Kate Gosselin Surprises Ex Jon Gosselin At Kids’ Hannah & Collin’s High School Graduation; Reportedly Ignores Collin & Takes Selfies During Ceremony

“FYI, I’m totally available to give the commencement address while I’m here!”

The Gosselin Family had an unexpected mini-reunion over the weekend when exes Kate and Jon Gosselin were both spotted attending the high school graduation ceremony of Hannah and Collin, two of the 19-year-old sextuplets shared by the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Hannah and Collin–- the latter of whom Kate placed in a mental health institution when he was a kid–- began living with their father in 2018. The other sextuplets– Alexis, Joel, Leah and Aaden– remained in Kate’s custody after Kate and Jon divorced, as did the exes’ twin daughters, Mady and Cara, who are now 22-years-old. 

Jon revealed last month that Hannah has reconciled with Kate after a long estrangement, and while he was aware that Kate said she’d attend, according to The Sun, he was surprised to see her actually show up to their children’s graduation ceremony, held over the weekend in Pennsylvania. (Leah attended the ceremony alongside Kate.) 

While Hannah and Kate have reconciled, Kate remains estranged from Collin, whom she reportedly ignored during the graduation festivities.

“Kate showed up, which was a bit of a surprise, considering she truly has been missing for most of Collin’s adult life and barely has seen Hannah,” a source told The Sun. 


The DJ-ing dad and his two grads rolled up to the event in Collin’s convertible Mustang. Jon, Hannah and Collin posed for photos outside of the kids’ high school and after the ceremony, Jon invited friends and family over for a cookout to celebrate the graduates. 

“Jon was super-proud to see his kids graduate,” a source told the outlet. “They’ve all been through a lot these past few years so it was a really nice family celebration.” 

As for Kate– who remains estranged from Collin– a source claims the former Kate Plus Eight star only took photos with Hannah and didn’t even speak to her graduating son. 

“Wait…there was a Collin in that gaggle of kids I birthed?!”

“Despite coming to the graduation it seemed more about her than the graduation itself,” the source who is definitely not Jon alleged. “Kate didn’t even clap when Hannah or Collin’s names were read and they collected their diplomas. Kate was walking around taking photos of herself-– she literally was taking selfies.” 

While Kate and Jon didn’t speak to each other at the graduation either, the exes did manage to keep things civil, choosing to sit at opposite ends of the venue where they “didn’t have to see each other.”

Jon has seemingly kept things “civil” with his ex-girlfriend Colleen Conrad, too, who was also present to witness the two Gosselin kids graduate over the weekend. 

“Jon’s ex Colleen, who has remained close to the kids, came to see them graduate and surprisingly sat directly behind Kate,” a source claimed. “Jon and Colleen have remained friends and he was happy to see her. It was a bit intense for Jon having both his ex-girlfriend and ex-wife there, but everyone was civil and the kids were the number one priority.” 

“I was just waiting for a line of people wanting my autograph to form.”

While Hannah and Kate have managed to improve their relationship, Jon continues to have zero contact with most of his kids. Last month he revealed to The Sun that he hasn’t spoken to Mady and Cara in nearly a decade and has no relationship with any of the sextuplets who live with Kate. He also confirmed at the time that he would not be attending the other sextuplets’ high school graduation. 

“We’re just happy he didn’t volunteer to DJ our grad night party.”

“ … The last time I spoke to Alexis, Aaden, Leah and Joel was 2018,” he said. 

Still, Jon said he will “never give up trying to talk to my children.” 

“ … I’m hoping with social media that maybe they might reach out to me at some point,” he said. “The door is always open to rekindle any kind of relationship. I’ve tried for years for any interaction with any of my other kids, but nothing yet.” 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram; The Ashley) 

12 Responses

  1. I have a child who graduated this year that has a similar no contact with birth mother plan in place (in our case it’s also court ordered, though). Despite the order, no contact, no visitation, etc.. it is STILL heartbreaking to watch a child see a parent be there for another sibling and not them. The reasons for the no-contact order are irrelevant when dealing with a child who is all up in their emotions trying to deal with something as heavy as that. Yes, it’s for my child’s own good and they do know this. That doesn’t change the heartache. That doesn’t change the “why not me”? That doesn’t change the constant questioning of one’s self and what they did wrong a child will run through in their head. It’s a burden they will carry their whole life-and likely never truly find answers (even if, hopefully, they come to terms at some point down the road). Therapy helps, but it’s still a very real tragedy that plays out daily. My child is overall quite happy, very healthy, successful in all the things pursued, intelligent and definitely ready to take on the world. But it still breaks my heart to know that under those smiles and that success, there is still a hurt child. I will never understand how ANY parent could ever harm their child intentionally-physically, emotionally, it doesn’t matter, it’s all abuse.

    Honestly, Kate is a trash human being-I expect nothing more from her. She has always been all about herself-absolutely NEVER about her children. When she had the twins she demanded daily help so she could still have her “me time” daily-and that only got worse when the younger ones came along. Her narcissistic tendencies only got worse over time and will likely continue until the day she dies.

    People like her don’t deserve to have children at all. I hope someday they all realize they are worth far more than she ever made it seem. I also hope they all cut her out of their lives and walk away with their heads held high knowing they won’t continue to perpetuate the “it’s all about Kate” show that’s been running their whole lives.

  2. Seriously… What is Kate’s problem?! I always knew, even before the split, that she was more into all of this for HER, not the kids. I am glad Jon celebrated the graduates and kept it cool at the ceremony but the fact that Kate went, completely ignored Collin (whether it’s his wishes or not- in which case, why would she even show up?!) and didn’t even clap for the children she birthed is SO beyond weird and just wrong. She seriously disgusts me.

  3. slightly OT ~ is that jeanna (sp?) keough, formerly of RHOC, in colleen’s IG post? (not the first pic, the friend group shot if you scroll)
    don’t know anything abt colleen except what i read here on theashley ~ so she could very well be an OC native/have lived there in the past. ??‍♀️
    #realityworldscollide ?

  4. He was the one who spoke out about his less than perfect life. She always tried to act like the perfect mother and he ruined that for her. Good for him.

  5. I agree with the comment above WHY do these types of stories disparaging Kate make it to the blogs when it’s a Jon event. Of course I would expect Kate to go to ALL of her kid’s graduations because she loves her kids. Anyone want to consider why nothing was leaked to the news when Jon DIDNT show up to the other kid’s graduation?!? Jon is trash. It’s easy to trash the parent who takes on the bulk of the raising. But Jon became trash to me when he gave up parental rights so he WOULDNT HAVE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT!

  6. Imagine going through hell to have those children, they all survive and thrive, and yet the family is a disaster area of failed relationships.

  7. While I am not a Kate fan, she isn’t the one that keeps running to the media. That seems to be Jon and his family and friends. The remaining 4 kids graduated from high school without any media reports – same as the twins. We also don’t know if Collin even wanted contact with his mother. He may not have and she respected his wishes.

    Regardless, the kids are all adults and high school graduates. Let’s hope that they are able to live happy and fulfilling lives in anyway that they wish. And that their parents now disappear from the media totally.


    1. Kate absolutely runs to the media any time she can, lol. She always has. She is constantly contacting them. She makes her plans very well known, every step of the way. The main reason you see a little bit less of her at times in various media, is because what she’s trying to sell them is boring af and won’t bring in views. She’d sell her soul to the paparazzi if they’d buy it, lmao.

      I’m not a big fan of Jon’s either (he has plenty of flaws), but the vast majority of the stories you see about him, the media (if you can really call them media, lol, sensational media really) are the ones who contact him, or people around him. Sure he’ll sell his story, just like Kate would. The difference is he doesn’t go looking to sell, as in he doesn’t directly contact media himself, and she does. Reps don’t really seek her out, she seeks them out.

  8. Even if Collin doesn’t want a relationship with Kate (who could blame him with her abuse, lies and locking him up in a facility) it had to have stung that the woman who gave birth to him (can’t call her a mother to him because mothers don’t do what she has) cruelly and immaturely just straight ignores him and acts like he doesn’t exist.

    1. Make no mistake—I am no Kate fan, but *maybe* she was trying to respect his wishes to have zero contact?

      That said, even if that was the case, unless there’s a rule about whooping’ and hollering’ I can’t think of one good reason not to cheer when their names were called.

  9. So on 1 hand, I’m thinking.. Does Collin really want pictures with a parent who clearly doesn’t gaf about him??

    But I also feel horrible for him. The fact that he’s a “disposable” child to her. It grosses me out that the rest of the siblings seem to be ok with it.

    I was the target of an abusive dad.. My siblings have my back when it comes to him and have nothing to do with him based on that fact.

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