Farrah Abraham Brings Her Nine-Year-Old Daughter To Watch Her Get Booty Fillers


File this under: “WTF Farrah?”

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham showed off her stellar parenting skills on Friday, taking her nine-year-old daughter Sophia to the “booty plumping store,” and having the kid film as Farrah had filler injected into her infamous butt (which, as you may remember, had a starring role in Farrah’s 2013 sex tape “Backdoor Teen Mom”).

Farrah posted a video to social media of herself lying on a table, getting butt injections, while Sophia (and her pet dog) can be seen in the background, filming the event with a phone.

The mother/daughter booty plumping expedition garnered Farrah a ton of backlash on social media, but Farrah told TMZ that this field trip was actually educational for Sophia.

“Our children are curious so more power to Sophia learning about aesthetics and health,” Farrah told the site.

(I mean, what kid hasn’t asked questions about booty fillers…am I right?)

Farrah compared letting her pre-teen daughter watch her get crap injected into her butt to allowing Sophia to witness any other medical procedure.

“This is non invasive, just like blood work or getting shots. @Flawlessvegas did an amazing job,” Farrah told TMZ.

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry voiced her opinion on Twitter about Farrah’s Filler Field Trip.

“Yet I’m mom shamed for being on vacation when my kids are with their dads,” Kail wrote in the caption of the link to a story about Farrah. “What kind of s**t.”

In other Instagram Live videos from the same appointment, Farrah stated that she had the same stuff injected into her face and it was “nothing but natural, nothing crazy.”

Sophia looks less-than-thrilled to be at the appointment.

Farrah’s estranged mother, Debra Danielsen, was not happy that her granddaughter was in the room while Farrah was having the cosmetic procedure done.

“I believe this kind of procedure is for adults and children need to know they are beautiful the way they are,” Debra told The Ashley. “Children should be nurtured with a positive body image and have confidence to go achieve great things.”

Watch the video below:

(Photo: Instagram)

76 Responses

  1. Damn it. I actually saw this when she posted to snap and was like am I just high as hell or am I actually seeing this shit. So, today in stuff I can’t make up ?

    Does this dumb bitch take her to annual Pap smears, too???…

  2. I have grave concerns for that child and the reason is hard to explain in a way that doesnt sound cruel. But here goes..Sophia (as of yet anyway) is not a pretty child. In fact she is rather the opposite. Now that could very easily change as she grows into her looks BUT Farrah will not tolerate having anything less than a physically attractive child and I am seriously concerned that she will soon be having procedures done on her appearance. She may not be able to find a surgeon willing to alter a child here in the US but she WILL go outside the country to have it done. She IS going to do this and I fear for that kid.

    1. Sophia is just going through that awkward stage we all go through at some point between birth and 18 that lasts a few years, sometimes a little longer. I was cute, then I was super awkward looking from about 10 until I was 15/16 (Thank you middle part, single blond streak in my hair, only being comfortable in boys pants, refusal to wear any make-up and the 7th grade emo phase that lasted from 6th to 9th grade…), and then boom, I was gorgeous out of no where (at least until at was like 19 haha). But I think Sophia heavily resembles Derreck, and that she does just need to grow into it. I’m worried Farrah is going to give this little girl a complex/eating disorder/body dismorphia at the very least.

  3. This has gone way past being funny now. There must be SOMEONE who can legally step up here and have this child removed from her custody. I am not laughing at her anymore . It is no longer amusing.

  4. What do you all think Sophia’s education level is right now? I not hear her growling and saying things Farrah has told her to say. I have never seen her with other children either. I could almost bet Sophia doesn’t even know how to spell nor right her name. I would say she is a kindergarten level. I saw one of Farrah’s IG videiscand Sophia was dancing very vulgar for her age. Farrah has probably told her she doesn’t need to go to school because as soon as she turns 18 she can start doing porn and make lots of money. It will be very interesting to see what Sophia is like in 10 years. It will either be porn or a stripper pole.

  5. She obviously got paid for this but come on, you could have had the CHILD and the ANIMALS step out for that short time. She has no boundaries

  6. I’m on my second 9 year old daughter…(the oldest is now 13). Somehow I’ve never taken them to a doctor while I got my ass inflated to quinch their thirst for knowledge. I must awful at this. Here I’ve been reading to them and watching movies and going to aquariums that cost too much money. What’s wrong with me? ????

    Seriously though that poor kid. I would’ve been horrified if I watched my mother have that done. I wouldn’t want to watch it now. It’s probably scary to a kid besides the ick factor.

  7. Well to be fair, Sophia probably did ask about the butt fillers. Farrah includes her in on adult conversations and the girl has already noticed before on the show when Farrah has returned home with a bigger butt. Farrah gets a lot of body alterations done, its normal for a kid to ask about why their parent’s body keeps on dramatically changing. You would explain a mastectomy to a child before you get the procedure done so the explanation isn’t too far out there. But of course this is Farrah and she has to go extra and intentionally behave inappropriately for the extra attention and bring her along to see in person. IMO it’s bad publicity for the office to show them doing injections with loose children and animals in presence. If i was i tbe market for that kind of thing, I would never go there after seeing Farrah’s video. Bad practice, bad taste, bad judgement.

  8. First, why is a dog allowed to be in the room while she’s having this done? That seems not very sterile. What if a dog hair gets on the needle and shoved into her butt? Also, I am assuming that any animal of Farrah’s or Sofia’s would not be a very well behaved animal and could at any time throw a fit, jumping on things, barking, biting the doctor—that seems like a huge distraction and a potential for things to go horribly wrong. What kind of place is this that she’s going to that allows children and pets in the room and children to film?

    Second, I think Farrah has zero friends. And now that she’s not filming, Deb seems to have grown a tiny bit of a back bone and is no longer obsessed with hanging out with Farrah, getting abused on national TV, and telling everyone that Farrah is completely wonderful and normal. So Farrah has no other adults to hang out with. I think Farrah is turning Sofia into her “squad.” She sees her as a friend, and a smaller, more easily manipulated friend who idolizes and looks up to her (that’s the best kind of friend for an ego maniac). She is shaping Sofia into the girl friend/side kick/Farrah worshipper that she’s always wanted and she’s taking Sofia everywhere that one would normally take a girl friend. It’s disturbing. She’s even taken Sofia out of school so that she can accompany Farrah everywhere she goes and be her “BFF” all the time without that pesky education getting in the way. She’s pushing Sofia into the same kinds of business that Farrah is in: “modeling,” TV, Instagram sales, so that they have more common interests, and also probably so that when it’s time to do something that’s about Sofia’s life, it’s still fun for Farrah. Who wants to go on your kid’s school field trip to the zoo, or take your kid to soccer practice, when you could take them on modeling gigs or help them take selfies instead! Farrah can still be the center of attention at Sofia’s modeling gigs as her “momager,” and she can be in all the selfies, too!

    1. Thanks to Farrah, Sophia is developmentally stunted. Waaaay behind. She growls and slaps and hits and doesn’t speak in sentences. But of course Farrah – instead of using her money to get help for Sophia – pulls her out of school. 100% guaranteed the school evaluated Sophia and recommended speech therapy or something similar, and Farrah immediately got defensive and mad and decided she doesn’t “need that kind of negativity” in her life.

      Every tiem someone asks about CPS re: Sophia, people are like, why? Because she does porn? That’s not child abuse. She’s over 18, she can do what she wants. YES but no one is talking about her doing porn or whatever other sex stuff. People mention CPS because Sophia isn’t in school and isn’t getting homeschooled, and because she very clearly needs help developmentally. I have special needs children and I would kill to have Farrah’s money to get them more and more help. Instead Farrah gives birth to a healthy child and has completely screwed her up and ruined her and claims that anyone suggesting Sophia needs help is just a hater.

    2. I haven’t seen this child with any friends, only the grandparents and her fucked up mom.

  9. This woman is demented What kid doesn’t ask about but injections ?
    She just does and says stuff for the wow factor and subjecting that child to a medical procedure is child abuse it’s traumatizing
    Farrah knows God damn well the average person wouldn’t even know about that kind of procedure
    I only knew about the Celine implants for the bot never knew there was injections
    this woman is sick and needs to have that child taken.

  10. This woman is demented What kid doesn’t ask about but injections ?
    She just does and says stuff for the wow factor and subjecting that child to a medical procedure is child abuse it’s traumatizing
    Farrah knows God damn well the average person wouldn’t even know about that kind of procedure
    I only knew about the Celine implants for the bot never knew there was injections
    this woman is sick and needs to have that child taken.

  11. ‘our children are so curious’. Yes Farrah, my 4 year old son can’t stop asking about ass injections, might as well tell him about implants and vag rejuvenation. Damn this woman is ridiculous. Be a mom and take your NINE YEAR OLD to do something for 9 year olds.

  12. Why isn’t her kid in school? She needs to be doing what NORMAL 9 year olds do. Makes no sense this kid is being dragged around with her mom. Im sure no one is homeschooling her. She needs to be socializing with kids her own age.

  13. Farrah and Ambien…er…Amber are equally horrible mothers but at least Farrah spends time with her daughter?

    1. Oh come on. I think we can all agree that Sophia would be better of not seeing her mom than getting dragged all over the country, never going to school, never playing with children her own age, and watching her mother get butt injections. Seriously, Amber might be lazy but she’s no Farrah.

  14. Does she know what the word “invasive” means?? Having a substance jammed in your body is an invasive procedure. There is no hope for Sophia.

  15. Jesus god, Farrah. When shit’s so crazy that Deb is the voice of reason, you know it’s gone off the rails.

    Any office that will do butt injections with animals in the treatment room is an office that Farrah will find a reason to sue very shortly.

  16. Wtf kind of “doctor” performs a procedure with a minor and TWO DOGS in the room??!

    And oh yeah Farrah, this will teach Farrah so much about “aesthetics and health”. I remember learning about injecting stuff into your butt to make it big in health class too…oh wait…

    P.S. GET SOPHIA INTO AN EFFING SCHOOL SYSTEM before she’s 30 years old with a first grade education!!!

  17. When Debz-OG is the voice of reason………. We all know that Farrah has some kind of mental health issue, but she also has the problem of thinking she is intelligent. That line about letting “Our kids” (what the fuq other kids is she talking about) learn about health and aesthetics was clearly a line fed to her by that bootleg company that did the injections (with a dog in the room). She is very easily manipulated and this is a scary truth because of her tendency to repulse people, leaving her as the only constant influence in Sophia’s life. Sophia has little chance of growing up to be a normal well-adjusted adult, she is going to be even worse to Farrah than Farrah was to Debz (Karma’s a Farrah!).

  18. When DebzOG is making sense, you really need to question your actions.
    I can only hope that aliens and future generations do not judge us by this flap of skin’s portfolio of stupidity…

  19. TMZ filmed Farrah a few years back on her way to sign her backdoor “sex tape” deal at the offices of Vivid Entertainment, with her dad Michael holding on to Sophia’s hand while trailing close behind her.

    Sophia was only three years old at the time.

    Enough said. Anyone want to take bets on Sophia having her own line of plastic vagina molds soon too? Just like her mom?


    1. I remember that..

      She said Sophia was there because she was teaching the 3 year old about business dealings/meetings.

  20. WTF!!!!Just when you think you’ve heard it all. I’ve got an idea you stupid fuck, how about taking your daughter to the park, the beach, Disney. But then again the reason they do these outrageous things together is neither of them have any friends. VERY SAD !!!!

  21. ?….She’s so desperate…shes starting to see how important that slot on Teen Mom was to her pockets….shes not on anybody’s show, I bet her endorsements have diminished… so she’s created l her own shit show with her camera phone, where Sophia is a casualty….Farrah is like a cockroach….trying to stay around for as long as possible…by any means necessary….even if that means exposing your kids to unnecessary surgery.

  22. GTFO Debra, acting like Farrah is the worst now that her gravy train has ended. If she was still on Farrah’s good side, she’d be right there getting butt fillers alongside her, talking to Sophia in that disturbing baby goo voice.

  23. Farrah was always accusing the other girls of doing things for attention. Isn’t that what SHE’S doing?

  24. I saw a clip of Farrah with Dr, Drew on the upcoming reunion and she was being her Farrah self and rude. If Dr. Drew had any integrity at all as a real Doctor, he would call Farrah our and give her a reality check. Everyone tiptoes around her. Somebe needs to save Sophia, but I’m afraid it is already too late. Her personality has already developed.

    1. What would even be the point of continuing to pander to her crazies and tip toe around her delusions? They fired her, so it’s not like they have to be nice to keep her from quitting. This is the perfect time to call her out on everything from all the years of teen mom, to point out ever disturbing, delusional, crazy, mentally ill thing she’s done and subjected her daughter to.

  25. I genuinely believe Farrah’s looks and health would benefit so much with a straight jacket.
    Even better, it would greatly improve Soimprovehealth and education.

  26. My kids would never be curious about butt fillers because they are not exposed to that. This is just sick. Do you think that Sofia looks at pictures of her early childhood and asks whose this lady holding me? The original Farrah. Next video will be Sofia getting botox.

  27. Farrah will have Sophia having plastic surgery and doing porn by as soon as she turns 18. She’s already let her doing an Instagram video alone and perverts telling the 9 year-old she’s hot. Plus Farrah has already admitted to having naked photos of Sophia on her phone. Child protective services should be called on Farrah pronto before she damages Sophia any further. smdh

  28. I know I shouldn’t be shocked, but I can’t help it. The amount of f**ked up that kid is gonna be is immeasurable! Also, what kind of doctor allows a DOG in the office?! ?

  29. Once again Sophia is exposed to something inappropriate for her age. The psychological damage Farrah is inflicting on the little girl is beyond disturbing. There is pretty much no hope that Sophia will have a normal existence.

  30. I love how she looks like a 40-year-old drag queen because she’s had so much work done, and STILL uses a Snapchat filter on EVERYTHING!

    Money can’t fix character. Please, someone, get that girl and all those animals away from this horrid woman!

  31. This reminds me of that South Park episode when 8yr old Wendy had a boob job. Except it’s not a cartoon. Jesus…

  32. How in the hell are booty fillers related to health in any way. Poor kid doesn’t have a chance. Farrah is worse than Jenelle, and that’s pretty bad.

    1. Ehhh they’re the worst in different ways. While Sophia isn’t being as… aggressively & upfront abused as Jenelle’s kids, Sophia’s brain is going to be fucked uppppp from all of Farrah’s delusions.

  33. She’s such an idiot.

    On a serious note, why are we still talking about this nasty vile pos??? If she isn’t talked about then she will fade away.

    She’s no longer on this show, no need to keep this thing relevant anymore, this is what she craves.

    1. Yes! I would be quite happy to never read another article about her either here or on any other website. She is not relevant in any way. She is not interesting in any way. She’s just sad and delusional and crazy. The only article I want to read about her is Farrah being admitted to a mental health lock down facility or Sofia being taken by CPS. I don’t want to read a new article every week about some random crazy thing she’s done like claiming to have nude photos of Sofia on her phone or getting butt injections while Sofia films and her digs yip and jump around.

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