Kate Gosselin’s Relationship with Daughter Hannah is Reportedly Strained Again Due to Hannah’s Comments on ‘Dark Side of the 2000s’ Gosselin Episode

“What’s your deal, Hannah…EVERYONE loves me! Except your brother, your dad, TLC viewers, the hairdresser who gave me that reverse-mullet thing….”

Less than a year after repairing their mother-daughter relationship, Kate and Hannah Gosselin are reportedly on the outs once again. 

According to The Sun, the most-recent rift between the two stems from comments Hannah made on the premiere episode of VICE’s Dark Side of the 2000s, in which Hannah–- along with her brother Collin and their father, Jon Gosselin–- discussed their rise to fame on TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8. (The series later became Kate Plus 8 following Jon and Kate’s divorce.)

During the episode–- which aired a month after Kate and Hannah reunited at Hannah and Collin’s high school graduation–- Hannah, Jon and Collin also spoke about Kate sending Collin away to a psychiatric hospital when he was 12 and publicly deeming him “special needs.”    

Kate was reportedly not thrilled that her daughter decided to speak out against her, prompting them to fall out again, despite Hannah having “worked hard” to repair the relationship with her mom.  

” … sadly Kate has never treated Hannah well after she went to live with her father,” a source told The Sun. “This most-recent outburst from Kate has not helped their current relationship.” 

“So I lose contact with one daughter? I’ve got a bunch more to do my bidding!”

After the episode aired, Mady Gosselin–- one of Jon and Kate’s twin daughters–- took to social media to defend Kate and dispute the claims made by Jon, Hannah and Collin. Kate ultimately broke her silence on the matter, too, claiming she placed Collin in the residential facility for the safety of herself, her children and Collin; she also claimed Collin has continued to display “unpredictable and violent behaviors,” despite having no contact with the teen for years. 

She did not, however, mention Hannah in the statement she made after the show aired.


While Hannah and Kate are back on the outs, Hannah will reportedly continue trying to build relationships with the other Gosselin kids. 

“Now that her siblings will finally have some space from Kate, they will have more of an opportunity to thrive as brothers and sisters,” the source claimed. 

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  1. If this doesn’t show everyone that Kate is not only a crap parent, but a petty, immature mother towards her own children- then I don’t know what does. When I was younger, I’ve been at odds with my mom and she’s NEVER turned her back on me or refused to make things work. Kate is just ridiculous.

  2. Not agreeing with this woman, but im going to put this out there.

    I was sent to Diamond Ranch Academy, which was a “youth residential treatment center for troubled teens with a boarding school approach “, (it was extremely abusive )

    At that place you werent allowed a lot of visits until center levels.
    Supervisor, your parents for two days, two different times. Manager you got to stay the night off campus eith your parents for a weekend. Director was a home visit 10 days. Graduate was 2 weeks.
    Homeless and student you weren’t allowed anything, and the visits did have to be approved by the program and therapists.
    Every kid got all of them, maybe not as soon as you could’ve, but they all got them.
    I didn’t receive much mail from.my family and we did get a 15 minute therapy phone call every two weeks.

    I can’t speak for all the programs in TTI (Troubled Teen Industry) but also can’t even say he went to a program like that.

  3. He can’t be to mental, he is in the Marines. His mom was very toxic and should never isolate him from his siblings.

  4. Here’s the thing. EVEN IF Kate was telling the truth about sending Collin to the facility (which I do not believe, but just to play devil’s advocate), that does not excuse her not visiting him, not helping him, not supporting him, and then now current day, just cutting him off completely, not speaking to him, and publicly shaming him. That is absolutely sickening. He was a kid – can you imagine how traumatized he was being put in the facility and not having his parents or siblings visit?? I’ve worked in similar facilities – everyone’s families visit, even for the kids who did really really horrible things, like attempting to m u r d e r someone. I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that she just cut him off….for what? If he had special needs, or was sick, or needed mental health treatment, that’s not his fault! He’s getting help, what more can he do? How is that something “bad” that deserves to be cut off from your whole family? She’s a witch. It’s like if you weren’t the perfect, obedient, all-American child, you’re disposable b/c you don’t fit into her picture.

    Meanwhile everyone is crucifying Jon to this day for going a little wild after they broke up – who cares?! People do that every day! Go to your local bar or club. It’s full of people partying. How does that make him a horrible person? It doesn’t, but people can’t let it go. He’s not perfect, but Kate absolutely traumatizes everyone around her. Her family isn’t in touch with her, her former nurse co-workers all said she was a nightmare, she cut off Jon’s family even before the big fallout, and I’ve never seen her hanging out with another woman/friend. She’s an abusive control freak with zero empathy or compassion for others.

  5. I remember when the show was airing and Kate’s brother and sister in law were on the show until they quit and did TV interviews stating that Kate was abusive to the children and they were worried about their well being and them being on reality TV. Kate cut them off because they told the truth. So yeah I definitely knew that she would do the same to Hannah. Hopefully the siblings can come together but I think Kate will always interfere.

    1. Hannah & Collin are the kids that look the most like Kate. It’s must really chap her ass that they won’t allow her to control their every moves.

  6. Hopefully more people can see that the problem is Kate. Always has been. It’s sad that she’s actively worked to make sure those kids didn’t have a relationship with their dad and with Hannah and Colin. The fact that she can release a statement like that about Colin and let Mady say derogatory things about Colin as well shows her vindictiveness. Plus, her and Mady labeling Colin as still violent and unpredictable when they haven’t seen him in years and maybe only spoke to him on the phone and he was probably anger at Kate for locking him up and abandoning him for years. Anyone would be angry at that. Colin has a right to ask his mom hard questions and be angry. Kate attended Hannah and Colin’s high school graduation and ignored Colin the whole time. How is that normal? All those kids will be better off once they’re all away from Kate, well except mady. She’s a mini Kate.

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