‘Little People Big World’ Star Zach Roloff Says the “Ship Has Sailed” For Reconciling With Dad Matt Roloff: “Time Might Even It Out”

“I’m over it, Pops!”

Zach Roloff has moved on from trying to make amends with his father Matt Roloff and is hoping time and space will eventually heal their broken relationship.

In a new teaser clip shared by Entertainment Tonight of Tuesday’s Little People Big World season finale, Zach discusses the current status of his relationship with his estranged dad.  As fans of the TLC show know, the tension between Matt and Zach (as well as Zach’s twin brother Jeremy) began in 2022 when Matt announced he was selling a portion of the family’s farm, despite claiming that he wanted the farm to stay in the family.

Matt insinuated at the time that his twin sons were to blame for him having to sell the farm, igniting the feud between Zach and Matt. Their battle first became public when Zach blasted Matt online in May 2022 for “manipulating the narrative” of the situation to the show’s fans.

Since then, the Matt and Zach’s relationship has yet to heal and, in February, Zach and his wife Tori revealed on their podcast that they are leaving ‘Little People Big World’ for good. 

“Peace out, TLC!”

On Tuesday’s season finale Zach seemed uninterested in attempting to mend his relationship with his dad, and appeared to be content to let time and space do the healing.

“When it comes to my dad, yeah, I don’t know, that ship has all sailed. There’s not much of a relationship. We’re just doing our own thing,” Zach said. “Time might even it out. Everything will be healed. It will be different.” 

“I’m not holding my breath over here, though.”

He also reflected on how different his kids’ childhoods will look from his own, which was spent on his parent’s farm in Oregon– a place he says his own kids have little interest in visiting.

“Growing up on the farm, I spent a lot of time outdoors, and I definitely want that same experience for our kids,” Zach said. “The farm was part of my life, but it’s not going to be part of our kids’ lives the same way it was mine. No one’s holding grudges; no one’s intentionally not going to the farm. There’s just no interest. The kids don’t ask.”

After Zach and Tori’s plans to purchase Roloff Farm went belly-up, the couple purchased their own property in Washington. 


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“There’s nothing we’re hiding from them,” Zach said of the kids. “They don’t ask and they have their own space up here.”

Earlier this season, Matt expressed how “disappointing” it was to him that Zach and Tori did not attend an event that Zach’s mom (and Matt’s ex-wife) Amy Roloff was putting on for the Dwarf Athletic Association of America (DAAA). 

“I’m disappointed. I thought at least Zach would come down with [his son] Jackson so it’s disappointing,” Matt later told the cameras. “… I think everybody gets to set their own priorities in life. I’m sadder for Amy than I am for me.”


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Matt stated that being separated from Zach is nothing new to him.

“I’m kind of used to keeping the space and the distance,” he said. “…for them to have a different priority, that’s their choice. You can’t cry over that. Everybody has to make their own choices with their own priorities. 

The Season 25 finale of ‘Little People Big World’ airs Tuesday on TLC.

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15 Responses

  1. I finally stopped watching this show after a few eps. this season. I’d seen it all up until then. It’s become a nothing watch. No plot, no interest.

  2. “The kids don’t ask.”
    Well, I am very sure that sulky, sullen, infantile Zach never talks about Grandpa’s farm, so why would they?
    And, Zach seems to forget that he did not do very well in school – and therefore has no basic skills, he’s never held down a REAL job, and he has NO idea how to run a business (like the farm). All he ever did was spend a lot of time “coaching” in the Dwarf Soccer League. (I do not think there’s a huge market out there for dwarf league soccer coaches.)
    He and his wife are living off the money they get from the show. He does not seem to be interested in investigating and finding other career options he can pursue, to support his family. And, I wonder if he is putting some of that money into slow growth investments – for the future….
    His children will have dwarf-related medical issues in the future that will cost big bucks. (And medical insurance companies are not too fond of “pre-existing conditions.”)

  3. The show will die without those cute kids. I think Matt gets some pretty good $$ from TLC and will be in dire straigts without it.

    They don’t come to his farm just for pumpkins, they come to see the Little People in the Big World.

    Oh well, see ya!

  4. Remember this forever, if your parent dies while you’re quarreling you’ll have to live with this forever.. life is too short

    1. You don’t have to have toxic people in your life. Family or not. We cut off my in laws 10 years ago. They are elderly now. Dying assholes are still assholes.

          1. Agreed. My mother had to cut off her mother about 8 years prior to her mother’s death. It saved her. Her mother was just too toxic.

  5. How sad for those kids to be denied all of the fun they would have had at the farm and the love of their grandpop.

  6. Good for you Zach and Tori for setting boundaries. Matt is trying to swindle someone into over paying for the farm. The kids seem to want it kept in the family. Wonder what Caryn wants?

  7. none of us know what Matt promised his kids—to sell to them at appraised price is not how a dad leaves a farm to his kids–sorry! No matter what I do not blame Tori at all–she knows things we will never know and Matt has shown who he is for years—believe him!

  8. Tori and Zach are spoiled brats trying to make something out of nothing! Those two are so in the wrong and think they are perfect and so much better then everyone. I stopped watching because of them. Karma sucks!

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