Mama June Shannon Turns To Ozempic After Gaining 130 lbs.; Gets Slammed Online After Blaming Weight Gain on Taking Care of Late Daughter Anna Cardwell

“I’m gonna shoot my shot– at losin’ weight!”

Mama June Shannon had a series of major weight loss surgeries back in 2015— but that hasn’t stopped the Mama June: Family Crisis star from packing on the pounds in the years since. 

On Tuesday, Mama June took to social media to announce that she’s started taking semaglutide injections — (commonly known as the injectable weight loss meds Ozempic or Wegovy). In her video posted to Instagram, June claims she’s gained about 130 lbs. in the last two years, and that she’s significantly heavier than she was after she had her surgeries on Mama June: From Not to Hot.

June’s followers seemed to care less about June’s latest weight-loss journey and more about how she’s paying for the expensive meds. Many also took offense— and voiced it in the post’s comment section—over the fact that June essentially blamed her weight gain on taking care of her daughter Anna Cardwell, who died of cancer in December.

Mama June seems quite thrilled about her new weight loss “journey,” though.

“As y’all know, back in 2015, I had a gastric sleeve surgery,” she told her Instagram followers. “I used to weigh 550 lbs., so on my own I went from 550 lbs. to 311 [lbs.] on the day that I had my surgery. And, in six weeks, I went from 311 all the way down to 195.”

After losing that weight, Mama June had additional surgeries to remove excess skin on her arms, as well as liposuction on her chin and back. She has underwent a tummy tuck and breast augmentation during that time. 

Mama June claims that, after all her surgeries, she “stayed at, like, 130-140, 150.”

“I’s was fit, y’all!”

“To me, I looked super skinny, and just wasn’t used to that,” she said.

Mama June went on to explain that, over the last year-and-a-half or so, she’s “really put on weight.” 

She points to having to care for her late daughter Anna Cardwell during her cancer battle as one of the main reasons she gained so much weight.

“It was absolutely NOT all the greasy junk food I shoveled into my gullet over the past two years! No, sir!” 

“I have packed on about 120, 130 lbs.,” Mama June said. “So I decided that I wanted to take the route of going with semaglutide.” 

Mama June— always a pillar of health and wellness— advised her followers to go to their doctor before starting on weight loss injections, to ensure they won’t be harmful.

June also stated that she did try to lose 100 lbs. the traditional way– through dieting and exercise–but (shockingly) she was unsuccessful.

“…is all I ate! I think my body’s weight-loser must be broken ’cause I just kept gainin’!” 

In the comment section of June’s Instagram post, June’s followers were quick to call her out on some of her statements, particularly the one claiming she gained the weight due to the stress of taking care of Anna.

“June you gained that weight way before Anna got sick!” one person wrote.

“June.. I’ve seen you eat… it’s also a lifestyle change, you gotta change them BAD eating habits of yours!” another wrote. 

“Your weight gain was happening before Anna got sick, so don’t blame it on the stress with Anna!” someone else commented.

Others disputed June’s claims that she was once 120-130 lbs. after all the surgeries.

“Um…is the 130 lbs. in the room with us right now or…?”

“Wait ..hold up…you were never 130lbs ..maybe 160,” someone commented.

Mama June responded to one of the nay-sayers, insisting that she did, indeed, weigh a buck-30 at one point.

“Yea I was look back at pic or the first season of this show I was a size 0/2,” she wrote. 


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Others pointed out that they don’t care about Mama June’s weight loss journey and that they simply want to see June pay back the money she owes her daughter, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson. (During recent episodes of Mama June: Family Crisis, Alana has called out June for spending most of her reality TV earnings, leaving her with only enough to cover her first year of college tuition.)

“Instead of buying stuff to lose weight and keep your money and save and pay back Alana the money she deserves you are not a mother taking money from your daughter shame on you,” one person wrote.

“Who’s paying for this? Alana? Ain’t she struggling in college because you wont help her pay for it? You know cause you took all her money,” someone else wrote. 

You can watch June’s video below:


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13 Responses

  1. Just when you thought she couldn’t be trashier, she goes ahead and blames her dead daughter for making her gain weight. June is pure trash

  2. So I prescribe semaglutide, this doc is probably giving it to her for free for the advertising. Heck, she may even be getting paid to use it.

    It would cost this doc $160 a month at max dose to give it to her, which is nothing compared to the advertising she’s getting. No such thing as bad publicity!

  3. Healthcare here; ozempic is used for type two diabetes, When 2024 started all insurances companies denied ozempic due to them not having the type 2 diagnosis. Our diabetics were unable to get the medication because people were using it as a weight loss option vs diabetes. This stupid isn’t cheap, It’s over $1,000 a box.. meaning unless she has a type two diagnosis she is spending over $1,000 a month on ozempic.. not to mention, It causes HORRIBLE GI issues.. overall, I don’t recommend if you are not a diabetic.

  4. Disgusting pig!!! She’s fat because she eats nothing but junk 24/7. Nothing to do with her daughter dying at all. Leave it to Big Mama to lay the blame on anything she can think up. That drug she wants to take isn’t prescribed for weight loss. It’s supposed to be for people with diabetes. But the rich and famous are getting it from their doctors to lose weight. Now we know this idiot isn’t rich. And she’s only famous because people see her fat ass on tv acting like she’s the product of two cousins marrying each other. It makes me sick that she says she’s trying “The weight loss injection, Ozemspic.” She’s so stupid that she thinks the world is fooled by what she’s doing!!! Yes June, people lose weight on this stuff, but it’s supposed to be for people who suffer with diabetes!! Not for cows.

    1. It will if she continues to eat the junk she does while on it.. and she will because she has no self control..

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