‘The Valley’ Star Jax Taylor Berates His Wife Brittany Cartwright Over Her Drinking: “Act Like a Mom!”

“OK, I KNOW that YOU aren’t criticizing ME for drinking, Jax!”

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s marriage is currently hanging on by a thread, and on Tuesday’s episode of The Valley, fans got a peek into some of the couple’s (many…many) issues— including, apparently, Brittany’s drinking.

During the latest episode (which was obviously filmed before Brittany separated from Jax in March), Jax scolded Brittany for going out and drinking too much– something Brittany stated was often necessary to help her escape from Jax’s moodiness and negativity. 

“I love Jax, but I literally try to be positive and happy and Jax is a lot of the time moody and negative,” she told the cameras. “A lot of times I feel like we balance each other out in that way, but other times I’m like, ‘I’ve got to get out of here. I’ve got to go do something fun.'”

Later, Brittany— who shares three-year-old son Cruz with Jax— discussed the situation with her friend Janet Caperna while on the way to a girls’ getaway night.

“The guys are so hypocritical and have all these double standards sometimes,” Brittany said. “It is so annoying. Like the other day, I was not feeling good and Jax kept making it worse. He actually goes out way more than I do. Which I don’t even care.

“He comes home drunk but if I do then it is the worst thing in the world.”

“How about we all stay home and nobody gets drunk or is hungover?! Just a suggestion!”

In a flashback scene of that incident, viewers watched as Jax berated a hungover Brittany.

“You know better. Enough is enough. Stop f**king drinking,” Jax told her. “You want to have more kids? Act like a mom.”

After Brittany came home from partying with friends, Jax barked at her for throwing up.

“I want you to have fun but I didn’t think you were going to come home puking,” he said. “I don’t understand why you can’t go out and have a couple of drinks. Why do you have to go to the point of throwing up?”

“…don’t let me slap this hypocritical man-child while the camera’s are rolling! Amen.”

When Brittany told Jax that he goes out (and presumably comes back home yakking) just as much as she does, Jax insisted that he doesn’t act like Brittany does.

“I am a little worried because not only is she my wife but she’s a mother,” Jax said during a confessional. “We need you. If you keep this up, you are going to destroy your body. There’s other ways to have a good time.”

He then suggested that she smoke weed instead.

As The Ashley previously reported, Brittany and Jax separated right before ‘The Valley’ premiered. Brittany has since discussed some of the problems she and Jax have, even mentioning on numerous occasions that Jax needs to spend more time with his family and less time at the bar.

“Once a woman hits her breaking point, it’s like, ‘Done.’ Something like, clicked in my head, and I was like, ‘I need to get away from this situation.’ This is not healthy. This is not a good situation. My son deserves better. I deserve better,” she told People in March.

No clue, Jax…no clue whatsoever…

Both Brittany and Jax have denied that their split was due to cheating.

 “There’s no cheating,” he said recently. “There’s no infidelity anywhere. It’s just communication. I know it’s shocking, but people sometimes just don’t get along and that’s life.” 

According to Brittany, she simply wanted to be the Number One Person in Jax’s Group life.

“I literally put Jax first my entire life and I think it’s time for me to figure out what’s best for myself and for my son especially,” she said. “He’s a great dad, not the best husband. So we’re gonna figure out what’s best for us.”

While watching Jax criticize Brittany for her drinking, ‘The Valley’ viewers took to X to post their thoughts on the situation, with many calling out hard-partying Jax for being a hypocrite. 

“Jax getting mad at Brittany for drinking is rich. Pot meet kettle lol, I’m so glad Brittany escaped him,” one person tweeted.

“Jax is the last person to be lecturing Brittany on drinking!” someone else wrote.

Others, however, sided with Jax— bringing up reasons that Jax may be fed up with his wife’s boozing.

“Don’t like Jax but Brittany has an obvious drinking problem,” one person wrote. “Probably from dealing with him. But remember, she had some problem in an earlier season and she was advised not to drink, and it was like ‘not gonna work’ bc she was going to Mexico.”

“I’m starting to think that Brittany isn’t as innocent as she claims to be in this separation situation,” someone else offered. “Yes, Jax can be volatile but I think he’s fed up w/ Brittany’s laziness, drinking habits & etc.”

‘The Valley’ airs Tuesdays on Bravo.

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7 Responses

  1. Uh Jax why did you abuse alcohol & cocaine, why did you cheat on your GF before Britt, why did you steal sunglasses & go to jail, why did you cheat on your son’s mother before y’all got married ???? Did I miss anything ?? Such a hypocrite ! ????

  2. I’m surprised she’s not drinking more having to deal with his nasty self. He thinks he is God’s gift to the world ??? when in reality he better be storing back a lot of water. It’s very warm where he is headed. ?

    1. Honestly I’d have to drink myself under the table to deal with his narcissistic ass. Brittany won this round.

  3. Seems like the drinking hurting her stomach is still an issue from quite a few seasons back! It’s sad. Going to take a wild guess that the her ulcers name is jax…allegedly

  4. Everybody sucks here. Brittany sucks for drinking to excess. If you have kids at home it is different. If you come home so drunk you are puking you are unable to safely interact your child, if co-sleep down right dangerous.

    You also resign the other parent to solo parenting the following day. Their plans go out the window. If you arranged for that ahead of time it’s fine and it shouldn’t be happening a lot or you prob have a problem.

    BUT Jax sucks cause he’s a total hypocrite. And he talks to Brittany like a total ass, you can address a partner with respect even when upset.

    1. I agree. This again is only a snippet of their day to day. Not saying she does it every day because I don’t know that. BUT my fiancé and I have one toddler together and I have two older children. We are not big drinkers at ALL. He went out one day for a fantasy football thing and came back hammered! I was angry that he drove for one, then he moaned and groaned all night until he threw up all over the bathroom and then rendered completely useless next day. I was then in charge of cleaning our main restroom, took care of him, took care of the entire house and my kids. It does weigh on the other parent tremendously. That was one day! I can’t imagine having to do that multiple times a week or a month. It’s just dumb at this age (late 30s) to be dealing with that, especially with children. Well he hasn’t done that since then. But I’m sure there’s more to their dynamic that is not healthy that will come out.

    2. I completely agree with this.

      The thing that also irritated me was when Jax stated, “…there are so many ways to have fun without alcohol”…next scene he is at a pool party with a ton of beer. Jax is drinking, of course.

      Jax really isn’t the brightest crayon in the box.

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