‘Little People Big World’ Star Matt Roloff Reveals What Really Happened Between Him & Sons Zach & Jeremy Regarding Sale of Roloff Farm

“It’s fine! Everything is fine!” 

Matt Roloff‘s non-disclosure agreement has expired, and the Little People Big World is using the opportunity to set the record straight on a variety of topics.

In a recent Facebook post, Matt discussed the future of his long-running TLC reality show, but he also opened up about what really happened back in 2021-2022 between him and his twin sons Zach and Jeremy in regard to the sale of a portion of Roloff Farm

As fans of the TLC show know, the tension between Matt and Zach went public in 2022 when Matt announced on social media that he was selling a portion of the family’s farm, despite claiming that he wanted the farm to stay in the family. Many fans–- as well as Zach–- felt Matt was throwing shade at his twin sons for not buying the property, prompting Zach to speak up in the post’s comment section and call his dad out.

Zach blasted Matt for “manipulating the narrative” of the situation to the show’s fans.


Neither son ended up purchasing the farm from Matt, but both sons became somewhat estranged from their dad after the purchase plans blew up. During a recent episode, Zach– who ended up buying a home in Washington afterward—revealed that he is still estranged from Matt and doesn’t have much interest in repairing their relationship.

In his recent Facebook post, Matt told his version of events, stating that he was faced with a big problem when both Zach and Jeremy told him they were interested in buying the Roloff home and farm from him in the fall of 2021. 


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“As twins they have always been super-competitive but this was one situation that I couldn’t let one win over the other,” Matt wrote. “As a father it was extraordinarily complex and I can’t say I handled it without some mistakes and missteps.”

For the first time, Matt explained why he couldn’t just split the property between his kids, as many ‘LPBW’ fans have suggested in the past.

“The state of Oregon has incredibly strict rules about dividing land up and splitting (the baby in half) property based on zoning laws,” Matt wrote. “There is only one house on a single tax lot. There were 2 interested parties and one (1) house– think about that!

“Yes– Money, retirement concerns, loan terms and maintenance responsibility all played a role,” Matt said. “But fairness to all four (4) of my kids and all grandkids played and weighted the heaviest.”


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(In addition to Zach and Jeremy, Matt and his ex-wife Amy also share daughter Molly and son Jacob, both of whom left ‘LPBW’ years ago.) 

Matt explained that he shrunk the size of the North Farm by selling/renting out the big house, but grew the amount of land that is currently in a trust account.

Matt admitted that he would change some of the things he did during the battle over the farm with his sons. He also discussed how hard it was to go through the situation with his family on-camera.

“It hasn’t been easy … especially all while being filmed…and sometimes even very painful,” he wrote. “But in the end its all been productive and although in hindsight I would change several of my processes… I believe the results are better and I love watching ALL the kids find their independence and passions on their own terms.”

Like Zach and Molly, Jeremy and his wife Audrey went on to purchase property away from Roloff Farm.


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“I feel so blessed, proud and love each and every one of my children and grandchildren- Jer and Zach each figured out (in their own timing) that the idea of breaking away from me and the farm (as you all know it over past many years) and individually establish their own homesteads… build their own dreams … bridges… barns …shops and projects– My heart is full to see that process in progress,” he wrote.

Matt explained that his youngest child, Jacob– who left the show early on– is now back on Roloff Farm with his own family.


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“Our youngest who broke away from ‘the crazy train’ early to go see the world now, in a poetic turn of events, has returned with his family to an open canvas of opportunity,” Matt wrote. “He’s taking great advantage of many possibilities. The 90+ acre farm. He is living and working full time with his wife and son Mateo (named in my honor) on the farm.

“I understand if you’ve been watching ‘LPBW’ since the beginning’… you are not as connected to the stories and lives of our 3 average height children– but please know they exist and matter as all 4 of our kids do in the grand scheme of the farm.”

Matt went on to admit that Zach, his wife Tori and their three kids don’t come to the farm very often now.

“I don’t get to see Zach and his adorable kids nearly as often as any of us would like,” Matt wrote. “We are always welcome to go see them in Battleground [Washington], but we don’t see them around the farm very often. I’m very proud of them and the way they raise their family and Zach battling thru illness and building out his own farm is what makes a father so proud to see.”


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Zach discussed this topic in a recent ‘LPBW’ episode, explaining that his kids don’t feel a connection to their grandpa’s property.

“The farm was part of my life, but it’s not going to be part of our kids’ lives the same way it was mine,” Zach said during an on-camera confessional. “No one’s holding grudges; no one’s intentionally not going to the farm. There’s just no interest. The kids don’t ask.”

Matt stated that he sees Jacob and Jeremy and their kids frequently, due to them all living near (or at) the farm. He also gave an update on his daughter Molly, who left ‘LPBW’ after Season 16 and moved to Washington with her husband Joel Silvius.


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“Molly loves her private life up in Spokane but we still see her often,” Matt wrote. “Sometimes [my fiancé] Caryn [Chandler] and I fly up to northern WA for a weekend visit and often her and Joel come stay either at the big house or at my new house. Molly and Joel were just here in AZ staying with us for days enjoying the sunshine and taking in the local wildlife zoo. Always wonderful to visit with the amazing Molly Jo and hubby Joel.”

As The Ashley previously reported, the final episode of ‘Little People Big World’ Season 25 aired last week and Matt stated that the episode may have been the series finale as well. 

Read Matt’s full Facebook post below!

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