Rachel Leviss Posts Videos Trying To Disprove Statements Made About Her By ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast; Fans Call the Posts “Embarrassing” & “Weird”

Rachel Goes Rogue On a Rant.

Rachel Leviss raised some eyebrows this week after trying–- and seemingly failing–- to disprove statements made about her on the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules. 

As the show’s fans know, Rachel did not return to ‘Vanderpump Rules’ for Season 11, despite playing a significant role in Season 10’s Scandovalthe secret affair between her and Tom Sandoval that continued for months behind everyone’s backs, including Sandoval’s long-term girlfriend (and Rachel’s friend), Ariana Madix.

While Rachel opted not to return to the Bravo series this season, both the show and her affair with Sandoval are often discussed on her podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue. This week, however, Rachel chose to crank out some ‘VPR’-related content for her main Instagram page, posting clips of statements made by her former castmates on Tuesday’s episode.

“That’s right, we’re STILL talking about this mess.”

For those who missed it, the ‘VPR’ episode focused largely on various cast members reacting to claims Rachel made on a podcast. While the podcast was not mentioned by named, the cast was referring to the multi-episode interview Rachel recorded with former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel in August 2023 for Bethenny’s Just B with Bethenny podcast.

As The Ashley previously told you, the podcast was Rachel’s first post-Scandoval interview, recorded nearly six months after the world learned about her affair with Sandoval, and after she and returned form spending months in The Meadows treatment facility in Arizona. 

While there were multiple comments made about Rachel’s podcast interview during Tuesday’s episode of ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ the former pageant contestant appeared to take issue with four claims in particular, which she went on to address (kind of?) the following day on social media. 

Here’s a breakdown of Rachel’s breakdown responses: 

VIDEO 1– “Claim: She was never in love with Tom.” 

The first video of Rachel’s posting spree featured a clip of her former fiancé James Kennedy and James’ current girlfriend Ally Lewber discussing that Rachel claimed on the podcast that she wasn’t over James when she started the affair with Sandoval and that she never really loved Sandoval, despite previously claiming that she did. The video then cut to Rachel basically stating the exact thing to Bethenny. 

“I believed I was in love with Tom at the time,” she said. “I now look back on it and see that I was not in love with him.” 

Rachel’s odd attempt to disprove what Ally and James were stating on Tuesday’s episode resulted in a lot of confusion from fans in the comment section of her video, with some even questioning what it is that she learned while at the treatment center. 

“What’s this supposed to prove,” one person asked, with another writing, “It’s not too late to delete these posts.” 

VIDEO 2– “Claim: She said I have a savior complex.” 

In her next post, Rachel addressed the comments she made about Scheana Shay, whom she accused of having a “savior complex” after Scheana allowed her to rent a room in her house. Scheana also argued on Tuesday’s episode that her and Rachel’s friendship was not “mutually beneficial” as Rachel claimed. Rachel went on to include a clip of her stating it was “unfortunate” that Scheana is “trying to create this narrative that I’ve taken advantage of her.”

” … I feel like I did contribute in a way … but she started creating this narrative that I didn’t pay rent and that was not true,” Rachel said. “I did pay rent.”

The video goes on to show Scheana claiming that Rachel contributed just $1,000 towards her $4,300 monthly rent and that Rachel allegedly didn’t pay for parking or cable and had sex in Scheana and husband Brock Davies‘ bed. In response, Rachel noted that she cat-sat for her former friend. 

Once again, Rachel was slammed in the comment section. 

“I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but the way you framed it here and included the clips of Scheana basically exposing what you’re trying to ‘simplify’ looks really bad for you, not her,” one person wrote. 


“Rachel, posting all these clips isn’t a good look for you,” another added. 

A couple fans even offered some friendly advice to Rachel, while encouraging her to stop posting and move on. 

“Sweetie do yourself a favor and stop this,” a fan advised. “A true friend would tell you to stop! You shouldn’t even watch VPR! It’s not healthy. If you move on, people will let you and they’ll move on too. You’re making it easy for everyone to come for you and make jokes. Go live your life!” 


“I think you need to move on,” another person wrote. “Get a better team around you and work on something more productive.” 

VIDEO 3– “Claim: She said they were acquaintances at best.” 

Rachel’s next editing project gone wrong featured a clip from Tuesday’s episode of Ariana, Scheana and Lala Kent discussing the fact that Rachel claimed on the podcast that she and Ariana were acquaintances at best and insisting the two weren’t close friends as Ariana had believed. Rachel then included a clip of herself stating this very thing on Bethenny’s podcast. 

“Ariana and I were not best friends,” she said. “We were acquaintances and became friends through the show.” 

Rachel’s video cuts back to the scene of Ariana from Tuesday’s episode with Ariana arguing that she and Rachel “spent a ton of time together,” before Rachel inserts another clip from the podcast in which she claims she and Ariana only really hung out because Rachel was hanging out with Sandoval

Once again, Rachel’s attempt to disprove the claims against her fell flat, resulting in more confusion from fans in the comment section. 

“No bc I am literally so confused,” one person wrote. “Ur telling me this girl spent MONTHS at a mental health facility and STILL is pulling victim cards. I cannot wrap my brain around this behavior. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE.” 


” … This is not helping your story,” another wrote. “It actually makes it look like you are using the person you hurt for your benefit. It clearly shows the type of person you are. Move on!” 

Rachel also received more comments from people insisting that she either hire a PR team or fire the one she’s working with. 

“Where is her PR team? This is just embarrassing,” one person wrote, with another asking, “Was her account hacked? These posts are weird.” 

VIDEO 4– “Claim: She’s blaming Graham’s behavior on James.” 

Rachel’s final (as of now) video addressed the claims she made on the podcast about her and James’ dog Hippie (formerly known as Graham), and James reacting to Rachel making him “seem like a bad doggy dad” due to Hippie/Graham’s alleged behavioral issues. 

Rachel–- who was accused of abandoning the pooch before heading to the mental health facility in Arizona–- claimed on Bethenny’s podcast that James would often antagonize the golden doodle and encourage the pup to bite aggressively. 

(Rachel has denied abandoning Graham; however, the dog was ultimately reunited with James– and renamed Hippie– and currently lives with James and Ally.) 

Like her three previous posts, Rachel’s video was dubbed a miss among fans of the show, with one person calling the attempted “unhinged.” 

“GIRL: stop blaming others for GIVING UP on YOUR DOG & having him DUMPED at the pound,” one person commented. “YOU could have trained & helped that dog but YOU decided to give up on him.” 


“I can’t follow this spiral in good conscience any longer,” another proclaimed, with others continuing to ask, “Did she get hacked?” 

Despite the many (like, SO many) comments from people advising Rachel to delete the multiple posts from her Instagram and move on, the four videos currently remain on her page as of press time. 

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(Photos: Instagram; Bravo) 

7 Responses

  1. She learned absolutely nothing at that place. Any good therapist would have told her not to watch Vanderpump or affiliate herself with it or anyone. She’s doing the complete opposite and it appears she can’t be away from the drama. Even if it’s at the risk of her own mental health.

  2. She sounds like an ex of mine who cheated on me. Blaming everything and everyone else instead of just saying that they ruined everything themselves. Pathetic.

  3. Rachel really needs to stop taking advice from whoever is helping her navigate the season/podcast. It’s not doing what she thinks it is. It’s sad.

  4. This weirdo learned nothing at that mental health facility. Even when she tries to take accountability she ultimately ends up contradicting herself by trying to spin a victim narrative.

  5. This is so embarrassing for her, more embarrassing than Tom going on TV this week telling everyone he believed they were in love. (he was lying but I did lol)

    Also I think it’s pretty clear she is ALWAYS the victim and nothing is EVER her fault. I can see why her and Sandoval were a match.

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