“90 Day Fiance” Star Gabe Pabon Asks Fans For Financial Help Amid Separation From Wife Isabel Posada: “My Wife Did Many Shady Things”

Gabe and Isabel in happier times…

Gabriel Pabon of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way has launched a GoFundMe after finding himself “defeated” and in need of financial help. 

As The Ashley told you last week, Gabe recently shared with fans on his YouTube channel that he is still dealing with “a lot of financial obligations” related to the apartment in Colombia that he and estranged wife Isabel Posada previously lived in together. 

Gabe first spoke about the apartment issue in a YouTube video he posted back in March. At the time, he also revealed that he and Isabel, who appeared on Season 4 of the 90 Day Fiance spinoff, were planning to divorce and that he was struggling financially and working multiple jobs to get by. (He reiterated in his most recent video that this is still the case and claims he “has nothing” because of Isabel.) 

“Thanks for that, by the way…”

Due to the (rather complicated) apartment issue his estranged wife allegedly caused, Gabe organized a GoFundMe this week with a $2,000 goal to help him cover the cost of apartment building fees and lawyer fees. He noted that any excess funds will go towards his divorce, relaunching his business and getting his dog, Milo, back to the United States with him. 

“ … the last time many of you have seen me was on TV with me and Isabel’s ‘happy ending’ however after the wedding everything went downhill very quickly,” he explained in his GoFundMe description. 

Gabe went on to explain that after his wallet was stolen and his bank account was “hacked” last year, he left Colombia and returned to Florida to make money and to get the situation sorted out with his bank. While he was gone, however, Gabe claims Isabel did not handle their finances properly, which kickstarted the months-long apartment issue he has spoken about on his YouTube channel. (Click here for a full rundown on the situation.)

“ … When I was gone, my wife did many shady things, MONTHS of rent money I was sending was not going towards the rent and the money I sent for my business (GMP Wear) was also not going towards that … ,” he wrote.

After incurring multiple fees and fines related to the issue, Gabe said his “head is underwater” and he is “drowning”– though he claimed this isn’t the first time he has found himself in a financial bind as a result of Isabel’s actions.

“ALMOST EVERY paycheck since before this year has gone to fix problems my wife has left with me and her only words [are], ‘I have all of my stuff, this is not my problem, you should have been more responsible,’” he claimed. “She was supposed to be taking care of the [apartment] while I was gone and that was not the case. So many thousands of dollars I’ve spent because of what was going on in my house while I was gone and it is my fault for what she was doing. 

“ … the [apartment] building is threatening to pursue criminal charges … if we do not pay for the damages, [the] ‘negative image the building now has’ and actions that occurred in the apartment,” he added. 

(Gabe shared in his latest YouTube video that he was able to pay a $1,500 fee to ensure that the apartment building wouldn’t press charges, though he has not gone into detail about what occurred in the apartment that would have warranted the potential charges in the first place.)

Gabe also noted on the GoFundMe page that he and Isabel are not in communication with each other and that he doesn’t even know where she is, leaving him to handle this situation on his own. 

“I just want to get my life back together again,” he wrote. 

Gabe has currently raised just over $600 through GoFundMe.

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7 Responses

  1. This show needs to raise the bar. I’m sure there are people that aren’t the scum of the earth that they could have on the show, but that’s apparently not what they look for. I do think they need stories of people being used to gain citizenship since that’s probably the majority of these marriages (all of the people that fall victim to something so obvious are pathetic, imo), but a nice story like Jenni and Summit could be tossed in more often. I lost interest in watching it a season or two ago.

  2. I hate Gofundme. It’s gotten so out of control and what happened to people just accepting they have made mistakes, personal accountability, or plans in advance for unexpected life events like this? It’s insane! Just because something unfortunate happened to you doesn’t mean you should get money from everyone else. I know someone that had one in place after their child (who is honestly almost of adult age) had a medical emergency (that may or may not have been caused by a poor decision by said child)- well, they completely blew up said medical emergency, lied about a bunch of things to gain sympathy to get more money and the child is essentially fine now. The other part was the childs medical was completely covered by the hospital they were at, and the mother even had a completely free place to stay at (the hospital was out of the area in which they lived in although it was a few hours drive) but she didn’t want to stay there- she wanted an Air BNB. They also led others to believe she was going to HAVE to be out of work for months, which isn’t happening after the fact that they collected over 20K for these “months” she was going to need to be by her childs side 24/7. That’s just one scenario… I don’t know about everyone else but I have health insurance for my kids and I have a sperate insurance plan for me AND my children in the event that one of us has an accident and/or I need to be off work to care for them. Plus, you typically would be approved by disability insurance through the state to be paid a decent amount to care for a family member. It’s just insane and greedy.

  3. You are 100%correct. Go Fund Me is so ridiculous now a days people use it as a way not to work and to pay their bills, and what gets me is people are dumb enough to send them money. You chose this trash Gabe, now YOU pay your bills yourself. DUMBASS you should have listened to your sister.

  4. I can’t stand the way people use Go Fund Me. It isn’t designed for people to make ridiculously stupid decisions and then expect strangers to bail them out. For future reference, if your spouse does not want to be with you chances are there is a little animosity. You don’t then leave them in an apartment with your name on it, all of your belongings and your dog! Because that makes you responsible for everything that they did! YOU Gabe, not US!

    1. You are 100%correct. Go Fund Me is so ridiculous now a days people use it as a way not to work and to pay their bills, and what gets me is people are dumb enough to send them money. You chose this trash Gabe, now YOU pay your bills yourself. DUMBASS you should have listened to your sister.

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