Kate Gosselin Loses Court Battle Against Ex-Husband Jon Gosselin; Father of Eight Not Required to Pay $132K in Back Child Support

“Nice try, Kate.”

Kate Gosselin will not be getting the $132,000 in back child support she was seeking from ex-husband Jon Gosselin. 

According to The Sun, a judge ruled to strike the judgement Kate filed against her ex and former Jon & Kate Plus 8 co-star, thus closing the case as of November 14. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Kate filed an adverse revival against Jon in September 2022, requesting that Jon be forced to make payments towards the back child support, which Kate had originally filed for in March 2018. 

In court documents obtained by The Sun, Jon’s legal team claimed Kate filed the adverse revival in response to Jon being awarded custody of Hannah and Collin–- two of the couple’s sextuplets-– in 2018, which broke an alleged agreement the former spouses had made. 

As you may recall, Hannah and Collin, who are now 19 years old, were in Jon’s custody from 2018 until their 18th birthday in May 2022, while the other sextuplets remained in Kate’s custody. (Jon and Kate’s 23-year-old twins, Mady and Cara, were also in Kate’s custody prior to going off to college at the age of 18.)  

Court documents went on to mention a judgement note signed in Kate’s favor in May 2012, in which Jon was to pay his ex-wife $125,000 (with 6 percent interest, plus cost of lawsuit in collections) as well as agree not to seek custody of his and Kate’s eight children. 

“We believe and therefore state that the purpose of the Judgment Note is to enter judgment as a penalty should [Jon] file a complaint seeking child custody, which he did, and on which he succeeded. [Jon] has not paid this amount,” court documents read. 

The court documents went on to note that “a contract cannot penalize a party for asserting their parental rights to the point that asserting them becomes unbearable in practice.” 

“Neither can parties by contract, destroy this honorable court’s duty to support the best interest of the child in a custody arrangement when there is a dispute over the child’s best interests,” the documents continue. “Therefore, an asserted contract term that penalizes one party for exercising his right to participate in his child’s life is against these firm policies.” 

The filing also claimed that asserting the term would be punishment to the child (or children) in question, as it would remove them “from a beneficial life with a father” as well as make it impossible to determine their best interests. 

Earlier this month, a source close to Jon told The Sun that the exes were battling it out again over the disputed finances due to Kate’s current money woes. 

“It’s hard out here for a working mom of eight children adults…”

“[Kate] is suing for support for money that was created by domestic relations in 2012,” the source claimed. “It was at the time that she wanted legal custody of the kids so she could film and earn more money. She is relentless and desperate for money so she is now trying to sue.” 

Jon and Kate were given the opportunity by the judge at the beginning of October to “explore alternative dispute resolution options” regarding the child support conflict, but because the exes haven’t spoken in years, it was reported that a negotiation wouldn’t happen.  

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  1. No matter what a deadbeat she claimed this guy was she’s always been the most evil person in that family can’t believe they allowed her to even have custody in the first place after the way she treat she was 100% mentally and emotionally abusive more than likely physical as

    1. It’s reached across the pond and we’re hearing it here in Kent when the wind blows the right way. ? Thought it was a banshee at first but they don’t typically scream about pizza being passed from one person to another with bare hands.

  2. I think the judge makes a really good point, which is we don’t want to set a precedent that you can use child support as revenge for a parent either trying to get more custody or being awarded more custody.

    I think both these parents ruined their kids’ lives.

    They all will be in therapy for the rest of their lives.

    I think Jon is not a good person, but I will always respect him for refusing to let Kate film them anymore and allowing them to finally have a normal life.

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