EXCLUSIVE! Maci Bookout Attends Ex Ryan Edwards’ Court Hearing; Ryan’s Mom & Rehab Rep Testify: Here’s What Went Down Today

Maci supporting Ryan in court was definitely NOT on my 2023 Bingo card…

(Update:) Maci has responded to The Ashley’s request for a comment regarding why she attended Ryan’s hearing. In an exclusive statement to The Ashley, Maci says, “As Bentley’s mom it was important for me to show up for not only Ryan, but Bentley as well.”

Ryan Edwards had his day in court on Wednesday, and the Teen Mom OG dad had plenty of support in the courtroom.

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry Edwards attended and, surprisingly, so did Ryan’s ex, Maci Bookout. Maci— whom Ryan shares son Bentley with— had been at odds with Ryan for years but, as The Ashley previously told you, has been supportive of him recently, standing by him (and filming with him) in recent months.

Ryan has been in jail since April after violating his probation and leaving rehab early. Wednesday’s court date was to discuss the four charges he currently has against him: one for harassing Mackenzie; one charge of possession of a controlled substance from his arrest in February, and two new charges from the crimes he committed days after leaving rehab: DUI and possession of a controlled substance.

(As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan overdosed in his running car and had to be revived with Narcan and hospitalized in April.) 

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Ryan’s mom, Jen, testified on Ryan’s behalf, as did CADAS, a rehab center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. (Ryan stayed at that rehab center at least once before, in his early days of addiction.) 

“I mean Mackenzie…”

“The CADAS rep asked for a furlough for Ryan to go to the rehab when it has a bed available,” the court source tells The Ashley. “They also want him to begin Vivitrol shots within two weeks of him arriving at the rehab.” 

(Vivitrol is a prescription injectable medicine designed to help curb alcohol and/or opioid dependence.)

Mackenzie was not at the hearing, nor was MTV.

According to a Hamilton County, Tennessee, court clerk who spoke to The Ashley, nothin was decided at today’s hearing and it was pushed until his next hearing, which is scheduled for July 12 at 8:30 a.m. 

Ryan remains behind bars at the Silverdale Detention Center in Chattanooga as of press time. The case is still pending, as Judge Starnes has not made a ruling yet.

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available…

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. A year is not enough – his parents need to stop enabling him – before he kills someone…

  2. I don’t know. I mean yes he is Bentleys dad but really there was no need for her to be there. You’d think after all this time and his lack of involvement that Macy would stay out of this issue and focus on Bentley and doing what’s best for Bentley. It seems more like she’s overstepping boundaries by attending. If he was actively involved with his son I’d see a reason.

  3. Much like Ryan, I’ve been to rehab enough times, I could probably teach the class. Cook County Jail (Chicago) and the IL Department of Corrections really opened my eyes. I was surrounded by stick up guys, kidnappers and gang members caught with guns. In prison, drug addicts are on the low end of the social hierarchy. It’s a lot easier to steal from retail stores, family and friends than hardened convicts. I hope the Judge keeps him incarcerated.

  4. Maci went to have a storyline. Without a storyline this leather faced alcoholic would not have a pot to pee in.

  5. It’s cheaper for Maci to attend the hearing than a rep from her custody attorney’s office. It’s her obligation as Bentley’s parent to know what’s going on with Ryan.

    Yes, Jen & Larry play a major role in their son’s addictions but he IS an adult even if he doesn’t behave like one.
    His sentence should be spent in a long term rehab center.

    1. “His sentence should be spent in a long term rehab center.”

      They tried that already.

      He was supposed to serve time in rehab as part of his probation, but He left and violated his probation, he was also required to wear a GPS monitor for 1 year, and then found him in a car, engine on, that went over the curb, unconscious with drugs in the passenger seat.

      That’s why he was told by the judge the rest of his suspended sentence he will serve behind bars.

      He needs help, but sometimes judges have to weigh the cost-benefit of it. And when he’s out, he’s a danger to the public, in jail he’s only a danger to himself.

  6. Jen testifying…. like what is she going to say… it’s her fault. That Rhine has three kids he has been ignoring for years that he needs to not see when so he can get out and put the two in danger by doing drugs around them. Like please he’s a better father inside of a jail than outside. Now his kids can sleep at night, we say what he did to the house his kids live in, we saw how he treated both his kids’ parents. (Threatened to kill Taylor, threatened to kill Mack)

    Rhine has already proven to the courts that he can’t stay in rehab. Violated his probation multiple times, leaving rehab early. The last time, he almost killed someone, and was found with more drugs in his car.

    So let him serve his ENTIRE sentence, and then for the last 3 months, he can go to rehab, and will be required to stay for 6 months. Then move to sober living, then on his own.

    And that stupid therapist, telling Maci a couple of months ago, that she’s not doing enough, and she needs to step up more for Rhine. Yeah, where you at now? What’s your comment, now? Was Maci ever the problem????

  7. Might be an unpopular opinion, but I think Maci was present not to support Ryan, but to hear what was happening in the court proceedings for herself. We all know the media can spin things (not The Ashley, of course 😉) and we know that Jen and Larry like to rewrite history and look through rose-colored glasses. Maci probably felt like the only way to make sure she wasn’t being lied to about what’s happening with her child’s father was to show up in person. I can’t blame her for wanting to know what’s happening so she can plan accordingly for how to best help Bentley cope with any feelings around his dad’s addiction and arrests.

    I don’t always love Maci’s decision-making, but I think she’s doing the right thing and the best she can with this situation.

    1. Especially since Bentley isn’t that far off from being able to make decisions for himself in about 4/5 short years. I have a kid the same age as the first set of teen moms and almost everything I do I feel like I’m the back of mind I know soon this will be their decision alone. Having the facts straight up will help her know how to give support when it’s not her decision alone!

      1. At this point, Bentley will be 15 this, year in October.

        Also, Rhine has shown a history of drug use, and dangerous behavior. Threatening his wife, threatening his stepfather. Bentley will never have to go see the Rhine again, if he doesn’t want to. Plus Rhine has been so lazy, he has never tried to get any custody time with Bentley, so I don’t expect a new released from jail Rhine, who needs to find a job, and follow his probation, focusing on spending the little money he has left, fighting for custody. I see more Jen doing that and fighting for grandparents rights, which is would probably get.

        Rhine was sentenced to 1 year, by the time he gets out Bentley, will be 16. Most family judges will just tell him if he doesn’t want to see his dad, then he doesn’t have to.

        Bentley will be 18 in 3.5 years. And 2.5 once Rhine gets out. I think its kinda like Maci is realizing that Rhine getting worse, not better,and managing what he strategy will be going forward.

    2. I completely agree with you. Being negative towards Maci for this really isn’t it. She has a child with Ryan. I mean I didn’t agree with her supporting Amber’s violence. Bentley is directly involved with this. He’s a teenager, not a baby. Being honest, but respectful, with him is important.

    3. This exactly. If the father of my kid was in the same position as Ryan I would be front row center and taking notes.

  8. if youre at ourt you hear what happens youre not relying on other ppl to tell you what happened. i dont think this about supporting ryan but knowing whats actually said and happens so she can tell her son the truth not some watered down verison he will get from his grandparents and dad later

  9. Bentley will never be able to say that Maci didn’t do her best to give a relationship with his father every possible chance. That’s what’s important. When and if Ryan gets old he can’t come up with his own version of events. ” I wanted to see you but your mother stopped you” He will never never come between Maci and Bentley and Taylor. Maci is absolutely doing everything right.

    1. Supporting your baby daddy terrorizing his wife and kids… yeah that’s doing everything right. Just as delusional as the rest of his family

  10. Maci still has the hots for Rhine, always will. What’s pathetic is her supporting Rhine’s filthy ass, whether she’s doing it for media attention or not, and at that point it’s very clear how low her standards are set. For anyone saying she’s ‘supporting’ Rhine for Bentley’s sake- wrong. She just wants that attention. Poor Taylor.

    1. Y’all can downvote all you want lol, just a reminder that she was filming with this piece of shit.

      I guess people are entitled to sling Amber around like dogshit but when it comes to Rhine it’s okay to let him abuse and threaten his wife & not be a father figure. Make it make sense! 🙃

  11. I honestly don’t understand what is Maci doing there. Who is she supporting, the man that neglects his children, trashed their home and threatened his wife’s life or his parents, that blamed her for his POS behavior?
    And I see his rehab advisor is not understanding that he doesn’t want rehab and he won’t stay in rehab, he’d rather OD or kill someone with his car

    1. I think she went to court for Bentley. Maybe he’s been feeling down and feels like no one cares about his dad. Kids get like that, even if they know their dad is a POS. Kids still feel bad for that parent. I’m thinking Maci went so that she could tell Bentley that she saw his dad and he’s ok. Sometimes a little kid just needs to hear that.

      1. That’s a perspective I hadn’t thought of. Thank you for sharing, it might very well be the case.

    2. Why does showing up automatically equal showing support? It’s entirely possible to be present but not supportive. Can we please not immediately assume horrible intentions from someone who has proven herself to be a mother who cares deeply about her child? We might not agree with every parenting decision but Maci there is no such thing as a perfect parent.

      Collectively, we have watched Maci grow up, and grow as a parent. If camera crews started following me at 17 I’m sure the internet would be full of criticisms of my life choices, too.

      Showing someone grace and love isn’t a sign of weakness, nor does it condone deplorable behavior.

  12. Sorry, but he had the opportunity before to go to rehab. He left after 1 week and some of these charges are the result of that. What are the chances that Ryan will actually stay in rehab??

    I’ve seen many people court ordered rehab. They either leave early or as soon as their time is up they go back out to do the same thing (because they never wanted help in the first place).

  13. Wow…
    Honestly, I think jail is the best thing for him. He clearly showed he can’t take the help/rehab right now. His kids are not safe when he’s out. His addiction is way too strong and has a good hold of him. His kids are in danger.

  14. Wasn’t that the shot that Mike the situation got in his butt in the last season of the original jersey shore?

  15. Honestly, Maci is the bigger person in all of this. I know that she just wants Ryan well and present for Bentley, but after Larry and Jen blaming her for for bring his *trigger* they could kiss my a$$.

    1. I think its nice that she attended. She could be doing it for Bentley too. Hopefully Ryan gets it together for his kids sake.

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