Savannah Chrisley Says Parents’ Recent Appeal Hearing Left Younger Brother Grayson Feeling “Traumatized”

“Save it for our show, little bro.”

Todd and Julie Chrisley’s recent appeal hearing not only ignited a public feud between Todd’s daughters Lindsie and Savannah, but also reportedly left the couple’s 17-year-old son Grayson feeling “traumatized.” 

As fans know, the former Chrisley Knows Best couple is currently serving prison time for tax evasion and fraud crimes–- 10 years for Todd and six years for Julie, following the couple’s sentences being reduced in September. Todd and Julie are in the process of appealing their criminal convictions and had their case heard in oral arguments on April 19 in a Georgia courtroom. 

Savannah spoke about her parents’ appeal hearing on the latest episode of her Unlocked podcast, telling listeners that Grayson insisted on joining her at the appeal to support their parents, despite her concern that it might be something he “wasn’t ready for.”  

“Poor Gray,” Savannah said. “Grayson wanted to be there so badly. I gave him the option of coming because I did not want to force something that maybe he wasn’t ready for and he insisted he be there.” 

Savannah–- who was made the primary guardian of Grayson and younger sister Chloe prior to Todd and Julie reporting to prison-– went on to claim that her brother felt “traumatized” following the hearing and had “a full-blown panic attack” due to his alleged “PTSD revolving around being in a courtroom.” 

“ … it’s really, really tough,” she added. 

Back in February 2023, Savannah spoke about her younger siblings struggling to adjust in their parents’ absence, claiming that Grayson even “had a breakdown” over the situation. 

During an episode of Savannah’s podcast that was released last summer, Grayson admitted to his sister that seeing their parents behind bars was “worse than them dying.” 

“…to disagree with ya on that one.”

“Because they’re here, but they’re not here,” he continued. “So it’s just time that’s being wasted. I’m saying, like, if they died, there’s no possibility of you getting any more time with them. So it’s over.” 

On the same episode, Grayson commended Savannah for stepping up for him and Chloe while their parents are in prison, telling his sister that she was “doing a really good job.” 

Grayson turns 18 in May and will soon graduate from high school. While he’s expressed interest in attending the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, he shared on social media in March that he has also toured Auburn University. 

In addition to beginning his college education, Grayson is set to return to TV in the near future. As The Ashley previously told you, the Chrisley family–- sans Lindsie–- are reportedly working on a TV project that Savannah describes as “less of a reality show and more of a show that is true crime and discusses our case in-depth.” 

The project is in development from Scout Productions, the company behind Queer Eye, and is slated to feature Chrisley siblings Chase, Savannah, Grayson and Chloe, as well as their grandmother (Todd’s mother), Nanny Faye Chrisley.

“I’m ready for my comeback, y’all!”

A premiere date for the project has not been announced. 

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10 Responses

  1. PTSD from being in a courtroom? You’re not a victim dude. This isn’t capital T Trauma. This is your parents have to pay the consequences for their actions. I can’t imagine these comments are going to go over well with the high school crowd. Savannah will do and say ANYthing to get someone to feel bad for her (despite just bitching to anyone with ears about Lyndsie doing this 2 days ago)

  2. Lol. This family will make it everyone but their own fault for the reason they are in the situation.

    Todd and Julie didn’t just steal some money to buy groceries or fudge their housing so their kid could go to a better school. They defrauded multiple banks so that they could continue living a lifestyle they couldn’t afford, plain and simple. And people say these are victimless crimes, but they aren’t. Does the bank pay that money, no they put it on their customers to pay off. So other people’s money is being used to help fund their Gucci and Chanel addiction. So you wonder why the rates are interest are lower or why the fees are higher, just remember Julie needed a new Mercedes.

    Grayson is 17, a month from 18, he’s not a baby. If he really didn’t think he could handle it, maybe Savannah should have told him not to come. But it’s a courtroom, not a jail cell. Also, the melodrama, seeing your parents ALIVE in a courtroom isn’t worse them seeing them dead. That’s really f*cking stupid.

    Get this kid a therapist, and stop blaming the world for all this.

  3. I’m so over this POS criminal family throwing pity parties at themselves for facing the consequences of their own actions. They should have thought about their kid’s PTSD before defrauding

  4. She is a drama queen and her entire family likes to pretend that they are the ones that are victims. Maybe her parents shouldn’t have committed tax evasion and defrauding community banks out of more than $30 million in fraudulent loans. Maybe they should have thought about the possible “trauma” on their children before.

  5. In my opinion savanna is a huge narcissist just like her father. She can keep whining about prisons but her parents were found guilty because they stole money. Lindsay is very lucky to be away from all of them because she is always going to be the one they use and pick on.

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