Jon Gosselin Says Ex-Wife Kate Gosselin Is “Stuck in the Past” As Kate Continues Fighting For Back Child Support: “I Work Just To Protect Myself From Her!”

“Stuck in 2009, apparently.”

Jon Gosselin says his ex-wife Kate Gosselin is “stuck in the past” as the mother of eight continues to seek back child support that she claims Jon still owes her. In a new interview with The Sun, Jon claimed his ex has hindered his ability to support himself financially, and that she allegedly continues to try to mess with his finances, even 14 years after their split.

The Sun reports that Kate has launched an appeal against a Pennsylvania judge’s ruling to strike the original judgement she filed against Jon for more than $130,000 in back child support. In his new interview, Jon says this is just Kate’s latest attempt to attack him financially.

As The Ashley told you last fall, a judge closed the case as of November 14. Kate had filed an adverse revival against Jon in September 2022, requesting that Jon be forced to make payments towards the back child support, which Kate originally filed in March 2018. 

Jon’s legal team previously claimed that Kate filed the adverse revival in response to him being awarded custody of Hannah and Collin–- two of the couple’s sextuplets–- in 2018, which broke an alleged agreement the former spouses had made. 

“So this thing has already been quashed by judges and [Kate] still won’t let it go,” Jon recently told The Sun. “My hands are tied, there’s not much more I can do, I’m done hiring lawyers. I’ve spent every last penny.

“I work just to protect myself from her.,” he added.

As you may recall, Hannah and Collin, who are now 19 years old, were in Jon’s custody from 2018 until their 18th birthday in May 2022, while the other sextuplets remained in Kate’s custody. (Jon and Kate’s 23-year-old twins, Mady and Cara, were also in Kate’s custody prior to going off to college at the age of 18.) 

Jon is now accusing his ex of being stuck in 2009–- the year the infamously unhappy pair divorced–- and claims that he is happier than ever with Stephanie Lobo, his girlfriend of more than two years. 

“I have moved on in my life but apparently Kate’s stuck in the past,” he said. “She’s still back in 2009. … I’ve been moving on–- I’ve said this so many times–- and she keeps dragging me back to 2009.

“Honestly, I want to say to her, ‘Hey Kate, 2009 called, they want Jon back,’” he continued. 

“Good one, Jon.”

Jon is also calling out his ex-wife and TLC–- the network that aired the couple’s reality series–- for allegedly robbing him of money-making opportunities in the years following their split. 

“Kate took every ability for me to earn money away,” he alleged. “Years ago I got offered a $250,000 job to be an on-the-spot reporter for E! News. I got told if I took it, I’d be sued for breaching my TLC contract. So I couldn’t earn money, but Kate continually upped the child support.

“Sorry for quashing crushing your dream of becoming the next Ryan Seacrest, Jonny Boy.”

“If I tried to do something on TV, they’d quash it,” he continued. “If I tried to do something to better my life in the private sector, Kate would come after me with TLC’s lawyers and quash me there.”

Back in 2019, Jon told Dr. Oz that he spent over $1 million fighting Kate and TLC in court.

“I pretty much bankrupted myself, but I did it for moral reasons, obviously,” he told Dr. Oz. “I’ve spent $1.7 million in lawyers’ fees, from when TLC sued me and my divorce… TLC paid for her attorneys, in the lawsuit and her divorce. I financed it by myself and she was financed by the network.”

As a result, Jon said he had to work three jobs to cover the child support payments, though he claims Kate attempted to “ruin” those money-making ventures as well. 

“Kate said my DJing was a front for my drug-dealing,” he said. “I have never touched drugs. Everybody who knows me knows that. It’s ridiculous, but she still lied to try and ruin my DJing career.” 

Kate’s lawyer, Richard Puleo, claims his client’s fight for the back child support she believes she is owed isn’t over. 

“Right now, it has been stricken by the lower court, but the case is not over whatsoever,” he said.  

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


  1. This is the aftermath of two narcs getting married and having kids. They will both go on for years. He’ll yap about her to the press to win, she’ll yap about him to her lawyers to win.
    Other than the legal stuff she feels she’s entitled to, she at least doesn’t talk to the press or in a show about him or Colin anymore. That might change when she receives a good offer but I doubt she has a good storyline.

  2. Maybe she should pay the children all their savings back that she spent.

    She’s nothing but a money grabbing w***e that used her kids for fame and money
    Another waste of space thinking she’s the world’s greatest mother pffft

  3. Even if Kate were to win, which I doubt she will, how is she going to collect on that judgment? I doubt Jon has $132k just lying around. He’s never going to be able to pay that.

    And yeah, you can’t use child custody as a bargaining chip for child support. How did her attorney think that was going to work out?

  4. It seems that even though jon wants to see his othet kids at least he seems to be moving on with his life. I don’t follow the 2 as much as I did when they were together but I think it is funny how jon had this new life as a dj and has this woman by his side. While kate is probably hating that. He looks good.

    1. Yeah, I don’t think she’s had a man/relationship since their divorce. Ain’t no man who wants to put up with her kind of crazy

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