More Tax Troubles! ‘Teen Mom’ Star Maci Bookout Reportedly Hit With Two New Federal Tax Liens Totally Over $150,000

“Maybe if we cash in that pile of beer cans in our yard we can pay off this damn debt!”

Maci Bookout is reportedly in trouble with Uncle Sam…again!

According to In Touch Weekly, the Teen Mom Family Reunion star was recently hit with two new federal tax liens, totaling over $150,000. The magazine stated on Monday that Maci had a tax lien for $49,383 filed against her on February 2, in addition to another lien for $105,346 that was filed against her and her husband, Taylor McKinney.

News of these liens comes less than a year after Maci was hit with a tax lien for $14,227, which she reportedly owes to the state of California. (The Ashley was unable to determine why Maci— a resident of Tennessee— would owe taxes in California.) Maci also owes $12,569 to the state of California for the 2017 tax year.

“Hey Taylor, there’s no chance you’d wanna put on a red thong and go take some nudie-cutie pics to sell on OnlyFans, would ya?”

This is just the latest tax lien Maci has dealt with since starting with MTV in 2009. In August 2017, Maci had a lien for $12,569 in state taxes for the years 2012 and 2014. That lien has been paid off, as have her earlier tax liens. 

Maci is certainly not the only ‘Teen Mom’ star to battle tax debt. Her Teen Mom: The Next Chapter co-star Leah Messer is currently in the middle of a tornado of tax debt as well. As The Ashley previously reported, Leah currently owes more than $500,000 in taxes. 

The Ashley has explained in previous posts why so many of the ‘Teen Mom’ stars have dealt with tax problems. All of the show’s stars are all considered “independent contractors” and not employees of Viacom (which owns MTV). That means that the girls are essentially freelancers, just like a writer or an artist would be, and that no taxes are taken out of their MTV paychecks. It is their responsibility to make quarterly estimated tax payments.

Over the years, many ‘Teen Mom’ cast members— including Tyler BaltierraCatelynn Lowell, Kail Lowry, Amber Portwood–have been hit with tax liens. 

“Uncle Sam just doesn’t stop…kind of like this horrible show…”

Maci and Taylor are currently collecting some MTV cash for appearing on ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Season 3 (which is currently airing), as well as the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.’ 

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15 Responses

  1. Can someone explain why she (and especially Leah!) just get massive fines where the Situation got actual jail time?

    1. @Sammy— Mike committed tax evasion and tax fraud, meaning he did thing to hide his income to avoid paying taxes on it. These girls are not hiding their income, they’re just not properly paying their taxes. -The Ashley

  2. She would owe state taxes in CA for any income generated in the state. If she was paid to appear on anything filmed in CA, she had to file state income tax.

    1. Seriously, instead of getaways to tropical locations to get drunk, grind ‘n moan on their partners and do obstacle courses. Watching these bozos take a finance class would actually be more interesting than the dreck that the TM franchise has become.

  3. I would understand them getting into tax liens when the show started and they were dumb teenagers but now that they’re 30 grown adults who have the financial means to hire an accountant or someone to help them take care of it it’s ridiculous.

    1. Honestly I’m surprised by Maci because I know her dad owns his own business so I’m sure she heard him talk about having to pay taxes & dealing with that as an independent business owner. I can understand some of the others in the early years, but they should have it together now since they are all in their 30’s.

    1. I understand them having tax liens in the early years when they were young. But now years later they should have learned how to file and pay taxes by now

  4. The Ashley, she would owe state taxes for income tax. She was most likely paid by an entertainment entity based out of California, therfore she would owe California. My husband worked for a different state than we lived, we paid state taxes for both.

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