RV park near you.

Throughout June’s legal (and substance) issues, her youngest daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson has continued to live with her older sister Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon. Alan  a has publicly said that she refuses to live with June until Geno is no longer in the picture, though June has yet to kick Geno to the curb. 

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(Photos: WeTV; TMZ; Instagram)


  1. New show idea: Stars Behind Bars. They just follow the day-to-day lives of all these reality stars in prison and their families. All money goes into a trust for the children.

  2. I know Alana is living with her sister (Junes other daughter) but who is supporting her?
    Who is paying Alanas bills, food, clothes, school?

    Will honey booboo be suing mom in a few years when mom spends all of the money on her dirtbag boyfriend who will be long gone whenthe money is gone?

    1. I wonder what exactly she is over?
      Making money acting like a fool?
      This deadbeat that is using you? Once all the money is gone so is he, so i hope you stick with the show because losing a catch like him would be a tragedy

  3. They should MAYBE just do a show with Alana and her sister. Actually I’m not even sure this kid should be on tv anymore at all.
    What I DO know, is that June and Geno should NOT be filmed! They’re rewarding bad behavior. These two are straight up CRACK HEADS! They’re not actors acting like crack heads where we can simply laugh. These are two hardcore drug addicts and their story is NOT entertainment. Television networks just keep sinking lower and lower. Next thing you know, we’ll be watching game shows where parents tell their small children that mommy and daddy don’t love each other anymore. Stay tuned for the hot new show of this fall “What’s he od-ing on?” Where contestants can guess what drug someone is overdosing on for cash and prizes! Tune in for “Dead Man Walking: Texas Execution!”!! Watch your favorite murderer eat his last meal!!!

    Where does it stop? These people have sad, dark and disturbing lives and it dies nothing but depress me when I see kids involved and think of my own children. These poor kids had NO SAY in their parents selfish decisions. It’s sick and getting sicker!

  4. My heart is breaking for Alana. Neither of her parents want her… Her mom is a drug addict POS who would sleep with anyone, even if that person had previously molested her own child. Sugar Bear seems to not give a shit either. Stay strong Alana! Good thing you at least have your sister.

    1. Visulenia, my heart breaks for Alana, too. And Pumpkin. And the whole family and yes, that does include June, though I know that June has made a lot of REALLY bad choices that have hurt her own children, badly. Very badly. Still, I feel for the woman, as I think that she herself had a really, really tough childhood and she is still living out patterns from that, reactions to that. She doesn’t know how to be another way, value herself more, and make better choices. I’m not saying any of that is an excuse for certain choices in particular that, like I said, have hurt her children very much. I’m just saying, for some reason, through watching the reality programs featuring she and her family, I have come to care about her, and I really hope she gets the help she needs, and the whole family does, in order to heal in every way.

      Meanwhile, my heart does break for Alana. Alana is such an intelligent, utterly hilarious, high-spirited, character–and I say character in the best way: she is really a special kid and soul. The thing that made me fall in love with that family is that, despite all their problems and issues, there is so much love, warmth, and humor there. I do wish the best for all of them. I hope that somehow, someone will get through to June that she is worth more than to stay with a partner who treats her like dirt and is basically just using her until her money runs out, sad to say. She needs to love herself, and not keep trying to get love by, as the song lyrics say, “looking for love in all the wrong places”. Her kids need her. I feel like she DOES love them, very much, yet she literally is not capable right now of loving herself enough to get away from Geno. And now we have to add on to that drug addiction, which is now in the mix. Just so sad, all around. I’m rooting for this family. It is admirable how Pumpkin has stepped up for her sister, and Josh for his sister-in-law, Alana. Thank God she has them.

      1. June has always been trash, I’m sorry. Let’s not forget how she chose the man who molested her daughter, Chickadee, over the daughter and grandchild. And, as sad as it is, she used Alana to get to where they are at. She may have had a tough childhood, but was given the opportunity of a lifetime to better herself and all she did was become worse. No sympathy here.

  5. I want to know who the two were in the front seat driving and why. The Ashley, please keep us updated on anything else we hear about them. This is a train wreck I need to watch, lol!!

    1. I see what you are saying, re the exploitative aspect of it, YET I also see value in it because so many families in America are struggling with issues of addiction, etc., and this last season of “Mama June: From Not to Hot” really shows how that just can decimate an individual and a family. Also, speaking for myself, I have come to care about this family and I’m rooting for them, and I do want to continue following their story. Last but not least, frankly, June’s kids, Pumpkin and Alana (and grandchild, Ella), need money to survive, and if the show continues on, with or without June, that will help them in that regard.

      1. I have to disrespectfully disagree. It does not show what so many families are struggling with in any real sense. In reality, people end up DEAD. children are abused and neglected in every nightmarish way conceivable.

        THESE shows portray that hey you can be a drug addict and still maintain!!! Crack smoker? No biggie, you can still be invited to red carpet events, everyone will still love you, you can still live in a big house and have a glam squad!

        These shows show us nothing about the reality of drug addiction

          1. lol, I knew what you meant (re “respectfully disagree”) and, might I add, it is refreshing to see someone civil on the net (so far, everyone in this discussion is), as so often people are really nasty on it. Anyway, I hope someday soon, June gets the help she really needs–I feel like WeTV and/or others would help her get that, if only she would take the opportunity. Rooting for this whole family to heal.

      2. The thing is, this is a product of a family that was given a bunch of money from tv networks. Had they not received/still receiving large sums of money in exchange for a heavily edited very small portion of their reality, would this be possible? Maybe if this was a documentary type show that didn’t throw large sums of money at a family who is not mentally sound and are financially irresponsible I would agree 100% but the fact that it is being used as entertainment and the family continues to financially benefit from the behavior is the issue I see. They have fueled the fire and continue to do so.

    1. That’s because you’re either rich or middle class. Poor folks and white trash name everyone the same so everyone goes by nicknames. I’m sure when she goes in a bank she doesn’t go by dodo. So many other things to judge in this situation than an aunt’s -who tries to. Be there and help her family- name.

  6. Trash being trash..what more can a person say. I’m not surprised at all. I hope they throw these two losers to the wolves. Geno’s Ridiculous behavior and talking about how they owe him “a million dollars,” is absolutely insane. I’m sure they’re still using. Nice job referring to the paparazzi as “queers,” also. You’re really showing how much of a piece of hillbilly garbage you are.

  7. They are clearly in very bad shape and are being enabled by that network just like MTV with many of the Teen Mom folks.

    1. Preach it CoryandTrevor, 100% agree!! Teen mom needs to be cancelled, Chelsea has no story line other than pushing her 200.00 dollar diaper bags and making up a story line along all while gloating her whinny voice, I mean really. ugh

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