Watch the First Trailer For Kristin Cavallari’s New Show ‘Very Cavallari’

“You guys are gonna watch this crap…right?”

The first trailer for Kristin Cavallari‘s new reality show, Very Cavallari, is here!

E! has given us our first look at Kristin’s show, which focuses on her new life, far away from The Hills, in Nashville. As The Ashley previously reported, Kristin’s show will be about her marriage to Jay Cutler, and the opening of the first store for her “lifestyle brand.”

“It has been seven years since I stopped shooting ‘The Hills,'” Kristin (in her signature “punctuate every other word” speak). “I just moved to Nashville full-time.”

“I started building this lifestyle brand,” Kristin tells us before trying to entice fans to watch her show.

“I have the craziest staff, of course there’s going to be drama,” she says. “Of course there’s going to be hookups…it’s going to be a wild ride.”

(Soooo…it’s basically like Vanderpump Rules with a Tennessee accent?)

In a voiceover, we hear Kristin tell some poor sap to remember, “WWKD…What Would Kristin Do?”

There is no premiere date yet, but E! has stated that ‘Very Cavallari’ will air sometime this summer.

Watch the first trailer below:

(Photo: E!)


  1. I HAVE this REALLY great LIKE life! My brand is SO ADORBS!

    Blech! Not sure I can handle another dippy chick telling the world how great and wonderful and perfect she is.

  2. Just another outlet for her to perpetuate the lie that vaccinations cause autism. Kristin is a complete moron.

  3. I actually like Kristin and am excited to watch!….but I will say she didn’t really do that great of a job carrying The Hills after LC left…

  4. Blech, no thanks….I couldn’t stand her on the hills, why would I ever watch this crap. Hopefully it will get pulled before it ever airs, wouldn’t be the first time…

  5. Every time someone uses the phrase “Lifestyle Brand” I roll my eyes so hard it practically gives me a migraine. I could happily go the rest of my life without EVER seeing or hearing those words again.

    1. What is a “lifestyle brand” anyway? Like a mommy blog of recipes, outfit ideas, and pinterest craft projects?

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