EXCLUSIVE! Jace Evans Ran Away From Grandma Barbara’s House & Will No Longer Be Living With Her; His Mom Jenelle Seemingly Cheers In Facebook Post About Him Not “Prospering”

Teen Mom

Jace Evans’ troubles continue.

The Teen Mom 2 offspring had been living with his grandma Barbara Evans for the last month or so, after being removed from his mom Jenelle‘s home after her husband David Eason allegedly assaulted the 14-year-old. Things were going relatively well up until the last week or so with Jace’s living situation, with Barb set to go to court next month to make Jace’s living arrangement more-permanent, but The Ashley can now reveal that things have sadly changed.

 The Ashley became suspicious that something was going on with Jace after Jenelle and David each posted cryptic messages to social media this week. (David posted a “Where’s Waldo” post, while Jenelle posted a meme with the caption “When the weapons formed against you ain’t prospering,” along with, “Hell yessssss, if you only knew.”)

The gloating post came on Saturday, the same day a resident of Boiling Springs Lakes, North Carolina, emailed The Ashley, informing her that Jace had run away from Babs’ home and was on the loose. 

“Cops have advised us in the neighborhood to keep an eye out for him,” the neighbor wrote to The Ashley on Saturday in the email. “Apparently he has been gone for almost two days.”

The Ashley can confirm that Jace was found on Sunday, nearly 48 hours since he had gone missing. (That means that Jenelle and David posted the gloating posts at the same time Jace was missing. Jenelle was aware he had run away, as CPS had to notify her.)

“Jace was dealing with a lot. He was aware that if he got into trouble, he wouldn’t be able to stay at Barb’s,” a source told The Ashley, adding that he was hurt by some of Jenelle’s posts about him over the past few weeks.

“Jace wasn’t able to get on his proper medications while he was at Barbara’s, due to Jenelle still having the power to deny him access to certain meds,” a source tells The Ashley, adding that several local therapists wouldn’t take Jace on as a client because they didn’t want to deal with the “wrath of David and Jenelle.”

In fact, a ‘Teen Mom’-themed Instagram account recently uncovered a Google review written by David about three weeks ago in which David accused one of Jace’s long-time therapists of trying to “brainwash your child into thinking they have mental issues in order to keep them coming back for medication.” 

In his review, David also accused the doctor of trying to “make my children believe things that are not true and loves to take everything out of context and to the extreme!” 


Jace’s future is uncertain; however he will not be going back to Jenelle’s home, or back with Barbara at this time. 

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available…

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  1. Heart goes out to jace ,you could see it comeing when he was a kid he was gonna be troubled in his teen years ,the way jannelle was never there and barbs tough love on jace .she brought him up the best she could,and it’s not her fault that his own mother turned her back on her son for a lunatic husband David. I hope jace finds himself before it gets to bad fir him .such a good kid just needs good guidance I would take him and Foster him in the UK if I could .

  2. What a great mom…let’s celebrate the pain & confusion her son is going thru.
    Yeah he obviously has issues with authority but that’s doesn’t mean swamp thing was/is innocent.

  3. Jace deserves to have someone show him love and patience, and he will not get it at Barbara’s home or Jenelle’s. He has a lot of issues because of their feuding, and then Add David’s name in it, and that poor child doesn’t have a chance unless he is placed with someone that actually has the patience and love that Jace needs. That whole family is a whack job.

  4. I don’t know how any “mother” in her right mind would do this to their child. Jace is a minor, going through some struggles, with medication being withheld. I don’t see how this is remotely funny in any way…

  5. I saw this one coming. Barbara is toxic and she gave him up because she could no longer handle him. I really hope he can find a stable, loving foster family that can raise him into adulthood. He really has no chance of doing well with either Barb or Jenelle.

  6. This poor young man is broken. I hope he gets the help he needs and someone in a position of authority stands up for him. I hope he gets appointed a guardian an ad litem to advocate for his needs and best interests. Barbara tried but he needs a real advocate white presents him and him alone.

  7. I’ve been in therapy for years and I e never heard of a patient being turned away because of possible backlash from the parents. Why are the therapists no doing what’s in the best interest of Jace?? Since he’s still in the legal custody of CPS, I have a feeling he’ll be sent to foster care or a group home. I’d honestly rather see that for him than being sent back to the swamp. He’s clearly going through such a hard time right now and Jenelle is just being the same piece of shit as always. I feel so bad for him.

    1. David has literally threatened government agencies, threatened to kill, threatened to shoot, made outlandish and absolutely heinous phone calls, harassed, berated and even prevented them from doing what they need to. He has brandished weapons in their presence. None of which anyone in authority seems to want to hold him accountable for (which is a whole different can of worms).

      It is not in Jace’s best interest for a therapist that UDV and fivehead know about, to see him. It IS in his best interest to see specialists, therapists and doctors that those two don’t know about and can’t interfere with. They also have other patients, families and employees to worry about. UDV is absolutely a scary creature, so is fivehead when she’s high-so, always.

      1. Unfortunately, the parents will know everything until rights are terminated. That can take years. Parents have regular meetings with the child care foster team CFT(social worker, foster parent, GAL, lawyer, therapist, etc.) to get updates on the child. This includes but is not limited to medical, academic, and behavioral updates. Even if the court moves to terminate, the parent can still appeal.

        1. They do not actually legally have to know everything, or anything. He’s already been removed and they do not have legal guardianship anymore, so they are entitled to absolutely nothing under the law.

          The state can even ask Jace what information he wants them to share because he is of age to consent (or not) and despite his mental health issues is of sound enough mind to make that choice himself. In fact, if CPS were to reveal anything to fivehead and UDV, they need the GAL (which he has now) and his consent to do that. These two do NOT have regular meetings with anyone. They may get occasional phone calls about their open case though. But Jace has NCOs in place that prevent most information from being relayed to them.

          It depends entirely on the situation though. Getting a TPR can take years, and some bio parents definitely make this process far more difficult. I’ve had it take upwards of 6 years and as low as under a month, all different situations though. In all of the cases where NCOs (especially in abuse cases) are in place, bio parents get next to no information at all and definitely no meetings, because they’re not legally entitled to it.

          1. In eight years of fostering to adopt what you said has never been my experience. Maybe it’s the state I live that does it this way. As long as the parent wants to be around, even if the permanent plan is adoption, they will be apart of the CFT meetings until the termination has occurred and the appeals are over. When I foster a child and take him out of state for a vacation we have to get permission from the parent. We always have. We don’t like this but it’s how it goes. We had to get permission to move our current placement to a better school closer to our home as well. We find it very important to co-parent well with the birth mom so that decisions will come easier.

          2. It may have more to do with where you live. It could also be the kinds of cases I tend to get, too. Not many of them involve any amount of co-parenting at all-because those ones aren’t supposed to. TPR is usually the short-term goal then (even if it takes years) vs. just a possibility/threat.

            Bioparents who have an NCO or PO against them have never been fully in the loop in my experience. They get the most minimum information possible (if any) and it doesn’t come from me at all, nor can they deny/grant anything. Unless they get the order removed-which none ever have. The orders and removal dissolve their right to information. They have to sign to that effect as well, so it’s documented and they can’t later come back and say “they didn’t tell me about xyz”. It’s not as good as a TPR, but it’s something.

            I’ve never had to get permission for anything (travel, medical, school, etc.) from bioparents in any type of case, though. If I am not a legal guardian and therefore can’t grant permission for things, the state does. They’re not always on top of it like they should be (especially if dealing with 2 different states), but they’re the ones appointed to do so.

            When reunification is the goal (s/t or l/t) information is generously and willingly shared, but I’ve never had it be required. Those are cases where orders aren’t in place though, so it’s reasonable and desirable to keep them fully in the loop and discuss everything. It’s as close to co-parenting as one can get, without actually doing it.

          3. It must be the way my state does things. Also, TPR is usually last case scenario here. My current placement’s mom has had more than several chances to get her children back over a seven year span and we are just now at TPR. I think that’s terrible.

          4. TPR is usually considered the last resort. I’ve had cases where it’s the main goal, mostly because those parents have already had chance after chance. I usually am the last resort in those cases (other than facilities that is) as they’ve already been ongoing for months or years. I’ll push for it too, where necessary, I don’t give in easily.

            I have nothing against successful reunification. Those are the best outcomes of course and I LOVE them. But sometimes it’s really not in anyone’s best interest and a grain of rice would be able to see that. In cases of abuse, it will never be in a child’s best interest. Me and the system completely disagree on this and it’s a bone I pick with them constantly. I’m hard headed on the matter and don’t give them any room for excuses. They know the statistics and how high the rate of re-offense actually is. They know laws need to change.

            Until then, we keep fighting the fight as best we can, and pissing people off one court, one judge and one CPS worker at a time until they do what’s right. I’ll give them the biggest workload they’ve ever seen if it means keeping a child safe…do not care one iota (it’s their job!).

  8. I’m saying the obvious but WOW. Just, WOW. At the expense of your son’s mental health, you are going to take cheap ass shots at Barbara AND Jace, for this happening again but because it’s under Bab’s watch?! She is seriously a SICK person. She should be shutting her mouth and worrying about her son but nope- she is an antagonist from behind the keyboard. She’s embarrassingly immature as well. Not to mention, she is the reason he isn’t getting his medications… I have two sons with ADHD- the only time I let them even have the option of not taking it is during the summer because they NEED it to live their best life during the school year- literally. Sometimes, if I see they cannot take a break from it during the summer, I have made them get back on it. Their ADHD trickles down and affects all areas mentally- including it being a trigger for depression and unnecessary anxiety. It’s pertinent to them being at their best. SMH She is such a poor excuse for a mother. Foul. Now, because Jenelle is such a shit mother, he’s likely to end up in the system (which honestly probably couldn’t be as bad as Jenelle’s but still…) and have even MORE damage and likely he will run away from an unfamiliar place too. I feel seriously bad for Jace. His mom failed him and now, of course, the system is failing him.

  9. She is terrible. Just awful. I’ve never wished bad things on people but this girl deserves terrible things happening to her. She’s disgusting and one less redneck white trash asshole would do the world some good. I hope David chokes her in her sleep.

  10. I don’t know if Jace reads this but if he does Jace I just want you to know

    This is not your fault, you are a child you’re still learning. The cause of all this is the adult (then teen) that brought you into this world, the one that don’t take responsibility of any of her actions.
    you’re not your parents you will not turn out like them, use them as a example what not to be.
    Having mental health issues isn’t a bad thing, it gives you compassion where you can help people that’s been in similar situations as you.
    You can turn to them and they can turn to you, don’t keep running away as it puts you in danger, talk to someone get all your feelings out believe me it will help.
    Use your voice, use your power, you’re stronger than you realise.
    There’s a lot of people in this world that has your back.
    You’re a boy still growing you will make mistakes and choose to learn from them, you will become a man that is millions times better than the ones your mother as chosen.
    Find a adult you trust tell them why you feel you have to run away let them help you, while you keep it inside it only hurts you make the adults in your life take responsibility of the hurt they caused you by using your words.
    And I know I’ve said it before I’m saying it again as it’s a million percent true

  11. I wonder if Jace realizes that by running away he’ll be placed in a medical facility that can give him his medication and provide treatment similar to what happened after the abuse situation. Maybe he’s running away because he knows it’s the only real way to get help- he knows as long as he stays with Barb that his donor controls his meds/therapy, but if CPS deems him “in danger” they can take temporary guardianship so he can get the help he needs.

    The judge needs to issue a gag order against the two Swamp dwellers prohibiting them from discussing any of their minor children online or social media platforms. They wouldn’t make it an hour, thinking they’re above the law.

  12. So she’s still withholding this child’s medication and gloating that he’s still wilding out. Jenelle can go to hell.

  13. Gosh, I feel so sad for him. No stability does this to you. And I can’t even believe Jenelle and David would gloat like this over YOUR OWN CHILD missing! What kind of a mother are you?!

    Actually I can believe that because they are horrible human beings.

  14. It’s pretty sad when his own mother is sabotaging his mental health by withholding his needed medication and then UD is cheering on the demise of a child. PURE FREAKING TRASH

    I fear this will not end well and I hope I’m wrong and I hate to think Jenelle will be the first one to say “I told you so”. I hope Jenelle and UD rot in hell

  15. I know that I’m going to get roasted for this, but here me out.

    I want to start by saying Jenelle is trash. Barb isn’t much better, but at the same time she is. She cared for Jace when he had nobody.

    With that being said, this is obviously a Jace problem. I know that Jenelle and UBT are “stealing” his meds and taking them for themselves. But, this is a Jace problem. My stepson pulled this same shit whenever he was told no or if he wasn’t the center of attention at all times. He has mental health issues as well, and is medicated. I realize that if it weren’t for Jenelle,Barb, and UBT constantly adding new levels of embarrassment and shame and abuse, he might be better off, but at the bottom of this, especially with him running away from Barb’s house, it’s something wrong with JACE. With my stepson, he kept pulling this shit at our house, at Mom’s house, until finally they got sick of his shit and put him in a youth detention facility. He just turned 18 in July, and he’s already been arrested once, for burglary and resisting arrest. Keep in mind that outside of my stepson’s mother, my stepson has stable and loving parents.

    Sometimes, it’s an issue with the kids.

    1. Blaming your stepson for having mental health problems is a YOU problem. Own your own role in this, don’t lay the blame on the child who never got proper help (some help isn’t proper help, if it’s not working, and yes I know how frustrating and exhausting it is to get proper help), and now as an adult will have an even more difficult time getting it.

      Yes, children with mental health issues can have all kinds of behavioral problems, they can act out, they can even get violent, but it is not a “them” problem, it is a family problem (until you give up, of course). You are wiping your hands of your own responsibility because it’s easier to say it’s a “him problem” than it is to say “it’s an US problem”. No stable or loving parent will blame a child for having mental health problems. They would never call it a “them problem”.

      I have children with varying mental health issues, some from birth, some only manifesting later in life, some from trauma, some not (and yes some have been/are very severe). It is absolutely NEVER a “them problem”, not once. Something causes it and it’s not them, they would not choose to have those issues. No matter the kinds of issues we have gone through, and trust me over the years there have been countless, even very violent issues (which yes can lead to treatment facilities being needed). It was and is NEVER blamed on them.

      If what we’re doing isn’t working, we deal with the consequences of what happened and we try something else. We never give up, we never absolve ourselves of responsibility, we never place the blame on the shoulders of the CHILD who really can’t even regulate everything and even if they are fully aware of all they do and say, they can’t be held accountable for it all while dealing with mental health crisis.

      I have older children who never fully worked through all of their issues and have continued to have them (and worse) into adulthood too, and it’s tough. But you (and probably others) wrote your stepson off, probably a long time ago, even if you may not think you have-by placing the blame squarely on him. Some of my children have had bio and step parents with that same mindset-it’s more obvious than you think. You think they don’t know how you feel about them, but they do, it only escalates issues.

      I hope and pray someone comes into your stepson’s life and helps him get on track, get a better handle on his issues and he’s able to work past whatever damage he’s experienced. I hope he gets to live a good, long, happy life as he works through it all too. I also hope he gets as far away from anyone who thinks it’s entirely a him problem, for good.

      You know that you don’t have to be physically abusive to be abusive, right?

        1. I took you words at face value, as you typed them, no more, no less. You blamed the child, period, and absolve all adults from any responsibility in the care and treatment of his mental health issues. It HAS to be a “problem with the kid”. That’s not how mental health issues work, not in families anyway. That’s not how they get treated, that’s now how they get resolved (in cases where they can), its just really a bad way to deal with any of it. It only leads to more problems.

          No one is perfect, ever. Raising children who have mental health issues is hard, frustrating, heartbreaking, overwhelming and any other word you can think of. It can utterly break you down at times. But it’s NOT their fault and NOT “just a problem with the kids”, it’s just not. Sometimes it’s hard to see that. Hopefully you’ll eventually realize what the words you typed, and the mindset you have, actually say. I’ve seen plenty of people come to the realization, sometimes too late, but sometimes not. Still, it’s always a worthy goal. When we know better, we do better.

          I hope you have Happy Holidays as well.

        2. You literally were thick and heartless enough to post about being the definition of toxic, evil step-mum for the world to see. See your downvotes? That doesn’t clue you in to the fact that most of the world doesn’t think like you? I have a brother with mental health issues (fell into drugs, been arrested, had to be put in hospital) and a step-mum that will and absolutely has gone to the ends of the world for him and has continued to do so even though he is now an adult. She also would NEVER publicly say a negative word against our late mother even if she did think it. Why? Because that’s what a loving, healthy step-parent does. You are neither.

          Cheers and Happy Holidays!

    2. You sound like the wicked step mothers in Disney movies. I feel bad for your step son. That really sucks for him that you think you are loving and stable.

    3. Jenelle is a selfish piece of shit and should have given that child up for adoption long ago…but no. She wanted to keep him as a way to trap Andrew, Andrew turned into a ghost, so Jenelle gave up her rights to her mother. Now we’ve got a mentally unstable child running around looking for some stability somewhere, and his piece of shit mother gloating because she feels vindicated because he ran away from Barb…not taking any accountability for the mental havoc she has caused that child. Jace is the result of Jenelle. This is a Jenelle problem.

    4. You’re blaming your stepson for his actions yet you say he has mental health problems, don’t you realise that people with mental health issues aren’t always in control of their actions?
      Did you ever think his cry for attention at all times was a cry for help?
      And when you couldn’t cope with him you threw him away and made him feel like noone cares, I know this as my mother threw me in the system to and I felt like I was just a piece of shit on the bottom of someone’s shoe. I was treated like dirt by the staff and even abused by some of them, I grew up thinking I was worthless.
      He committed a crime just like a lot of people that was in the system do, instead of praising yourself why not be a adult own up to the failings.

    5. Jace and your stepson weren’t born this way. They most likely had a predisposition to having some mental health issues and coupling that with bad, or maybe not bad parenting but parenting that didn’t work for them, created the people they are. This is why I have always rooted for Jenelle. People wrote her off at 16. You aren’t a fucked up 16yo if you have had a stable home. But you are correct that at a certain point the child turns into an adult and the mess that was created in their childhood will persist.

        1. I’m actually a psych nurse. I’m not sure which part of biology you think I missed? Mental health with the possible exception of schizophrenia and bipolar is never just biology or just environment/parenting. It is always a combination of the two. And once it has developed it becomes a matter of coping with it which some people do well and others don’t. This is the part I think she was trying to get at. Beyond certain point it is up to the individual to manage their behavior.

          1. If you actually were you would know that yes mental health disorders are often present at birth even if they don’t manifest until later on. Much of their components are biological, and many can be affected by other factors as well.

            You said “they weren’t born this way”, except, they likely were. How mental health manifests, even when or if, varies wildly, but all cases have biological components. No one said it’s “just biology”. You oversimplified it by stating they weren’t born with it. You doubled down on that by stating that it is up to the individual to “manage their behavior”. It’s really not that simple, especially in CHILDREN. We are talking about a CHILD here, after all, or did you forget that part.

            No, that’s not “the part she was trying to get at”, don’t placate and coddle a clearly fucked up person. She literally blamed a child for having mental health issues-that’s fucked up. In fact, it’s an indicator that she has her own, but I wouldn’t dare hazard a guess at what type(s). She’s clearly not fit to be a parent though.

  16. Jenelle, you are piece of trash. You are a shit mother and a complete loser. We all know you take Jace’s meds for yourself. You are a selfish c-word who had no right to having children. Fuck you.

  17. Question, if Jace goes to a foster family, will Jenelle be notified who that family is? Because if she does, don’t you think that family would be a little worried about what she will do/say on the internet? Like their safety might be at risk and not want to take Jace in. I’m sorry but I’m very ignorant when it comes to the foster system.

  18. What kind of a mother posts something like that on social media when their child is missing? My God. Jenelle couldn’t possibly be anymore awful.

  19. This has become a genuinely sad and scary situation. Between Jace not going back to Barbs, unable to receive full and proper treatment, this behavior potentially helping David’s pending case and the fact that those two were able to take their children out of school and “homeschool” them while there are active abuse and CPS cases, I am so sad for the lack of resources for these kids now.

  20. Jennelle goes on social media blabbing about Jace’s mental health issues but refuses to allow him medication? She is ok with her disgusting husband bashing a doctor who was providing medical care to her son (not his) to the point of no doctor wanting to provide treatment? What the hell is wrong with CPS down there?

  21. I have no words to describe what I think about David but most of all, Jenelle, Jace’s egg donor.
    She’s truly, absolutely, without a doubt, the worst so called “mother” I have ever seen or heard about in my life. Gloating that your kid with mental issues ran away yet again and now he will be living in foster care or something with strangers… You deserve nothing, Jenelle. You deserve to die alone.

      1. Sophia is a well adjusted kid. I’m not saying that Farrah is a great mother because she exposed her to things she shouldn’t have, but without a doubt Jenelle is worse. Jenelle is worse even than Amber, and that’s saying a lot

  22. Jenelle i know it hard hun but for the kids sake and for yoyr you need to get away from david and prove these people wrong orove them that your not baf lime theybsay i have faith in uou i know you can do it and do better i know you can get a better man to treat you snd all the kids vetter and bab if you woyld of stop butt in her relationships and stop yell and put your two sense in all the time and allow her to be a mom things eould of been different barb you need to stay out of her busdiness anf dtip tell her how to raise her kids and etc u need to eorry about u not jenelle and her kids and rekationship let her be an adult stop butt in sll the time

    1. @joni ~ ever hear of punctuation marks? that is one LONG-ass run-on sentence. ??
      and no, swamp queen ?‍♀️ wouldn’t be a better person with a ‘better man’ ~ she’s a complete ? piece of sh*t ? all by herself.

    2. How much were you paid for this comment?

      It reads like every other paid comment she has on sm, same misspellings, same grammar errors, same lack of any and all punctuation. Most of her “supporters” on sm are paid for through a “buy likes/followers” type program, and a lot of them are bots that up and disappear when you report them, lol. Some of the ones bought through the pay programs are just stolen accounts people don’t realize are stolen because they don’t use them anymore.

      If it’s not one of those….

      Jenelle, put the meth down, walk away slowly, get a TPR so the kids have a chance, and check yourself into rehab, you’re spiraling, again.

  23. Ill be pray for all jenelle hun i know you can do better you need to get away and get help for you the kids snd jace hun you csn get a better msn to treat your kids snd you way better dont let his money stop you from prove all tgese people wrong i know you can do it i have faith in you snd for barb she no better if she eould of stay out and stop butt in snd yell snd causr the fights sll tge time and she get away and stay out of sll this i belive things eould of been different bstb needs to stop butt in jenrllie relationship and she needs to stop cintrol how jenelle raise her kids barb needs to bsck up snd stay out of it and let jrnelle be the oarent and do it herself and leave her comnetts to herself

  24. I really feel like if barb would of stop get on the middle of thi gs and in thd middle of her relationshop jenalle would of did good as a parent snd if barb would of allow her instead of fight and yell with her honest barb is no better with the wSy she is always butt in smd yell and put her teo sense in if barb would get out of the way snd stau out of the way things could be diffrent jenelle hun for you i know it hard and i know whst you delt eoth but for you you need to pleade for the kids sake and for god open up and i know david doesnt do you right it the money hun you can do better for ypu snd the kids get out well you can and raise these kids and get help for you and the kids and jace andshow tgem you can do right and you are a good mom and orove everyone wrong i have faith in you you can get a better man that eill treat you and all tbe kids better then what david done hun i wish i could hrlp you out and be there to help you eith all thos and get you on the right track i know you can do it jrnelle i have fsoth in you ill be pray for sll of you

    1. @joni ~ after seeing your subsequent posts (that i didn’t even attempt to decipher), it’s obvious that punctuation is the least of your worries.
      have you been partaking in ‘she-shed candy’ with the swampsters ?‍♀️?‍♂️?!?

    2. Alrighty then, even if you’re not Jenelle, or a shill, please put down the meth, walk away slowly and check yourself into rehab. Whoever you are, you are spiraling and need help.

  25. several local therapists wouldn’t take Jace on as a client because they didn’t want to deal with the “wrath of David and Jenelle.”

    Very telling ( ffs this proves even more how dangerous david is) why isnt he in jail????

  26. That kid never stood a chance. His own mother rejected him and his grandmother let everyone know she hadn’t wanted him and was stuck with him all his life.
    It’s sad that Janelle has skipped out on jail time all her life, a proper stint might have been enough to scare her our of stupidity

  27. What a bitch gloating about this, ffs jenelle its not about him running away from barb and now you feel superior, its about a very troubled boy and that should be the only concern, you wont let him have the correct meds, and as a parent you should be ashamed of yourelf, the fact that all your kids tested possative at birth is disgusting, YOU ARE NO MOTHER girl.
    Poor Jace.

  28. Why are you two laughing and enjoying the fact that he ran away again because of the stuff Janelle post on the internet? Do yall see the damage yall are causing this young boy? Who is he going to be placed with now? This is all Janelle and David’s fault.

  29. So jace is going to end up in foster care or some group home and Janelle is celebrating? Is she insane? Who would applaud that, she did that to her child.

  30. So so sad.
    Jace isn’t your child, David, thank God for small favours.
    Jenelle proving AGAIN she cares not a jot about her biological son but she cares about one-upping Barbara.
    Proving (yet again) she operates on the level of a 16yo and will never put her children ahead of herself.

  31. What a POS mom you are Jenelle. You know damn well Jace has mental issues. Stay with David you deserve each other. When your kids grow up they will never call or come to see you. Root in HELL with David.

  32. David and Jenelle are 2 of the most horrible human beings ever. Karma is right around the corner you miserable pieces of shit! You physically and emotionally tortured that child. Rot in hell the both of you!

  33. At this point in his life, Jace needs to be placed in a residence program. It’s the only way he’s going to get ALL of the help he needs, away from all distractions, and not have to worry about potential repercussions for those taking care of him. He is very aware that the system is fucking broken there. The longer those two go without being held accountable the more sure he will “feel” that he is the problem and everyone would be better without him around. He isn’t the problem, but the system, by not holding them accountable, is telling him that he is. The system is failing him! Every agency in the system has collectively said “not it” absolving themselves of responsibility.

    Kids like Jace will often act up, run away, have outbursts and get into trouble that they know will get them placed somewhere else. They do this as a means to protect those who have been in their corner, it’s a coping mechanism and quite common. It might sound odd to you, and I’m not saying Barb is some saint or something (she has her own demons and issues too). I’m just saying there are likely aspects you’re not considering while blaming her because it’s easy to say “You’re a POS for turning him away”. She didn’t turn him away or fail to get him treatments he needed, she did right by him when everyone else failed, as best she could (and within a broken system). It’s just that others did far more damage than her help can fix.

    He’s gone through all of this, and continues to, in the public eye. Even when Barb stays silent and does right by him, no one else does. It’s a lose-lose for Jace and Barb. Kids in these kinds of cases won’t likely do well in any placement outside of a residence program, not even kinship. At least not until the underlying problems are fixed (or eliminated).

    What the dumbasses seem to forget, pretty often, is that unlike the younger two, he can read very well, has access to the internet and everything they do and say 24/7 (so does everyone he knows). If someone cared enough to fucking stop them (and yes, they actually can, between DCS and the court system) he probably would’ve been doing better at Barb’s. But nope, those two ramped it up, keep it going, and Jace is the one that suffers.

    Those two deserve to be drawn and quartered by their own swamp gators.

    1. Correct, she signed custody back over to Jenelle in March. But David allegedly assaulted him in September and CPS removed him.. a judge ordered for him to live with Barb for the time being.

      1. Oh okay.

        Jenelle is one of my least favorite “moms” of the franchise so I haven’t been keeping up with the custody stuff.

          1. True.

            So where is Jace now?

            If he will no longer be living with Barb (and it’s a cinch that he didn’t go to his mom and David’s), then what’s left?

            I don’t know the emancipation laws are there but where I live it’s 16.

  34. Poor Jace. I pray he is safe and will go to a good foster home. I don’t think anyone who has watched the show is surprised Jace is acting-out. David seems like he is labeling mental health professionals as “quacks” and Jenelle believes anything he says. Because the “quack” wants to keep the “money train” moving, Jace won’t get the help he needs. David probably thought “spare the rod and spoil the child” was the answer, and this is why he’s facing child abuse charges. I’m afraid poor Kaiser will be another Jace…

  35. I have been saying since he was placed with Barb after the incident with David it concerns me because what if something happens that Barb can’t care for him anymore… now where is he going to go?
    As for Janelle…those posts are just more evidence for CPS and the legal system to show she has NO CONCERN fornher child. NONE

    1. Agreed. These gloating pictures will not bode well for Jenelle in the ? of CPS. Just shows how stunted her emotional maturity is. Again, Jace is not the prize, winning is.

  36. I may be the odd ball here, but I dont know if the child should be with Barb either. Ofcourse Janelle isnt a good option, but I dont think he is going to do anhy better with Barb. I mean, I think she loves the kid and is good about keeping him clothed and fed, providing the necessities, and i know she loves him, but the way she talks, the way she yells and the arguing her and Janelle BOTH do, is not a good environment for a kid. She just doesn’t seem like she would make a good Parental figure. I think Jace does have serious mental health issues and neither of those women are the right ones to help him deal with it.

    1. Barbara is too old to be caring for a child. She should be living her life just taking care of herself, not raising her grandchild. Jenelle needs to lose all rights to Jace & I really hope her social media posts are shown in court where she was not showing any concern for her missing child! Hopefully if she loses all rights he can get the help he needs.

  37. This is how you know janelle doesn’t care about jace’s wellbeing, it’s all about “winning” against Barbara. Who gloats that their child is missing? Shouldn’t she be concerned? If all of this is about his mental health, why not give him meds? She’s such trash.

  38. I am heartsick for Jace. And I have been since his birth. We all knew what his upbringing would be like – screaming, fighting, instability, gaslighting, pressure, neglect. He deserved better than what he got. Same with Kaiser. Barb should have convinced Jenelle to place Jace for adoption. I know I suck for feeling that way, but he could have a Brandon ‘n Teresa instead of rabid psych ward patients for his caregivers.

  39. He’s in need of some INTENSE therapy. Crying out for help, poor kid.

    You can’t take him off his medication for shits and giggles! Look at what happens! But of course Delujenelle is the perfect mother in her mind, there’s no way any of her kids could have mental health issues.

  40. The poor kid is going to end up institutionalized until he’s 18 bc Jenelle wouldn’t give him a shot at a manageable life on his meds.

  41. Jenelle just continues to prove that it was never about getting Jace back but just to “Win” against Barbara. Terribly sad

  42. Poor Jace just can’t get a break, he’s probably being bullied at school cause what his mum does, seeing her slating him, can’t get the meds that he needs cause of her, can’t get therapy cause of her, she’s gloating thinking she’s proven right and poor Jace is trying to escape from it all. This poor child is gonna keep running I fear one day he’s gonna end up on the streets doing whatever to survive.
    He needs to divorce his mum so she has no right to anything in his life.

  43. Imagine gloating over your son running away. Look, Barb is not equipped to handle Jace and all 3 of her own kids are REALLY messed up, she’s not exactly mother of the year. Yes, she stepped up for Jace which is great, but she fumbled that one as well. Jenelle is an even worse mother and a worse person all-around. Instead of being concerned about your son, you act like a fucking 5 year old and act like you “won”, when you haven’t had custody for the first 13 or so years of his life and he’s run away from your house multiple times. Congratulations, Jenelle ?

  44. F Jenelle Evans Rogers Eason.. this dumb twit has NO clue about anything. Dumb donkey met her match with her swamp mate. Nothing will end well for anyone involved sadly.

  45. These 2 shouldn’t have any children in their custody. They’re acting like 5 yr Olds on social media. Do they realize CPS is tracking their social media and these posts won’t go over well??

    Also, has anyone noticed that when Jace acts out it’s because he has mental health issues… but when he’s not publicly acting out, Barbara and the therapists just want to drug Jace and he doesn’t need it.

  46. Jenelle did not do right by him, so no one else can either.

    I feel like this is the inevitable that would have been done 15 years ago when CPS tried to take him at birth.

    I don’t get the gloating. I don’t think it’s a big flex that your child will be in the system. Can’t imagine too many folks looking to raise a child his age and with his issues.
    Oh Cheyenne might. Oh.. wait.

  47. Duh David and Jeanelle need to be locked up. Who the hell gloats about they children struggling. Someone needs to step in and get this fixed ASAP

  48. Jace is fucked. He’s gonna rebel hard. Hopefully he makes it to his mid 20s and looks inward to do the therapy he needs.

    1. You sadly speak the truth.

      Poor Jace. I think everyone knows deep down that’s where he’s likely headed, and we all pray he makes it out the other side. He can’t count on his biological mother or stepfather to guide him and keep him safe. He’ll have to pull himself up by his own bootstraps and that’s awfully hard to do as a young teen with this type of turmoil around you 24/7.

  49. So Jenelle says that they’re in the situation because of Jace’s mental issues but David’s review makes it seem as though the therapist is trying to convince them he has mental issues to keep him on medication?? Wtf?

    1. What else would David say? He will do anything to reflect the blame for his entire families f’ up situations. I don’t believe a word that man says.

  50. Shitty folks, raise shitty folks.
    Babs is 0/4. Will Jace catch felony charges before he knocks up his girlfriend, or after? Tune in next week.

  51. So disgusting to gloat that your child has no stable home due to the issues that SHE caused. It’s never been about Jace and it never will be. She only cares about winning against Babs.

    1. This is SO SAD. Poor Jace I swear Barb is the only person who truly cares what happens to him and now he can’t even go back.

      Janelle doesn’t give a fuck about that kid. She just weapon him to use against her mother. He never stood a chance.

  52. This makes me so sad for that sweet boy. And Jenelle…gloating about it. There is a special place in h3ll for her!

  53. Every time I think those two demons can’t get any worse. And every time they prove me wrong. Poor jace.

  54. Wow this poor boy never had a fighting chance with those around him constantly failing him! We saw early on his behavior concerns and nobody helped him then and now it’s even harder. I hope for this beautiful boys sake they grow up and do what’s right by him!

  55. So let me get this straight: they keep ruining his life on purpose while he is not even living with them, by keeping him off medications he needs and preventing him from getting therapy, and then they rejoice in the fact that he ran away from the only home he has known. They literally make me sick. Poor Jace. And poor Barbara. Luckily it will not be long until Jace is of the age that he can make his own decisions and his “mother” cannot continue controlling his life.

  56. How about you stop posting about this poor child. He is 14 years old and has been tormented and mental tortured by his so called mother and to have everything played out by news outlets. Have some respect for Jace and his mental health.

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