‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards Arrested— Again!— for Stalking Wife Mackenzie & Violating Protective Order

“Oops I did it again!”

Ryan Edwards kicked off the month of March by returning to jail.

The former Teen Mom OG dad was arrested in Tennessee on Wednesday and charged with Stalking, as well as Violating a Protective Order his soon-to-be-ex-wife Mackenzie filed against him last month.

The Hamilton County Sherriff’s Office announced Ryan’s arrest on its official Facebook page, writing that in a press release that, “earlier this afternoon, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office personnel arrested Ryan Edwards… known for his role in the MTV TV show, ‘Teen Mom,’ was recently arrested for numerous charges on February 9, 2023.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan was arrested February 10 after he allegedly violated a protective order filed against him by Mackenzie. He was also charged with harassment, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia at that time.

Ryan’s mugshot from February…

Mackenzie filed for divorce from Ryan on Monday and received a temporary protective order (as well as temporary custody of the two kids she and Ryan share). That same day, two warrants were issued for Ryan’s arrest for the stalking and protective order violation charges. 

It is unknown at this time if Ryan turned himself in or if he was picked up by police.

According to court records, Ryan is due in court next Monday, March 6. As of press time, Ryan is still behind bars and is being held on a $50,000 bond.

Here’s his latest mugshot offering! 

Ryan’s mugshot from March 1.

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. 

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(Photos: MTV; Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office)


  1. Where is Ryan’s rock bottom? When will his parents stop enabling him? Clearly this chaos and these threats may have been MacKenzies rude awakening. Ryan wasn’t a good dad or partner even before he started on drugs (back on the 16&P episodes).

    Ryan is in his 30s, is a hot mess, and still hasn’t seemed to learn anything because he is protected by his parents and close contacts in Tennessee.

  2. on the plus side, looks like rhine’s (alleged) meth sore (abscess?) healed up a bit between mugshots. he must have some salve among the dip bottles and ammo in that chaotic crack den bathroom!

  3. I’m very worried for Mack’s safety. Rhine is a chronically addicted violent felon who has a bad temper and is delusional. He needs to be in jail. FOR A LONG TIME!!

  4. Mack needs to get a stalking order in Oregon that’s for life! Does anyone know if that’s and option in Tennessee 💁🏼‍♀️ TRO and RO’s are limited…..
    Ryan has to truly hit HIS rock bottom in order to get it….. As much as Maci is protecting Bentley and I’m sure she’s trying hard to limit the information about his Dad He’s still gonna find out on his own eventually one way or another, No different than Mack’s kiddos they’ll one day know the truth….
    As for Ryan’s parents they need to let him fall and let him be Big Boy he thinks he is!
    STOP coddling him he got himself in there he can get himself out and he needs to deal with the consequences of his own actions cause he hasn’t got it yet!

  5. I think my bro just loves too hard. He just has bad choices in women. Keep swinging slugger, you will find the right one.

    stay lit

  6. I really hope the judge has enough legal options to not let him leave without court ordered drug and alcohol tests on Monday. I he fails one, back to jail with a bond his parents can’t afford or no bond when that’s legally possible.
    The best option at this time for everyone is jail.
    He’s probably not ready for rehab. He is this in a phase where he is convinced he will get Mack back again.
    I wonder what the kids have witnessed over the years, I don’t believe Mack that this was the first time he got violent.

  7. His eyes have darkened. He needs to be in prison now!

    Also, who is down voting comments about what an dangerous dick Ryan is?

  8. This is what makes DV so scary. Yes you can get a restraining order but the perpetrators KNOW that if they get locked up for violating the restraining order they will get bond and be right back on the street. Sadly I have seen too many women (and men) killed by their ex’s while a restraining order is in place and all of their weapons were already turned over to the cops.

  9. It’s a sad story all around, but Ryan seriously needs help. His parents need therapy to finally understand that they can’t keep trying to love him out of his addiction. It doesn’t work like that. I am not really a big Mack fan, but she doesn’t deserve to fear for her life. She is a mom who has 3 little lives depending on her. She needs to be safe, and Ryan needs to finally get his shit together and go away for some time to do just that. And his parents need to let him, for crying out loud. I hope that this family can find some peace soon.

  10. He should be held without bail. Period. He continues to violate the order-his mommy and daddy keep coughing up cash to get him out. He is back on drugs. Why are they playing with this girl’s life??

  11. I’ll say it again, Mack: get a gun and learn how to use it. I don’t like you but I don’t want him to kill you either, you have 3 kids that need you

    1. I don’t care for her either, BUT she is absolutely doing the right thing by getting out and staying out, and I can support that. My ex-husband and I didn’t have kids, but it was still really hard for me to leave. I had to, because he was abusive. I’m safe now, but I’m in counseling for PTSD and depression. Keep going, Mackenzie. You’ve got this. Don’t listen to your soon to be ex in laws. Just keep yourself and those kids safe.

  12. I can’t believe all the thumbs down on these posts!!! he is dangerous, his parents need to stop helping him, his is an addict and he needs to spend time in mandated rehab AND jail! No way is anyone in his life safe with him being free until he gets rid of his demons–period!

    1. Anyone that downvotes a negative post about Ryan is trash themselves. I would think nothing of it. Notice anyone that has downvoted, hasn’t said a word. Makes them a coward as well. LOL

    1. Is Adam still the record holder? I figured it was Nathan with Lurch and Rhine somewhere around the same count as Adumb. Bar is probably active in the competition too, with Chris Lopez trailing the pack at the moment but still in the count of shame. Janelle probably holds the record for moms by a long shot, even factoring in Amber.

  13. You know if his parents stopped bailing him out, her wouldn’t be facing more jail time….

    He can’t get into trouble locked in a jail cell….

  14. I bet Maci is relieved to be off his radar finally. Too bad it’s to terrorize again the mother of his kids. Terrible situation but not that surprising. He needs to pull an Amber and just opt for gel time.

  15. This man is dangerous and is going to kill someone. He’s threatened Maci, Taylor, and now Mack. He is a drug addict with access to guns. And we know he has a temper. He needs to be locked up and his guns removed from his house or wherever he keeps them.

  16. What a dipshit. He dosen’t give two shits about anyone but himself and he will walk right through that restraining order to get to her. Terrifying.

    1. I live in Tennessee and had a coworker go through something like this. The state law is you can not be in possession of a gun or buy one when there is an active protective order against you. You also can’t have things like crossbows, tasers, ECT. By law the cops should have confiscated his guns as soon the TRO was granted. My friend had cops immediately go to her home and take her ex husband’s hunting rifle. Because Rhine keeps violating the order he’s shooting himself in the foot. He’s giving good reason to make the TRO permanent, lose custody of his kids, and the right to ever possess a firearm again in the state of Tennessee.

      1. I didn’t think Rhine could own any guys after he had been convicted of multiple felonies.

        They already confiscated his gun when Mack called the police last time. That’s how we found one of the guns they found was a military-issued gun.

        I just assumed all the guns were stolen from his daddy’s gun locker, since he’s dad was in the military.

        He’s been banned by a judge from coming near the house. How is he getting more guns, since he’s staying with his parents probably from his daddy’s gun locker. Like laws make sense on paper but there are always loopholes for people to find. If I were Mack, I would just take the kids and get out.

  17. I don’t understand this guy… He came from good parents or at least it seems that way.
    I hope he gets his life together so he can be a good person and a good dad to his now 3 kids.

    Well Wishes for all involved.

    1. He was very spoiled and coddled. Seems he was never forced o take accountability for his actions. Remember after Bentley was born and he whined about having to get job and how HARD working was? He hated Maci because she was holding him accountable then. Say what you will about Maci, at least she stepped up as a parent when Bentley was born.

      1. Rhine has always had a job. He had one during 16&P
        He hated filming.
        And they were young.
        I don’t doubt Maci is his trigger. Because I believe he truly loved and still loves her. He feels he failed by not holding his family together. Because in the Being Maci special he tried to get back with her.
        Maci stepped up as a mum for sure. But she was also very controlling-and admits now she likes to be in control. Nothing he did was good enough.
        I think he needs some serious counselling to deal with his self esteem issues that lead him to this point.
        It’s sad.
        Not all addicts are bad people. They’ve just made some bad choices.

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