‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion Sneak Peek: Ryan Edwards Tells Dr. Drew He Can’t Continue Drug Treatment Because He’s On TV

“It’s real hard…and stuff….”

Dr. Drew Pinsky isn’t buying the story Ryan Edwards is telling in regard to why he’s not following up his rehab stay with aftercare!

In a new sneak peek clip of the Teen Mom OG Reunion special (which was taped in March), Dr. Drew takes Ryan to task for not continuing his treatment with 12-step meetings, counseling and other methods to help him stay sober. Ryan tells the Doc that the reason he can’t get aftercare is because he’s a reality TV star.

“It’s honestly hard to find a counselor because of this TV show,” Ryan tells Dr. Drew. “[A counselor] was like, ‘I’m not gonna see you because I don’t think the TV show and you are a good idea.'”

The Doc doesn’t seem to believe Ryan’s reasoning, even telling him that most counselors won’t mind as long as cameras aren’t brought into the counseling sessions. Soon, Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie, chimes in to defend her husband.

“That was really hard,”  Mackenzie says. “They just said that addicts are selfish, and Ryan is selfish and the show makes Ryan selfish so he couldn’t be a part of the group unless he quit his job [of being on the show].”

Ryan spent about 20 days in a rehab facility last year to deal with a longtime heroin habit. He has admitted that he has not done the aftercare that was recommended for him after he left treatment.

Dr. Drew, who has worked with plenty of famous addicts, seems to find the story that Mackenzie and Ryan are telling hard to believe.

“I know lots of people who are in all kinds of television and movie positions and still manage to easily find people who are in a position to help them,” Dr. Drew says.

The ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion special airs next Monday on MTV.

Watch the sneak peek clip below:

(Photo: MTV)


  1. 100000% Mack tried to get the show to pay for this rehab again and they said no and now’s she’s flipping it back on Rhine

    “You know they would do it for Maci…loook they even did it for Cate and Butch too….they just don’t care about you.”

  2. The show IS Ryan’s job! So sad. He has never made an effort to have real job. The most useful thing he has done on camera recently is bathe the dog (with his wife).

    I hate to sound like I have all the answers but to me it’s simple: he should get a job – anything that he can actually put some effort into. It would be so good for him. We all benefit from the pride we feel for a day’s work well done. Ryan has a lot of good in him and I really hope that he can find some peace and happiness.

  3. This family is in full denial and he knows he needed more help and rehab. Its sad that he uses being on TV to deflect his addiction and getting help

  4. How is it legal for Ryan to have guns? I live in Georgia and even if you are under the first offender act, you can’t own a gun. Heroin in any amount in TN is a felony. So why has Ryan not had to turn his arsenal over??? He’s a FELON who is threatening to SHOOT taylor, all while on state probation. Now throw in the issues of his mental health and addiction. I need answers.

  5. I think Larry is an functional alcoholic & has a temper when drinking. I suspect Jen has tried to protect Ryan his whole life from Larry. I don’t think Larry is physically abuse, but was probably verbally abusive to Ryan. I don’t recall, but some have said Jen had Bentley sleep with her. She could have been trying to protect him too. I know we only see Larry drinking beer on the show, but he may drink liquor off camera. My ex husband was a happy drunk drinking beer, but was mean as a snake drunk on liquor. I’m from Cleveland, TN, which is about 30 miles from them & it appears that Jen & Larry are in the upper middle class compared to much of the area, & it looks like they have good jobs. I think they are embarrassed by Ryan & are in denial to save face & look like the perfect family. I also sometimes wonder if Jen is verbally abused by Larry too. Something is just not right in that family.

  6. There is another clip from the reunion where Ryan is refusing to go stage with Maci. As Jack Nicholson said “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” He knows Maci is right.

    1. Macks head would explode if Ryan sat beside Maci. ? That’s probably why he didn’t…she wouldn’t let him.

  7. This is such BS. Matthew Perry spent much of his young adulthood on a #1 tv comedy and somehow managed to seek help, check back in when he needed it, and do good by helping others by opening a sober living home. So Ryan, trust us when we say there should be nothing between you and getting help, we’re not buying any of it. Time to finally get off your butt and get real help, and step one would be to get rid of that fame hungry lying wife.

  8. So even if a drug counselor said they thought the show was a bad idea why wouldn’t they still treat him? I mean they can think your making bad choices but they’ll still treat you. Especially since I’m sure Ryan can afford to pay them. Excuses.

    Wasn’t this filmed the weekend before he got arrested?

    1. Yes and that’s why he couldn’t continue treatment because he probably relapsed shortly after rehab and couldn’t find a therapist who would lie and say he was clean. (I mean if all of us at home can tell that he isn’t clean, a therapist sure could!)

  9. Even if this asinine excuse of his was true, what kind of dirtbag do you have to be that you won’t put your health and the love of your family before a TV show? Have fun picking out his coffin.

  10. Of course Mac puts being on the show above Ryan’s well being and life. Truth is probably that she went in to talk to them without Ryan while being filmed as part of the show and they said something about the show, so she decided she didn’t want Ryan to get sober and healthy because then her gravy train would come to a screeching halt. She doesn’t want him to get clean.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a life insurance policy on him. She is an evil manipulative money whore that couldn’t care less if he died. I did here she left him right after his last arrest, which was supposedly right after this reunion show. It may be just a rumor.

      1. No way in hell is she leaving her paycheck. Not until her water breaks and she can get child support.

  11. This just makes me so angry, and sad cause of the children involved in this. At least Mac’s son and Bentley have another parent that is looking out for them; but the child that these two are having will either be raised by an addict and an enabler or Rhine’s parents. All these people own Maci a huge apology cause she has called all of this out from the start and hasn’t been living in denial town. I don’t believe what these 2 are saying for a second if Rhine really cared about getting sober he would do anything in his power to do that, but he doesn’t seem care about himself, his parents, his soon to be child or poor Bentley. Mack just needs to go she has proven with her actions that she fully in this for the money and exposure, she is making Rhine continue down this path of death, cause at this rate that is where he is headed and that is so sad to watch.

  12. Ryan, of you’re really forced to choose between MTV and addiction treatment (which I don’t believe for an instant), you CHOOSE TREATMENT. Every time. It’s not even close.

    1. Mac is probably telling him that he can’t quit the show because they have a baby on the way and he wouldn’t pass a drug test for a real job so they’d be screwed. She’s definitely guilt tripping him into staying on the show “for the baby”, so her money well doesn’t run dry.

      1. So basically if she’s saying no one wants to treat Ryan so he’s not in therapy or a 12 step program she also needs to admit she purposely got pregnant from a guy that was still using and not being treated. Which shows exactly the type of person she is. Setting herself up with an anchor baby to make money off of. Even her kid with her ex is set up pretty nice because MTV even provides money for the kids that are just featured on the show. It’s set up in a trust of some kind and I don’t know if they make as much as the “original” kids but they are compensated.

        1. you don’t have your facts straight on what MTV provides for kids on the show. they do NOT set up trust for the kids. the money is paid to the “adults” and it is up to them how they save or don’t save for their child’s future. anyone who is filmed for a story line is compensated in some way, but that is only in the form of a pay check, not some fictitious trust fund!

          1. Depends on the state. Some have laws that a certain portion of the kids pay check has to be put away for the kids future. Idk about Tennessee though. I doubt if there’s a lot of laws there for working children.

          2. Actually, it’s been published by several sources, including The Ashley, that the kids DO have trust funds set up by MTV. The only questions have been as to what kind of access the parents actually have to those accounts.



  13. I so want Dr. Drew to say “You guys are so full of shit.” And just call them both out.
    But we know he won’t.

    1. Of course he won’t. When has the good doc ever called out anyone on this show? From 16 and pregnant to Teen Mom 1/2/3, there have been plenty of addicts NOT being called out at the reunions. Can’t rock the boat and still be employed by MTV

  14. They clearly haven’t Watched the show…Butch is in rehab AND on the show. At the same time on some episodes. He’s been to therapy on the show as well. Methinks they should have done some research on their own show before coming up with excuses.

    1. Butch doesn’t make Ryan money. That’s why Mac is saying that. She just doesn’t want to lose the MTV money.

    2. Yeah. Catelynn is still on the show. So is Leah on Teen Mom 2. All people who went to treatment. Didn’t Jenelle go to rehab also?

    3. It’s not looking good for Mack and Ryan when Butch is the better example! I’m actually really proud and impressed how hard he’s working at it 🙂

  15. If Ryan’s family doesn’t stop defending his addiction and making excuses for him, he will end up dead. My grandmother CONSTANTLY made excuses for my dad, up until the day he died of a heroin overdose. They continue still, five years later, to blame other people and lack of air conditioning in his car for his death. Denial and enabling is real and helps no one.

    1. I’m sorry about your dad <3

      My husband's grandparents are the same way. Their son has gotten clean and acted like he was gonna do sooo good about 100 times now. They're still making excuses and act like he's a perfect princess. It makes me sad and pretty sick. Now he's moved from a meth filled area to a heroin filled area. If he doesn't od and die in the next couple years it'll be a miracle. We already know he's not afraid of a needle :/

  16. Basically what I’m hearing is that therapists and counselors advised him that the show contributed to his addiction and advised him to no longer be a part of it. When Mack and Rhine said they werent giving up their meal ticket, they were told cameras didn’t need to be involved. And if Macks not making money off of it, there’s no need for Ryan to attend treatment at all! So boom, there’s the excuse “No one would help him!” These two are such dumb liars it hurts. Last thing they need is another child to ruin.

  17. Here’s my theory: Ryan probably went to 1 counselor, showed up there completely unenthusiastic, perhaps even going in an saying right away “I’m only here because of court”. So, when the counselor gave him a reality check in hopes of getting through to him, Ryan realized he wouldn’t get his way on easy road, complained to his wife and she talked him out of going again.
    I could even imagine the counselor saying sth along the lines of “you being on a TV show makes things more complicated” in regard of Ryan’s issues being broadcasted , but not in regard of the overall treatment process. The counselor probably wanted him to quit to help him heal without the pressure of everybody watching and judging.

    1. I mean even Adam at least quit Teen Mom 2. Whether it was to get help or because he thought the money wasn’t worth the hassle of trying to look like a good dad he at least walked away. Ryan should walk away. Him and Mackenzie should get ACTUAL JOBS. As much crap as they talk about Maci the show is called Teen Mom and had it not been for her remaining on the show these two wouldn’t be fortunate enough to not work.

  18. I understand that ryan probably has to be high to sleep with (and marry) mackenzie, but i just hope the baby is healthy. I would never have a baby with someone who uses period…his sperm are probably all deformed! Especially if it was/is a $10,000 a week habit.

    1. That’s what I’m worried about. I hope the baby is born healthy. With much drug abuse, I think his sperm would have to be affected. God knows this innocent baby did not ask to be brought into this world with an addict father and an evil mother.

  19. Isn’t there a show on American TV called: “Rehab Bootcamp – Reality TV Family Edition. Now even bootcampier!” or something to that extend? In that way Mackenzie (aka the dumbest TV villain of all time) can have her cake and eat it, too!

  20. Did you guys see when Mack and Ryan were in the doctor’s office for the ultrasound, and he was chewing on two stupid sticks or something? He was literally talking to the doctor with those in his mouth. Then the doctor goes to shake his hand and say goodbye and he still talks with them in his mouth. JFC what is wrong with him? Grow up! I had so much second-hand embarrassment.

  21. So I have a different take on Mack (but haven’t watched the reunion yet). I think she is delusional, yes, but only because she is desperate to be the most important person in Ryan’s life. She prioritizes THAT over her son, her self-worth, and even Ryan’s well-being . Because if he tells her he will leave her if she nags him about drug counselling etc., she isn’t going to do that. I actually think she has very low self-esteem and that’s why she backs him up regardless…

  22. I can’t believe it but I’m so upset these two are having a baby. it’s just so fucking unfair they get the gift of having a child when they are ready to risk not seeing the ones they already have for drugs, money and fame. it’s so unfair. I hope for Bentley’s sake Ryan can get himself together but I fear that he’s never had any drive so I don’t see him staying in recovery. He has nothing to work for now he doesn’t care about Bentley.

  23. Really Mack?? Trained professional counselors said that addicts are selfish and they don’t want to help Ryan? Ffs, no drug counseler is going to say that. She is so delusional. All the MTV paychecks are clouding her head, plus she is just plain awful.
    Ryan needs to get the hell away from everyone, Jen, Mackenzie, everyone and get intensive treatment

  24. Did anybody notice when Ryan was getting in the car the other night what was he doing was he gasping for breath or was he having any anxiety attack I couldn’t tell what was happening there for a minute.

    1. Yeah I rewound it a couple times to see what he was saying and he just said that he was cold. It was so bizarre. I’m sure he was high as a kite, he was making no sense.

  25. What a toxic bull shit relationship they have. Since they are professional liars you would think they could come up with a better story than that. MTV could find them counselors who wouldn’t mind being a part of the show. I bet even good ol’ Dr Drew could work with Ryan, he just doesn’t want to bother and Mack wants that money. What’s wrong with Jen and Larry that they sit by and do nothing? Their son will die a junkie, don’t they understand that?

    1. I have to come to his Mom’s defense here.. Ryan is 30 years old, mamas boy he may be but she can’t be blamed for money and “ fame” ( I use that loosely) getting the best of him. It’s my opinion that his mother is sick about his drug problem.. many times she’d start crying and look like she’s ready to break down- even when they’d announce good news.
      That said, I do believe that she knows her son is miserable!! Jen needs to take her son aside, get him home with her, and start getting him a lot of help. Mack is a huge part of his misery, that poor baby that’s on the way 🙁

      1. The issue I have with Jen is her total lack of spine. She seems to have issues of her own. She is hellbent on coddling Ryan and does the same with Bentley. I can’t imagine forcing a 9 year old to sleep with his grandmother. Ryan’s also made it clear that he was never asked to do any chores. He clearly has never been forced to take responsibility for his own actions. He knocked up Maci and his parents have been doing his share of the work since day 1. He doesn’t work, doesn’t support himself, constantly makes poor decisions. And Jen just keeps her mouth shut about it.

        I do wonder about her relationship with Larry though since he seems to have serious anger and control issues. Perhaps she’s reacting to that and is overcompensating.

        1. I don’t disagree on this… I do think that without a doubt Ryan has issues other than drugs, I think Larry refused to except it and stood in denial and Jen also thought he’d “ outgrow it” or it would go away.. I’m willing to bet anything that when Ryan was younger many school professionals approached his parents requesting testing, etc. for Ryan.. something had never been psychologically right about him.

      2. Unfortunately, at some point Jen and Larry should cut off Ryan completely if he refuses to get help. Right now they are enabling him. It would probably be the hardest thing they ever did, but they need to say “Get help or we’re gone.”

    2. I have to admit I don’t “get” Mackenzie’s motives. If she really loved Ryan, she’d be breaking down the way Jen and even Maci do when they talk about his addiction. Instead she makes the Terminator look like a burbling emotional wreck. Money? There just can’t be that much there. Apparently he gets something like $100k/yr. Surely at 21 she hasn’t given up on ever finding a normal guy who works a normal full-time job, to the point where she’s willing to saddle herself with a heroin addict for middle-class money?

      1. Totally agree – Mackenzie’s lack of emotion when talking about Ryan’s addiction shows how much genuine affection she does *not* have for him.

        My ex was a full blown alcoholic and dabbled in heroin usage; while I was utterly sick of his actions, I also worried greatly about him every day, especially since we shared a son. I couldn’t imagine how I would tell my sweet boy that he would never see his daddy again, much less explain what happened when he got older. Even though we were not together, I was a basket case, both because I honestly cared about him and because I felt I owed it to my son to help his dad. I never gave him money and I certainly didn’t look the other way about his habits, but I did pick him up when he was too drunk/high to drive, or I would go sit with him when he needed someone to talk to. At the time, he wouldn’t hesitate to tell me that I was a cold hearted bitch for walking away from our relationship, for doing what I had to do to ensure our son’s safety, and for not “understanding” what he was going through, but years after he got clean, he thanked me for always picking up the phone when he called, needing a friend. The nights I cried myself to sleep or sat up begging him to get some help could not be counted. Everyone around me knew what I was going through, not because I told them, but because they could see the change in me. I could barely say his name without crying. Everyone knew he drank but no one knew how much and they didn’t know about the drugs, either.

        I have known others in my same situation and they looked much the same; again, Mackenzie’s robotic demeanor just shows how much she doesn’t care. She goes through the motions for the camera and could give a shit less about actually helping Ryan and potentially saving his life. As for her possibly giving up on finding a normal mate, some people honestly have zero clue what a healthy relationship looks like – they jump from one person to the next because they cannot be alone. She strikes me as one of those people.

        1. Ah…I am in the process of divorcing an addict/cheater/bipolar/gambler. It takes a lot out of you. So many of the things you said sound familiar. Thanks for sharing your story, it really helps to hear of other people who have gone through similar things. It’s so hard! We have 2 kids and I have to do what’s best for them, which I finally realized is doing something to let myself be happy, not just tiptoe around the addict’s moods and wants. >:(

          1. Best of luck to you and your children, Lydia! My son was the reason I got out, too and you hit the nail on the head about tiptoeing around the addict’s mood swings! It was the most emotionally exhausting period of my life.

            It took me a few years to share my story but I started opening up when I saw a friend going through something similar and I felt that telling her that I had been there could help her see that she wasn’t alone. I’ve told of my experiences several times since then and it’s liberating to finally let out everything that I tried to bury for so long. You stay strong for you and your kids, Lydia! The best gift that you can give your children is a happy mother! You all deserve that.

  26. I’m sorry I’m having a hard time believing that Ryan was able to afford his $10,000 a week heroin habit on his Teen Mom appearance considering he was only on a handful of times until lately do you think Jen and Larry gave him there income for appearances?

    1. I believe they get paid a set amount each season, regardless how many they mes they are shown. And about 5 years ago, Ryan was making the ver $100,000 per season. I believe the girls make around $300,000 per season. So, yes he has the money.

      1. $100k is good money for a normal lifestyle, but I don’t think it would stretch very far on a $10k/week heroin habit. This isn’t “rock star money” we’re talking about.

    2. I have a hard time believing it would cost that much anyway. Junkies that stay high and nodded out all day don’t spend even a tenth of that. They scheme and hussle to get 10-20 bucks or so and get high. If he was spending that much and could still function he’s either Iron Man or awful ol’ Mack is lying her ass off trying to make his habit more glamorous and fancy sounding.

    3. Okay….I’ll give her maybe a grand a week. He had been building that tolerance for a few years :/

    4. Maybe that was like a bender he went on, using huge amounts for a week or two right after payday and Mackenzie latched onto that large amount of money and kept repeating that’s how much he was using every single week so that she could make it look like he was super mega ultra bad and her special love and caring is what made him all better. It wouldn’t be enough for her to “save” a regular addict using a regular amount. Ryan had to be the BIGGEST addict so that the redemption story would seem extra special.

  27. So he has to quit his job to get help? Um no. Catelyn and Butch didn’t have to quit their jobs. And Rhine doesn’t film 365 days a year. I find it hard to believe that all working heroin addicts have to quit their jobs.

    I can’t believe that they think people are buying the crap they are selling. I have a feeling that Jen feels helpless. I get the impression she feels guilt. Larry is just in denial. Mack’s a bitch.

  28. Sadly, I think Maci was right when said Ryan wouldn’t be able to come back. The footage of her crying when she talked about Ryan to Cate and Amber (before it was confirmed on TV that her son’s father was on pills and heroine) you could see she was scared for his life, not because she’s still in love with him, but because she cares, and that’s her child’s dad. I feel for Ryan’s parents too. Yeah, they were in denial. Yeah, they enabled him. But when his Dad was talking about how when he was in rehab, they didn’t have to worry about him, he was then acknowledging that they knew and had known for some time. But they felt helpless. I feel a lot of compassion for those that genuinely love Ryan and I hope he makes it. I think his wife is as cold hearted as can be, though. She was always in it for fame and money, and I have zero sympathy for her.

    1. It had to be terrifying for his parents if they knew what he was doing. These days people on heroin are dying at a insane rate. My husband’s home town has probably 3 or 4 funerals a week and they save a ton more with narcan. It’s more dangerous than ever with all the fentanyl being put in it.

    2. She better hope he never sobers up because he’s never gotten over Maci. And when he rewatches all the scenes where Maci was genuinely concerned for him, and his WIFE sat there stone cold, enabling him and blaming others, he’s going to bolt. He knows Jen and Larry will always be there, he won’t need her if he’s sober.

  29. I’m catching up on old shows, and I am on the episode where Ryan explains to dummy Mack that Maci is really not over the past or him. I mean…I feel like he has to be completely delusional to believe that. Maci doesn’t look at him or talk about him with anything other than pure disgust and disappointment now – even contempt. It’s like he wants her to still care about him because he knows he’s not desirable anymore, but Maci has moved on to someone better in every single way than Ryan while Ryan settled for Mackenzie and very much downgraded imo.

    On the actual story being reported here, Ryan is full of every excuse in the book. He has no moral compass and no conscience. He lies with ease and so does Mackenzie. You could tell that entire story they concocted was a big fat lie with maybe a couple kernels of truth in it just for good measure.

  30. Quit his “job”?? Bahahaha what job? Him and Mack truck lounge all day on the couch… They must work at the same place as Amber! 😉

  31. Rhine looks awful. Also, they are terrible liars. No one believes that Ryan tried and couldn’t find one single therapist. That makes no sense whatsoever. 21 days in rehab and no after care for a heroin addict and Mack/Jen/Larry want to pretend that everything’s fine??

  32. Ryan and Big Mac are total imbeciles. Ryan is not sober nor does he want to be. His idiot wife is gonna be bringing a baby into this sick scenario. They blatantly lied about not being able to work if he wants aftetcare. It makes me sick that he has all these uninformed enablers. His parents are going to end up losing ryan if they don’t educate themselves on addiction. Very sick.

    1. Ryan only went to rehab because of his arrest. Thats it. I bet you anything, had he not been pulled over that day, he would of never went on his own.

      1. I can just see Mac now she’s not going to go to school to be a nurse she’s going to go to school to be a therapist and she’s going to treat him on her own

  33. I’m sorry – but an addiction counselor saying that addicts are selfish? Really? Right there I’m calling BS. On both of them. Shame on them. But I suppose we should all be real impressed about the balls those two possess to be able to say that to a medical doctor with a straight face.

    1. Dr Drew is hardly a respected medical doctor. He literally told Amber he knew she was sober because her eyes were normal, after shining them with an iPhone flashlight lol.

      I do wonder how Mackenzie says all this shit with a straight face. She seriously has some loose screws or an insane amount of self entitlement!

      1. I didn’t say he was respected. I just said a medical doctor. I think he’s a quack but even he wouldn’t say that addicts are selfish.

        1. 99% of Addiction Counselors would say that addicts are “selfish and self centered” if they are going by a 12 Step Program. That’s the first thing they drive home after admitting and accepting the program. Now the part about him not being able to do aftercare because of the show is BS though.

          1. I agree – but they say it (I think) to give a kick in the pants to the person that wants to get better.

            These 2 knuckleheads are acting like that means they can’t find anyone…

        2. The doctor they saw may not have phrased it that way, they probably twisted it for their own benefit. But-addiction is a very selfish disease. The addict puts their drug above every one and everything in their lives. It’s frightening.

      2. Not only not respected.. he should be stripped of his license! How many times have we heard him told “ I don’t want to discuss this, I’m not ready to talk about this, etc”.. he doesn’t care ! He will keep egging it on for the drama that makes his money! Drew is disgusting and non deserving of the title doctor!

  34. OMG! I finally watched the clip.
    MacKenzie didn’t give a SH*T about her husband!! How can Ryan and his parents NOT see that?!!
    That is sooooo sad for his son. Wow.
    Just wow.

  35. So Maci and Taylor want to adopt, and Mackenzie is currently pregnant with Bentley’s half-sibling, who was conceived partly under the influence of heroin and partly as a trap to keep an MTV paycheck. I think I have an idea…

  36. Then quit your f-ing “Job!” Isn’t your life/staying clean more important. This reasoning is a prime example of why having young people on reality tv should be banned. Ryan has ZERO life skills. At this point he is completely unable to adult and he and his enablers will be completely responsible for sending him or even worse an innocent victim to their graves (ie. letting him drive will completely stoned). When she first came in the scene I didn’t think she was that bad but, as other posters have mentioned, she is 100% all about the reality tv fame. She is up there with the worst of the TM/TM2 villians because unlike the others (Adam, Lurch and all the rest of Jenelle’s soulmates) she preyed upon an addict that has pre-existing mental deficiencies. At this point Ryan has the mental capacity of a child on top of a drug addiction. He needs and 5150 and a restraining order from Mac. Jenn and Larry need to step up like Britney Spears’ dad and get him a conservatorship to save his life.

  37. Excuses, excuses, excuses. She probably makes excuses for the skid marks in Ryan’s whities. Unfortunate that they will be bringing a child into this world.

  38. What the heck do they do all day if neither of them have a job??? And then have her son this week or that week… However their custody issue is…
    I loooooooove the crap out of my boyfriend, I do! I love spending time with him, we live together and have 2 girls… But!!! I couldn’t handle it if he was the only person I see/talk to EVERY SINGLE DAY! he works nights, I work days… Some days, I don’t see him for 2 or 3 days straight (we are both in Healthcare) because our hours are hectic. I just don’t see his it is healthy to be worth each other every single day…
    Then again, what do I know? Maybe they do spend time apart… ??‍♀️

  39. More neverending excuses. This is actually really insulting too – do they know how many families would kill to get their family member into the services that MTV is willing to provide?? But when Ryan blows it all off, leaves early, etc., his whole stupid family just tries to cover it up and make excuses….constantly put the blame on everyone else….Maci, the “haters”, now the counselors, MTV….GMAFB. At least Catelynn and Butch mentioned how they really appreciate the opportunities they were given.

    1. I never even thought about that. You are dead on. It is VERY insulting. My father died from addiction and he probably would be alive today if he had the opportunity to get the kind of treatment that MTV provides for these people.

      1. I’m very sorry about your dad I can’t imagine what watching an episode of teen mom does for you to see that they’re given every opportunity in the world yet decide to continue going down the same path must be hard

        1. Thank you, I appreciate that. I think the only scene was really hard for me to watch was when Ryan was driving under the influence because his facial expressions looked exactly like my dad when he got high. It made me cry a little bit. I empathize with Ryan’s family but I feel like they have no idea how drug addicts work and how to handle them. If an addict hasn’t given you any signs that they really want to change, then they won’t. If Ryan never expressed that he wants to change his life and is doing everything he can (doing many months in rehab and extensive aftercare) to make sure he does change, then he won’t.

  40. This is disgusting, and I’m 1000000% sure that she-devil of a wife told him to say that BS because she wants him as drugged up for as long as possible so she can continue to manipulate him. Notice how she couldn’t even fathom Ryan quitting his “job” to get healthy. This is your husbands life….if he needs to quit the show to get well, then he needs to QUIT THE SHOW. That girl is a terrible terrible human being. TERRIBLE.

    1. I was just about to post the same thing. She would rather him stay on the show than get help to save his life. The money & fame whore wants those MTV checks coming in. I bet she has been stealing and stashing money away & Ryan’s been too high to notice. It’s clear she doesn’t love Ryan. She is more evil & devious than I thought. And Larry & Jen will continue to deny he has a problem because they are embarrassed and trying to save face in the community.

  41. Oh please. He is still obviously using and everyone in his life just turns a blind eye. He is seriously so disengaged from any part of life. His behavior, mental status, and beyond flat affect are just as concerning as his drug use. He has some other major issues going on that need to be dealt with. His parents are fools to sit there and pretend that 1. Ryan is sober and 2. That he could help change someone’s life from his story. Delusional. He’ll likely never get sober because he lacks any desire for literallly anything in life and I honestly just don’t think he cares about anything or anyone.

  42. If someone told me to go live somewhere else while I was pregnant with his child, the very last thing I’d be doing is sitting next to him and supporting his lazy, self-entitled, noncommitted to the drug treatment he needs…ASS.

    He lies.

    She swears to it.

    That poor, sweet innocent child that’s on the way into this boing hot mess. Because clearly, Ryan’s “desperate to be on TV” wife won’t be satisfied until Ryan dumps her and tells her to go live somewhere else PERMANENTLY.


  43. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. She is such an enabling piece of trash. No counselor EVER told them addicts are selfish and therefore he must quit his “job.”

  44. What a bunch of bullshit. Here’s a thought Mackenzie, don’t call MTV to film his therapy sessions then…

    Ryan’s chance of staying sober is so low. His entire family and wife, are enablers. They all need to be in counselling on how to be around an addic. Ryan won’t take any responsibility for his actions, won’t do any therapy, won’t follow aftercare, won’t follow the 12 steps. He is most likely still using

    1. That was my thought. It sounds more like he tried to find a councler and group that would let him film, and when they said no they gave up. He shouldn’t be filmed going to therapy. Any decent therapist would never allow that.

  45. It shouldn’t matter if you’re on TV, Mackenzie should be calling every counseled/treatment center in America trying to get Ryan help. This is a clear sign Ryan doesn’t want treatment or help. His parents should be very scared. Excuses are like @ssholes, everyone has one.

  46. You could completely tell everything that came out of Ryan’s mouth was coached by Mackenzie. Only she would be dumb enough to give that excuse. She is the worst liar in the history of the universe.

  47. This show needs to end…stat. he needs a year of rehab away from all his enablers. Ryan is most likely never going to do the right thing. He has been in rehab twice and left early both times. This won’t end well.

  48. That’s a load of shit. A counselor wouldn’t be doing their job if they turned someone down. If that’s the case, they should be reporting them.

  49. They both look so old. Excuses excuses she wants to keep him strung out. Only way he wants her around.

  50. Excuses, Rhine doesn’t want to quit, Mack, Jen and Larry are all enablers and this spoiled man child, has had an easy life, his parents took on the role as proxy parents because he is to lazy selfish and childish ( well done Jen, good job) raising a child and turning him in to a non functioning member of society.

    I’d he carries on with the Bs excuses he’ll not live to see Bentley grow up, I fear a bad ending to all this.

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