Jax Taylor Says He & Estranged Wife Brittany Cartwright Are “Working Things Out” Following Emotional Season Finale of ‘The Valley’

It looks like the Taylor/Cauchi-Cartwright date noytes nights are back on…

The Valley Season 1 finale aired this week, giving viewers a look at the events leading up to– and immediately after– Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s separation. Hours after the finale, however, Jax began telling fans on social media that his and Brittany’s marriage is currently on the mend. 

As The Ashley previously told you, the former Vanderpump Rules couple revealed in February that they had separated after four years of marriage. While Jax and Brittany’s announcement was initially speculated by some to be a PR move to draw in more viewers for their return to Bravo, fans watched this season as the pair’s marital issues became a recurring theme on the show. 

Despite the reason for Jax and Brittany’s split appearing more evident than ever after Tuesday’s finale, Jax proceeded to take to social media just hours later, hinting that he and Brittany aren’t so “separated” after all.

“You may want to ask [Brittany] who she’s been sleeping with the past 4 months….,” the 44-year-old wrote on X. 

Jax later doubled down on his comment by posting a photo of Brittany and the couple’s son, Cruz, seemingly sleeping in Brittany and Jax’s Valley Village home. 

When asked by a fan the following day if he and Brittany are, in fact, back together, Jax claimed that a reconciliation is in the works. 

“We are working things out.. what you saw was filmed months ago…,” he responded. 

Two weeks ago, Jax took to X telling viewers of ‘The Valley’ to “keep in mind” that a particular episode– which saw him berating Brittany for her drinking habits– had been filmed nearly a year ago and that he and Brittany had since separated, are working on themselves and are “much happier.”  

According to Page Six, less than a week after Jax provided that update to fans, he was seen hanging out (more than once) with model Paige Woolen, with the two even spotted next to each other at his “bar” during a birthday celebration for Ariana Madix’s brother, Jeremy. 

Jax’s “pal,” Paige Woolen…

Jax went on to deny that he was dating anyone and told fans his multiple hang sessions with Paige were “not what you think.” He also insisted that he had “done nothing wrong” and that fans simply didn’t know “the full story of this situation.” 

While Brittany has yet to comment on whether or not she and Jax are back together, Jax’s latest claims of a reconciliation are a far cry from where viewers saw the pair at the end of Tuesday’s finale.  

For those who opted not to suffer through watch the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ spin-off, the Season 1 finale of ‘The Valley’ featured a brief but optimistic moment between the Taylor/Cauchi-Cartwrights as they celebrated the opening of Jax’s “bar,” Jax’s Studio City; however, the episode later concluded with a six-month time jump, during which Brittany revealed that she had recently moved herself (and Cruz) out of the Valley Village home and into an Airbnb. Brittany alleged during the episode that she and Cruz moved due to Jax refusing to do so himself. 

“What’s the problem? I told her they can visit…occasionally.”

While visiting the home to collect more of her belongings, Brittany spoke to Jax about the state of their marriage, explaining that she had finally had enough of his poor behavior. 

“You’re not just gonna get away with the way you’ve treatment me for all these years,” she told him. 

“I dunno, Brittany…I’ve convinced quite a few people that I’m a legitimate bar owner, so I believe I can do anything at this point.”

Some of that “treatment” was then referenced in a flashback scene featuring Brittany and co-stars Kristen Doute and Zack Whickham, allegedly filmed post-separation. 

“Does he say, ‘I know I treat you like s**t? I know I’m mean, I know I’ve called you fat and I’ve told you you’re f**king lazy and you’re not going to have any friends if you guys break up?’” Kristen asked Brittany.  

Raise your hand if you’re officially pledging your allegiance to Kentucky Muffin…

Though Jax assured Brittany that he had made an appointment with a therapist to address his anger issues, Brittany proceeded to call him out– to his face– for being performative. 

“The day before we pick cameras back up, he all of a sudden has an appointment to go see the doctor,” she said, before calling Jax’s efforts “a front.” 

“This is what he wants everyone to see and believe, that’s he’s actually gonna do these things to change,” she continued. “I bet you money he will not do it.” 

Naturally, viewers then saw Jax reveal in a confessional that he didn’t end up going to his therapy appointment because “it was really far away.” 

Jax is gonna Jax…

Though Jax went on to tell Brittany that he wanted her back, he also blamed her for deciding to “leave” him and admitted that their time apart from each other “has been nice.” 

“I think it’s been amazing,” Brittany added. 

As the pair continue their heated confrontation, Brittany called out Jax for some more of his alleged insults, before telling viewers that she had finally “come into [her] own.” 

“I make a lot of money and I just feel like I have woken up,” she said. “I feel so much stronger now. I know I’ll be OK because I know my worth and I know I don’t deserve to be in a relationship like this. What was I thinking staying with him this long?”

“I feel like a dang fool, y’all.”

In the aftermath of Tuesday’s finale, many viewers of ‘The Valley’ took to the comment section of the Bravo IG page to sound-off on Brittany’s decision to (finally) stand up to Jax, with one person commending the Kentucky native for “[growing] a pair.” 

“My heart breaks for Brittany,” one comment read. “I don’t care if she should have known. She still tried to see the best in Jax and for a while it seemed like they might actually make it.” 

“This was hard to watch…,” another wrote. “Thinking of Brittany. Narcissistic abuse can take over a decade to heal from, and she really needs to start that process for herself and Cruz.” 

As The Ashley previously reported, Bravo has confirmed that ‘The Valley’ will return for a second season.  

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(Photos: Bravo; X; Instagram) 

7 Responses

  1. Jax isnt monogamous and wont ever find someone that will make him happy. I just don’t think being a good person is in his DNA.

    I understand being friendly with your child’s father, but if Brittany is expecting a better partner, she’s going to be disappointed.

  2. I just want to know what her declaring she makes a lot has to do with her and Jax’s crap marriage?

  3. From what I saw myself, I think Jax completely lost interest in her and is no longer attracted to her, so he would gaslight her constantly, forcing her to do what she did. This allows him to walk away without having to look like the selfish dickbag he truly is.

    She’s better off but she must be a terrible judge of character, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she just ends up with another asshole.

    1. I agree with you.
      Sometimes, though you get blindsided by a Narc and it takes years to see it.
      Once you see it you can’t unsee it. I hope she doesn’t go back to him.

  4. Said it before, will say it again, this show with Jax and Brit are fake as hell, just like Ed and Liz. break up, pretend to have new partners, pretend divorce is next step, then BOOM, they are back together. Jax said he knows how to bring the drama before this show aired and how to get high ratings High ratings =another season. Another season =more money, and they all need more money and will do anything to be on TV. You think it is over between Ed and Liz, just wait for it.

  5. I’ve never been a Brittany fan but I have to say that I’m proud she left. If Jax treats her like this on camera then I’m sure it’s much worse off camera. Brittany always talks about how Jax is a great father, I disagree. There is more to raising kids than feeding them, making sure they have clothes & financially supporting them. You also teach them how to treat people. Jax treats Cruz’s mother like dog shit. He is modeling for Cruz how to treat women and it’s nauseating to see.

    Jax will never change because he thinks it’s everyone else’s fault. He is still a pathological liar. I literally cheered when Brittany called him out on a comment he made on TMZ. He looked her right in the face and lied his ass off. Then she plays the recording of him proving he was lying. He didn’t even look embarrassed. He just shrugged and said “Oh I’m sorry”.🤷‍♀️

    Hopefully she has the strength to permanently leave him.

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