“90 Day Fiancé” Star Gabe Pabon Calls Estranged Wife Isabel Posada the “Most Cancerous Person I’ve Ever Met” After Isabel Allegedly Cost Gabe $1,500+ in Motorcycle Tickets

“I see you trying to reach into my pocket there, Izzy. Hands off the billfold!” 

Gabe Pabon is accusing his estranged wife Isabel Posada of wreaking more havoc on his life– and his wallet.

The 90 Day Fiancé star, who appeared alongside Colombian native Isabel on Season 4 of the TLC series, posted a video to Instagram on Wednesday, accusing his estranged wife of loaning out his motorcycle without his knowledge to an individual who allegedly proceeded to rack up more than $1,500 in tickets.

Gabe– who revealed in March that he and Isabel were planning to divorce– told fans he wished he had never met Isabel before calling her “the most cancerous person I’ve ever met.” He also reminded followers that he has “paid almost $6,000 in debts for months of unpaid rent [and] utilities” for the apartment issue Isabel allegedly caused. 

“All right y’all, so I think that the worst person that I could have ever met in my life is my wife,” he stated. “Everything that she put me through … guess what? I get an email, somebody was riding around on my motorcycle– she doesn’t know how to ride a motorcycle– racked up nine tickets, over $1,500 worth of freaking tickets. Tickets! While I was in Florida.

“So who’s riding my motorcycle?” Gabe asked. “She can’t. What are all these tickets for? Who has my keys? She’s the only person with the keys. She’s the only one, there is no copy. Perfect. Exactly what I want to hear, exactly. This is freaking ridiculous.”

As The Ashley previously told you, Gabe began speaking out in March about the “financial obligations” he is facing regarding an apartment in Colombia that he and Isabel previously lived in together. Gabe noted at the time that he has been working multiple jobs to get by and maintains that he “has nothing” because of his wife and her actions.

When updating fans on the situation in May, Gabe said he will “never ever forgive” Isabel for what she’s done to him and said he can’t wait to “get a divorce and leave this part of my life in the past.”

“Never would I ever have imagined things would turn out this way,” he added.

Earlier this month, Gabe organized a GoFundMe with a goal of $2,000 that he claims will be used to help him cover the apartment building fees and his lawyer fees. He notes in the GoFundMe description that any excess funds will go towards his divorce, relaunching his business and getting his dog, Milo, back to the United States with him.

Gabe claimed this week that he “got help from you all”– presumably those who have donated to his GoFundMe– to pay the administration fees to the apartment building in order to prevent the company from pursuing criminal charges against both him and Isabel. He also admitted to fans that he wished he had left Isabel “a long time ago,” as he was “used” and is now left with nothing.

“KARMA IS GOING TO COME REAL HARD,” he wrote on Instagram Wednesday. “I give up. I have no more strength in me, I try to be strong and happy but I can’t do it anymore. I’m tired.”

At the moment, Gabe has raised more than $1,800 through GoFundMe.

Isabel has yet to respond to the latest allegations against her, nor has she responded to any of the claims Gabe has made since March.

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram; GoFundMe)

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  1. Couldn’t he prove he wasn’t even in the country at that point? Or report it stolen? I’m confused… Why wouldn’t he take the keys with him if she couldn’t ride it to avoid anything like that… Geez

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