Jon Gosselin Confirms His Daughter Hannah Is Now Living With Him Full-Time

“Sorry, Mommy Dearest!”

Jon Gosselin has been hinting for months that his 14-year-old daughter Hannah is now living with him, but several of his recent posts to Instagram have confirmed it.

The former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star posted a photo of Hannah– who is one of Jon’s eight children with his ex-wife Kate—standing in front of his house. In the photo caption, he congratulated Hannah on “starting fresh,” and talked about the “new beginnings” he hopes they’ll have together.

“Congrats Hannah on your first day of school, proud of you. I admire your bravery starting fresh!” Jon wrote. “I Love you very much and we have worked really hard to get here. Dedication has really paid off. I’m so happy you integrated yourself into the community, you made friends all summer and now you will grow and graduate with them. I’m honored to be your father!!! Love you, Dad #newbeginnings”

In a photo posted to Instagram last week by Kate, six of the couple’s eight children are shown dressed in school uniforms on their first day of the school year. Hannah is not dressed in a school uniform, which likely means she is attending a different school than the rest of her siblings.

Jon actually confirmed on Instagram Live last week that Hannah “permanently lives” with him. However, a source for the magazine stated that Kate still has full custody of all eight of their kids.

Fans have been speculating that Hannah was no longer living under Kate’s roof with seven of her eight siblings. (Jon and Kate’s 14-year-old son Collin lives at a facility that has a program to help with his behavioral issues, according to Kate.)

Jon and Kate have both said that only some of their eight kids choose to visit with Jon.

“If the kids want to come, they come,” he said at the time. “I love them all, but I am going to focus on the ones that want to come. My hands are tied.”

In 2017, Jon asked fans to donate money to help him fight for custody of his children. His GoFundMe campaign raised about $3,300.

Currently, it appears that Hannah is the only Gosselin child who currently lives full-time with Jon, though. As far back as 2015, Hannah was expressing her desire to live with Jon instead of Kate and her siblings.

“Jon is filing for custody because Hannah has expressed she is unhappy and uncomfortable in the house with Kate,” a source told E! Online three years ago. “In a perfect world, Jon would take all the kids, but he’s not in a position to. For now, he’s at least trying to help Hannah. Out of all the children, she’s the one voicing her discomfort.”

In the comment section of the post, some fans encouraged Jon to fight for custody of his other kids, particularly Collin.

“I pray for your ex that she will change her ways,” one person wrote. “I only can go by what I see, not hear. Now work on getting your son. He needs you, more then you ever know.”

“Please go get the other seven,” another person wrote. “Kate should not have any of them. She is a bad mother.”

Kate has yet to publicly comment on the status of her custody arrangement with Jon over Hannah. She is preparing to star on her new dating show, Kate Plus Date. It is unknown if Hannah–or any of the other Gosselin kids–will appear on the new show, which premieres this fall on TLC.

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  1. I think that Kate uses her children to have these reality shows. She has always just been about Kate and what she wants. She isn’t the right parent to have their other 6 children. That’s just my opinion sorry if I offend anyone.

  2. I’m so glad that people are finally waking up to the loser that John is. I used to watch the show when it was on and John was totally useless to Kate. All he wanted to be was the fun one while Kate parented. When you have those many kids so close in age of course structure is needed, which Kate provided. Not saying that Kate is a cake walk but damn she really raised those kids on her own for the most part. I remember the Wife Swap episode when she and Kendra Wilkinson switched places and Kendra thought Kate was too rigid with all her rules. Well Kendra learned that day why Kate had all of those rules in place. You have to provide kids with structure and rules or they’re toast. No one ever talks about when John took all his divorce money and was spending it on Ed Hardy, yachts and the doctor that did Kate’s tummy tuck’s daughter. Kate was smart enough to spend her money wisely and thats why she’s able to send the kids to private school and provide them with the lifestyle that they have. John is a man boy that wants everyone to have sympathy for him. If Hannah is happy living with him more power to her maybe she needs that. I’m just waiting for him to ask Kate for child support since he has Hannah living with him because I wouldn’t put it past him.

  3. I just want to know what the hell is going on with Colin that they sent him away. That’s so archaic. He’s been away for years.

  4. I remember kate was always a strong “type A” personality always having to be in control and the boss, but Jon knew That. I don’t think she became worse with fame I think she just became the main focus so her personality was more obvious. If your husband left you with eight kids to go bang younger women and embarrass himself I’m sure you wouldn’t be miss congeniality either. I think kate is controlling and has issues yes but who wouldn’t with the hand she’s been given. I don’t give Jon credit he did nothing for those kids for years (wasn’t he not able to pay child support for a long time also?) and now everyone wants to pat him on the back for showing up? No sorry. I wonder what would’ve happened to that family had they never been on television.

  5. Had he not had his midlife crisis at 30 in the first place, I doubt this would be as big of a disaster as it is. IMO, he left during the hard times and abandoned his family. I cannot imagine raising 8 kids, 6 of them toddlers at the time, by myself like Kate did…So if she seemed like a “tyrant” I can understand she probably lost her mind a few times being a single parent, while he was going off blowing all of his money on bedazzled Ed Hardy crap and getting random girlfriends. And now he wants to be a dad? When the hard part is over and the kids are in 8th grade? If they wanna go live with him then I think they should have the option to, but he’s the furthest thing from father of the year.

    1. THANK YOU! So many people belittle Kate because she is stressed out…uhhh any normal person would be doing that alone while your husband is out cheating on you with young girls.

  6. I dn’t understand why people are praising Jon for getting custody of one child when Kate has fully custody of six. It’s like when my husband gets praised whenever he “babysits” our kids but I get none when I take care of our kids full time as a stay-at-home mom. Why should men get a medal for being a parent?

    1. Because Kate is a control freak and won’t just give Jon 50/50 of their children, even though it would be best for their kids to see both parents. The fact that some of them don’t even want to go to Jon’s makes me think that Kate badmouths him all the time (which is very common with divorced people who share children and I’m not saying Jon doesn’t do that, but because the children are living with her they only get to hear one side). I bet your husband doesn’t have to go to court to get to ‘babysit’ the children you have together, so it’s not the same

      1. If Jon gave a crap when the kids were young, he wouldn’t have lost half custody of the kids anyway…and now because the kids are almost out of the house (the twins have 1 more year until they’re 18 and the sextuplets have 4 until they’re 18), he wants to be apart of their lives? I seriously have no idea how people are praising him for coming out of the woodwork and wanting a relationship with them, meanwhile he had at least 14 years prior to do so. Instead he wanted to hang out with coke headed D-Lister’s with criminal and domestic violence records and terrible relationships with their kids (Michael Lohan for God sake). You guys give Jenelle from Teen Mom shit, but give this guy a pass? Why? Kate may be controlling, but it was 8 against 1 in that house, it would have been a total zoo in there without her having control.

        1. He didn’t leave 14 years ago. They got divorced when the sextuplets were 5. Prior to that, it certainly seemed like he was an involved parent. We really don’t know all the details surrounding custody, but I do not believe he “abandoned” the children as you are claiming. Both Kate and Jon have made it sound like Jon couldn’t get a place large brought for 8 children, which would affect custody. Yes, the Ed Hardy shirts and hanging out with Michael Lohan were beyond pathetic, but I highly doubt it’s as simple as Jon is bad and Kate is good. I think they both have serious issues and enjoy making the other one look like the bad guy. No one here is even claiming Jon is amazing. But, are you seriously comparing him to Jenelle? That’s just absurd.

          1. Jenelle signed over her parental rights to Babs because she wanted to party and get High High….Jon gave Kate primary custody and continued to party with Mike Lohan, Kate Major, Kate Gosselins plastic surgeons daughter Hailey and Christian Audigier aka Ed Hardy among other things. At the time that he signed over his rights, he could have bought a house big enough for him and his kids, and could have fought for 50/50 custody. Instead he thought he was hot shit moved away from the kids to New York, and went broke. He sells stories to the tabloids, and complains about life not being fair when he put himself in this position. There are big differences between him and Jenelle, and there are similarities. Anyone who willingly gives up custody of their kids is a POS, and they both have done that. He wants a relationship with his kids now that the temper tantrum phase is over, just like Jenelle does with Jace. I will say he hasn’t stooped to pulling a gun on anyone though, so he has that going for him.

            Oh and my bad. He’s had 8 years to build a relationship with the other kids and get his life together. Not 14. As if that’s any better.

          2. I’m SO HERE for everyone speaking up against Jon & understanding that Kate isn’t a ”tyrant” or any of the other horrible things people say about the mother who actually stayed & raised her 8 children ALONE… And I’m also here for the Jenelle comparisons, because I’ve thought the same myself… But I just had to come back & both “correct” & inform you that Jon HAS INDEED PULLED A GUN OUT ON PEOPLE. ? So, that’s another tick in your column as far as this debate goes. ? Here’s a link to the story…


            Oh and one last thing… ???????????? A round of applause for all of the great points you’ve made so far!!

          3. You’re literally making things up, which is silly since there is enough to criticize with the truth. Where did you get that he’s waited until now to have a relationship with the kids? That’s never been true. Nor is it remotely accurate to claim that a parent who doesn’t have primary custody has abandoned their kids. And, we have no clue whether or not he could have purchased a large home after the divorce. We also don’t know what the custody fight entailed. He has fallen way short as a parent – no argument there. But, comparing him to Jenelle is laughable.

          4. Here are some quotes from an Interview Mady and Cara gave People. I’m not making up anything. The guy is an Instagram dad.

            “Someone who isn’t in the twins’ lives? Kate’s ex-husband Jon Gosselin, 41, who remains estranged from the girls, though he wished them a happy birthday via Instagram in October.”

            “Mady and Cara told PEOPLE that they weren’t speaking to their father, who had given interviews to some media outlets about his strained relationship with the girls”

            “He makes it seem like we’re being kept from him, which is insane,” Mady said. “He should maybe spend some time thinking about why we don’t want to see him, and maybe realize that if he ever does want a relationship with us, talking about us on TV is not the way to make that happen.”

            “He doesn’t even know us,” she added. “How can he dare to talk about us?”

    2. I ***loathe*** this double standard. Why does my husband get told how amazing he is…BY OTHER MOTHERS NO LESS…when he takes his kids out to go do something but yet I never got told how wonderful I was?? Even my husband thinks its totally ridiculous.

  7. I’m not sure how one parents that many children (especially with the bulk the same age) very well. It seems insanely stressful, and I would imagine anyone in that position would struggle. It’s too bad their marriage failed because it definitely would have been easier if they had stayed together. It does seem to make sense to have some kids with him and some with her, because I really can’t fathom how one would manage otherwise.

  8. She has a genuine smile on her face. She looks happy and that’s all that matters. Now work on getting colin. Kate is like mommy dearest. Cant wait for the books those kids write about her when they get older.

  9. It seems like this is what Hannah wants and she looks happy, so I’m happy for her. It is kind of sad that she no longer lives with the other kids or even goes to school with them, but maybe that’s for the best.

  10. To be fair/honest I think BOTH senior Gosselins have issues, and Jon always seemed like the giant 9th child during his marriage… and as a divorced kid myself, who didn’t imagine, even fantasize, over what it would be like living mostly with the *other* parent?
    Now, back to my last point, girl had to content with 7 other siblings at her mother’s home, she knows how it is over there, and then she’s probably got her father begging her to live with him, possibly promising things she would factor into better living arrangements. And Jon celebrating/bragging about it..? Ok buddy, 1 out of EIGHT, talk to me in a year if she’s still wanting to live with you and at least 3 other siblings have come over.

      1. Kate and Jon have been divorced for almost ten years… in all that time NONE of the other kids have tried living with Jon? And Kate is a “tyrant”? Um, Jon married her and proceed to have 8 kids, which he happily went along with until fame got to his head. How quickly we forget him hanging out with Michael Lohan, wearing Ed Hardy shirts while dating one of the “journalist” doing a story on him. He’s “trying”? Yeah, I guess he is… and he’s being awfully public about it hoping for a cookie. Again, let’s see how this all washes out

        1. Yeah I said kate is a tyrant. Because that is my opinion of her. Yeah he is a douche bag and wore ed hardy and hung out with fellow douch bags so what??? No one said Jon is gonna get father of the year. But at least he is trying. Those kids are not happy with her.

      2. no, everyone does NOT know that Kate isn’t a good parent. She’s been doing it how many years alone?? Just because one kid decided to live with him, means nothing. Any kid would want to, especially if they will be the only child at the other house. Kate still has custody of her. I suspect she did it knowing that Hannah will soon miss being at home.

        1. Sorry, MOST people who know about this family can agree that she doesnt have her kids best interest at heart. She’s self absorbed, greedy. And pimps out her kids when they obviously just want nothing to do with any of it. I me mine. That is what kate is about. Sorry if u don’t agree with me. I get it. I’m sure it’s a lot having eat kids. She treats them like they are in the military and she is the drill sergeant. Trust me when they get old enough to write books we will all know.

          1. Just because she likes structure (which is needed with eight kids) doesn’t mean she doesn’t have their best interest at heart. You see her on a scripted TV show. You have no idea what or how she feels for her kids.

    1. I’ve gotta agree….over there she has 8 less people to live with, she probably has her own room, own bathroom, and he probably spoils her and treats her like she’s the most important one, because as per what he said “I love them all, but I am going to focus on the ones that want to come. My hands are tied.”…There should have been no “BUT” in that sentence, and you should be focusing on ALL the kids you made.

      I would give him more credit had he been there when those kids were toddlers, but this guy was out blowing all his money on trips, girls, clothes, and God knows what else, while Kate and the kids were left to fend for themselves. Now he wants some accolades because ONE kid warmed up to him?…Then he ran to the press about it to make money off this kid and this story…but Kate is still considered the “bad” parent. Just because she needs structure and discipline to take care of 8 kids, doesn’t make her a “bad” parent. She never abandoned her family.

      1. To be fair, they both try to make money off their kids. Kate is actually far more guilty in that respect. That interview with Mady and Cara a few years ago was cringeworthy. They both let fame get to their heads and the kids have paid a serious price for it.

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