Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace is Hospitalized & Heading to Foster Care Following Latest Run Away Attempt Attempt

Jace Evans, the 14-year-old son of fired Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, is currently in the hospital and will go on to be placed in foster care by Child Protective Services (CPS) after once again running away, this time from his grandma’s home. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Jace ran away from his grandma Barbara Evans’ home on Friday, where he had been living since September after he was allegedly assaulted by Jenelle’s husband, David Eason.

Jace was ultimately located on Sunday. 

While Barbara was set to go to court next month to make Jace’s living arrangement more permanent, TMZ reports that the teen will now be placed in foster care, due to the number of times he has run away in the past. 

(As The Ashley previously reported,  Jace was aware that if he got in trouble while in Barb’s care, he would go to foster care. In fact, a foster care worker had been working with him and Barbara for weeks.)

Though Jace had been living with Barbara for the last month or so, the teen had previously run away from Jenelle and David’s home multiple times leading up to– and immediately following– the alleged assault in September. 

The Ashley can confirm that prior to his latest run away, Jace was busted at school for vaping, leading Barbara to take away his phone.

TMZ’s source claims that Barbara had reportedly been “advised by CPS, the foster care team and Jenelle that Jace should not have a phone in his possession, but Barbara believed Jace could handle it.”

(The Ashley can reveal that this version of events is not entirely correct.  Barb was actually required by CPS to get Jace a phone so he could contact him mom if he wanted.)

A source told TMZ that CPS officials are “exasperated” by this case, and while there is concern for Jace’s wellbeing, if the teen goes on to get into any more trouble, he may end up in a juvenile detention facility.  

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  1. Being a teenager is already awkward….I feel for Jace. I hope he finds a foster family with love, structure, and peace. He didn’t deserve to be put through all this B.S., no wonder he is lashing out.

  2. I’m obviously no legal expert and don’t know what it would consist of, but they need to take away her parental rights. Would she still have parental rights if he’s in foster care? Maybe it just depends on state laws.

    The way she’s handling the situation is not in the best interest of her son. This kid needs his medication. I really hope her getting a child neglect charge comes out of this.

    And she keeps saying it’s not about her, but making herself into the victim is making it about her.

    Oh the recent Facebook rants. She really thinks she’s doing something. No babe, it makes you look guilty if you’re talking about moving far away. And I don’t think your mom’s priority is being your mom right now. She was busy protecting your son from Swamp Ass since you neglected to do that.

  3. I feel so bad for him and Babs. Without his meds he is doomed. Jenelle throws her mom and son under the bus to protect her abuser. Take her kids away please!!!

  4. This is really sad and unfortunately not surprising. Jace has had a really difficult life since he was born. His mother was not there for him in any way so I don’t think he ever was able to form a secure attachment to her. Barbara tried her best but it wasn’t enough. She is limited with how she parents and tends to shout and scream during conflict rather than being Jaces ‘anchor’. There is a reason Jenelle is how she is. We have witnessed Jace being exposed to shouting and chaos since he was born. Then he has an allegedly violent stepfather in his life. Maybe if Jace is placed with an experienced foster family and gets therapeutic help he will be able to have a happy and fulfilling life. I really hope he does.

  5. What a freaking mess. I would say jenelle needs to wake the hell up and leave david and try to get custody of her son back. Honestly i dont think jace needs to be anywhere around this family. This child and his behavior shows just how unfit his family is to care for him. Sadly jace will be part of the broken foster system, which jenelle continues to make jokes about how he ran away from her moms house too. Ya..lets celebrate the absolute hot mess your child life is. What a selfish…hateful horrible thing you are jenelle. MY HEART BREAKS FOR HER OTHER 2 KIDS.

  6. What a world. Jace will likely end up incarcerated due to having shit parents and mental health struggles that put himself in harm’s way, and Jenelle still hasn’t faced any legal consequences for all of her illegal actions that put other people at risk.

  7. At this point, Jace needs to be in a foster home or other type of locked down facility. I know this isn’t the perfect solution but nothing is. Foster homes don’t have the best reputations but I think Jace would do well in one. His bouncing around between Babs and Janelle like a ping pong ball has gone on long enough.

    1. Sadly I don’t see a foster home taking him in. He’s 14, he has a problem running away, I think he had some issues with arson earlier this year too (I know Jenelle’s brother set fire to the family home when he was around Jace’s age, so I guess it’s in the DNA).

      He has a lot of rage issues, and is on a lot of medication for adhd, but who knows if he’s taking it anymore? And he’s vaping, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s on the land smoking with Jenelle before this.

      Jace doesn’t trust men as authority figures, which makes sense because he’s never really had a healthy male role model (He hasn’t had a healthy female role model either). He’s father is a deadbeat, and his stepfather is an abuser.

      Babs wasn’t great but she was probably the best Jace was going to get, and she’s in her 70s. I don’t think the court will give her Jace back, especially now that he’s runaway enough times.

      Most likely and sadly, Jace is going into a facility until he’s 18.

    2. I agree I think he will do good in a group home. I was in group homes and honestly it helped me to have structure

  8. It’s so sad. This young man has been up against it since the day he was born and he lost the parent lottery. And to have to go thru it publicly because of the circumstances of his birth. I hope he gets the help and protection he needs. He deserves to be safe and happy, not in the middle of this crap storm that is his life.

  9. Does this now strip Jenelle of rights to medicine and psychiatric assessments and care ? The min he was removed she should have lost those privileges. If finally taken I think he could finally thrive in a different environment. Adjusting is hard but maybe a completely clean slate will do him good.

  10. How is a foster home going to be any better for him than Barbara’s? How do we know he won’t run away from them?

    1. We have a lot of supervised group homes in my state. Foster care doesn’t necessarily mean being placed with a family.

        1. The state eliminated juvie detention. Now the children are placed in supervised group homes licensed by the state. It’s not without it’s problems but it’s safer for the children and the providers have more accountability and scrutiny.

  11. Jace needs a reality check to learn. He should follow in Maryssa’s footsteps by hanging in there until he’s 16, buying a car to get back and forth, and getting early admission to college.

    1. It’s not. People seem to think foster homes are warm and cozy, but many of them are with people in it as income. Many foster homes are abusive, too. People in foster care don’t tend to thrive.

  12. Congratulations Duhnelle! You have FAILED as a parent, just like everyone knew you would. Just wait until Kaiser becomes a teenager because that kid is already built like a linebacker.

  13. This poor kid. My heart truly breaks for Jace.
    I keep thinking back to those early episodes where Jace and Aubree were so cute together and I can’t help thinking what a shame it is that they didn’t remain friends growing up, Cole and Chelsea could take him in now and give him a loving, safe home.

  14. I just wish Jenelle had placed Jace for adoption like Babs wanted to do when he was a baby.

    Now this kid will probably be in state care until he’s 18, plus the trauma of being raised by both Jenelle and Babs.

  15. chances are, with his runaway history, he won’t be going into foster care any time soon. He’ll likely be placed in a lockdown RTC first, to assess his issues and perhaps to receive meds to help stabilize him through this time.

  16. Jace has had no men in his life and Barbara obviously can’t control any of her kids or grandkids and didn’t do well with discipline. I’m sure, given there’s reportedly ring camera footage, that David did put his hands on Jace. I’m sure he was “disciplining” him and left marks. I don’t agree with these ways of disciplining children but you see the older generations act like it’s totally normal. I don’t think Jace ran from jenelle’s because of abuse. I think he ran the same reason he’s ran away from everywhere else. He got in trouble and didn’t like the consequences or didn’t want to face them. I also don’t think the story that Jace ran away because jenelle blocked his access to his medication is correct. Especially now that this story says it’s because of him not liking that his phone was taken. Jenelle was furious that Barbara could make medical decisions including okaying him getting medication in the hospital. So how could Barbara not have power to get him medication? That doesn’t make sense. They could’ve called cps or the court and said jenelle is blocking his medication and they could’ve done something about it. I don’t buy that story at all. Jace is a kid that needs discipline and sadly he’s heading to juvie because of it.

  17. So Jace wont take his meds but he’ll take drugs aka vaping? Vaping in school would lead him to go to juvinile detention. Jenelle did drugs too so him doing vaping isnt that shocking. Hes going down the same path as her. Jenelle only got one thing right, shes been saying hes being a typical teen. He runs when they take his phone away. All teens get their phones taken away by their parents. Thats typical teen behavior. So she was right about that. BUT they dont all run away when that happens. I dont get how he could be put in foster just for running away. Babs is the best person for him not Jenelle.

  18. Excuse me, what? the CPS officials are exacerbated by doing what they are supposed to do? And the plan is to punish the child?? Is this serious? I’m confused. Isn’t it the responsibility of CPS to make sure kids are safe and cared for? It seems to me that if they had listened to Maryssa and Jace years ago when they were all removed that this probably wouldn’t be happening now. How is putting a neglected, abused, mentally ill young teen in the prison system going to help him?

    1. They are only exacerbated because they are being held under a microscope(AS THEY SHOULD) for the first time ever and being forced to actually do some work-and even then it’s not enough. They’re failing Jace as much as fivehead did, more so at this point.

      CPS agencies all over are corrupt, but some areas are far worse than others. NC is one of the worst offenders, and now they’re pissed that more people are paying attention. It’s sad that it took some lame reality show hoe and her inability to be an actual human being to get people to pay attention, though.

      People are now realizing just how hard it is to get them to help, to work, to protect children-which is their actual fucking purpose. The agency exists to protect children, but, they rarely do down there. They don’t know whether to wind their butt or scratch their watch 99% of the time.

      I am being generous when I say they actually do something right 1% of the time, it’s probably closer to 0.01% really. They still won’t be held accountable for their hand in this. Jace will end up in some type of facility and they’ll be able to wash their hands of him too. It’s how they do things there.

      1. Peanut Gallery, do you live in North Carolina and are you in the foster system? I’m wondering how you know this state is absolute trash with DSS?

        1. I don’t live in NC, but all of my living children have come to me through fostering and adoption (some, different states). Three of my children were born in NC and that’s where their cases were based. Both of those cases were absolute hell and lasted for years longer than they should’ve.

          It’s a state that pushes for reunification in all cases regardless of circumstance, including severe and ongoing abuse that results in incarceration. It’s hard to get them to reign that shit in, take cases seriously and do what’s necessary for the child’s wellbeing.

          Not all states are like that, thankfully, but NC is. Parents have more rights than children in NC, even if they beat their children within an inch of their lives repeatedly. The testimony of a child will hold almost no weight in court, if it holds any at all. (as we saw with Maryssa, and I’ve seen firsthand)

          Sorry, ranting, but, yes, I know the system in NC well.

      2. I totally agree with you
        I’m from the UK and they’re just as bad here
        I’m sick of them not being there for the kids here in the UK a few children have lost their life’s cause of social services ( CPS in the UK)
        I’m really scared for Jace a child that’s innocent being punished while the monsters get off Scott free.

  19. Seems he’s been having problems for quite a while and that’s why Barb let him go to Jenelle. Both sides can’t seem to handle him and his choice to run away at every little thing for not getting his own way is a serious issue. Hopefully somehow he gets the help he needs/realizes the error of his way and straightens out. Things do ‘t sound like they’re going to end well. Makes you wonder how things were with Barb all these years for him to be like this. Remember, she was the primary caregiver his whole life.

  20. I have no idea how the foster care system works but I hope this means that as a ward of the state, Jace will get the mental health care he seemingly desperately needs without his “mother” blocking the access, like she reportedly did while Jace was in Barbara’s care.

    A friend worked in the juvenile detention system years ago. It was t jail. it was a program that housed 8-11 boys in a dorm. rooms had no doors. residents had major restrictions but they had an on-campus school, religious services, therapy (individual and family), and a lot of outdoor activities to help burn energy and angst. If you ran away, you went to jail. It was a really regimented facility but it was also pretty successful. Residents generally went to a foster home after completing the program, kind of as a half-way house, and began “regular” school before going home. It was made extremely clear to the boys that they could work this program or go to jail. that was their two options.

    I hope Jace is given a chance to attend a restricted program like the one where my friend worked, and not actua jail. He seems to need therapy and meds more than handcuffs and jumpsuits. But maybe some time in jail would help to scare him straight. Although that never happened with Jenelle ?‍♀️.

  21. He’s only 14 years old and unfortunately seems to be on a similar trajectory as his loser parents. Tragic. And I see the other spawn of Jenelle doing something similar when they reach his age.

    1. I’m going to weigh in here. I worked in mental health and child psychology. It seems the phone being taken away is a catalyst for him to react in this manner. This sounds like a defiance disorder. He must be medicated and see a psychiatrist and therapist regularly. If Duhnell is stopping this, then she needs her rights taken away so the boy can have a chance.

      1. You work in mental health and call people names like “Duhnell”? Wow I feel bad for whoever has the misfortune of being assigned to you.

  22. And so it begins. I always feared this is the route his life would take. He didn’t stand a chance with the adults in his life. I’ll never forget the little boy whose eyes never seemed to glow with happiness. My heart breaks for that little boy.

    1. Obviously someone might have a more law abiding answer but my guess is you can’t just have minors roaming about. To be out having a good time or a stroll is different then a kid running away for a purpose. Especially ones who aren’t level headed, which I am sure jace is not.

      1. My cousin ran away a few times when he was a teen but he was never put in detention. His was more spread out though. I just have a hard time understanding why a kid would get locked up for that.

    2. I don’t know about America but here in the UK teens can be placed in juvenile residential centres if they keep running away for their own safety. Had it save a family member’s life who struggled with mental health issues. They are basically super locked down boarding schools with mental health services where kids can’t leave without adult supervision but can still see family and friends during the day (if no abuse is involved, of course). At 16 the government won’t step in anymore. But looking up America, it seems like it is kiddie jail and they can hold you til 18? WTF? Here, you are allowed to leave home at 16 without parents permission so the 18 thing threw me. Age laws in America in general confuse me honestly. Like not being able to drink until 21. It’s 18 here. If you can vote and join the military, you can drink here. America seems to have steps to adulthood that’s odd to me. Like some states you can drive at 14 with a permit? It’s 16 with a permit and 17 for a license here. But I’m sure some of our laws are odd to Americans too of course. But American laws in regards to children genuinely terrify me and break my heart in cases like Jace’s. Swamp Queen shouldn’t have a say in his medication if he is not in her custody.

      1. It’s the washer in the kitchen for me lol I’ve never been to the UK, but I’ve seen in a few documentaries how different life is there from what goes on in the states. Honestly, American laws don’t make sense to me and I was born here. I have a few friends in another state who work at a children’s home and the kids are there until they’re 18 and then sent on their way. As far as I know, juvenile detention centers are kiddie jails. That’s why him being sent to one wouldn’t make sense to me. Honestly, he’s basically screwed for what’s left of his childhood. He can’t go back to Babs, his mom is a dumpster fire so he can’t go there, his dad is essentially nonexistent, and kids aren’t always treated well in foster care. I fear for what he’ll become as an adult with such a public rough patch as a teenager

    3. He is running away while already legally considered to be in CPS custody. He’s in CPS custody because of the abuse allegations against David.

  23. While I feel for the kid and understand he hasn’t had a fair go at life, he needs to figure things out or being an adult is going to be very difficult for him

  24. I mean, how many chances does he get?

    Sometimes, you just have to give folks what they’re asking for.

    Yes, the system is a terrible place. Jace, like his mother, could not abide by Barb’s rules and she even gave him leeway.

    This is the consequence. It’s not folks job to continually search for a child having a temper tantrum.
    It was excusable to run from abuse, yes.
    It’s not excusable to run from discipline.

    1. He is not having temper tantrums. That’s what Jenelle and David say and sold to TMZ.
      He is a teen with mental health issues and his mom refuses to allow him his ADHD meds or any other meds to stabilize his mood

      1. No.

        He got caught vaping.
        Barb took away his phone, which Barb was advised by CPS to not even permit him to have a phone.

        He ran away when disciplined.

        It’s all in the article, right there.

        That is indeed a temper tantrum.

        1. That whole tidbit about CPS saying they advised her not to give him one, is their way of covering their asses. They actually told her she’s required to. She’s obligated to ensure he has a phone for communication (with them, with Jenelle should he initiate that, with Barb, etc.). They know the phone being taken away is a catalyst, it has been a few times now. So by saying “we told her not to” they can make it seem like she didn’t do what they said (also, her being required is in the article too)

          Yes , it may be a temper tantrum on the outside, but there is still the root cause for it. The cause is his mental health disorders which he can’t properly regulate on his own. Are you forgetting that fivehead has had him off meds this entire time? She took away his tools for regulation. She took him out of the therapy he NEEDS. She removed his ability to squelch his temper, rationalize, control his emotions a little better and all of his coping mechanisms. Of course he is going to blow a gasket, even at the tiniest (seemingly) thing.

          Most of his behavior is going to be off track. He’s going to continue to get into trouble. He’s going to continue to have issues. He’s going to continue to act out, until everything gets regulated again. Those meds don’t work in the first dose, or even few, once he got back on them. They take time, even if he had them in his system for years.

          He was forced to quit cold turkey. He’s a child, not an adult, his brain is still developing and now it’s a pan full of scrambled eggs situation. Half the eggs are sticking, a quarter aren’t cooking, a quarter are completely burnt and there are shells mixed in. Fivehead fucked him up!

          1. Medication cannot fix the years of lack of discipline and rules.

            Does he know right from wrong?
            Did anyone teach him that?

            The root cause of his behavior is being raised badly.

            It doesn’t matter if it were the phone or a stick of gum. The CPS bit is so irrelevant.

            The child disobeyed. He was vaping and was punished. He could not accept the punishment and acted out.

            He shouldn’t be absolved of his own accountability.

          2. Where do you get the idea that I think he shouldn’t be held accountable for his actions or disciplined? Of course he should. I just take all factors into consideration.

            Do you really not understand how taking someone off serious medication and away from their coping mechanisms can fuck them up, especially a child?

            He had discipline with Barb, and had very few bad behavior instances that they weren’t able to work through. Although he still acted out at times (as children with mental health disorders and dealing with a bioparent like Jenelle often do) nearly all of those times were after being forced to spend time on the land. That’s a huge red flag-that CPS still fails to acknowledge. It was a failure on Barb’s part to give custody back to Jenelle at all. I’m certain she had her reasons, but it was bound to fail.

            He is someone that absolutely needs medication and therapy combined with discipline, he can’t function properly without them. But they also need constant monitoring and modification too-that’s a tricky balance. That doesn’t mean absolve him of all responsibility, it means look at the big picture and all contributing factors, while dealing with everything. It’s not an either or situation.

            Jenelle is still the very reason his behavior amped up. That’s exactly what happens when you make someone who is already struggling go off all medication, all treatment and remove any possible coping mechanisms. It happens in adults too. His behavior has grown exponentially worse each and every time he’s been around her for any length of time.

  25. Unfortunately, foster care and/or juvenile detention has been 14 years in the making. Jace has gotten so utterly screwed over by every single adult in his life.

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