New ‘Kate Plus 8’ Special Will Focus on Cara & Mady Gosselin Leaving for College; Mom Kate Gosselin Sets Up a Shrine for Them

“Our mom made us do this, though we’re sure you already knew that.”

The eldest Gosselin kids are finally escaping the grips of their controlling mother college-bound and bringing along a camera crew to document the entire thing. 

TLC has announced a special Kate Plus Eight episode will air next week that will focus on Cara and Mady, the 18-year-old twins of Kate and Jon Gosselin, as they prepare for life as college freshmen.

….And because Kate is, well… Kate, she’s decided to make some cash the most of this monumental time in her daughters’ lives by insisting that they bring her along, as well as a TLC crew for the occasion!

“I might not be the star of this thing, but at least my name is still in the title.”

In the trailer for the special, we learn that the twins aren’t too keen on dorm living, likening their new digs to that of a prison cell.

“College dorms are depressing,” Mady says. “Some of the windows are, like, this big and I feel like I’m in prison. 

We also learn that Kate isn’t coping well with the idea of her two oldest children leaving the nest… even though two of her youngest, Colin and Hannah, flew the coop to live with their father last year.

“How you gonna play us like that, Cara and Mady? You’re leaving us alone with Mommy Dearest!”

As for the remaining sextuplets living with Kate (Alexis, Joel, Leah and Aiden), we see in the trailer that they, too, are adjusting to life without Cara and Mady living at home, though mostly due to their mother insisting on “putting up a shrine” of the twins “like they’re dying.” 

In addition to the college tours, farewell dinners and Kate’s mourning, we’ll also get to see the family take part in some forced family fun along the way, which Kate almost certainly used to bribe her children into partaking in this “special.”

“OK, on three let’s tell each other how much cash mom slipped us to do this mess.”

The special will also include the twins’ “last meal” with the family, where Kate gets emotional and seems to remember that she has two other kids who no longer live with her.

“We keep having family members leave,” Kate tells them tearfully, before saying in voice-over, “It’s a pain that’s hard. I don’t wish it on anyone.”

Again, to clarify: the girls are going to college. They have not died.

The ‘Kate Plus Eight’ special airs Tuesday, October 2 on TLC.

Watch the trailer below!

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(Photos: TLC)

38 Responses

  1. Who really cares. Get your shit together. I saw your dead beat baby daddy with no kids 7years ago and just keep doing what mother earth needs to do. Take care of the stars

  2. Really love Kate. She was the main breadwinner and caregiver for so many years. Where were Jon’s support payments? NOW when they are mostly raised he is trying to step back in.

  3. Kate does not force her kids to film. She has the money to send them to college from the filming she has done. Overall she has done less time on camera than other families. Her daughters have turned out lovely and are headed to college. Yep of the children live with their dad. The other 6 chose to live with their mom. Collin was violent and was kicked out of school for a while. Maybe he was done with his treatment. Maybe he does better in a smaller household. None of us know. So mind your own business

  4. Finally a story about this controlling, fake, money hungry lady clown told in a tone I would use if I ever actually talked about the talentless hack.

  5. Quit letting her exploit her children.i for 1 of several people will not watch this.raise your kids and move on dear lord

  6. At this point in time, if the remaining four kids are miserable living with Kate they can go live with Jon. They are at an age where the courts would grant that. Do we ever know WHY Kate sent Colin away for the past few years?? WHAT was his diagnosis?? I heard a long time ago that he was abusive to his siblings, teachers, etc., but there was never a clear explanation as to why he had to be in a locked down facility. It appears Colin is doing OK with Jon, but seriously if he was that much of a danger to himself and others, would he have been released back out into the public?? I guess his case is sealed and we may never know. Back when this all happened, I think Hannah was having “issues” as well. Kate cut off all relationships with her own family. These kids will either turn out OK or we may see them all on Dr. Phil and/or Dr. Drew in ten years. Who knows.

  7. ?This is child abuse that never ends. Yes, it goes on and on my friends. TLC started airing it knowing exactly what it was and they’ll continue airing it forever because this is child abuse that never ends. Yes, they make bank and don’t care my friends.?

    My 16-year-old keeps singing that whenever a Kate Plus Date/8 commercial comes on.

  8. I never watched Kate until Kate plus Date. It was painful and I don’t think I missed anything not watching her before. I certainly won’t be watching her again. Kate don’t go away mad, just go away

    1. kate was on celebratie apprentice she’s was not pleasant to watch. Very rude and controlling. She put her son in a mental institution because he is adhd and she didn’t want to deal with him. I would not do anything to give her attention. Shame on TLC for promoting this but.

  9. Kate is a narcissist, it’s great to see Mady so entitled that (to her) a dorm room is anything like a prison cell. Consider yourself blessed brats. How much did Kate pay oh wait she’s milking this too. Mady has always been mouthy, she reminds me of Kate Jr. Good luck future spouse. Cara… You’re still cool!

      1. Since they’re now adults, couldn’t they have told Kate No when it came to the cameras? And if she has really built a shrine to them, sounds like she needs a psych hospital, not Colin.

  10. Kate gosselin will do anything to be in the spot light can’t stand her
    So glad Jon left her ever since that episode of her treating him like a dog in the store Christmas shopping.shed a mean selfish selfish person

  11. Wow. When they all need therapy. I mean the kids! I hope the two college girls say how controlling Kate is. She usually has a nasty look on her b face!

  12. You know…TLC …you could just say NO to Kate. She’s probably doing the ‘shrine’ for the cameras. Why don’t you stop being an Enabler…this game is an addiction to herw

  13. You know…TLC …you could just say NO to Kate. She’s probably doing the ‘shrine’ for the cameras. Why don’t you stop being an Enabler…this game is an addiction to herw

  14. Happy that her older daughters are off to college. Give your Mom credit it’s very hard to keep children on the straight and narrow. Kate your super Mom. No drugs, name in the press for all the wrong reason. You may say what you want about Kate but she was up on the real parenting of today. Her ex husband only wants to sell stories. He couldn’t write a check for college. Enjoy your day Kate because being a Mom is damn hard now days.

  15. Will not be watching! No one cares about Kate anymore. She’s just using her kids to make $$ and act so important. Let the girls enjoy this moment without the cameras! Let them be normal.

  16. Well this article is just dripping with sarcasm and heavy with your attitude, which sucks by the way. Oh and just for the record, if your husband left you with 8 kids to take care of by yourself, you probably would’ve kept an already popular tv show going to the pay the bills now wouldn’t you? Don’t try and lie and say you wouldn’t. A lot of assumptions in your article, or I could just use a smaller word and it would be perfectly fitting: B.S.!!

  17. The one daughter is exactly like Kate. She has bitchy attitude. Every answer is rolling her eyes, life will be difficult for such an entitled brat,

  18. Not saying that Kate isn’t fridges hose beast but I get emotional just *thinking* about my kids leaving the nest. When your whole identity has been wrapped up in your kids for 20+ years it’s got to be hard. Especially for stay at home parents.

    1. My youngest will be going to college next year. The time is going way to fast. My life is my kids and their activities, etc. I’m going to be lost.

        1. This person is expressing their love for their child. How dare you tell them to “just get a life”.

          You are obviously not a parent. And if you are, you obviously aren’t a very LOVING one!!!

  19. This is an extremely poorly written article. The writer sounds as if she hates Kate. The reason the majority of the public doesn’t believe what is written by the media is because personal feelings, instead of hard facts, are the driving force behind most articles.

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