Jon Plus 2? Jon Gosselin Files For Custody of Son Collin

“Come on over!”

Over the years, Kate Gosselin has been open about her and Jon Gosselin’s son, Collin’s behavioral issues which, according to Kate, were cause to send the 14-year-old to a residential treatment facility several years ago. However, Jon is hoping to soon welcome Collin into his home, as he recently filed for full legal and physical custody of the boy.

Radar Online obtained the court documents, which explained that the sometimes-DJ feels Collin will be better off with him than with Kate. According to the court docs, Collin is finishing up his inpatient program for children with special needs, so this new way of life would happen upon his release.

“Collin is very intelligent,” a source previously told Us Weekly. “He was always questioning Kate and talking back. Kate doesn’t like that.”

This comes on the heels of the father-son duo spending the weekend together. Jon posted several photos of Collin during the visit, which took place at Jon’s home, unlike other recent visits. (Back in May, Jon visited Collin at his residential home to celebrate his birthday.)

If everything works out the way Jon hopes, Collin will be the second child to move into Casa de Jon. He revealed back in August that his daughter Hannah (one of the sextuplets) “permanently lives” with him now. It is not known if Jon has legal custody of Hannah, though.

Last year, Jon started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to fight for custody of his other six kids– twins Maddie and Cara, 18, and the other four sextuplets — Leah, Aaden, Alexis and Joel.

“Like many divorced parents, Jon works hard each day and most weekends, wanting nothing more than to spend quality time with his kids,” Jon’s girlfriend Colleen Conrad wrote on the fundraising page at the time. “For Jon, it’s been an eight-year battle in family court, one that pits him against media and financial forces that far exceed his own.”

He was able to raise a little over $3,000 of his $30,000 goal, though the page is no longer open for donations.

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  1. Yes he was a jerk when they first split up..but i think all of those kids are better off with him…im waiting for a tell all from one of the older girls

  2. If Colin is so troubled that he really needed to be away for two years, maybe living in a less chaotic smaller environment with Jon will be better for him. Hannah seems happy, which is a good sign. I always liked Colin and hope he comes through this healthy and whole.

  3. Good! Despite his poor choices around the time he and Kate separated, I’ve always thought he is the better parent. I’m looking forward to Hannah’s future tell-all book.

  4. These “sources” are probably John himself. It’s crazy that he feels the need to post all of this on social media to prove to everyone that he’s this “good” father…where was he when Kate was raising all 8 of them by herself when they were going through their awkward phases and toddler phases…I remember him having affairs and running off with Kate’s plastic surgeon’s much younger daughter…I really don’t like that guy, and he is ALWAYS trying to make Kate be out to be the bad guy. She was out numbered 8-1, so she had to be a stern disciplinarian…she was doing it all by herself, while he was going through a midlife crisis. I’d like to see anyone judging the way she is raising those kids, try and raise 8 kids by themselves.

  5. I think being a single parent to eight children sounds completely overwhelming. Kate doesn’t come across as the loveliest person but I try to withhold judgement because her situation is something I legitimately cannot wrap my head around. My guess is both of them are trying the best they can in really challenging circumstances.

      1. I know I’d hit my breaking point very quickly with 8 kids, especially if one of them was having issues. This way Collin gets individualized care and can learn coping mechanisms in therapy for whatever he has going on.

  6. I wonder if Collin is autistic, ADHD, or bipolar and Kate couldn’t handle it? Two years in a treatment facility is a long time not to be around family. I wonder if he had problems in school though and was a disruption? I don’t blame Kate for sending him away, as we don’t know the circumstances. A public school can only provide so much, especially if a child needs special care.

    I’m glad Jon filed for custody though, hopefully everything goes the way he wants it to.

  7. Take it with a grain of salt, but there is another site insinuating that he was sent away due to violence issues.

    1. I have to wonder, though, if he had outbursts because he was unable to deal with Kate’s overbearing attitude. If he’s on the spectrum somewhere (and I have no idea, this is just speculation), you often have to take a different approach with them. You can’t raise eight kids and expect them all to need the same types of discipline and education styles.

      I’ve never been a fan of Kate, but raising eight kids by herself, I can see why it would be overwhelming if you couldn’t just say “these are the rules and this is the consequence for breaking them” and have it apply to all of them.

      I only raised two and they were as different as night and day. One needed much more structure and firmer boundaries, the other was more “free form” (so to speak).

  8. please the reason was never revealed the witch never said. I don’t believe for one minute he needed to be there for 2 years. i hope jon gets him and I hope he grows up to write a tell all on the witch

  9. I remember watching when the kids were little and Hannah was so obviously Kate’s favorite. Wonder what happened.

  10. I want to know WHY Colin is in that place??? What could he have done that was so wrong??? I’m so sad for him. And to grow up without his family ? I’m glad Jon is stepping up, Heck kate would probably leave him in there til he’s 18!

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