‘Teen Mom’ Stars Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney Receive An Additional $350,000 Federal Tax Lien Added to Their Already Steep Tax Debt

“Like, did you know you’re supposed to pay taxes EVERY year!? What the hell?”

Uncle Sam has once again come for Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney.

The Teen Mom: The Next Chapter couple just had a giant federal tax lien filed against them earlier this month, according to a new report from The Sun

On June 6, Maci and Taylor were jointly hit with a $351,699 federal tax lien. Just one month earlier, the couple received a separate federal tax lien for $86,620.

These liens were added to the heap of tax money Maci and Taylor already owe. As The Ashley previously reported, Maci and Taylor had a $105,346 federal tax lien filed against them in February, along with a $49,383 federal lien filed against only Maci. (For those whose schools “aren’t well” and have had trouble keeping track, that’s four federal tax liens filed against Maci and Taylor this year alone!)

In 2023, Maci and Taylor were hit with a $143,413 federal tax lien in a different county in Tennessee, the state that they reside in. 

A Tennessee court clerk confirmed to The Sun that the five liens against Maci and/or Taylor remain unpaid as of press time. 

“Cheers to only having to sell 200,000 more leather-pocketed T-shirts to get ourselves out of debt!”

“There are five unreleased liens on Maci and three of those are with Taylor named as well,” the clerk told The Sun. 

Incredibly, these aren’t the only back taxes Maci owes. In addition, Maci received a tax lien in May 2023 for $14,227, which she reportedly owes to the state of California. (The Ashley was unable to determine why Maci— a resident of Tennessee— would owe taxes in California.) Maci also owes $12,569 to the state of California for the 2017 tax year.

While Maci and Taylor still make a great deal of money appearing on the various ‘Teen Mom’ shows, the money “isn’t flowing like it used to,” according to one of The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes sources.

“Now that there’s no guarantee that [Maci or Taylor] will appear on all of the episodes, it’s had a big effect on their salaries, and the salaries of all the cast members,” the source said, adding that the network is always looking for ways to cut expenses from the very long-in-the-tooth show. 

Maci, talking about her financial situation…probably.

Maci and Taylor are certainly not the only cast members to find themselves in hot water with Uncle Sam. Their ‘Next Chapter’ co-star Leah Messer is currently in the middle of a tornado of tax debt as well. As The Ashley previously reported, Leah currently owes more than $500,000 in back taxes. And, just last month, Amber Portwood received a $59,000 tax lien from the state of California. (Again, it’s unknown why Amber– a resident of Indiana— owes money to the state of California.) 

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra also found themselves in major tax debt. The couple finally paid off their massive $856,800 back taxes total in January 2023.

Overall, though, Maci is the ‘Teen Mom’ star who has been hit with the most individual tax liens. In addition to the liens mentioned above, Maci received a lien of $78,308 in 2013, only to receive another lien in 2015 for $5,249 and a third in 2017 for $12,569. Those liens have since been paid off, though. 

“The damn government just won’t leave me alone, not even when I offered a lifetime supply of Things That Matter tank tops!” 

As The Ashley has previously reported, the ‘Teen Mom’ girls are all “independent contractors” and therefore have no taxes automatically taken out of their checks like “regular” W-2 employees do. They are responsible for paying quarterly estimates for their state and federal taxes. 

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(Photos: MTV) 

27 Responses

    1. Apparently way too much, it’s not like she doesn’t know better.

      She’s a supposed college graduate isn’t she? That’s just being way too stupid not to think that the government isn’t watching.

  1. Pay off the tax debts, sell the McMansion, then buy a trailer on a little piece of land and live the way the way they would have if MTV hadn’t come along.

    Most of these girls are morons when it comes to finances. I would love to have a fraction of the money they’ve made from MTV. They’d all have actually been set for life if they’d bought modest (or even large but reasonable) homes, not bought the new expensive vehicles every year, stopped all the vacations, and worked at least part-time at some sort of job. Given every opportunity in the world and squandered it. So frustrating!

  2. So, we see why she’s so desperate for Bentley to have a relationship with Ryan, so she gets more air time and film all this lol

  3. It’s ironic how Kail came from worse circumstances than most of the other moms and has always paid her taxes, dosent need the show for income and graduated with a four degree…

  4. Wow. How do you continue to repeat the same mistakes?
    I find it highly unfair that they make so much money and try to not pay their taxes. I hate paying taxes as well but that’s the one thing I don’t play around and is always handled. So, I’m glad they are being made to pay theirs.
    Trump promised to get rid of taxes all together, idk…. But, maybe he is the answer.

  5. How do grown adults not pay their taxes? I don’t understand it… CPA’s are not super expensive and can advise exactly what to do. I could understand if they were still “teens”, but they have been grown adults for some time and have been in this situation more than once. I don’t see why you would be in it repeatedly unless you are just that f**ed off. I don’t make anywhere near what they’ve made off Teen Mom and I have a CPA do my taxes every year…

  6. They are probably living above their means. They should grow up and pay someone to do their taxes. Or maybe they thought that it wouldn’t happen to them. Ugh…. We have to pay taxes, so they should too.

  7. @TheAshley according to some random one time on the internet, if they filmed in CA, they technically “worked” in CA, so would owe CA taxes.
    Did they film a show out there recently? A reunion or that family show?

    1. I work in California and with taxes, and whatever the ship-to address is, unless the company is exempt in paying taxes for whatever reason, they are responsible to pay taxes in that state. Wonder if it’s from merch that was sold/shipped to California…

      1. Possibly.

        I just cannot imagine them selling enough T shirts to owe $14K. Same with Amber and her $59K. She doesn’t even drop ship anymore, does she?

        No way either is shipping enough of anything to owe any taxes, frankly.
        Neither has any substantial income besides TM.
        Oh Maci being a wrestling coach.

      2. It’s from filming reunions in CA. MTV should have filmed in a state that doesn’t have a low threshold for what would be considered working in the state. NY is the same.

  8. Wonder if they’re like, “Yay! A storyline that doesn’t involve Rhine finally!!” Or, and the likely outcome, have it be completely ignored.

  9. I don’t think they realize how embarrassing it is for poor Bentley. His parents are fucked up each in their own way.

  10. After the first lien how are you not working with a really good CPA to handle your shit. They have the money for it omg

    1. Right! Like I spend $250-300 to have a CPA do my taxes every year. It’s not rocket science. I mean theirs might be more due to a more complicated filing from various business ventures, but still a lot less complicated than this irresponsible mess.

  11. At this point, I just hope that Taylor and Maci get the help that they desperately need. It’s clear that they have problems with alcohol yet MTV allows them to continue to film? Oh how the tables have turned? Or whatever Canadian/Australian viewers saay.

    1. MTV allowed jenelle to shoot heroin in the bathroom, amber beat Gary. Jenelle was high man, many times on other drugs (not referring to pot but the other drugs), filmed Ryan high and drive, leah driving high with the kids. I think them filming maci and taykor drink beer isn’t all that bad compared to the above. There are so many more instances but those just stuck out.

      Not saying I disagree with you, but MTV is low.

    1. Lol. I think it’s the opposite.

      Yes you and I would trip over an affordable bill, most ppl would.
      I think once it becomes an unaffordable amount you can never pay back.. it’s laughable and forgettable.

      There’s no way they can pay back that much money bc they do not earn that much anymore. $350K is an entire season’s pay, at the old rate. That would mean every dime goes to taxes.

      Time to get a jobby job kids!

  12. it’s been said a million times ~ but really, what the eff is wrong with all these people? hiring an accountant really isn’t that expensive AT ALL.

  13. If you earn money while you are physically in the state of California, you owe taxes on that money. Professional sports players are taxed whenever they play in the State. Before bashing California, keep in mind that it is not the only State that does this.

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