Hannah Gosselin Gives Update On Her Relationship With Mom Kate; Jon Gosselin Weighs In On Hannah’s Boyfriend

And now for some rare Gosselin news that doesn’t involve Jon and/or Kate throwing shade at each other…

Hannah Gosselin, one of Jon and Kate Gosselin’s eight children, revealed this week that she and her mom remain in touch with one another, despite their formerly-strained relationship. 

As you know, Jon was awarded custody of Hannah and Collin– two of the Gosselin sextuplets– in 2018. After years of estrangement, Kate and Hannah reportedly repaired their relationship in 2022. 

Kate went on to attend Hannah (and Collin’s) high school graduation in June 2023; however, the the mother-daughter were reportedly on the outs once again the following month, due to comments Hannah made on the premiere episode of VICE’s Dark Side of the 2000s, in which Hannah– along with Collin and Jon– discussed their rise to fame on TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8. 

Hannah and Kate have seemingly repaired their relationship once more, as the 19-year-old revealed in an interview with ET this week that she and her mom speak to each other regularly and that Kate has even been introduced to Hannah’s boyfriend, Lennon Johnson Jr. 

Hannah and her boyfriend, Lennon…

“Well yeah, she’s my mom,” Hannah said. “We talk about school and we talk about life. She knows Lennon. So yeah, I mean, obviously everybody has an opinion and I’m open to listening to everybody’s opinion, but at the end of the day, my choices are my choices.” 

“Please let me know if your choices ever include jumping back into the reality TV world!”

Hannah and Lennon reportedly met through mutual friends and have been together for nearly a year and a half. The pair attend school in Pennsylvania, where Hannah is studying business administration and Lennon is studying cyber security. 

Hannah and her 21-year-old boyfriend occasionally post videos together to their YouTube channel, Lennon & Hannah.

Hannah and Lennon in one of their YouTube videos.

Jon, who was also present for the interview, revealed that Lennon has earned Hannah’s grandmother’s seal of approval. 

“Oh, she actually likes Lennon,” Hannah added. “He sat and he held the umbrella for her while it rained and they talked. They get along.” 

Jon also approves of Hannah’s boyfriend, though he joked with the couple during the interview that Lennon was just “all right.”

“What do you mean? You like Lennon!” Hannah replied to Jon’s comment, to which Jon admitted, “Yeah, we have a lot in common, Lennon and I.” 

Don’t tell us Lennon is an aspiring DJ, too…

Hannah noted that her dad not only gets along with Lennon, but also speaks to him often, largely due to her tendency to not pick up her phone. Jon added that he and Lennon respect each other. 

Lennon said dating someone in the public eye was “a shift” for him, though he called his and Hannah’s relationship “fun.” 

“He’s very kind,” Hannah said of Lennon. “He’s really big on being the best version of yourself you can be. I think he makes me a good version of myself. And he has big dreams and I love him.”  

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC) 


  1. Good for them! I’m glad she’s talking to her mom and there’s some approval there. Her mom is a nightmare, however she’s 18 now and she’s been out of Kate’s control for years. Maybe she’ll continue to be a well adjusted kid.

    1. Recently it’s been used as an undercover racial slur for black people where I’m from and given the context of the comment, yeah, that’s how Ellen meant it. The comment should be removed.

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