Farrah Abraham Says She Hasn’t Had Much Plastic Surgery; Admits to Having “Facial Dysmorphia” At One Point

“Like, everyone’s face changes DRASTICALLY every year or so…per law. It’s normal.”

Farrah Abraham has sported a variety of faces (and body types) over the years, but the fired Teen Mom OG star is insisting that she’s had minimal cosmetic surgery work done.

During her appearance this week on Bunnie XO‘s Dumb Blonde podcast, the Backdoor Teen Mom stated that she hasn’t had many plastic surgeries, and that she is now embracing her natural mug (and body) more than ever before. 

“I’m really happy I don’t do much [cosmetic surgery] work. I take things out of my face. I’m really on a journey of really getting back to myself,” she said.

Farrah blamed her seemingly ever-changing face on cameras and filters.

‘Sure, Farrah….are we also gonna blame your belligerent, anti-Christ attitude on filters, too?”

“It’s funny when we do a Live [session on social media] and our cameras are weird and people think I’ve gone crazy with plastic surgery but that’s not the case,” Farrah said.

Bunnie straight-out asked Farrah to reveal which cosmetic procedures she’s had done, and the Backdoor Teen Mom claimed that her work is minimal.

“I will just say that I’ve had a nose job. I have had a chin implant. I dabble here and there with fillers at times,” she said. “And [fillers] stay and then they go.” 

Interestingly, Farrah failed to mention a slew of other plastic surgery/cosmetic procedures she’s had over the past 15 years or so. She even left out the fact that she has breast implants, a procedure she first had in front of Teen Mom cameras in 2010! (If you want a blast from the past, click here to read The Ashley’s recap from that episode. And, yes, The Ashley agrees that she’s been writing about this crap way too long.) 

“Who could ever forget a post-surgery Farrah throwing a bag of frozen peas at me? Not me, that’s for sure!”

After that surgery– which took Farrah from an A-cup to a C-cup, the Word Salad Connoisseur has gone on to have at least two more confirmed breast augmentation surgeries— even having some of them filmed for various outlets.

(For those keeping track at home, Farrah has confirmed at one point or another that she’s had at least three boob jobs, at least one nose job, butt injections, other butt procedures, the chin implant and chin implant removal surgery, vaginoplasty, labioplasty, cheek filler injections, and lip fillers. She has also stated that she has tried to get a Brazilian butt lift at one point but didn’t have enough fat to transfer to have the surgery done.) 

On the podcast, Farrah spoke about her failed attempt to get a lip implant back in 2015.


“I was trying to do a lip implant and I was on Botched, the show, because I almost died from [that surgery],” she said. 

(Back in 2016, the ‘Botched’ docs– Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow– told The Ashley that they declined to perform cosmetic procedures on Farrah, due to her being “difficult.”) 

Farrah said– surprisingly— people always tell her to “go back” to the face she had during the 2015-2016 time period. 


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“For some reason, people always go back [to pictures from that time] and compare [and say], ‘Farrah looks great like this,’ with a face that had a chin implant, a swollen nose from a surgery. I was actually really depressed at that year of my life…”

The former ‘Teen Mom’ star then reveals that– as many fans have suspected over the years—she did suffer from mental health issues surrounding her appearance.

“It’s like a face dysmorphia…I had that at the time, when I had that chin implant,” Farrah said. “So for people to say, ‘Oh, we love Farrah better than’ when I was definitely anti-myself, and peer-pressured and just like, ‘Oh, I want to look good.’ That was just way too much.”

“I love my face now; I love who I am,” she said. “I love coming back to myself. Maybe [I’ll have] just rejuvenation and skin-tightening and really taking care and upkeeping myself. That’s what I pride myself on. That’s good self love!” 

A recent photo of the new…um…”all natural” Farrah…

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(Photos: YouTube; MTV; Instagram)

21 Responses

  1. I listened to the Podcast. Bunnie is such a sweetheart and really tries to get these train wrecks to be seen in a better light, so kudos to her. However, Farrah straight up lied multiple times and played the victim completely and I could not stop laughing at A) how many times she said toxicity as “toxitity” and B) How many times she used the term. It was overkill.

  2. It’s so crazy these women who were beautiful before do all this crap to themselves. All those surgeries sound really painful

  3. Oh, her face is dysmorphed alright! LOL.

    Her true colors would always show through, making it impossible for her to ever be attractive anyway. But it’s especially impossible now that she’s completely destroyed herself.

  4. I took the trip down memory lane and read the episode writeup you linked to.

    Farrah getting a boob job “for [her] daughter” (Debz was wearing real pants, that threw me), Gary was trying to win Amber back, Catelynn was considering moving in with Tyler because April was moving in with *her* mother, who hated Catelynn, and the glorious “Is Kyle slow” exchange. ?

    1. While procrastinating I read that 2011 article too – back when I used to (embarrassingly) watch the show. None of the characters has shown any growth since then which is sad. Some like Farrah and Rhine have only gotten considerably worse over the years. The only difference is they now have more money.

    2. The grandma hates Cate too?! But was letting Ape move in with her? WTF did her grandchild ever do to her? That is wild…poor Cate

  5. She seemed decent in her episode of 16 and pregnant. Then she was on Teen Mom and became a wreck. MTV brought awareness to pregnant teens but then destroyed them. Nothing good came out of these shows to the moms on and still on.

    1. Wasn’t there a scene when she was embarassed because her nether regions are gonna be shown on camera? Oh, how have the times changed…

    2. MTV didn’t “destroy” them. It did bring light to some of the reasons why teens aren’t ready to be parents and how navigating adult life when you’re not yet an adult can be difficult. It did, at times, seem to even glamorize the not so pleasant effects of teenage life exploration clashing with adult life responsibilities. It didn’t necessarily show some of the worst effects. It did help, combined with general awareness and a willingness to discuss teen pregnancy, to begin lowering the teen pregnancy rate (in the US anyway).

      What it didn’t do, is ruin anyone. I don’t like MTV as a whole, especially once the whole reality tv boom kicked in full blast. But these teens, now grown ass women, were perfectly capable of making different life choices. Were they bound to screw some of them up? Of course they were, ALL humans are bound to screw things up now and then. But they had access to more resources than the vast majority of teens, and young adults, hell even not so young adults. At some point, responsibility is on your shoulders to do better and be better. Don’t lay that responsibility on MTV. They might not have, as teens, fully grasped what repercussions they may face. As adults, however, who chose to continue, they definitely did.

      This show, as crappy as it has been, opened a world to them that most will never have. What they *chose* to do with that open door, is on them. Some rose above it all and made a good life for themselves, doing and being better human beings. Some chose to stay stuck in their teenage years making the worst life choices (for them, and their children) and not doing or being better human beings. MTV didn’t hold a gun to their heads and force them into being shitty people. MTV gave them a platform, opportunities, money, resources and they had the freedom to do with it what they wanted.

      1. The true purpose of the show was to normalize and even glorify dysfunction and irresponsibility, which it has done spectacularly. You are their ideal viewer.

  6. She’s still a hot mess, but it’s nice to see her have some kind of self awareness, even if it’s just a tiny bit

  7. Oh, come on! She is not to many steps away from that Jocelyn woman.

    She was very pretty on 16 and pregnant. It’s a shame she could not see that.

  8. She is only 32, she would be beautiful if she did not chop up her face, it’s so sad what has become of her!

  9. This chick couldn’t stop lying if her actual life depended on it.

    Also, if she feels comfortable in whatever skin she’s wearing, whatever tickles her pickle. However, the whole dysmorphia thing, she’s only recently started saying that because she’s stuck on a buzzwords kick. She doesn’t actually understand the term. She has a hard time understanding any word that has more than 4 letters.

    Frankly, I think her face looks like a blobfish that’s been brought to the surface and is allergic to itself. That doesn’t happen with “not much work”. That happens because of extensive work, none of which can be taken back or remedied, and age doing what age does…changing the human body.

  10. Farrah is still such a troubled soul. No matter how many times she repeats her “words” and her version on any given day, nothing changes her struggles are still real. She has substance abuse issues, alcohol issues and her #1 issue is thinking she is so important & entitled while everyone is still laughing at what a joke she has become. Again nice try Farrah.

  11. I’m surprised she isn’t like “oh I got my knee caps done” like in White Chicks at this point. Girl, you’ve have sooo much work done.

  12. Farrah was gorgeous at 17. With the “flaws”, which weren’t flaws, she was the prettiest girl on OG.

    It’s a shame she couldn’t see what was in front of her and now, I’m sure her face can’t rebound back to any semblance of normal.

    Let’s hope Sophia doesn’t see endless surgery as an option for internal struggles.

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