Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer Announce Their New Show on HGTV Network: Get Details!

“This time around we don’t have to co-star with a bunch of girls with fake butts who want to fight each other!”

Chelsea Houska and her husband Cole DeBoer are coming back to reality TV!

About 15 months after announcing that she was leaving her longtime gig on Teen Mom 2, Chelsea has revealed that she and Cole will star in a new show, this time for HGTV!

People officially announced the show— which has a working title of Farmhouse Fabulous.

The show will feature six episodes set to premiere in Spring 2023. (Filming begins this spring, from what The Ashley hears.)

The show will follow Chelsea and Cole as they launch a “full-time renovation and design business and help local families makeover their homes,” People reports.

Chelsea’s father, Randy Houska, will also appear on the show.

“You know ya missed me!”

(Chelsea and Cole’s children–Aubree, Layne, Watson and Walker— may appear in the series; however, the show will not focus on the kids or the family’s personal lives.) 

“After building our dream farmhouse in Sioux Falls a few years ago, we realized we have a real knack for design and home reno and it’s evolved into our passion,” Cole said, stating that he will combine his construction experience with Chelsea’s design talents.

“We can’t wait to take our fans along this next crazy journey of building our business from the ground up — with four kids in tow — showing all of the highs and lows on the renovation site and at home,” Chelsea said. 

In Instagram posts announcing the show, Chelsea and Cole expressed how happy they are with the new show.

“SURPRISE!!! Cole and I have our own series coming out on @hgtv !” Chelsea wrote. “We have been working hard behind the scenes and cannot wait to get started renovating and designing homes for other couples in our area. Cole and I loved the process of designing our own home SO much so this has been a dream come true. Head to my story to hear more about it.”

Cole wrote about how hard it was to keep the show a secret.

“BIG NEWS! Chelsea and I have our own series coming out on @hgtv !! Keeping this a secret has been extremely difficult, so we are beyond excited to share with all of you!” he wrote. “We cannot wait to get started renovating other couples’ homes in our area! Building our dream home was an amazing experience that we didn’t want to end and now we get to help others make their dreams a reality. Stay tuned and watch for our series ‘Farmhouse Fabulous’ on @hgtv”

Betsy Ayala— HGTV’s SVP of Programming & Production— said that she’s excited to see how Chelsea and Cole’s fanbase reacts to the series.

“Chelsea and Cole are spirited young entrepreneurs breaking ground in the home renovation business,” she said in a press release. “We’ll showcase their optimism and youthful creativity throughout the series and we’re sure their 8.6 million Instagram followers will love every minute of it!”


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A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska)

When Chelsea announced her departure from ‘Teen Mom 2’ in November 2020, she hinted that her fans might be seeing her again via other ventures.

“We’re parting on the best of terms and will stay in touch long after this. We’re proud to have been able to share our story and are so grateful to the fans who have followed our journey from the beginning,” she wrote. ” Our next chapter in life will focus on developing our brand and taking things to the next level with new endeavors and expanding family businesses.”

(Chelsea likely had to give MTV first dibs on her new projects– for a specific amount of time laid out in her contract. It is unknown if MTV passed or if this show was pitched after that time period ran out.) 

The Ashley’s sources later explained that Chelsea and Cole decided to leave ‘Teen Mom 2’ because they no longer wanted to do a reality show that focused on their personal lives and family. 

“Chelsea was becoming more and more concerned about Aubree being on-camera, now that she’s older,” one source told The Ashley in 2020.  “Chelsea didn’t like that her segments were becoming more and more about Aubree’s personal life and her relationship with [her father] Adam’s family. She always knew she would leave the show once Aubree reached a certain age. She didn’t want her to go through puberty on-camera and be subjected to hurtful and sometimes creepy comments from viewers.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Chelsea was asked to appear on Teen Mom Family Reunion (which is currently airing on MTV). However, she declined the invite because she didn’t want to do any more ‘Teen Mom’ shows. 

‘Farmhouse Fabulous’ is being produced by RTR Media.


  1. “Designttalents” 😂😂😂

    Matching leopard with beige and vinered is not a designtalent – but good for them, money in the bank and I really like the idea of Jenelle fuming about this right now 😂

  2. I’m confused. Was Cole a construction worker? Or a highway traffic control specialist for the state of South Dakota when he met Chelsea?

    Not to say this has ANYTHING to do with their upcoming HGTV show. Just wondering due to now reading that he’d previously done construction.

  3. Just another cookie-cutter HGTV show, seen one & you’ve seen em all. Good for her for cashing in but not my cup of tea.

  4. Oh Jenelle is gonna LOSE. HER. MIND.

    Good for Chelsea and Cole. They are good people and parents, and it’s great that they found a way to monetize their passion.

  5. Chelsea has really failed upwards in life.

    She got pregnant at 17, her father supported her until teen mom started paying. Has no personality, yet has been on a show for 10 years without really needing to do anything, like not even getting dressed most days. Her deadbeat boyfriend took himself out of the equation for her.

    Chelsea’s choice stole money from people, and the world just forgot about it.

    Makes enough from a couple of pictures a month to fund her lifestyle.

    And now just because she paid other people a lot of money to build her home for her, she gets a show telling other people about home design.

    Some people have lady luck on their side.

    1. Chelsea is not a failure in anyway, yes her dad financially supported her until she moved out.

      Yes she made stupid decisions like stealing and having a deadbeat boyfriend. But with age comes wisdom most of the time. She grown up and doing good.

      And just because she has unusual tastes for her own home doesn’t mean she’s doing that to other homes. Have you ever seen Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines where they demo and redesign the house based on what the OWNERS wants NOT based on the tastes of the DESIGNER? I’m sure that’s what this show will be.

      1. Are you really saying that someone who steals money and conned people is a lack of wisdom?

        ***I think it’s a lack of morals. ****

        Also, Chip and Joanna Gaines, while it’s not my style at all. They had a business before HGTV. Chip was a contractor and had worked in construction for years. And Joanne has been in charge of the design for all their flips.

        Chelsea has never “worked” a day in her life. She dropped out of high school for no reason, even though he father had told her to do summer school and graduate early, she wanted to party while pregnant with her friends. He father was literally paying for daycare so Chelsea could finish out her senior year.

        Then took 3 years to get her GED even though she dropped out as a senior and only need like 4 classes to graduate. She didn’t work during that time and then went to beauty school because it was the ONLY way her father would continue to support her.

        She also had to switch degrees halfway through because the cosmetology degree was “too hard” and that’s why she went to be an esthetician. Worked less than 6 months, and has never really had to “work” again.

        And now makes hundreds of thousands of dollars was for very little effort.

        If that isn’t failing upwards I don’t know what is.

        1. Its IN THE PAST, she makes an honest living now after growing (aka getting wider with age).

          At least she got a GED, not all hs drop outs can say they even TRIED.

          And if memory serves me, the beauty school things as of interest to her because she liked working with hair and cosmetics…and she did have a job during that time thanks to MTV, and she hasn’t been on TV for almost a year so how do you know what she makes??

          She worked less than 6 months because this was about the time she met Cole and he wanted her to stay home while he worked IN CONSTRUCTION (thus the HGTV opportunity).

          So no, I don’t see any of this as failure.

          Bottom line, she’s doing ALOT better than ANY of these other TMOG, TM2 or TMY&P girls!!!!

          1. PREACH!!
            I agree with EVERY word you said!
            Chelsea gets UNNECESSARY hate because she has a HARD WORKING HUSBAND AND FATHER!
            This is absolutely a case of using her exposure and contacts NOT ABUSING THEM!
            If she was a diva she would have the same experiences as the swamp monsters but she made positive choices ever since getting knocked up by a loser.
            Her kids are happy and healthy and well adjusted.
            What more could anyone ask for?
            “Hasn’t worked a day in her life”? Um… she is essentially a stay-at-home-mom with well adjusted kids while her husband works and they continue to reach out for other honest opportunities.
            GOOD FOR HER!!
            She is by far the most well adjusted, real, mature of ALL TM cast.
            And gorgeous to boot!

            Guess you aren’t “too boring for TV” after all! Just TOO MATURE for TRASH TV💛

          2. Also agree! She may have had a lot of support from her dad but I think that’s a good thing. If one of my kids become a teen parent I would like to think I will be a helpful supportive parent. It’s also quite common for young adults to live with their parents after 18 mainly for financial reasons.

            Chelsea has made the most of the opportunities that where in front of her. Look at where some of the other MTV girls are, clearly she has made some good choices. And being a stay at home mom to 4 children is a huge job. I have 2 and it is not easy. Plus she was on TV for 10 years and in the public eye which I’m sure takes it’s toll mentally. Good for her for getting away from MTV and TM and NOT having to sell sh!t in a jar to do it lol.

  6. Love Chelsea, but there’s nothing unique or exciting about her home style, that I’ve seen… best of luck to her though! Jenelle’s head must be exploding right now.

  7. I can’t wait, I have always liked Chelsea, have not watched the show for a long time, I am happy to hear that her family is no longer on there, looking forward to this new show, Congratulations

  8. I mean it’s a smart move. Everyone who followed her back on MTV are in the late 20s-early 40s range now so HGTV is probably appropriate loll

    1. Why??

      Because she has FOUR kids and it actually looks lived in and normal as opposed to prim and properly staged for the cameras.

  9. Good for them. These two continue to be smart in parlaying their MTV fame into a respectable brand, while also distancing themselves from the train wreck that is Teen Mom.

  10. I wasn’t very excited about this new show until I heard Randy will be on. Now I’m in, that bro is just electric on the screen.

    stay lit

  11. this is actually perfect for chelsea. we don’t have to see her boring storyline anymore but fans can still get to watch her on tv.

      1. There probably isn’t much of an audience for dream swamp trailers hosted by her and swamp thing Lurch, so Jenelle is outta luck for HGTV.

        Chelsea didn’t seem like the brightest bulb in her early days, but she turned out to be the smartest of the bunch – by a long shot.

      2. Right I’m sure she’ll say something along the lines of she had similar opportunities but turned them down and try to make it sound like Chelsea was second choice to her 🤣

    1. If by boring you mean real then yes I guess her storyline was boring.

      She went through with real shit with A-d-a-m, but she has climbed herself (with love and moral support from her family and friends) out of the primordial ooze and is succeeding in her life, GOOD FOR HER!!!!

      1. I agree with you 100%!! Her storyline isn’t compelling for MTV because is lacks drama and instability. Once she grew up, nurtured her self-esteem and realized she needed to be better for herself and Aubree, she was no longer “fun” to watch. I am thrilled for her and her family!

  12. Oh wow, thats big news for them. Hopefully HGTV can hire a good writer to help spice up the show.

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