Farrah Abraham Explains Why She Allows Her 15-Year-Old Daughter Sophia Have So Many Facial Piercings & Dress Risque

“Follow me for more mom-ing tips, per law!”

Farrah Abraham says she’s unbothered by those who don’t agree with her parenting choices.

The fired Teen Mom OG star— who is the mother of 15-year-old Sophia— will appear on Bunnie XO‘s Dumb Blonde podcast this week and, in a sneak preview of the interview, Farrah discusses Sophia’s unique style and reveals why she allowed the teen to get a plethora of facial and body piercings. 

Farrah– in her signature “Farrah Speak” word salad way— explained that she allows Sophia to wear what she wants and pierce what she wants, despite many people online criticizing her for allowing Sophia to dress so risque for her age.

“I’m not there to go into spiral, like shame, blame reject my child,” the Backdoor Teen Mom stated. “I’m here to make sure my child’s seen, she is safe and she is supported. If those three things are always top of mind, then I know what I’m doing in the footsteps that I’m walking in my parent journey are right where they need to be for my child.” 

Last year, Farrah came under fire for allowing Sophia to get six new piercings at once– including snake bite lower lip piercings– for her 14th birthday. For her 13th birthday, Sophia was allowed to get her septum pierced. 


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For Sophia’s 15th birthday in February, she got her tongue pierced and two dermal piercings in her lower back.

In her interview with Bunnie, Farrah uses one of her phrases-of-the-month (“consent culture”) to describe how she parents.

“I learned so much about consent culture and leading with that and allowing someone to have their will, their rights, their freedoms,” Farrah said. “And I think that’s just very important on maybe the littlest things, like a piercings or tattoos.”


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Farrah— who was randomly exposing her bra during the interview (as you do)— stated that she is a fan of Sophia’s goth aesthetic.

“I love Sophia’s look, too,” she said. “And I’m happy with whatever look she decides and what she loves.”

“I’d prefer her to wear shirts with my face on them every day, but I’ll allow this look if it gives me something to talk about on podcasts for attention!”

Farrah commented that she was “raised in a different way” than she is raising Sophia.

As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Farrah has had a very contentious relationship with her own mother, Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen, who was very strict with Farrah when she was growing up…but now wears fishnet shirts and pleather hot-pants in her rap music videos.

As you do…

“Like I was called a witch [by my mom] for wanting a rhinoplasty,” Farrah said. “Your self worth needs to be built up so that you are not vulnerable for other things. 

“I’m just trying to set up a next generation to have that safe place,” Farrah added. “[To] be seen, know who they are and not seek that in other people. 

While Bunnie stated that she agreed with Farrah’s parenting mindset, others in the comment section of the post did not appear to feel the same way.

“Parenting advice from this woman is not advice you should take,” one person wrote.

“Too bad that Farrah treats her daughter as a best friend than a parent,” someone else wrote. 

“Talking in self help quotes is WILD and hilarious behavior,” another person commented. 

“Children need boundaries to be safe, seen and supported,” someone else wrote. 

The full podcast interview drops on Wednesday. You can watch the preview below. 

@farrahabraham Let’s see what @Sophia Abraham has to say Wednesday on @Bunnie Xo ? #dbpodcast #podcasts are like support groups ?see ya there! #fyp #fy #parents #momsoftiktok #consent ♬ original sound – Farrah Abraham

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42 Responses

  1. Sofia- you are going to be a beautiful young lady. When you get through this phase and the beautiful you without hiding behind the stuff. Even now you are beautiful. Maybe look a lot like your dad. Farrah I’m sure you mean good but moms can’t be a friend to their children but be a mom. No hate here.

  2. Sofia- you are going to be a beautiful young lady. When you get through this phase and the beautiful you without hiding behind the stuff. Even now you are beautiful. Maybe look a lot like your dad. Farrah I’m sure you mean good but moms can’t be a friend to their children but be a mom. No hate here.

  3. Sophia is not seen,safe or supported. That is why she dresses this way and mutilates and ugliefies herself like this. It is a form of self harm. Poor girl.

  4. I’m all for letting kids be kids but a lot of kids these days are hellish brutal and hateful towards each other. I think there should be some boundaries for Sophia but it seems she’s fine with things. You don’t see her running away like some other moms kids.

  5. My comment didn’t go through earlier but trying again-does it seem to anyone else based on the podcast photo in this article, and the photo of Chelsea in the news pile article on the Teen Mom 2 site that Farrah and Chelsea are looking more and more alike as they rack up facial “work”?

    1. I noticed and I’ll probably get some downvotes from the Chelsea fan-girls. At the rate Kail and Chelsea are getting work done, in a few years they will be indistinguishable from the way Farrah looks now. And by that time Farrah will have morphed into a combination of Jocelyn Wildenstein and Michael Jackson. Weird shiny skin, fake looking cheekbones, tiny noses and plumped up lips.

  6. I am sure this will all turn out just fine in the end lol.
    The tongue ring is probably just for eating onion rings or to connect her orthodontia to…
    The poor kid has Farrah as a parent. I guess at least nothing will phase her.

  7. Farrah obviously loves Sophia (more than can be said of some of the moms who have been on this stupid show) but she just…. does not know how to go about it.

  8. I mean she isn’t wrong about the consent part and making kids feel seen and heard. However, I do believe in guiding kids to make healthy, safe choices within reason. I am all about empowering my daughter and letting her express herself, but there is a point where I’d have to say let’s slow down and see if you still want these additional 5 piercings in a few months. Nothing wrong with that.

  9. Is it just me or do Chelsea and Farrah look more and more alike with every surgery the two get? Just judging from the podcast photo in this article, and the recent photo of Chelsea in the news pile article.

  10. Did Farrah completely forget that Sophia is getting creepy DMs from men wanting I don’t know what from her and pictures of her feet?! How is she not concerned?! Piercings is the least of this girl’s problems, if Farrah will let her loose like this, she will soon be a teen grandma…hey, new series! Starring Jenelle and Farrah.

  11. Too bad that Farrah hadn’t offered the freedom to live her life out of the spotlight, without her every move being monetized.

  12. Is Sophia really crying out? Alot of times kids will go down the alternative lifestyle, goth path when they’re depressed or troubled.

  13. “I allow Sophia to do whatever the hell she wants because I don’t want, and have no idea how, to parent”

    That’s the real reason and explains everything. Farrah is just using buzzwords she’s read and heard, she doesn’t actually understand 90% of it, which is why she talks the way she does. It makes her sound “more smart”…per law.

    I’m actually not against a parent allowing their child piercings, and even tattoos (older teens, that is, lol) IF and only if they have had serious talks with their children about them, why they want them, what it means to them, and a great deal of thought has been put into it etc.. If a child can’t explain, they aren’t ready for them, but it leaves room for them to be ready eventually if they want. Communication is key, especially when impulsive behaviors show their faces (and, all humans have impulsive behaviors, not just teens). Not all kids can or should be allowed to get them, though.

    I’m also not against most of the ways children dress either, mostly, depending on their age of course and exactly what it is they are wearing (or even why, sometimes). I don’t think Sophia dresses provocatively, at all. Farrah is the one that started that whole shpeal when she claimed people were saying that about her (and no one was). I know Farrah wants people to think she does, though. I think it’s just Sophia trying to express herself while also making the “I’m not my mom” statement. She wears things, acts, and even talks almost the exact opposite of Farrah, for good reason. They’re all choices she makes, that are based in how she doesn’t want to be perceived, as much as how she does. She’s old enough to know who and what Farrah is, and how people see/react to her. She has no desire to be like her, it’s been obvious for years, to everyone but Farrah I think.

  14. This is honestly the least concerning this Farrah exposes/allows her daughter to do. Piercings heal when taken out (gauges not so much) and supporting a child’s desired style is not a problem.

    Farrah being a narcissist, who will always prioritize her own interests above her daughters well being is the real problem.

  15. I wonder if Sophia’s dramatic appearance is subconsciously trying to not be attractive to anyone. Because her mother has been so desperate for the attraction of others.

    Would be interesting to hear some chat in Sophia’s therapy.

    1. There is nothing subconscious at all about it, it’s a calculated set of choices she’s making. She’s been doing it for years, since she was old enough to really understand the image Farrah projects, along with who she is, what she’s done, what she continues to do, etc…

      Sophia doesn’t want to be anything like Farrah, it’s plainly obvious. She’s most definitely old enough to understand a lot more than people might think. She’s been moving towards the exact opposite of Farrah for a long time now. Farrah would much rather Sophia be a cute accessory that depicts a mini her, and is also clearly blind to the fact that she’s nothing at all like her, lol.

  16. Farrah allows Sophia to do whatever she wants to her body, dresss as scantily as she wants. “Consent Culture”! They are both at Coachella right now. I’m not even sure Coachella is a scene for a 15 year old. From what I’ve heard Palm Springs is a hotbed of STD’s after Coachella. That’s not something to take your daughter to. Maybe it was a home-school, field trip!? I’d love to see this child pass some standardized testing for her age group!

  17. Sophia should be surrounded by friends, going through the teenage thing, not being whored out by her mother. If Farrah wants to let her daughter be a free bird, there is a way to do so while still having boundaries and structure. She’s a child. How sad.

  18. I’d tell her “once you’re 18 you can do what you like, but under my roof under my rules”

    That’s that.

  19. She just wants to be sophias friend. I will hand it to her that it seems she is around her child a lot and she hasn’t had anymore kids. I mean that is the best things I can say, or also yea she provides for her and she is pretty lovey with her, but again, kinda acting more like an older friend, weird. Everything else is just too much. Her career, her extracurricular activities. Letting Sophia do whatever, to an extent it was fine, she dressed different but then started letting her get all those piercings, granted, it kinda works, doesn’t mean she is old enough for it. I just wish she turns out ok, it seems like she is smarter than farrah will ever be but will just have to see.

  20. I used to own a tattoo and piercing shop. You had to be 18 for both and show valid ID. Minimum age was 16 with a parent present showing valid ID. There are reasons for that. I think it’s absolutely great to love your child no matter what. 13 seems a bit young to start multiple piercings some (depending on how reputable the shop is) can have lasting effects on your health. If my parents allowed me at 13 to do what I wanted with no boundaries there is no telling how many regrets I would have now. I wanted a tattoo at 14 years old. I wasn’t allowed to get one. Thank God because it would have been whatever my 14 year old brain liked at the moment. I waited until I was 19 before getting my first tattoo. At the same time Farrah is vain and is obsessed with how she looks. It is all Sophia knows. I hope Sophia knows that she is beautiful regardless and to maybe focus on making yourself truly happy.

    1. My mom let me get my tongue pierced when I was 13, we had to find a shop that would do it even with her consent. I later found out that my piercer passed away shortly after from an overdose. I can’t in a million years imagine allowing my 13 yo to get multiple face piercings.

  21. Has Sophia ever had a boundary?

    Has she ever not been indulged?

    We’ll see how amazingly this “no rules” parenting turns out in the end.

    There is a happy medium between strict and no structure.

      1. Bahaha. I imagine if when Sophia got older she did get in trouble, Farrah would blame it on everyone but Sophia. Then threaten to sue. ?‍♀️

  22. whether y’all like it or not for once farrah is extremely in the right on this. plus something yall need to think about is that farrah was raised the way a lot of yall think she should be raising sophia and look how that turned out.

    1. Farrah was raised by two parents who obviously have their own big, unique personality disorders. Collectively roping everyone into the Michael and DebzOG parenting tornado is not accurate.

    2. Farrah is a grown ass adult. Regardless of how she was raised, or who she was raised by even, she’s a grown ass adult who is now the parent. She owes it not just to herself to be and do better, but also the child she CHOSE to bring into this world and parent.

      Your upbringing can only be blamed for so long. It can only be an excuse for your behavior for so long. At a certain point, it’s no longer the crutch you can fall back on, especially when you have every resource and opportunity at your fingers. The information is there, the resources, the opportunities, hell in Farrah’s case, even the money. All she has to do, is try.

      She could do and be better, but she chooses not to. It’s 100% on her, not her parents, that she sucks at this parenting gig.

      Also, she’s not “extremely right” on anything. She is spouting off buzzwords that she’s read and heard online because she thinks it sounds good. She doesn’t understand ANY of what she said, so she can’t be “extremely right”. She might be a little right, on some of it, if she actually understood it, or…let’s be honest….actually employed those skills in her child (and self) rearing. Skills like listening, parenting, supporting, encouraging, teaching, loving, learning…need I go on? She doesn’t employ any of those things on the daily, for reasons only she knows.

      What Sophia really needs is an actual parent, a competent one, that doesn’t treat her like an accessory, but the child she actually is. Sadly, she’ll never have that, so Sophia is on a life journey that is all her own. She’s mostly winging it because she’s still a child, and is parenting herself. FFS

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