Chelsea Houska Reveals Why Her Daughter Aubree Isn’t Allowed to Have Facial Piercings or Instagram; Says Aubree Wants To Be More Involved with ‘Down Home Fab’ Season 2

Aubree Says I’m still a cool mom. Right, Aubree? Tell ’em!”

Former Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska fully supports her 13-year-old daughter Aubree expressing herself, but the teen will have to wait a few more years before she’s allowed to express herself through facial piercings. 

Chelsea– who hosts the HGTV series Down Home Fab with her husband, Cole DeBoer– recently told In Touch that if she would allow it, Aubree would get her septum pierced. While Chelsea’s “not against” septum piercings, she is against the idea of her daughter having facial piercings of any kind at her age.

“Like, I have piercings, and I had piercings, but I feel like 13 is a little young,” Chelsea explained.

Just last month, former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham came under fire for allowing her 14-year-old daughter Sophia to get six new piercings– including snake bite lower lip piercings– for her birthday. Farrah previously allowed Sophia to get her septum pierced when she was 13. 

As for Aubree, she’ll have to wait a few more years before getting the green light from her mom.

“I’m like, ‘Wait until you’re 16 and then we can evaluate,’” Chelsea said. “So, facial piercings– I’m like, ‘That needs to wait.’ But she can do her ears and stuff. [Septum piercing is] the one thing that I think she wanted, and I was like, ‘You have to wait.’” 

Chelsea also enforces a strict no-social media policy for Aubree.

“We’re definitely the least-cool parents because she’s the only kid in her grade that doesn’t have Instagram,” Chelsea reently told E! News. “But I think it’s just so different for us because there are so many people that have followed our story.”

Chelsea and Aubree made their debut on 16 and Pregnant and they went on to appear on ‘Teen Mom 2’ until November 2020, gaining a large following along the way–– a following that Chelsea said isn’t always positive.

“I’ve seen the negative comments firsthand and it’s such a fear of mine that she would get any of that or see any of that, even on my pages,” Chelsea explained. “It’s just so hard because we really don’t know.” 

Chelsea said the decision to keep Aubree off of Instagram is “really just out of protection for her,” and though Aubree is on TikTok, she “doesn’t have a personal account.”

As fans of ‘Teen Mom 2′ may remember, when Chelsea announced in 2020 that she was leaving the MTV series, she claimed it was because she no longer wanted her kids’ personal lives to be the focus of a reality show. While all four of her children have appeared on ‘Down Home Fab,’ the show does not delve into the kids’ lives.

However, Chelsea said Aubree is interested in taking a bigger role in the show than she had in Season 1.

“I think we’re gonna be filming for Season 2 [of ‘Down Home Fab’] a lot in the summer and [Aubree] wants to be a part of it,” Chelsea said. “She’s said that multiple times. She’s so creative and artistic. I could definitely see her really getting into this. And so it will be fun to incorporate her as she gets older into our projects and more of [our home décor line] Aubree Says.” 

Chelsea described Aubree’s style as “cool,” admitting that she often turns to the teen for her approval on certain things.

“If Aubree says it’s cool, then it’s cool,” she said. “That’s how Aubree Says came about just because we want cool things, but I’m still kind of cool to her, I think. She does love to do things with me still, so I’m gonna call that a win.” 

As The Ashley reported last month, HGTV renewed ‘Down Home Fab’ for a second season, and the show’s production company, RTR Media, has begun casting homeowners to participate in the upcoming season

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  1. The fact that some people, esp celebs make their child an Instagram account the moment they are born is WILD anyway…like let them decide for themselves? People keep on forgetting there are a lot of creeps on the internet too, even us, grown up women can’t get past that (Thankfully you can now limit who messages and comments on pictures of you, before I wanted to leave it cuz I felt so uncomfortable and I don’t even post so many selfies!) so I can’t imagine someone underage or parents of that kid going through that.

  2. This is all so positive, I think. Chelsea has boundaries but also wants Aubree to express herself. Social media could be difficult to navigate, comprehend, and also deal with being on reality TV as a kid. Aubree is too young for that, but I love that she’s still supported, loved, and allowed to be protected but also creatively involved.

  3. All seems reasonable.

    16 is a reasonable time to get piercings.

    Chelse is right. Aubree is different than her friends and classmates. Her mom is famous, she is famous. And at much as Chelsea has a lot of self-esteem issues it seems like she’s trying really hard to make sure her daughter has a couple of things less to worry about.

  4. Seriously, I am so proud of Chelsea. She’s defied the odds that were stacked so high against her.

      1. I read her comment before I saw her username. It’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking anything at the time, because I probably would have spit it out laughing.

    1. She had rich parents, who were able to afford to take care of her. And did. Chelsea didn’t pay for her apartments, Randy did. Daycare, Randy paid for that. Chelsea going to beauty school, and Randy paid for that too. Her mom watched Aubree a lot and Aubree would go to Adam’s parents’ place on the weekends a lot. Chelsea dropped out of beauty school so she could plan Aubree’s birthday party. Like who in the real world can do that?

      Raising a kid is hard. Raising a kid as a teen mom is harder. But it’s a lot easier raising a kid when all your bills are paid and you get to be a SAHM. And you have a HUGE support system.

      Chelsea is one of the few TM who actually was able to turn it into a career path and be successful. And that’s great, but the odds really weren’t stacked that high against her.

      Kail, Leah, Cate, Amber, and Jenelle had the odds stacked against them. They all grew up poor, in extremely unstable homes, with at least one parent not around.

      1. Chelsea had her kid with her all the time. She also didn’t have different men in & out of her kids life. Yeah she had it easier than most, but she did take care of her kid. I still remember her dad making her go to a football game with her friends so she could be a teen. She also overcame the emotional abuse Adam heaped on her.

        1. I never said Chelsea is a bad parent. Or that she has an unstable home life for Aubree.

          I just said that the odds weren’t stacked that high against her.

      2. Yes. Chelsea had support. However dentists are NOT fabulously wealthy. All of the teen pms receive ridiculous salaries. Yet all are pathetic. Chelsea matured into an adult. I wish her the best. She’s the only reason MTV should not be totally shamed.

  5. Finally, someone who is actually trying to parent their children instead of just being their friend. Funny how people on social media are actually getting mad at her for this. Unreal

  6. Good on Chels for setting some boundaries. I’m pierced as well, but I didn’t begin collecting piercings until my mom gave me the OK to get my earlobes pierced at the age of 16. I haven’t amassed too many, but if I were 13 when I began getting piercings, I’m sure I’d have some regrets (like the cute Monroes that don’t ever close all the way when you decide to retire them).

    Chelsea has always been and continues to be my favorite because despite some of her slip ups, she’s ultimately a good person with her heart in the right place.

  7. Aubree is so cute and age appropriate in finding her individual style! I hope she still has her smoky voice!

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